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  • The Justification of Private Property: Property Law

    The Justification of Private Property Property Law JURI 25066EL Ryan Waschulzik 0271075 March 4th 2015 Words: 1772 Pages: 8 The notion of property is one that has long preceded us‚ or anyone we know. We know that the earliest social theory of property originated in the works of Saint Thomas Aquinas who had said that humans have a natural right to the use of or ownership of an unspecified amount of property. He also said that the amount of property to which you are entitled‚ is based

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  • Module property

    MODULE 8 PROPERTY Name Tutor Institution Course Date Property law entails laws that govern ownership‚ change of ownership whether temporal or permanent and use and limitations in property use. The law provides guidelines and mechanism for property ownership and property purchase ‚ (Smith‚ 2009). Bailment is where personal property’s custody‚ care and control are shifted from one person to another through an agreement called contract of bailment. The agreement is that only authority

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  • respecting property

    Why it’s important to respect people property Respecting people property is very important. Some people are very touchy with their property ranging from things from bags to their homes and cars. It’s understandable because they spent a lot of money on that item. Some people care even if that item has lost its material value because they have developed a sentimental value or bond with it. Even if person does not care about their property you should always take great care and avoid any damage to

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  • Property Right

    In a well-known legal case‚ a classic conflict of property rights was featured. Red cedar trees‚ used only for ornamental purposes‚ carried a disease that could destroy apple orchards within a radius of two miles. There was no known way of curing the disease except by destroying the cedar trees or by ensuring that apple orchards were at least two miles away from the cedar trees. Apply the Coase theorem to this situation. Does it make any difference to the outcome whether the cedar tree owners are

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  • intellectual property

    1. Intellectual property refers to the legal section of an idea. It allows businesses and the owners‚ innovators and creators to have their work protected and to prevent it from being copied. There are different ways you can protect your intellectual property: copyright‚ trademarks and patents. 2. It is important to protect your rights to intellectual property as it stops people from stealing or copying the names of your products or brands; your inventions; the design or look of your products; things

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  • Transfer of Property

    4) TRANSFER OF PROPERTY IN GOODS AS BETWEEN SELLER AND BUYER & RISK The property in the goods is defined to be transferred from the seller to the buyer when the latter acquires the proprietary rights over the goods and the obligations linked thereto. ’Property in Goods’ which means the ownership of goods‚ is different from possession of goods which means the physical custody or control of the goods. Otherwise ‚ a person may be in possession the goods passes to the buyer because of the consequences

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  • Mountain Property

    Mountain Property Problem In this case study Martin was faced with losing his land to Otis who claimed to have lived there for twenty years and to the lease company that had lend money to Andrew‚ one of his partners joint tenancy owner for the mountain property. Legal advice Looking at Martin’s case legally‚ he was right to contact the attorney for the necessary legal actions. According to laws that states joint ownership of properties‚ a co-owner of a joint tenancy with rights of survivorship

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  • Offence Against Property

    INTRODUCTION- Offence against property finds a prominent place in the penal code‚ the basic elements common to the offences under this chapter is “Dishonestly”‚ which the code describes as the intention of causing “wrongful gain” to one person or “wrongful loss” to another but the manner in which dishonestly is exercised differs in different cases. 1 “Whoever does anything with the intention of causing wrongful gain to one person or wrongful loss or another person is said to do that thing “dishonestly”

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  • Title to Property

    v Transport brakes limited and clearly explain how the principle has been modified by common law and statute. The principle Lord Denning was discussing in the case stated above relates to the sale of goods and is aimed at protecting individual property. It is common to find persons selling goods to which they hold no title at all and have no consent or authority from the owners. This occurs when either the goods being sold are stolen or have been gotten from the owner by deception. The buyer

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  • Real and Intellectual Properties

    is Ownership. Ownership of properties is not only a dream but also literally a right of passage in America that symbolizes newfound stature and success. In our society‚ these symbols have come under fire by those who would seek to take that away called the “Plaintiff”. This new stature comes in many forms but today we will talk about two that are in the most jeopardy and require legal protections‚ in the form of either Real Property‚ or Intellectual Property. Real property (or realty) is a legal term

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