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Reaction Essay: The Corporation The documentary The Corporation, directed by Jennifer Abbott and Mark Achbar and produced in 2004, although bias, opens many doors for discussion in regard to capitalism and the role of corporations in our lives. I found the documentary to be presented professionally, and filled with legitimate facts more so than extreme opinion. The documentary truly outlines the "all-pervasive" role the corporation has taken as the "world's dominant institution". The film opens...

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Corporation – A separate legal entity that has an existence at law that is separable from those who form it. It is a separate legal entity in the sense that it has an existence at law, but no material existence. * It is separate and distinct from its shareholders * A properly authorized agent may bind the corporation in contract with third parties. * Shareholders possess limited liability for the debts of the corporation, and creditors may look only to the assets of the corporation to...

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The Corporation

Business Ethics The Corporation ‘The Corporation’ had a specific aim to portray the problems of not just one corporation, but corporations as a whole, as is evident from the beginning of the film as a multitude of big business logos flashed across the screen. The film proceeded to highlight the issues surrounding: globalization and consumerism, environmental pollution and disregard for the planet, unethical marketing, and dishonest media. Personally, I feel that I’m quite open-minded when it...

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Characteristics of a Corporation

There are many ways a corporation can be classified; however the best way to classify a corporation is by knowing the characteristics that makes a corporation. The unique characteristics of corporations are consist of limited liability of stockholders, free transferability of shares, perpetual existence, and centralized management. In relation to John Marshall who is the chief justice in 1819 defined corporation as an artificial being, invisible, intangible, and existing only in contemplation of...

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Disadvantages of Corporations

on what special rights and restrictions are attached to the shares, and how the profits of the corporation are paid out to the shareholders, there is the possibility of double taxation: the corporation must pay taxes on its profits and the shareholder may be subject to taxation on the profits paid out. This can result in greater taxation than if a corporation was not used for the business. C corporations pay taxes on profits when corporate income is distributed to owners (shareholders) in the form...

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Benefit Corporations

B Corporations Benefit Corporations, also known as B corps, are a new way to do business in a socially responsible way. Curtis Lum’s article, “Legislation would allow for creation of ‘B corps’” published on March 18, 2011 in the Pacific Business News, talks about the ongoing legislative battle to legally recognize B corps in Hawai’i. An additional article from the PBN, published the same day by John Webster, “Social responsibility is beginning to take root,” provides further background to Lum’s...

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Benguet Corporation

Written Analysis of the Case –WAC Benguet Corporation 1. Statement of the problem The Benguet Corporation refused to submit concentrate samples to the Philippine Associated Smelters and Refining Corporation (PASAR). The Benguet Corporation faces shortage in producing their products and complying its contract to Mitsubishi Metal Corporation and complying the LOI. 2. Analysis of the case Strengths The Benguet Corporation is the major producer of copper concentrates. It was the oldest...

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Reengineering the Corporation

Running Head Reengineering the Corporation Reengineering the Corporation In the book “Reengineering the Corporation”, Hammer and Champy create a new frame of managerial relations and organizational bureaucracy. The authors address such important problems as impact of technology on business environment, new labor relations and organizational structures affected a modern corporation. The book consists of 13 chapters and an Epilogue discussing different problems and issue of modern organizational...

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Kami Corporation

KAMI CORPORATION Any type of business always requires effective communication. At any one point there is never over communication and as the case study of Kami Corporation pointed out there is a need for communication and cooperation. Expansion and growth of a business is always a positive. However, there are also many draw backs but with effective management, communication and all the components necessary for prosperity the business will definitely succeed. Kami Corporation is a...

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Splash Corporation

“Splash Corporation (A): Competing with the Big Brands” Problem: Splash Corporation (Splash) is a leading producer of skin care and hair care products in the Philippines. Founded in 1985, Splash was now the country’s leading domestic producer of personal care products and was billed as “the next Unilever” by BizNews Asia magazine (page 5). However, competing with the top corporations in the world was no easy task, especially when these companies were producing low-cost alternative products. Splash...

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Corporations Law

which outlines the legal capacity and power of a company. The Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) s 57A1, defines a corporation as a separate legal entity, that includes any corporate body and unincorporated bodies that may sue, be sued or hold property in the name of an office holder appointed for that purpose. In context of corporate governance, the main issue is with the current legislation is in regards to director’s duties. Under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) s1802, directors have a civil obligation to...

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Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation Introduction In an economy that thrives thoroughly on technology and progression itself, there are many companies that have taken advantage of the opportunities that have been offered to them through science. Due to continuous development in technology, companies are being able to find their path in success through competitive products and service. And one of the Company that would strike on peoples mind in no time while talking about information technological...

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Adams Corporation

CASE on PLANNING: The ADAMS CORPORATION I. Viewpoint. Price Millman, the new President & Chief Executive Officer of the Adams Corporation [“Adams”] II. Statement of the Problem: Despite continuously increasing sales in the past 20 years, Adams’ net profit has continuously dropped during the same period. The new controlling owner group wants a new corporate design that will improve effectiveness. III. Objectives: To formulate and implement a new corporate design that will improve...

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Corporation and Betty

on this company as being its sole owner. She has several options that she is considering in operating her new business. Some of those options include the following: operating as a franchise, sole proprietorship, partnership of some sort, a corporation of some sort, as an LLC, and even a joint venture. She has come to me asking of my input on what I think about her possible start up of this new company. Betty thought about operating her company as a franchise. According to Merriam Webster...

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San Miguel Corporation and A. Soriano Corporation

think will be a big help for you in reaching Your plans. Regular examine the business’s performance. Detailed Action Plan The companies must both focus on internal and external portion of the Corporations. The companies needs to seek help with other co-partner/ members/ board of directors regarding the said topic. They must organize now the decisions they must do. Do all decisions by process. Distribute...

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Limited Liability Corporation and Partnership

Limited Liability Corporation and Partnership In the United States, limited liability companies increased rapidly throughout the past 10 years. These structures permit businesses to decrease federal tax liabilities by federal pass-through provisions (Bean & Bilyeu, 1997). Limited liability can apply to any non-corporate business, in any state, and provides characteristics of a corporation and a partnership. Individual states regulate the operations of the LLCs. However, companies with limited...

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case digest for corporation law

claims of local creditors. However, such company challenged the said order invoking some provisions of its by-laws concerning procedures to be followed in surrendering a stock certificate. Issue: Whether a corporation can refuse to yield obedience to acts of its state. Ruling: No. A Corporation is an artificial being created by law. It is a creature without any existence until it has received the imprimatur of the state. Hence, it cannot refuse to yield obedience to acts of its state including the...

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Corporation, Partnership, or Sole Proprietorship? 

Corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship?  Now that you have decided to start your own business, you will have to determine what business structure or form of organization suits your needs. The structure of your business will depend on whether you want to run your business yourself or with a partner or associates. There are four types of business structures: sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and cooperatives. On this page: 1. 1. Sole proprietorship 2. 2. Partnerships ...

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Corporation and Fair Market Value

F True False 4. A person who performs services for a corporation in exchange for stock will be treated as a member of the transferring group even if that person only transfers a relatively small amount of property to the corporation. F True False 5. When a taxpayer incorporates her business, she transfers several liabilities to the corporation. If one of the liabilities is personal in origin, only that liability will be treated...

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Michael Novak - Capitalism and the Corporation

and the corporation The problem investigated is the growth of corporations and capitalism to the extent that they become unavoidably inseparable in order to maintain a cohesive, civil society. Corporations have been with humanity since the beginning of organized government. Capitalism can be loosely defined as the economic freedom to allow for the building of wealth, both individually and corporately. In order to provide for that freedom, governments must be in one accord with corporations to that...

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Individualism Mechanism in Modern Corporations

Individualism Mechanism in Modern Corporations Without guidance from morality, it is naturally that corporations move towards individualism to some extent. In modern corporations, the imbalances of enterprise ethics aggravate the phenomenon of individualism, which is also an extreme reaction. Bakan describes the corporation as “the pathological pursuit of profit and power”. A value of “the profit is the only rule” causes nothing but negative effects on corporations. Only under a principle and moral...

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Circuit Board Corporation

 Case Circuit Board Corporation Background/Introduction Circuit Board Corporation creates and manufactures printed circuit boards. The founder, the late Dieter Adams had started Circuit Board Corporation in 1961, were the computer industry was in its introductory stages. The company started by designing and manufacturing PCB’s for minicomputer companies. Maggie Adams which was Dieter Adams beloved wife was employed as a part time employee and secretary of the board to CEO after her husband...

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the evolution of the modern corporation

The evolution of the modern corporation: Coursework Assignment According to Bengt Holmstrom and Steven N. Kaplan in their article published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives, corporations during the 1980’s went through a period of merger, takeovers and restructuring activity. The use of leverage became a common practice as corporations financed takeovers and were made private by leveraged buyouts. These activities were characterized by the use of hostility and the emergence of raiders...

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costco wholesale corporation

and trust in business. Describe the role of finance in business. Distinguish between the different legal forms of business. Explain what has led to the era of the multinational corporation. Slide Contents 1. The Goal of the Firm 2. Legal Forms of Business Organization 3. Role of Financial Manager in a Corporation 4. Income Taxation 5. Ten Principles of Finance 6. Finance and Multinational Firm 1. The Goal of the Firm The goal of the firm is to create value for the firm’s legal owners...

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Assignment Corporation Law

Assignment Corporation Law (CLW 3100) Name: Phuong Thao, Nguyen Student ID :121946 Introduction: This case is related to the director’s duties. According to the Corporation Act, five directors of De-Caffeine Delights have breached their duties as directors. There are 5 issues in this case: 1.Costa, De-Caffeine’s CFO reported wrong financial status and other directors, Elliot, Chloe and Raj, didn’t read financial report carefully. 2. The board decided to pursue an aggressive marketing campaign...

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Marcoper Mining Corporation

Christian Palomares JUS 444 Critical Essay April 21, 2013 Marcopper Mining Corporation The residents of Marinduque Island in the Phillippines have suffered from environmental injustice for the past 40 years. The toxic waste from the Marcopper Mine, have devastated the environment and the health of nearby communities. Due to poverty, corrupt local government and multinational corporations and the disinterest of the international community, the environmental negative effects of the...

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S corporation selection

to the conclusion the best option for Oliveology is to be an S Corporation. There are many benefits of this entity status. One of the largest benefits is no double taxation. The shareholders are only taxed at the shareholder level. Also, unlike a partnership, where all the partners are subject to self-employment tax on income from the firm, only wages earned are subject to a self-employment tax in an S corporation. In an S corporation shareholders may be employees, and the wages paid are deductible...

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Workforce Management in Corporations

Workforce Management in Corporations [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institute] Workforce Management in Corporations Introduction The corporations are sum of three elements which are resources, corporation structure and the employees. Basically, the employees are the most important factor in running the operations smoothly because these are the employees who used to design, implement and follow the corporation’s structure. Moreover, the employees undertake certain operation which...

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Able Corporation Business Plan

Able Corporation Business Plan Statement of Academic Integrity I certify that: 1. I prepared this document specifically for this class; 2. I am the author of this document; 3. I am fully disclosing and giving proper credit to any outside assistance received in its preparation; 4. I cited sources of information (e.g., data, ideas, charts, etc.) and used this material to support this document. Student's Signature: Crystal Clark Introduction Able Corporation is a US manufacturing company...

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why CSR is important for corporations

rather than disadvantages such as ‘cost, constraint or charitable deed’. This essay aims to explain and evaluate the extent to which this statement implies, and the benefits and drawbacks of CSR in terms of the short run and long run development in corporations. The complicated connotation of CSR results in the difficulty of understanding intensively and application efficiently. Despite the wide range of definition, CSR generally refers to the obligation to ‘meet or exceed the expectations of stakeholders’...

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Background of at&T Corporation

I. Background of AT&T Corporation: The History AT&T Corporation can trace its root to the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. The original company was founded in 1885 by American Bell to create a network of long-distance communication nationwide with a commercially viable cost-structure. In 1899, the company in turn acquired the assets of American Bell in order to bypass Massachusetts corporate law that limited the capitalizations of corporations. By 1915, long distance telephone...

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Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation

Chapter I ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND Business Profile Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation is located at Lawaan, Roxas City. The company is using manual operation in storing the forms that Costumers fill up and brochure for the Costumer to choose the motorcycles they wanted. The Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation sells only branded motorcycles such as Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. Those brands have different models. At present, the said company has 136 branches all over the Philippines. The main...

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Finance: Corporation and Intrinsic Value

business organization are sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and limited liability corporations and partnerships. The advantages of Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships are the ease and low cost of formation. The advantages of corporations include limited liability, indefinite life, ease of ownership transfer, and access to capital markets. Limited liability companies and partnerships have limited liability like corporations. The disadvantages of a sole proprietorship are the difficulty...

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Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, or Corporation

PROSPECTS OF “THE THUNKER” Elizabeth Alfred Bus105 October 2010 BUSINESS PROSPECTS OF “THE THUNKER” 2 Business owners can form sole proprietorships, partnerships, or corporations. Each type of business entity has its pros and cons that can have a significant impact on the business and its owners. When considering a new product for a saturated market such as the clicker or the three-pronged power cord, there are several...

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Memordaum Ralph LAuren Corporation

Peter R. Malik FROM:Javarrea Jones RE: Polo Ralph Lauren DATE: October 17, 2014 As requested, I have researched The Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation. Here is my report of the company’s findings. Company Profile The article entitled “Ralph Lauren,” the author discusses the Ralph Lauren Company. First, the author notes how the “Ralph Lauren Corporation is a publicly traded, United States-based holding company that, through its subsidiaries designs, markets and sells men's, women's and children's...

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Worker Abuse in Multinational Corporations

Worker Abuse in Multinational Corporations Multinational corporations produce and sell merchandise to U.S. customers that are mostly made by workers living in third-world countries. Few people are aware of how and where the products they buy are made. People all around the world move to the United States for employment opportunity, but instead they receive unfair treatment in work places. Employees who live in third-world countries that are employed by large U.S. companies are treated poorly as...

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Corporation and Equity Participation

liability partnership, and the legal differences between each of these are summarized in the following table. Table 1-1 |   | Branch office | Subsidiary company | Limited liability partnership (LLP) | | | Kabushiki-Kaisha (joint-stock corporation) | Godo-Kaisha (limited liability company (LLC)) | | Restrictions on equity participation | Notification must be filed with the Bank of Japan | Notification must be filed with the Bank of Japan | Notification must be filed with the Bank of Japan...

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ILAC corporations example

told that Patricia is a director of SEPL, and Dan is a director of FPPL they are classified as officers under the CA. 2. S.181 states, “Directors must exercise their powers and discharge their duties in good faith in the best interests of the corporation and for a proper purpose” (slides). In this case Patricia has failed to act in good faith of SEPL through advising her sister that SEPL are buying a large amount of shares in FPPL. Because of Patricia’s actions, SEPL lost their chance to buy shares...

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Corporation and Tax Identification Number

different ways of earning capital to get your business going. Step 5: Determine the Legal Structure of Your Business Decide which form of ownership is best for you: sole proprietorship, partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), corporation, S corporation, nonprofit or cooperative. Step 6: Register a Business Name ("Doing Business As") Register your business name with your state government. Step 7: Get a Tax Identification Number Learn which tax identification number you'll need...

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Ayala Corporation

Ayala Corporation is a holding company for the diversified interests of the Ayala Group. It was founded during Spanish colonial rule and is the oldest and largest conglomerate operating in the Philippines. The company has a portfolio of diverse business interests including investments in retail, real estate, banking, telecommunications, electronics, information technology, water infrastructure and management and business process outsourcing. Swot analysis Strengths Weaknesses  Ayala Corporation had...

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Loctite Corporation – International Distribution

Loctite Corporation – International Distribution Background 1. Loctite Corporation was founded in 1956; Headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut. It had grown to become the global leading manufacturer and marketer of adhesives, sealants, and relative products, especially the impressive growth during the 1980s. It had achieved Fortune 500 status in 1990,and in 1991 was ranked 477 in revenue, 190 in profits, 24 in profit as a percentage of sales, and 18 in per share annual growth over the previous...

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Century Canning Corporation

 L&S 125 CASE STUDY: CENTURY CANNING CORPORATION Summary 1 Century Canning Corp: Operational Indicators 2007 2008 2009 Net sales Ps2,300 million Ps2,900 million n/a Net profit Ps46 million Ps51 million n/a Sources: Securities and Exchange Commission: Philippines 8,000 Corporations, 2008 edition Securities and Exchange Commission: Philippines 10,000 Corporations, 2009 edition Note: Financial year ending, 31 December Century Canning Corp is the flagship company of the Century...

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Lion Corporation Berhad

Lion Corporation BHD 1. Introduction Vision: To be among the top 10% lowest cost steel producers in the world Mission: We are committed to make Lion Corporation a caring organisation and be recognised for excellence in quality, growth and profitability. Objective: Reposition the Company steel division back to profitable industry within 5 years Corporate governance statement The Board of Directors (“Board”) recognizes the importance of practicing and maintaining...

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Fin 419 Limited Liability Corporation

Limited Liability Corporation and Partnership FIN419 - Finance for Decision Making Date Instructor’s name Limited Liability Corporation and Partnership Paper Limited Liability Corporation and limited liability partnership are two of several types of structures that individuals can give thought to forming when starting a business. To form a corporation each member has limited liability, but the corporation has full liability. Forming a partnership requires at least two people, which...

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Corporation and Partnership Law

be lifted if the shareholders do not follow the proper procedures. Lifting corporate veil is aim to "see through" the company and let its members take directly liability for the company's legal position. The statement points many situations in Corporations Act (“CA”) listed can lift the veil of corporate, which is true. Under s588G the directors will breach the duty by failing prevent the company incurring debts when the company is suspected insolvent. And s588FB is aimed to preventing insolvent...

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Social Responsibility of Corporations

Coporation” lays out two schools of thought. The first, the property conception, is similar to Friedman’s view in that the company has the sole obligation to enhance the wealth of the owners. The second model is the entity conception, which states that a corporation has the obligation to provide a proper rate of return to its shareholders, but also has an equal duty to its stakeholders, which includes its employees, customers, and the public within its communities. The courts negated the second model through...

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By And Large, the Corporation Consumed the Planet

Bulthuis Professor Kline RWS 305W March 14, 2013 By And Large, the Corporation Consumed the Planet Pixar’s Wall-E (2008), brilliantly directed by Andrew Stanton, is an incredibly smart, subtle, and multi-dimensional children’s film and social commentary set amidst a dystopian future of complete environment collapse. Both widely acclaimed and criticized, Wall-E is satirical take on the relationship between humanity, the Corporation, and nature. It is the story of humanity disconnected from its’ heritage...

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Goshe Corporation, Acorn Industries, Continental Computer Corporation Case Study

Group 5: Acorn Industries, Continental Computer Corporation, and Goshe Corporation Goshe Coporation In the case study on the Goshe Corporation, we are introduced to the head of the organization, Banyon. He announced that there would be an average salary increase of 7% for workers. The problem began to arise when the Finance division only received a 5.5% salary increase. The scientific programmers in the Finance division felt that their Electronic Data Processing (EDP) efforts should be duly...

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The Tortuous Evolution of the Multinational Corporation

The tortuous Evolution of the Multinational Corporation 3 State of Mind Attitudes •  ETHNOCENTRIC - Home Country Attitudes •  POLYCNTRIC - Host Country Oriented •  GENOCENTRIC - World Oriented 3 State of Mind Attitudes Ethnocentric – Home Oriented –  Home Nationals are superior, more trust worthy and more reliable than any foreigners in over seas headquarters or subsidiaries –  The performance criteria for men and products are “Home made” –  Advise/Council flows from headquarters to subsidiaries...

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Multinational Corporation

Multinational Corporation A multinational corporation (MNC) is a corporation or an enterprise that manages production or delivers services in more than one country. It can also be referred as an international corporation The first modern multinational corporation is generally thought to be the Dutch East India Company. Nowadays many corporations have offices, branches or manufacturing plants in different countries from where their original and main headquarters is located. Multinational Corporations (MNC)...

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Corporation and Upside Down Question

powerless against the giant corporations he works for. The upside down tie is a recurring theme in Shreddi’s work. The upside down symbol represents the opposite of what the symbol normally implies. The corporate elite do not question. In poster #2, Shreddi shows us a yeti kneeling to pick flowers with dollar signs in place of buds or blossoms. The yeti carries a briefcase and is wearing the signature upside down tie. In this poster, Shreddi is commenting on American corporations’ sole focus on money...

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Five Problems Facing Corporations in America

FIVE PROBLEMS FACING CORPORATIONS IN AMERICA Five Problems Facing Corporations in America Abstract Corporate America is faced with numerous problems such as bad corporate image, outsourcing, business ethics, layoffs, and bankruptcies. Companies are forced to react when these problems occur. Based on some of these major issues that have come to the forefront has forced many companies to implement programs geared toward managing their ethics and compliance issues. In this paper, I will address...

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Starting Right Corporation

Starting Right Corporation There are four options for investors. 1) Corporate Bond 2) Preferred Stock 3) Common Stock 4) Do not invest Total money Yield of $30000 invested Percentage After 5 years Favorable Market Unfavorable Market Favorable Market Unfavorable Market Corporate Bond 13.00% 20,000 $25,273 $20,000 84.24% 66.67% Preferred Stock 400% 50% $90,000 ($15,000) 300.00% -50.00% Common Stock 800% 0% $210,000 ($30,000)...

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Divisional Hurdle Rates - Randolph Corporation

Introduction The Randolph Corporation is a multidivisional producer of electric sanders, sandpaper, industrial grinders and sharpeners, and coated ceramics. The Corporation also has a real estate development division. The diverse product lines of the company divide the corporation into four divisions, namely, real estate, ceramic coatings, equipment manufacturing and home products. The Randolph Corporation Stock performed below expectations recently, when compared to other player in the industry...

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Limited Liability Corporation and Partnership Paper

Running Head: Limited Liability Corporation and Partnership Paper Limited Liability Corporation and Partnership Paper University of Phoenix Michael Charley FIN/419 - FINANCE FOR DECISION MAKING Finance 05/17/2011 - 06/20/2011 Instructor: TONY MOSES In today’s economy there are many decisions business owners have to make in order for their business to sustain and grow. With that being said, business owners are now looking at the operations and structure of their business more frequently...

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Multinational Corporation

12-14-cent-an-hour for your hard work, imagine you work with toxic chemical glues, paints and solvents everyday. Multinational Corporation is a company that make and sells a product in more than one country. Sometime we called a ¡°transnational corporation ¡±. Multinational Corporation are harmful because of bad working condition, low wage and long hours, bad future and life. Multinational corporations are harmful because they have bad working conditions. According to Sweatshop Fact sheet, workers who work for...

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San Miguel Corporation Case Analysis

alternative SWOT ANALYSIS CASE 10: SAN MIGUEL CORPORATION AND A. SORIANO CORPORATION I. PROBLEM How do San Miguel Corporation and A. Soriano Corporation will meet their satisfied ability to respond to the rapid changes in the environment around them if they will not upgrade their planning capability? II. AREAS OF CONSIDERATION 1. Difficult...

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Corporation and Points

but I doubt I would have any because is not what they ask for they just buying the house as it comes.   e. Which business structure would make the most sense for this type of company(sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, C corporation, S corporation, or nonprofit corporation)? Explain why this structure would be good for this type of company. Give at least 3 reasons. (3-6 sentences. 6.0 points)  Partnership well one I would have my family helping me with this company like my mom the one helping...

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Starbucks Corporation

Starbucks Corporation By Oybek Salimov Outline Introduction…………………………………………………………………………………3 1. Background of the company…………………………………………………………..4 2. Starbucks’s expansion.………………………………………………………………..4 3. Risks associated with expansion………………………………………………………6 4. Capital structure of the company………………………………………...……………7 Conclusion…………………………………………………………………………………… 9 Reference ……………………………………………………………………………………10 Appendix …………………………………………………………………………………… 11 Introduction Globalization...

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Roles of Limited Liability Corporations and Partnershipsroles of Limited Liability Corporations and Partnerships

Roles of Limited Liability Corporations and Partnerships Martin M. Komertz FIN 419 3/21/2011 John Wetherington Roles of Limited Liability Corporations and Partnerships In the following paper, I will look to identify the roles and differences between Limited Liability Corporations and Partnerships. Each has different advantages and disadvantages than the other. I will look to break down each and then identify which method of ownership would be the preferred method from an individual...

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