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Is it right to kill? Is it right to kill? This ethical question has been asked throughout time, I believe there is no straight forward answer for it, and this a debateable question as it can change according to the situation. Many people have different opinions and views on if killing is right or wrong. In this essay I will be explaining whether I believe if killing is right. There are several groups of people who share different views on this question and make their decision on killing someone...

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Kill and Island

they can hunt, it is within them, and can be only driven out by order. Already, a group of students have covered themselves in paint and deserted the group. They carry spears and knives and are desperate to kill this mysterious beast. But the beast is not a motive, it is an excuse to hunt and kill. It is not something they tell others, it is something they tell themselves. 3 children have died, swallowed by the horrors of this island. The first boy was speared by a wild boar that he was hunting. His...

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Is It Ever Right to Kill

Is it ever right to kill? What is Killing? What is killing? Well the dictionary definition is: to cause death/the act of causing death. But is that enough? I s there another type of killing? A type that is justifiable. For example if a person steals or puts you in mortal danger is it acceptable to take their life in return? But more importantly is it morally right? In this journey I hope to answer all these questions if not more, but also explore the views of theists, atheists and agnostics...

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Children Who Kill

headlines, but very little scientific study. This paper examines surveys and attempts to correlate and identify abuse and over exposure to violence can lead children to murder. Key words: Parricide, Patricide, National Socialist Movement Children Who Kill When we think of children, we think of innocent, loving beings, but we do not think murderer. Children are a different type of killer and for the most part, have different motivations for killing. In my research, most children who murder are exposed...

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Why Kids Kill Their Parents..

the news papers and watching the news and CNN, you learn that there are children who kill their parents. You may be sitting there wondering why would a child kill his or her parents. You may be asking yourself “What is going on in this child mind that has caused them to act in such a way? Did his or her parents abuse them? Are they acting out for their friends?” The first thing you want to know is, why do kids kill their parents. Well according to USA Today, there is an article from 2008 titled:...

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Five Ways to Kill a Man

In the poem called “Five Ways to Kill a Man,” by Edwin Brock, the poet indicates five different ways to kill a man by using history to relate the topic. A woman named Gerda Hoogenboom said, “The key to understanding the poem is to look at the setting of each stanza. Then, the rest follows” (Plagiarist Poetry Archive). By going through time and using various poetry techniques, Brock was able to get his point across to the reader in his poem. In Brock’s poem, there are five stanzas and each of them...

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Pesticide: Kill and Radish Extract

This study generally aims to determine the effectiveness of radish extract as pesticide in killing pests. Specifically, the study aims to answer the following: a.) What are the components of radish that can kill pests? b.) What is the amount of radish extract needed to kill pests? c.) What is the difference, if any, on the efficacy between the radish extract to the commercial pesticide? Radish ( Raphanus Sativus ) Commercial Extract Pesticide The Effect on...

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Training Kids to Kill

Article 1: We Are Training Our Kids To Kill In the article “We Are Training Our Kids To Kill”, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman is very disturbed regarding today’s youth. He starts off by mentioning about the cluster of suicides that occurred in the 1970’s due to local TV reporting numerous teen suicides. This led to numerous copycat suicides by teenagers that had seen the stories on the news. Once they researched this and discovered the rise in suicides were linked to the news articles, the networks...

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When good kids kill

 When Good Kids Kill Studies show that parents are six times more likely to kill their children than children are to kill their parents. But these facts are changing. The number of adolescents in jail has doubled over the past ten years and 115,000 of these arrests were for violent crimes. Michael D. Kelleher, author of When Good Kids Kill, has looked into cases of teenage violence and why they happen. What happens when a good kid decides to murder?  What...

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Kill and Beautiful Drinking Cup

1009) Over a period of time, Odysseus develops a hatred for the most obnoxious suitor named Antinous. Antinous believes that he couldn’t be killed because he amongst his friends and he has become hubris. Ignorantly, he thinks that no man would dare to kill him, but Odysseus proves him wrong by shooting him with his bow. “You yellow dogs, you thought I’d never make it home from the land of Troy. You took my house to plunder…You dared bid for my wife while I was still alive. Contempt was all you...

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