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  • Art Is Art

    Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities; this article focuses primarily on the visual arts‚ which includes the creation of images or objects in fields including painting‚ sculpture‚ printmaking‚ photography‚ and other visual media. Architecture is often included as one of the visual arts; however‚ like the decorative arts‚ it involves the creation of objects where the practical considerations of use are essential—in a way that they are usually not for a painting

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  • Art is Art

    What is considered art has been a controversial question for many years in history and today. There are various forms and types of art. Because art is very complex and diverse‚ it is viewed and conceptualized in many different ways. Nancy G. Heller states even though a type of artwork is hard to understand‚ it’s considered art‚ and artwork that people don’t understand shouldn’t be disregarded from other types of art. She feels as though people shouldn’t be intimidated by artwork that’s hard to understand

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  • Arts for Arts Sake

    Art for Arts’ Sake Dear Friends‚ When I was asked to write to you about my views of the role of the Arts in society‚ I did not hesitate to embrace the task. Over the past three years‚ I have been working on a PhD in Music Education. I have finished all of my coursework‚ and have "only" my dissertation remaining. In this program of study‚ I recall many discussions in our seminar classes that were seeking to answer this very question: What is the role of the Arts in our society? For purposes

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  • Arts

    within a work of art‚ and a work of art may reflect more than one theme. A theme is an “idea” thread running through the entire history of art. There are many threads." - Chapter Three   For this discussion board choose at least two “thread” categories from what is listed below. Check Chapter 3 for the textbook’s examples of what art and environments fit within these categories‚ then think of your own examples of what would be “ sacred” art‚ political/social order inspired art‚ etc. Write a post

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  • The arts

    The Arts People’s life can’t be imagined without arts. They are not only entertainment for us‚ but also the way of expressing our thoughts and exchanging them through time and space. As the thoughts are often different‚ the art is so varied. So every nation has its own art with specific features. I wish to speak about British arts. In fact the position of the arts in Britain may be described as a mixture of public apathy and private enthusiasm. The reason of it is that government financial support

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  • The Arts in Arts Therapies

    “The arts in the arts therapies” How important are the arts to humans? Many would say that an absence of creativity can lead to ill health. So it would seem logical to try to heal thru the arts. In arts therapy there are many ways to be creative: music‚ dance‚ visual‚ drama. It is the clients own decision which form of art works best for him/her and the therapists responsibility to provide as many choices for the client as possible. The therapy varies mainly due to the form of art used. The

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  • Arts

    (Singapore) Art‚ culture‚ and society; these three elements are closely linked. These three elements affect one another in one way or another. There is often a conflict of interest between the artist‚ the audience‚ and the government body. The artist’s aim is to express art freely. The audience’s aim is to view art in forms that are not offensive to them. The government’s aim is to mitigate the conflict of interest between the two parties by implementing policies and restrictions to art pieces that

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  • Is It Art

    IS IT ART? What is art? Every person has an individual response to an artwork which is determined through the collaboration between an individual and a specific artwork. If it contributes to your experience‚ as a consequence being symbolic of something‚ then it is probably art for you. It is therefore very problematic in order to supply a definition that comprises the whole world’s thoughts and feelings. Some believe that anything and everything in the world is art‚ while others believe that it

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  • Art And Art: Should Art Is A Public Good?

    “The oldest and most often invoked argument is that art‚ whatever its form‚ is a public good” (Ginsburgh‚ 2001‚ p. 759). Why? Because as the author referred‚ it can benefit not only those who attend or see it‚ and who pay for it‚ but also all other consumers‚ who do not necessarily wish to contribute voluntarily to its production or to its preservation‚ in the case of museums‚ so they are free riders. We can easily understand that artistic activities also produce externalities to all civilization

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  • Creative Art and Fine Art

    Creative art and Fine art . By a broad definition of art‚[9] artistic works have existed for almost as long as humankind: from early pre-historic art to contemporary art; however‚ some theories restrict the concept to modern Western societies.[10] The first and broadest sense of art is the one that has remained closest to the older Latin meaning‚ which roughly translates to "skill" or "craft." A few examples where this meaning proves very broad include artifact‚ artificial‚ artifice‚ medical arts‚ and military arts

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