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Film Criteria

By c18g12r9 Dec 27, 2010 611 Words
Running head Personal Film Evaluation Criteria Paper

Personal Film Evaluation Criteria Paper
Elizabeth Bryant
University of Phoenix

Personal Film Evaluation Criteria
Flashing back on all the films I have watched over the years I never taken notice to analyze not one of them the way that I have learned in this film study course. My techniques used as of the present time for evaluation the qualities of films has just began because I have started this course. The way how I view films back then is totally different now. Throughout the five weeks of the course I have encountered several techniques and approaches to evaluate films. Viewing films goes deeper than the pleasure and enjoyment as a viewer one must be aware of other aspects and different approaches that go with filmmaking such as auteur cult, psychoanalytical, personality, humanistic, genre, political, gender, and eclectic. I will discuss auteur and genre this two are one of many techniques and approaches that influence my viewing the most.

Auteur is one approach that seems to influences my viewing the most because just like a painting, writer, or a musician there is a distinctive difference in the style and practice in the word auteur and auteur theory is a film director who practice accords with the theory. In others words instead of the actors or storyline bringing the moviegoers or audiences to the theaters it is the directory in auteur films that has this affect and effect. However, definitely consideration of the director’s five film depicts certain style is an auteur. The word auteur first coined to describe the mark of a film director on his films by Francois Truffaut. Therefore, when evaluating a film using the auteur approach, I must take a careful look into the directorial style, reflection of the director vision, the director’s strongest impressions, and personality, his or her unique creativity in shaping the material. Most noted auteur was Alfred Hitchcock, Frederico Fellini, and Satyajtt Ray.

Another approach that influenced my viewing is the genre film and genre is a fundamental that means I communicate especially in storytelling unlike the approach to films in auteur theory. One is to focus one particular director on the films however; the genre opens up a much broader films range from different directors from different backgrounds. For example, a film that compared to direct horror movies, but raised in different eras ids described as a Wes Craven film. Although genre approach is developing his or her exceptions clearly stated, it also raises the questions whether expectations filled and that variations and innovations were present in the films.

In conclusion, as students and film analysis or critics there are many techniques and approaches to analyzing films whether one is using a genre or auteur approach. Each of these approaches comes with questions to fill the needed exceptions of analyzing films. I can definitely say that my criteria for analyzing the quality of a film have changed because this course started. Meanwhile, when I am watching a film I will be looking at it them in a new prospected and not just the pleasure and enjoyment of the film. When I am watching a film I will look at them in a new prospected and not just the pleasure or enjoyment of the film. Analyzing films in-depth now helps me to have a clear understanding of the director intended purpose, plot, and plan of films I am not saying that all film will affect me in the same way but I need to stay opened-mined.


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