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In a well-known legal case, a classic conflict of property rights was featured. Red cedar trees, used only for ornamental purposes, carried a disease that could destroy apple orchards within a radius of two miles. There was no known way of curing the disease except by destroying the cedar trees or by ensuring that apple orchards were at least two miles away from the cedar trees. Apply the Coase theorem to this situation. Does it make any difference to the outcome whether the cedar tree owners are...

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Frs 140 Investment Property

Investment Properties Definition Investment property is property (land or a building” or part of a building” or both) held (by the owner or by the lessee under a finance lease) to earn rentals or for capital appreciation or both, rather than for: (a) | use in the production or supply of goods or services or for administrative purposes; or | (b) | Sale in the ordinary course of business. | Objective The objective of this Standard is to prescribe the accounting treatment for investment property and...

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The Effects of Owning Property

The Effects of Owning Property Author E.M. Forster’s notion that owning too much property leads to revolution is a worthy argument. After all, items of materialistic items have been, in certain instances, accredited to accounts of extreme misfortune. However, I beg to differ being that property and prosperity is an American dream. To own a home, in my opinion, is a sign of stability. Owning a property exempts one from paying rent or a monthly token for living purposes and enables one to virtually...

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Business Research in Property Management

Business Research in Property Management “Business Research is a systematic inquiry that provides information to guide managerial decisions” (Copper & Schindler, 2006). Business Research helps an organization make better and more efficient decisions when it deals with their goals and everyday workloads. In this paper, it will discuss how business research is used in property management when deciding the most reasonable rent amounts with the example on how Alliance Residential handles a market...

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John Locke: Property Rights

John Locke: Property Rights Perhaps one of, if not the, most historically influential political thinkers of the western world was John Locke. John Locke, the man who initiated what is now known as British Empiricism, is also considered highly influential in establishing grounds, theoretically at least, for the constitution of the United States of America. The basis for understanding Locke is that he sees all people as having natural God given rights. As God's creations, this denotes...

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The Justification of Private Property: Property Law

The Justification of Private Property Property Law JURI 25066EL Ryan Waschulzik 0271075 March 4th 2015 Words: 1772 Pages: 8 The notion of property is one that has long preceded us, or anyone we know. We know that the earliest social theory of property originated in the works of Saint Thomas Aquinas who had said that humans have a natural right to the use of or ownership of an unspecified amount of property. He also said that the amount of property to which you are entitled, is based...

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Property Law Servitudes

The servitude pertinent to this matter is a praedial servitude, relating to two pieces of land, adjacent to each other. A paedial servitude is established over the servient property (The Trust) for the benefit of the dominant property (UCT) in perpetuity. A right of way typically confers a real right to benefit from the property of another. It affords powers of use and enjoyment to someone other than the owner. Section 63(1) of the Deeds Registry Act tells us that limited real rights are capable of...

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John Locke on Property

What Role Does Property Play In Locke's Political Theory? In Locke's political theory there is a large amount of emphasis put on property. Locke is using the word property to mean all that we can own: land, food, water, animals and so on. Therefore, it is mainly economics which Locke's work on property is concerned with, and specifically the “labour theory of value” which provides the role of economic regulation in his political theory. Locke believes the Earth was given to all men equally...

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intellectual property

Intellectual property is the property generated in the process of intellectual activities. It can be possessed and used, and generated benefits. The major components of intellectual property include copyrights, patents, and trademarks. Similar to tangible property, intellectual property which is an intangible property is also protected by the law. The governments and parliaments have given the creators the rights as an incentive to produce ideas that will benefit society as a whole, by preventing...

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Transfer of Property

THE TRANSFER OF PROPERTY ACT, 1882 PERSONS COMPETENT TO TRANSFER (Section-7 ) Submitted by: Ananya mohapatra BBA-LLB (A) 5th Semester 1082015 PERSONS COMPETENT TO TRANSFER (Section-7) Every person competent to contract and entitled to transferable property, or authorized to dispose of transferable property not his own, is competent to transfer such property either wholly or in part, and either absolutely or conditionally, in the circumstances, to the extent and in the manner, allowed...

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Mountain Property

Mountain Property Problem In this case study Martin was faced with losing his land to Otis who claimed to have lived there for twenty years and to the lease company that had lend money to Andrew, one of his partners joint tenancy owner for the mountain property. Legal advice Looking at Martin’s case legally, he was right to contact the attorney for the necessary legal actions. According to laws that states joint ownership of properties, a co-owner of a joint tenancy with rights of survivorship...

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Property Debate Between Locke & Rousseau

Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau, two philosophers with differing opinions concerning the concept of private property. Rousseau believes that from the state of nature, private property came about, naturally transcending the human situation into a civil society and at the same time acting as the starting point of inequality amongst individuals. Locke on the other hand argues that private property acts as one of the fundamental, inalienable moral rights that all humans are entitled to. Their arguments...

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Property Owners to Vote on Biz District

TALK Property Owners to Vote on Biz District by Lacey McLaughlin words: 855 Image: Downtown Photo or Map of new district John Gomez said he would send on Tuesday) Credit: Jerick Smith Caption: In order for a 66-block Business Improvement District to continue its existence 70 percent of property owners must approve the plan. Now that property owners have approved a plan for Jackson’s Businesses Improvement District to expand, Downtown Jackson Partners must obtain 70 percent majority vote from...

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Vandalism: Property and Anti-vandal Campaign

Project Title: Bring Unity in Response to Anti-vandalism (BURA) Project Description Vandalism is defined as a willful or malicious destruction or defacement of the things of beauty or of public or private property. It is considered as a major offense as provided by the Notre Dame of Midsayap College (NDMC handbook, but campaign against it is not strongly implemented. Vandalism is often caused by ideological, vindictive and malicious reasons. Boredom and exam charters contributes to the problem...

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Title to Property

v Transport brakes limited and clearly explain how the principle has been modified by common law and statute. The principle Lord Denning was discussing in the case stated above relates to the sale of goods and is aimed at protecting individual property. It is common to find persons selling goods to which they hold no title at all and have no consent or authority from the owners. This occurs when either the goods being sold are stolen or have been gotten from the owner by deception. The buyer...

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David Hume, John Locke and John Rawls on Property

scrutinize on, have very specific, yet in most cases common views on property. First of all, let me define what the term property means. Property, as I see it, is an object of legal rights that is possessed by an individual or a group of individuals who are directly responsible for this it. In his work Of Justice, David Hume puts great emphasis on distribution of property in society. Hume believes that only the conception of property gives society such social virtue as justice. Justice, according to...

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Property Industry in Indonesia Using Porter Diamonds Model

to analyze the development of the Property Industry in Indonesia. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Abstract ------------------------------------------------- This study applies Porter’s diamond framework, which tries to identify the sources of international competitive advantage to Property in Indonesia. The study also aims to shed some light on the competitive structure of the property industry. The findings are generally...

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Property According to Karl Marx and John Locke

The Role of Private Property According to Karl Marx and John Locke “Property, any object or right that can be owned. Ownership involves, first and foremost, possession; in simple societies to possess something is to own it” ( Funk & Wagnall's.1994). English philosopher, John Locke (1632-1704) believed that the only reason society degenerates to armed conflict and strife is because of a depletion of the essential ingredients of an individual or a community’s self-preservation...

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Module property

 MODULE 8 PROPERTY Name Tutor Institution Course Date Property law entails laws that govern ownership, change of ownership whether temporal or permanent and use and limitations in property use. The law provides guidelines and mechanism for property ownership and property purchase , (Smith, 2009). Bailment is where personal property’s custody, care and control are shifted from one person to another through an agreement called contract of bailment. The agreement...

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Hobbes and Lock Views on Property

Property, whether personal or private, is thought of and looked at differently with different point of views. John Locke (1632 – 1704) and Karl Marx (1818 – 1883) had very strong and also very diverse views of property and its importance in the human society. John Locke saw private property as the basis of freedom and liberty. Locke believed that people were born free, equal and were born with three rights that were natural and God-given; these rights were life, liberty, and property. Locke...

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How to Calculate Return on Investment (Roi) for Property Rental Yields

Case Study: How to Calculate Return Profits on Rental Property Investment make more money through rental income property investment Property Profile Property Type : Serviced Apartment Size : 821 square feet Purchase Price : $ 235,900.00 Down Payment : $ 23,590.00 Home Loan Amount : $ 212,310.00 Home Loan Installment : $ 1,173.00 per month Gross Rental : $ 2,200.00 per month Expenses : $ 832.37 per month * Service Charges = $ 164.05 * Sinking Fund = $ 16.79 * Quit Rent...

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immovable property condition report

IMMOVABLE PROPERTY CONDITION REPORT Disclaimer This condition report concerns the immovable property situated at [furnish both deeds office and physical descriptions of the property concerned] (“the property”). This report does not constitute a guarantee and/or warranty of any kind or nature by the owner of the property or by the property practitioners representing that owner in any transaction. This report should, therefore, not be regarded as a substitute for any inspections or warranties...

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Intellectual Property

What is INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY? Intellectual property (IP) is a legal concept which refers to creations of the mind for which exclusive rights are recognized. Under intellectual property law, owners are granted certain exclusive rights to a variety of intangible assets, such as musical, literary, and artistic works; discoveries and inventions; and words, phrases, symbols, and designs. Common types of intellectual property rights include copyright, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights, trade...

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Real Property

the owner of the property. The seller’s interest is looked at as personal property. The legal title of the property remains with the seller and is considered to in trust and the risk is on the seller. The right of possession follows the legal title; the seller is entitled to possession until closing. Risk of Loss – there is a split of authority on risk of loss when a contract is signed, equity is passed to buyer through escrow and the risk of loss is on buyer. If property is destroyed before...

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Valuation of Immovable Properties

values for the same area. Similarly two adjacent plots in the same area may have different values because one plot falls in garden reservation and another plot is marked for commercial user. An old case of human intelligence affecting value of property is worth studying. An open plot of land was offered for sale in a posh locality of Mumbai. But there were no buyers for the plot because it was subjected to the covenant that no construction above 5' would be allowed to be put up in the plot. Owner...

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John Locke on Property Right

According to John Locke, private property is a natural right because the ownership of things is the only means by which a person can sustain himself or herself in physical comfort. Even though the natural condition of everything on earth and in it is that of common ownership, without a prior personal claim by any human being, people cannot make use of any of these things unless a certain method of appropriation is utilized. This method of appropriation, according to Locke, is labor. The definition...

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We Hold These Truth's to Be Self-Evident … That No Man's Property Shall Be Considered Equal …

Locke's original quote may seem vast. Yet, this contrast is merely superficial. Jefferson may have opted to change the word 'property' in Locke's original draft to 'happiness' for the Declaration, but the original underlying meaning was basically left in tact. After all, in his Second Treatise Locke did write that it should be lawful for one to use his personal property to find happiness in his own life: the state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges every one: and reason...

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Intellectual Property Rights

intellectual property rights in the digital age. These issues have resulted in various lawsuits, creations of laws, new definitions, and differences of opinion. I plan to elaborate on both sides of this issue and how the digital age has enabled this to become one of the hottest controversial issues in regards to the internet and the digital age. First I would like to go into the history and background of why people are for the protection of intellectual property rights. Intellectual property rights are...

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Property Law- Adverse Possession.

PROPERTY LAW - Adverse Possession Introduction To understand the comments made by Young J in Shaw v Garbutt (1996) 7 BPR 14 at 816, it is necessary to discuss the doctrine of adverse possession, it's requirements and the history of how this law has been interpreted. Philosophy of adverse possession The basic underlying philosophy for the doctrine of adverse possession is that historically land use has been favoured over disuse. The doctrine protects ownership by barring stale claims of non-occupiers...

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Real and Intellectual Properties

is Ownership. Ownership of properties is not only a dream but also literally a right of passage in America that symbolizes newfound stature and success. In our society, these symbols have come under fire by those who would seek to take that away called the “Plaintiff”. This new stature comes in many forms but today we will talk about two that are in the most jeopardy and require legal protections, in the form of either Real Property, or Intellectual Property. Real property (or realty) is a legal term...

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Property Law- Control over Access

When property is taken to represent a bundle of rights at the common law, then the right to exclude others from the benefits of a property is the leading right of the property owner.[1] This is because only excludable resources can be propertised or have ‘property status’. That is, without an excludable nature, resources cannot be legally regarded as property.[2] Thus, it can be held that property ‘consists primarily in control over access’.[3] As a dynamic concept, the scope and nature of...

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Nils Christie, Conflict as Property - a Brief Examination Through the Example of Domestic Violence Laws

Nils Christie, Conflict as Property - A Brief Examination Through The Example of Domestic Violence Laws | | Sabrina Bellefeuille, Carleton University (student number: 100911284) | Nils Christie educates society on the concept of viewing conflicts as property and the ways in which this has impacted individuals and the legal system. It is the position of this essay that one can agree with Christie in the perception that conflicts can be viewed as property. Christie’s view as necessary...

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The Coase Theorem Says That as Long as Property Rights Are Clearly Defined, Externalities Do Not Matter

what was even more important, to make clear the fundamental role which transaction costs do, and should, play in the fashioning of the institutions which make up the economic system." A zero transaction cost world does of course have very peculiar properties, such that one of Coase's own conclusions was that, in such a world, the law does not matter. People would always be able to negotiate without cost to acquire, subdivide and combine rights whenever this would increase the value of production and...

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Intellectual property law

Intellectual property is known as patents, copyrights, trademarks and related interests. It undoubtedly plays a key global role in developing science and technologies. Among all the countries America have the most integrated system of IP. Recent years, Intellectual property law has also been put on a high value in China. This essay just gives a comprehensive study over the development of China’s Intellectual property law. Firstly, this essay will make a general overview of intellectual property law globally...

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Chemicals and Properties

Chemistry Physical and Chemical Properties Submitted by                                                                                                                               Date Submitted: February 2, 2014    Date Performed:  January 31, 2014 Lab Section: Chem-180          Course Instructor: Professor Spenser                                                        Purpose The purpose of this lab experiment is to observe physical and chemical properties of substances which are also...

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Doctrine of Fixtures in Property Law

Doctrine of fixtures in property law The doctrine of fixtures is applied to determine if an object is a fixture.1 This common law provides that what is annexed to the land becomes part of the land, “quicquid plantatur solo, solo credit”, and adopts the character of real property.2 For this to transpire all circumstances surrounding the annexation to the land are examined, including but not limited to the degree of annexation and the purpose of annexation.3 Through this both objective and subjective...

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Matrix: Property and Hair Studio

 Process Design Matrix and Summary Design Andreameda Pollock OPS/571 July 15, 2014 Professor Mark Bolotte Executive Summary- Services Hair Studio Salons was founded in 2014 and is created so that salon professional can become independent owner. Hair Studio would assist these professional to become their own boss with the hassles of traditional salon ownership. Hair Studio Salons like to have its location in high end areas like downtown area. Hair Studio will...

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Tangible Property Rights

Assignment: Tangible Property Rights Jo Darling, Mark Plenty, Chantile Smith, Chante Strickland LAW/531 April 15, 2013 David Cheatham, J. D. Week Five Team Assignment: Tangible Property Rights Tangible property is property that is seen and touched outside of fixtures (University of Phoenix, 2010).” Tangible property includes physically defined property such as goods, animals, minerals “(University of Phoenix 2010). The laws in the United States of America provides property owner rights of protection...

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Colligative Properties

 Cognitive Properties Ashley Weber Principles of Chemistry 2 Experiment 1 02/02/2015 Abstract: Several experiments were performed to observe the colligative properties. This includes the freezing point depression, and osmotic pressure. Two ice baths were made, one with pure water, the other with salt water. The lowest temperature was then record for each bath and compared. The salt water had a lower freezing point than the pure water by 2 degrees which supports the hypothesis that solutions...

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Industrial Property and Ethics

intellectual Property Law Industrial Property and Ethics The transition to a new stage of social development is impossible without respect and promotion of creative and scientific activities. Consumer society stimulates the development of new technologies and manufacturing them in new products. Thereby, our society needs in a clear legal regulation of such legal institution as intellectual property rights. Intellectual property is usually divided into two branches, namely industrial property and copyright...

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Property Rights in the United States

The economic concept of private property refers to the rights owners have to the exclusive use and disposal of a physical object. Property is not a table, a chair, or an acre of land. It is the bundle of rights which the owner is entitled to employ those objects. The alternative (collectivist) view is that private property consists merely of a legal deed to an object with the use and disposal of the object subject to the whims and mercies of the state. Under this latter view, the state retains ownership...

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Plato and Aristotle Private Property and The Ability to Rule

to own private property and the ability to rule. Plato’s, The Republic and Aristotle’s, the Politics of Aristotle illustrates both philosophers’ ideal states of regime. It is also where we get a clear view on the different opinions both men have on the subject of ruling and ownership. Plato believed that the abolishment of Private property was necessary especially for the Guardians and the auxiliaries. While Aristotle on the other hand, criticized the abolition of private property, believing that...

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Location: Personal Property

location of that business. With a white-water rafting business there are several important factors that a company must look at before they can proceed. First item is the legal aspects of acquiring, holding, and disposing of both real and personal properties. This aspect is more important because it is the first steps that the client needs to make to get their business up and running. The next item is to analyze the business for insurance purposes. White water rafting can be a dangerous sport, and therefore...

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Property and Ideals: Yeoman and Individual Values of Ownership.

Property and Ideals: Yeoman and Individual values of ownership. Lopez, Margarita Maria. Facultad de Relaciones Internacionales. Universidad del Rosario. Bogotá DC, Colombia. Author Notes There were no financial affiliations related to the essay, as well as were not any biased work or interests during the writing period. Contact Information: lopezp.margarita@urosario.edu.co Property and Ideals: Yeoman and Individual values of ownership. About Property and Ownership Modern concept...

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The Relationship of China and Hong Kong Property Market

1. China Property Market Since 1998, the Chinese hosuing market experienced it’s first serious slump from the end of 2007, This was marked by great price declines over 30% in some cities, as well as drop in sales volume. Many industry analysts believed the market is too hot before 2008 and drove government officials to tighten regulations on home buying for cooling the market. However, the Chinese market seems to have practiced a turnaround much faster than expected. Due to the 5 consecutive...

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Overview of Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Table of Contents Overview of Intellectual Property 3 Types of Intellectual Property Rights 3 Industrial property 4 Copyright 5 Controversy of Intellectual Property 5 Intellectual Property in the Digital Age 7 No Electronic Theft Act 9 Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 9 Case Study Involving Intellectual Property – Domain Names 9 Conclusion 11 Overview of Intellectual Property The term intellectual property refers to the innovations of the human mind...

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Discussion Board 3 Week 5 Property 1212

p. 377) The Cornell University Law School website explains it as: “The right of survivorship is an attribute of several types of joint ownership of property, most notably joint tenancy and tenancy in common.  When jointly owned property includes a right of survivorship, the surviving owner automatically absorbs a dying owner's share of the property.  Thus if A and B jointly own a house with a right of survivorship, and B dies, A becomes the sole owner of the house, despite any contrary intent in...

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John Locke and Commercial Capitalism

the people. Locke argues that everyone is born equal and has natural rights in the state of nature. He also argues that men have inalienable rights to life, liberty and property. The central argument around the creation of a civil society was with the protection of property. In this essay I will explain Locke's theory of property and how it is not anything other than a "thinly disguised defense of bourgeois commercial capitalism." This statement is defended through Locke's personal background and...

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Government-Furnished Property (GFP) As a Contract Administrator my job actually deals with government-furnished property often. The definition as used by the FAR is “property in the possession of, or directly acquired by, the Government and subsequently furnished to the contractor for performance of a contract. Government-furnished property includes, but is not limited to, spares and property furnished for repair, maintenance, overhaul, or modification. Government-furnished property also includes...

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Government-Furnished Property GFP What is Government-Furnished Property and Why do I care about it? Government-Furnished Property and You ▪ What is GFP? ▪ When do we provide GFP? ▪ Who is responsible for the GFP? ▪ The Government retains title to the GFP until it is properly disposed of as authorized by law and regulation. Government-Furnished Property Defined ▪ GFP is property in the possession of, or directly acquired by, the Government and subsequently furnished to the contractor for performance...

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LRWA carmichael analysis

someone else’s property, but the exception is present in order to protect parties who reasonably believe that an oral sale of land was executed. Carmichael paid consideration and made improvements to the ranch, so only possession is at issue here. To determine whether a person has “possession” of a property the court considers four factors: (1) whether the buyer exercises control over the property adverse to the seller; (2) whether the buyer has an exclusive right to control the property; (3) whether...

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Fiqh 1-Classification of Property

 CLASSIFICATION OF PROPERTY VALUABLE AND NON-VALUABLE MOVABLE AND IMMOVABLE SIMILAR AND DISSIMILAR USABLE AND PERISHABLE DEFINITION VALUABLE -Valuable property includes all permissible things that are possessed and secured NON VALUABLE - Non Valuable property includes all those things which are prohibited by Shariah MOVABLE - Movable property is a property that can be moved from one place to another IMMOVABLE - Immovable property is a property that is permanently fixed to the land...

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Foreclosure 1 1

Real Estate Practice Proffers: Steve Kipuros Foreclosure Process Intoduction Foreclosure is a process where a homeowner forfeits there rights to a property because they have failed to pay the mortgage. In some cases a bank may allow the property owner to sell their home via a short sale. If the bank will not grant a short sale the property will go to auction where it will either be sold or becomes bank owned. The word foreclosure has become a very dirty word, but it doesn’t just happen overnight...

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Taxation In The Philippines

Madrio Juan January 24, 2015 Grade 9 – Davao Sir Daryl D. Dela Cruz Business Math: ASSIGNMENT # 1 Taxation in the Philippines Taxation It is the inherent power by which the sovereign state imposes financial burden upon persons and property as a means of raising revenues in order to defray the necessary expenses of the government It is the imposition of financial charges or other levies , upon a taxpayer (an individual or legal entity) by a state such that failure to pay is punishable...

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The Feasibility of Chili (Capsicum Frutescens) and Kamias (Hedychium Coronarium) as Mosquito Killer

researcher wanted to produce a mosquito killer out of them. For all we know that chili has been tested and proven to be the one good ingredient in mosquito killer making and what if it is added by the acidic property of kamias fruit? The researcher wanted to know the effect of the combined property of each fruit. Statement of the Problem: This study aims to determine the effect of the said mosquito killer (chili and kamias). Especially it will answer the following questions: 1) Does the said...

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Intensive Properties

An intensive property is a physical quantity whose value does not depend on the amount of the substance for which it is measured. For example, the temperature of a system in thermal equilibrium is the same as the temperature of any part of it. If the system is divided the temperature of each subsystem is identical. The same applies to the density of a homogeneous system: if the system is divided in half, the mass and the volume change in the identical ratio and the density remains unchanged. According...

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Study Guide

of shareholders is allowed in a Subchapter S (or S) corporation business form? 74 Intellectual property can be protected by all of the following except: Copyrights // Legal Disclaimers Which of the following are intellectual property rights granted for inventions that are useful, novel, and non-obvious? Patents Which of the following are intellectual property rights in the form of inventions and information such as formulas, processes, and customer lists that...

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Socialist Legal Theory

traditionally put great pains in defining the notion of private property, how it may be acquired, transferred, or lost, socialist law systems provide for most property to be owned by the state or by agricultural co-operatives, and having special courts and laws for state enterprises. Many scholars argue that socialist law was not a separate legal classification.[2] Although the command economy approach of the communist states meant that property could not be owned, the Soviet Union always had a civil code...

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Revere Street Solutions

To determine the price to pay for a property, we should do the below analysis: * First, we should do market research on the target area. For example, we should figure out the demand and supply, the trading volume, and the environment in neighboring. After knowing these information, we should also estimate the possible trend of the property value. * After having a thorough understanding of the market, we have several approaches to determine the property price. If we choose the comparable method...

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Mary Wollstonecraft

their rights. In "of the pernicious effects which arise from the unnatural distinctions established in society", she thoroughly explains her views on how laws and how they give no rights to women and make men superior when everyone should be equal, property rights and how everything gets taken away from women once they get married, and class distinctions where women are supposed to be housewives that maintain the household and care for their children are all used to control women, which then deny their...

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