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  • firearms

    Firearms in America In America there are two strong sides that are for and against the owning of firearms. I will refer to the side that is for firearms as the pro-gun side and antigun side for those who oppose firearms. In this paper I will discuss how firearms affect our lives here in America. I will inform you what a firearm is and how they are used. I will discuss whether owning a firearm is ever morally permissible. I hope that by the end of this paper that you will be able make your own decision

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  • Firearms

    Firearms evidence and identification has become a crucial part in investigation and solving crimes. It has led to thousands of successful investigations that otherwise would not have been. You see it in the news and on TV shows like CSI. Although CSI is far from true forensic science‚ the concept is still there. What is firearms evidence? How is it examined? This paper will look at the history of firearms identification and examine the two previous questions. To talk about firearms identification

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  • Firearm and Gun

    All guns have the potential to be dangerous and should be handled with care. Guns have been part of American life for as long as people can remember. For most people guns are perceived as very dangerous and harmful. However‚ that is not true; guns can be dangerous‚ but only if they are in the wrong hands. Owning a gun is right that every American should be able to take pride in having. Guns are used for self-defense‚ hunting‚ law enforcement and other uses. The right to own a gun is protected in

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  • Open Carry Firearms

    When the average American thinks of a firearm‚ danger comes to mind. Some people love them‚ and some hate them. But yet there are a plethora of different laws when it comes to firearms. Each state in the United States of America has different gun laws. In a lot of the smaller southern states gun laws are not as strict as the more populated states. For example‚ in accordance with the laws in the state of Alabama it is possible to receive a permit to carry a concealed loaded pistol on your person

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  • Firearm and Gun Control

    Summary: The article is providing a lot of information about gun‚ the three types of gun‚ handguns‚ rifles‚ and shotguns. How many people own guns and which ownership own the largest number of guns. Households account for 42% in owning a firearm. It also provides some examples and evidence about crime and self-defense. Response: I think this article is useful for me‚ which can help me to write an argument essay. The article provides some general faces

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  • Firearms on College Campus

    [pic] Firearms on Campus There has been an on going debate about whether or not college students and/or professors should be allowed to carry firearms on campus. The Law allows each state to determine if concealed weapons are allowed to be carried on campus. Many advocates of firearms are in agreement that firearms should be allowed on campus. In the past years‚ there have been shootings on college campuses that killed many and injured many. Allowing those who are licensed and trained to

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  • Ballistics: Firearm and Bullet

    the evidence‚ Toms was easily convicted. The Toms case was probably the first in America in which ballistics was used to solve a crime. Much like in Toms case‚ most investigations start with a crime having been committed. Forensic ballistics and firearm investigation start when there are bullets‚ cartridges‚ a weapon‚ or any combination of the above found at a crime scene. With the evidence‚ a crime lab can search for clues on these items that could lead to a suspect or possibly prove that the items

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  • Firearms at a Crime Scene

    Robert Spencer‚ June 3‚ 2013 Discuss the procedures for collection and packaging firearms evidence at a crime scene. After a firearm has been photographed at the scene‚ it will be necessary to be rendered safe. An automatic pistol will require its magazine to be removed and the round extracted from the chamber. When removing the magazine it will need to be handled carefully in order to preserve potential fingerprint evidence and be placed in a paper or plastic evidence bag. The round

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  • Banning the Use of Firearms

    Anti-Gun Control Firearms are often used to defend and protect citizens. Banning the use of firearms will not better our society because crime rates will stay the same or even decrease‚ gun control laws may not follow through‚ and people still use guns to provide food for their families. The right to private property (guns) is not absolute in the constitution. Citizen’s right to own and bear arms must be balanced by a greater need for safety (Warfel‚ 2000). The idea of taking firearms away to make the

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  • Firearm and Crime Scene

    often at the tip or base of the bullet. The sides of the bullet should not be marked. Critical Thinking Questions If you found a firearm at a crime scene‚ what steps would you take in order to transport the weapon to the lab? If i found a firearm at a crime scene the steps i would take in order to transport the weapon to the lab would be to first ensure that the firearm will not discharge accidentally on the way to the lab. This often means that the gun will need to be unloaded before it is transported

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