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  • Women in Horror Films

    Catalogue Films: Item 1: Black Christmas (1974) A sorority house is terrorized by a stranger who makes frightening phone calls and then murders the sorority sisters during Christmas break. A great example for weaker roles for women as every member of the female cast is killed off. I intend to pick out key scenes to use as examples in discussion. Item 2: Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) A group of friends passing through are stalked and hunted down by a deformed killer with a chainsaw in order

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  • Horror Film and Ghosts

    humans are. So if anyone asks if ghosts are real and you say no think about this then you might want to change that little answer of yours. So now we’ve covered all the facts about ghosts lets about the fake facts about ghosts. We all know about horror movies. But have you ever thought how they these stories. First they come up of a fake story. Then they make a movie about it and gain all the moolah!

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  • The Decline of the American Horror Film

    Decline of American Horror Films American horror films have undergone several series of change in the past 50 years. The claim most often directed against modern horror is that it is somehow "sick". Some viewers declare its preoccupation with violence and sexuality is excessive and politically incorrect. However‚ the horror films of the 1960 ’s redefined and distinguished American horror with racial undertones as in Romero ’s "Night of The Living Dead‚" and indirectly addressing social and family

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  • Representations Of Femininity In Horror Film

    Do you watch horror film? What type of horror film do you watch? Horror films always possess dominant cultural insights and provide a public discourse about femininity in every different period of time. Within the horror film genre‚ a possession film is a type of film which showcases a “display of aberrant feminine behavior which is depicted as depraved‚ monstrous‚ and perversely appealing” (Creed 31). This genre is populated by female monsters‚ including many types of monsters such as witches like

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  • Horror Film and Halloween

    anything you want to be and it’s also when you can be celebrating all things horror and dead. Halloween started out as the celebration of the dead but has now grown into a wonderful time of costumes and decoration of scary fictional creatures. Dressing up as a scary character or a character you adore is one of the many perks of Halloween. Going to costume parties with friends and celebrating Halloween together. Watching horror movies and television specials about Halloween is exciting and it feels like

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  • The Representation of Women in Zombie Horror Films

    The Representation of Women in Horror Films Traditionally‚ women in horror films are portrayed as damsels in distress that need to be rescued by male dominant characters in order to survive or live. They are weak‚ innocent and fragile that have absolutely no strength to fend for themselves. Women in horror films are also portrayed with no initiative – they always have to follow some kind of male dominant leader – and don’t have much personal perspective or opinions. Throughout the years since the

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  • American Horror Film and the Critical Public Sphere

    American Horror Film and the Critical Public Sphere Should film be purely entertainment or should it contribute to the critical public sphere. In discussing the above argument‚ I will explore how the horror genre‚ often derided as simply pure entertainment‚ can contribute to the public sphere. Horror is one of the more prominent genres in film‚ back as far as the dawn of cinema with films such as Nosferatu (1922) and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920). As a genre‚ it is studied and criticised

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  • Film and Horror Movies

    Horror essay: A lot of people enjoy the life with thrill and excitement. However‚ the opportunity for enjoying something truly thrilling is not a lot. Horror movies or series may be the most convenient and easy way to experience the horror. Many of my friends love watching horror movies. One of them told me that Horror is the most typical art in the 20th century. A good horror movie brought viewer an unusual psychological experience. It filled with indescribable fear and surprises. Actually I

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  • Analysing Horror Films

    Horror films have been around since the 1920’s when Frankenstein and Dracula were created‚ Horror is a good genre to analysis because there are many sub-genre’‚ Slasher is a popular genre ‚ recent slasher films are popular amoungst a younger audience. The American slasher film has its roots in an Italian genre called giallo which usually combines elements of the crime thriller with stalk and slash style scares. John Carpenter got the sub-genre off the ground with Halloween in 1978‚ and pretty soon

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  • Blair Witch: Mock Documentary or Horror Film?

    Michelle Rossman “The Blair Witch: A Mock Documentary or A Horror Film?” The film The Blair Witch Project is a story about three film students who mysteriously vanish in 1994 while hiking in the Black Hills in Burkitsville‚ Maryland‚ trying to film a documentary about the Blair Witch‚ a local legend. The audience is notified that the three students were never seen or heard from again. A year later‚ discovered by the police department‚ their video with most of the footage they shot and their

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