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The social importance of film in the 21st century is extremely evident to be a powerful form of communication. Through sound and images filmmakers make use of technical, symbolic, audio and written codes to convey strong messages. These themes are portrayed in all types of films such as documentaries, commercials and even Hollywood blockbusters. As time moves forward so does the ability to connect, through film, with the social aspects of our age. Every story, every image, every sound has an impact...

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History of Film: Film Distribution

There were many changes in marketing and distribution of films from end of the silent period to the modern digital period. There was a studio system that existed at the end of the silent period and collapsed in 1949 with a court ruling. During this same time a sales era of marketing existed. After the Second World War the sales era was replaced with a new way of thinking and sales and marketing were not synonymous anymore. Marketing after World War II meant finding out what consumers’ needs and wants...

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Violence in Films

Question – How does violence in Films affect the development of children under the age of twelve? Violence in Films Barbara Osborn, former media literacy teacher and freelance journalist in Los Angeles, states that violence is the foundation of many films, TV movies, and action series. According to Encarta Dictionary, Film can be defined as, “movies collectively, considered as a medium for recording events, a form of entertainment, or an art form.” Violence in films, one may say, is something that...

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Australian Films

predominantly male centered. Australian films are inclined to show a gender intolerance towards masculinity which they consider as a representative to the culture of Australian type. All through the 20th century the image of a typical Australian as a tall, rugged man made it hard for other people to perceive about them in a different way. According to 1 Christine Boman in his article masculinities and sexual violence in contemporary Australian drama and its film adaptations, has observed that the presence...

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Asian Film

Watching all the Asian films this semester has greatly changed my view of Asian directors, actors, and Asian films in general. It has opened my eyes and it let me see the creativity and the kind of quality that Asian Cinema has to offer. I used to think that Asian Film was corny and boring. Also, I used to think that it was just trying hard to follow its western counterparts. I was wrong. Asian film has its own identity and is unique in its own fascinating way. In Asian film, or just in Asian countries...

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Film Trailers

Trailer Research 13 – 05 - 2013 A film really only has one shot at success. One way of achieving this is through specific and thorough marketing strategies and devices. The trailer is device designed to sell the cast and concept of the film which will stir up immediate interest (Movietrailertrash.com, n.d). “Trailers provide unique and specific rhetorical structures that fold visual and auditory evidence of the film production industry’s assessment of its actual audience (as well as...

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Film Form

ATS 1305: Contemporary Film Studies Assessment Task 1: Film Form Assignment Name: Chong Sarah Man – Yee, 22882618 Film Form on Hero (Zhang Yimou, 2002) “Film form, in its broadest sense, we mean the overall system of relation that we can perceive among the elements in the whole film” (Bordwell and Thompson 49). In this formal analysis, I will be considering film form in relation to the film Hero directed by Zhang Yimou. Large aspects of film form such as mise-en-scene, shot, editing...

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BMW Films

Non-Traditional Marketing Bavarian Motor Work created its BMW Films campaign to be unconventional with its non-traditional marketing. BMW sought out to change its frame of reference, for its target market segment; to do this BMW did not rely on deception in its advertising execution. Throughout each of the BMW films the viewer knew that the plot revolved around a BMW vehicle and what the car could do for the actors. BMW has three market segments that create the 7 Series, the 5 Series and the...

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Impact of Film

THE IMPACT OF FILM Since the start of the 20th century, Film has been used to reflect specific cultures as well as affect them. It is an important art form, a source of popular entertainment, and a powerful medium for educating or indoctrinating citizens because of its visual basis, which gives it a universal power of communication. Every country has stories to tell, about their past, present, and what the future will look like through their eyes. Examples of how Film has been used to reflect...

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Film Language

Film Language The Semiotics of Cinema What is Film Language? Ways in which films tell stories and affect the viewer; the elements of filmmaking employed to tell the story in a particular way Christian Mertz’s theory: film was not a language system but a language. French film theorist Conventions Customary ways of doing things, rather than grammatical rules A way in which something is usually done, especially within a particular area or activity Example: Canadian tire money, where...

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Film Review

Review of the film The film, which really starts a few years before 1492 and closures a few years after the fact, begins off with a great deal of grave and traditionally successful scene-setting as Columbus' child and biographer, Fernando, reviews his father, the visionary of inconceivable dreams. The myth of Columbus-as-legend propagated in 1492: Conquest of Paradise just on the grounds that I didn't generally think about chronicled correctness. But rather I focused around the moderate moving...

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Film and Teaching

Wanjiku Mwangi ENC 1102 Research Paper Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Fostering Critical Thinking in Writing Classroom Using Film Composition Composition has long been established as a core element to the writing objective. Much effort has been used to classify different themes, styles and conventions within written works. This investigation into this particular medium has made for a scholarly outlook on writing. What was once a medium for simple communication; is now able to express varying...

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Film and Literature

Alyssa Famiglietti Film and Literature Professor Talbird Essay 1/Genre Analysis When it came to watching comedy films, I started realizing more and more that they'regenerally all the same story line. You have numerous characters, where something bad happens,or they get put into an obstacle which they need to overcome and of course Everything always works out in the end. Which makes sense when looking up the definition of Comedy, you see "a play, movie, etc., of light and humorous character...

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Film and Vertigo

Film Theory & Analysis Vertigo (1958) Vertigo, directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1958, is a psychological thriller that is said to be Hitchcock's most personal and revealing film. Vertigo was a failure in the box office, but later became to be the premier of pure cinema. Through the use of formal elements such as lighting, color, spacing, and sound Hitchcock brings the film off of the screen and into the audience's head. The themes presented in Vertigo: love, sex, obsession, and...

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Film Questions

According to Film Art, film actor's performance style is most affected by A) the microphone placement. B) the camera distance. C) the aspect ratio. D) the lighting. 6. "Frontality" of staging means that A) a character is placed in the extreme foreground of the shot. B) a character is facing toward the camera. C) one character blocks our view of another. D) a character is moving toward the foreground. 7. Georges Méliès was A) an early director of fantasy films. B) an important...

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Film adaptation

ADAPTATION AS INTERPRETATION The debate on cinematic adaptations of literary works was for many years dominated by the questions of fidelity to the source and by the tendencies to prioritize the literary originals over their film versions. (Whelehan:2006) Adaptations were seen by most critics as inferior to the adapted texts, as “minor”, “subsidiary”, “derivative” or “secondary” products, lacking the symbolic richness of the books and missing their “spirit”. (Hutcheon:2006) Critics could not forgive...

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Introduction to Film

Soul Food ENG 225 Introduction to Film Soul Food Have you ever wondered why mom wants everyone to come over for Sunday dinner? In this paper I will share the beauty of having Sunday dinner with the family and how important it is to keep it going. Here I will show you a family nearly falls apart until it is saved by love, understanding and good cooking. Most Sunday dinners are gathered around plenty of food and a bunch...

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Film Analysis

Film Analysis: “MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING” Introduction to Sociology “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, is a wonderful movie all about the Greek sub-culture in Chicago. This movie explores, and demonstrates many sociological points. This movie is exceptional because, this movie also shows the values of Greek immigrants living in America. Furthermore, the American Greeks in this movie promotes three traditional values - marry a Greek boy or girl, have Greek babies, and feed everyone. This is a value...

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Film Comparison

recently become what movie fanatics are talking about and what viewers want to go see in the theaters. The reasoning behind this is because this genre has everything in it: horror, action, comedy and sometimes even romance. Viewers love that these films are all based out of the writer’s head: no plot, no rules, just their thoughts. When viewers go in the theater thinking this would never happen and they leave seeing how easy it would be for it to. I Am Legend (2007) and World War Z (2013) both use...

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Film: a Form of Literature and Understanding It

Film: A Form of Literature and Understanding It The purpose of literature not only describes reality but also adds to it. It’s not merely a depiction of reality; it is rather a value-addition. Literary works are interpretations of the thinking patterns and social standards established in society. They are portrayals of the different aspects of everyday life. Literary works serve as a provision for thought and a boost for imagination and creativity. Reading and understanding literature can help...

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The Indian Film Industry

The Indian Film industry is largely a commercial industry with no state subsidies being provided. India is currently the world’s largest producer of films producing more than a 1000 films annually in 52 languages, selling more than 3.7 billion tickets worldwide and having over 400 production houses situated locally. 1288 films were released in India in 2009 (Central Board of Film Certification 6), compared to the USA, which released slightly more than half of India’s figure at 677 films (European...

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Kokuhaku Film Review

continuously hunting him for vengeance. I could say that Ms. Moriguchi achieved her retribution as a mother, and also taught the children a lesson about Life and how it is important to them. I can say that film was a frightful masterpiece and yet a bloody murder. CINEMATOGRAPHY & VISUAL DESIGN The film was a puzzle to solve. If you missed a scene it will be hard for you to cope up, and understand what is happening. Every scene was taken from different perspectives and angles; hence making the people...

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The Outsiders – Film or Novel

The Outsiders – Film or Novel People like to watch movies because it is animated and they can watch with others. Some like to read novels because they can escape from the world and prefer some time to themselves. People who love to read novel have a different personality to those that love to watch movies. Most modern teenagers would say that they would prefer watching the movie than the novel, but even those film lovers would prefer the novel with these two texts. The Outsiders by S.E Hinton...

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Winning: Film Cool Running

to do your best and if you lose, dust yourself off and try again. This is idea is showcased through the film Cool Running’s and this is reinforced through a speech given by John Wooden, in which he talked about the difference between winning and succeeding. Main themes that are going to be explored are determination and success, good sportsmanship and leadership. Through the use of various film techniques, narrative and poetic techniques the speaker and director are able to convey messages to the...

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Violent Films and Their Impact on Children

Violent Films and Their Impact on Children The film industry, in this generation, has produced several great and highly successful films, many of which contain some form of excessive violence. Some examples of these movies include The Boondock Saints, The Expendables, and Fight Club. Although these films are indeed wildly successful, it is important that such films are watched by only their intended audiences, namely adults. Many children are...

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Significance of Film

Significance of Film Film is a series of still pictures that tells a story. Film incorporates a lot of elements such as drama, movement, visual art, and etc. A lot of things could be seen in a film but one of the best points of film is that it tells a story. But making a film is not just storytelling. You have to mind other elements such as cinematography, lighting, editing, location and etc. to make a film. Every single detail in the film should be well thought of. It is one way of letting...

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Bangladesh Film Development Corporation

Bangladesh Film Development Corporation Introduction: Bangladesh Film Development Corporation or BFDC (more familiar as FDC) works for the development of our film industry by providing sufficient support in the entire process of making a film. Since the very day of its existence, FDC runs its operations under the supervision of the government of Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh. However, the film industry of Bangladesh, as a whole and every locally produced film, in general, are indebted to Bangladesh...

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Stereotyping in the Film the Birdcage (1996)

the course of our lifetimes. From the earliest days of the film industry’s rise at the beginning of the twentieth century, film has had an enormous impact in shaping public views and ideas about everything from what it means to be a “good citizen” to what roles are acceptable and proper in a “civilized” society. With the exception of academics and serious students in film or cultural studies, most movie-goers regard the viewing of films (with the exception – sometimes – of documentaries) as simply...

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Art and Business of Film Making

Art and Business of Film Making The film industry is the most important form of entertainment of our time. The audiences in which films reach span from young to old, and the business side of the industry is driving force behind the wide appeal that the movie industry has today. Motivation of actors, actresses, and directors are exposed as they decide whether to do a movie for the business side with the box office, or do it for art side through gaining critical approval and awards. Whichever...

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Literature: an Inspiration for Film

Literature: An Inspiration for Film Masterpieces ought to have a muse. A muse doesn’t always need to be a beautiful woman femme fatale, either, as popular belief might suggest. It simply must be an inspiration; a child with a watering can for Renoir, a quarrel with a woman for Ray Charles. Inspiration can be everywhere, so why not in words? Literature can be- and often is- a grande muse for people. One of the most popular ways literature embraces it’s splendid inspirationalism is through the big...

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The Impact of Television on the Film Industry

The advent of television and television shows may have come long after film, but it enhanced film production almost instantly. Television naturally derived from early film since each uses basically the same medium: the motion picture camera. Since film had already set a base in the industry and mastered the new techniques and technology of cinematography, television had the opportunity to learn from film?s mistakes and advance itself quickly. For this reason, television evolved very rapidly and was...

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Sarung Banggi Indie Film

Sarong Banggi Film Critique by: PAULO KEVIN DELA CRUZ Sarong Banggi as the title of the movie is derived from the Bicolano folk song and it was also used as one of the soundtrack of the film. Sarong Banggi or “Isang Gabi” or “One Night” SYMBOLISM The entire story took place in one night so Lights are mostly emphasized in the story and obviously those are utilized to keep up the atmosphere but I think the lights have meaning in congruent with the night life and the things that always happen every...

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The Piano - Not A Feminist Film

tropes, Jane Campion’s The Piano is not a feminist film. Source Their opinion vs. mine Reliability Interview Magazine, Jane Campion by Katherine Dieckmann, (January 1992) As the director she hold s a omni-conscious view, aware of all possibilities of interpretations. Thus she both agrees and disagrees with me. She is a very reputable considering she both write an directed the film I am studying On The Issues Magazine, Is The Piano A Feminist Film? "Yes" by Rebecco Shugrue (1994) She is strongly...

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Asian Stereotyping in Films: an Analysis

University ASIAN STEREOTYPING IN FILM An Analysis Shelby Hanna Language of Film Ryan Louis December 8, 2011 It is not often that we see an Asian person as the main character of a major Hollywood production. It’s upsetting that it even seems to be a surprise when they score the role of a supporting actor or actress. People of Asian descent are not only discriminated against in movies, but also by the film industry itself. Throughout a substantial number of films, Asian men and women are consistently...

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Copyright in Cinematograph Films

COPYRIGHT IN CINEMATOGRAPH FILMS Presentation At Asian Academy of Film and Television October 6, 2004 ©2004 LEX ORBIS Part - I October 6, 2004 ©2004 LEX ORBIS 2 Contents Idea – Expression Dichotomy Meaning of Copyright What do you protect Meaning of the “work” Works in which Copyright Subsist What is a Cinematograph Film Who is the owner of Copyright Owner in Cinematograph Film It is complex to ascertain the copyright in Cinematograph Film October 6, 2004 ©2004 LEX ORBIS...

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Enter the Void Film Review

in the future. Written and directed by the Frenchman Gaspar Noé, Enter the Void is a complex film that constantly experiments with the director’s unique visual style. Enter the Void follows the tragic story of a young American drug dealer, Oscar, as he struggles to survive in the neon-lit and chaotic streets of Tokyo. Early in the film, Oscar is shot and killed in a drug bust gone wrong. The rest of the film is captured from the perspective of Oscar’s spirit, as he revisits important moments of his...

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Film Critique on the Deer Hunter

Since 1968, there have been at least 25 films made that portray the events of the Vietnam War. Historians have to ask themselves when watching these films, "Did the fictional character represent historical figures accurately? Is this how a soldier would react in this situation?" The point of view of the director of the film can change with simple alterations in camera angles. For example, a view from the ground of a battle seen can show how the innocent people had the war in their own backyards...

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Foreign Films and Society

Brazilian filmmaker Cao Hamburger, is an auto-biography which clearly depicts how instable the Brazilian government was during his childhood. These films are unique because they seem to have a documentary perspective, helping the viewer analyze different societies and showcasing how different the culture is in that respective country. From watching these two films, I have learned a lot about Iran and Brazil and how different these societies are from America. Firstly, in Panahi’s “Offside”, the title is...

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Film Analysis on Freedom Writers

Film Analysis Essay on Freedom Writers Main Credits Title: Freedom Writers Director: Richard LaGravenese Scriptwriter: Richard LaGravenese Adapted from: The Freedom Writers Diary by Erin Gruwell Actors/Main characters: Hilary Swank-Erin Gruwell, Patrick Dempsey-Scott Casey, Scott Glenn-Steve Gruwell, Imelda Staunton-Margaret Campbell, April L. Hernandez-Eva Benitez, Jaclyn Ngan-Sindy, Jason Finn-Marcus, John Benjamin Hickey- Brian Gelsord, Plot Summary The movie “Freedom Writers” is based...

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Amelie - Intercultural Film Review

love. This film shows a French cultural pattern where the people are open minded, whimsical, unique, and quirky. The main character Amelie, wants to get the most out of her life. She takes the viewer on a path through a series of subplots where she is trying to help people that surround her find happiness and joy. Paris and the people of France are shown in a whimsical and fairytale environment. All the while, Amelie, is removed from all human contact which makes for an interesting film if one is...

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Film and Bollywood

realize that there are different types of film industries located in places other than Hollywood. Hollywood has been a major influence for the film industry called Bollywood, which is based in India. As years have gone by, Bollywood actually has begun to have a major influence on Western culture now. The Bollywood film industry has been around for tens and hundreds of years. Even though its not as well known as it should be, it has a big impact in film and music industry through out the world. ...

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Film and Game Industry

history of movie and film industry is an explanatory statement of the historic development of the sounding influences of different kinds of cinema, motion pictures, film, or the movies. The history of film spans over more than 100 years, from the early part of the 19th century to the present day. Motion pictures developed gradually and evolved from just a regular but exciting experience to one of the most important forms of communication and entertainment we use today. The film industry was a major...

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Film Industry in 1930s

Tarit Tatiyarat ENGL102 10.00am-10.50am Barbara Kline Marketing in 1930s and 2013 Seattle, the crowded city that was full of theaters and super stars. Many people came across the world just to see and buy the films. It is the place where the film was distributed through out the state. Numerous questions were popped up into my mind about what Seattle was like about almost 100 years ago. Walking around the neighborhood, I was impressed by the mysterious building. I was really curious about...

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Film and In-class Scene Analysis

Film 100, Introduction to Film Fall 2012 Semester (Main Campus) Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:00 a.m. to 11:50 a.m., Library 0146 3 humanities credits Instructor: Dr. Ellen Kreger Email address: kreger167@aol.com (Please include your name in the subject line if it is not part of your email address!) Phone number: (914) 376-7745 (h)—Please call between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Office hours: By appointment Monday-Friday An introduction to the language of film, this course familiarizes...

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Film Studies Evaluation

shots and angles including; extreme long shots, medium shots, close ups, over the shoulder angles and medium long shots. In my posters I use a big masthead and above I put the tagline ‘Every mind hides a shadow’, this associates to the title of the film ‘Dark Minds’ because the words are mysterious which links to the genres of my movie - ‘Suspense, Thriller and Drama’. The characters on the poster are shown to have serious faces, this is because they are FBIs and are determined in what they do, it...

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Film Classifications

Essay “Unlike censorship systems the film classification system is ever changing, negotiation of the meaning and significance of youth, Discuss the functions of Media Classification Systems.” The concept of Media Classification Systems is a relatively new one in society and only emerged as advancements in technology created new ways for the public to enjoy performance. Historically there were laws defining what could and couldn’t be contained within a live performance, the traditional culture...

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Case Study FIlm Industry

Film is a large multi-billion dollar industry in the USA and worldwide overall. Compared to other industries it has a very unique characteristic. For example when it comes to the real estate, fashion, cars consumer cost will always reflect the cost of manufacturing. If Nissan spends less on manufacturing a car, it will charge less than what Rolls Royce would. This rule doesn’t hold in the movie industry. When a person goes to a movie theater they have a wide variety of choices and the price for...

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Film Analysis of The Lunch Date

Despite their obvious length restrictions, short films have a distinctive lack of commercial expectation and pressure which allows the director the artistic freedom to explore all other aspects of film to produce unique texts which engage the audience. An example of a film which ais short in length however conveys a strong message through effective use of various aspects of the film medium is The Lunch Date. The Lunch Date, released in 1990, was directed by Adam Davidson, and has received many prestigious...

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Ha-332b Film Reviews

over the years. My Name is Khan: I really enjoyed watching this film, unlike many of the other films it was my first time seeing it. It was nice to compare how Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol have advanced themselves over the years. You can tell by looking at them that there is a major difference in the time that these two movies where filmed. The maturity levels on its on shows their new level of acting and how the success of a film like DDLJ progressed them as actors. The storyline is very easy to...

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Film 108

Fahrenheit 9/11 Maria Mohammad Film 108 Prof. Brooks/ TA: Josh Olejarz Fall 2012 Works Cited Kahana, Jonathan. Intelligence work: the politics of American documentary. New York: Columbia University Press, 2008. Print. Spence, Louise, and Vinicius Navarro. Crafting truth: documentary form and meaning. New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, 2011. Print. Maria Mohammad Film 108 TA: Josh Olejarz Montage...

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Andre's Mother Film Review

Overton Brian Reeves English 1302 18 April 2012 Prevalence After reading "Andre's Mother" by terrance McNally, I figured watching the film would be as unexciting, but Deborah Reinisch underestimated my intial impression of the film. She visualized the play so successfully that I became astonished by how unfortunate and altering the story truly is. "Andre's Mother" is about an aspiring actor Andre, and his lover,...

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Evolution of Film

blockbusters with multi-million dollar superstars. Beginning with short silent films, movies have evolved over the years in different stages including: the Golden Age, the political era, sequels, and what is now the age of special effects and high budget films. The industry today that creates movies costing unimaginable amounts of money began with the simplistic, silent film. Although many are forgotten today, these short films were a key part in developing motion pictures created over the ages. Beginning...

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Adaptation: Writing and Film Charlie

1) Our film starts with a monologue. The voice is that of Charlie Kaufman, a screen writer with a tendency to take every aspect of his own life into a negative, pessimistic mindset and rationalization. Set to begin in Hollywood, California just after the release of "Being John Malkovich". (A film Charlie had previously adapted into a screen play and hence, launched himself into the spotlight in the writing...

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Film Critique, the Crow

film critique Final Film Critique: The Crow Jason Campbell Eng 225 Instructor: David Preizler March 18, 2013 Final Film Critique: The Crow Few films have struck a chord with viewers as ones that deal with love and revenge. From tragic love stories such as “Romeo and Juliet”, to more revenge based movies such as “Taken”, the combination of the two seem to evoke a response in viewers that all things are possible. While love stories evoke the feeling of happiness that the characters will...

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Literature vs Film

Art vs. Art 1. Introduction Literature can, at times, have a fascinating connection with film. Whether it is a film or a piece of literature, both are written by someone that wants to leave an impact on an audience. However, movies and books have different roles. They each have different strong points: books give better characterization, stronger revelations and inner conflict, but movies create better mood with music and visuals/effects. You should always read the book first because it...

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Realism in Film

Since the beginning of film there have been many styles and genres that have been portrayed on the silver screen. Each style has it’s own distinct qualities, laced with the talented individual who created it. These styles have been evolving and changing according to the technologies and resources available at the time. One of the most prominent styles has always been realism. Realism in films has been around since the beginning of films and is still present and making a huge impact today. Realistic...

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T.V. and Film Violence

TV and Film Violence By the time the average U.S. child starts elementary school he or she will have seen 8,000 murders and 100,00 acts of violence on TV.-New Scientist, 2007 | | | Does the violence in films and on TV contribute to violence in society? This question has been debated for decades. During that time some 2,500 books and articles have been written on the effects of TV and film violence on human behavior. In this article we're going to summarize some the latest thinking on this...

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Postmodernism and Film

Postmodernism and film This chapter will demonstrate the ways in which Jean Baudrillard’s and Fredric Jameson’s accounts of the postmodern have had a significant impact on the field of film studies, affecting both film theory and history. The most influential aspects of each theorist’s work are outlined in the first two sections. The first section focuses on two key texts by Baudrillard: Simulations and America, while the second addresses Jameson’s famous article “Postmodernism and Consumer...

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“The Intouchables”-a film of true humanity

“The Intouchables”-a film of true humanity The movie, “The Intouchables”, is based upon a true story, and real characters. It’s a story about two unlikely people who end up connected in a way only reality could conjure up. I had seen this movie once in 2012. But after I attended this class, I decided to watch it again because there are four elements in the movie that are related to what we are learning: disability, ethnicity, class, and culture differences. After watching...

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Film Paper

Spotless Mind had a great detail of editing by the film editor. As a viewer the editing was important, and how they captured the scenes as the movie’s story was at a fast pace throughout the movie. The film’s editor also provided great cuts to let us, as the viewers follow the whole situation of the history of all the characters in the movie, from the past to present. When I see such complicated movies like that I always think how complicated, and how the film editor probably had such a head ache with so...

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