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Introduction: The question of whether contract law can absorb technological change without the need for distinctive guidelines, presuppositions or similar rules is highly dependent on the effects of the amendments to the Electronic Transactions Act 2000 (NSW) (“ETA”). The impact of the ETA on traditional common law principles varies depending on the level of certainty and predictability available in the circumstances and how the law applies. The suitable amount of consistency is likely to vary...

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PAPER – CONTRACT 1 Define contract. Explain the essentials of valid contract. A voluntary, deliberate, and legally binding agreement between two or more competent parties. Contracts are usually written but may be spoken or implied, and generally have to do with employment, sale or lease, or tenancy. 1. Essentials of a valid contract All agreements are not contracts. Only that agreements which is enforceable at law is a contract. An agreement which is enforceable at law cannot be contract. Thus...

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contract law agreement: objective test of intention to agree offer must be matched by other's acceptance requirement of certainty of agreement parties have intention to create legal relations enforce promise: consideration promise is contained in a deed promissory estoppel (claimant has relied on defendant's promise) reliance theory: consistent with the harm principle (prevent harm on others) restitution interest...

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there are requirements to form a valid contract other than offer and acceptance, that are, intention to create legal relation and consideration. What is consideration? It can be describe as being something which represent either some benefit to the person making a promise or some detriment to the person to whom the promise is made. The term consideration is given to the subject that is exchanged in a contract.1 It is a fundamental prerequisite in English contract law. 2 The courts has explained the...

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The Psychological Contract

The Psychological Contract Shein (1980) explained the concept of the psychological contract as a set of mutual expectations held between the employee and employer within the workplace. It is an unwritten set of expectations operating at all times. It can also be described as individual beliefs shaped by the organisation that relates to the expectation the employee has in terms of pay, fair treatment, opportunities etc and the expectations that the employer has in terms of performance, loyalty,...

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Classification of Contracts

 Nature and Classes of Contracts Deepinder Grewal July 17th, 2015 MAN 224  CollegeAmerica Fort Collins Dr. George Ackerman Nature and Classes of Contracts The provision that the law allows if a party to the contract fails or refuses to perform it is the breach of contract. A breach of contract is defined as failing of one or more parties to implement the obligations assumed under the contract (Ashcoft & Ashcoft, 2010). It can allow the other party to take an action...

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Contract Law

In Business, contracts can be considered as the heart of dealings and have to be taken with utter most consideration of the acceptance, however in order to understand in depth a binding agreement, we must first discuss, what determines a contract or binding agreement. These can be defined as “an agreement which the law will enforce” as well as a “promise or set of promises which the court will enforce”. To facilitate a binding agreement, an acceptance must occur and must be absolutely unconditional...

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Contract Disputes

Contract Disputes Vanessa Bray Lee Strayer University BUS501-044 December 9, 2011 Dr. William Hadyn Roberts “CONTRACT DISPUTES REACH 15-YEAR HIGH”, was the heading of an article published, December 1, 2010 in the Government Executive. The heading in itself tells us that the government is doing more and more business by contract and as a result contractors who are lobbying for government business have become more aware of their rights to file disputes when it involves a loss of potential...

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Contract Terms

Contract between MAANO TECHNICAL SERVICES CC (Builder) Represented by Mr. Herman Lukas And Mr. Joao de Sousa Satata (Client) Represented by Mr. Zenildo Calueto For THE CONSTRUCTION OF AN OUTBUILDING AT ERF 1387, MOUNTAIN THORN STREET, DORADO PARK, WINDHOEK – NAMIBIA. CONTRACT BETWWEN THE OWNER AND THE BUILDER CONTENTS SECTION 1. Articles of Agreement. SECTION 2. General Information. SECTION 3. Standard Conditions of Contract. Section 1 ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT ARTICLES OF...

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Legal Contract

Zidisha Microfinance Member Legal Contract This is a legally binding contract between (Applicant Name) ____________________________________________ of Address ____________________________________________________________________________________ and National Identity Number ___________________________ and Zidisha Inc. (Zidisha), a nonprofit organization located at 21900 Muirfield Circle #302, Sterling, Virginia 20164 United States. I, (Applicant Name) ____________________________________________...

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Love Contracts

CONSENSUAL RELATIONSHIP AGREEMENTS: LOVE CONTRACTS When we think of work its’ connotation leads us to think of our way of life. It’s our way to make money, keep a roof over our heads, as well as put food on the table. Over time, through many studies, it has become a known fact that America is one of the most work-oriented nations in the world. Americans have a reputation for spending more time at work than we do at home. With that in mind, why is finding love in the workplace considered something...

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Stadium Contracts

web address Building.co.uk. A design and build project allows the low risk factor as for the client has the contractor takes on the risk by offering a fixed cost contract. The web address designbuild-network.com states the original provision for a building cost was around £352m, with total project costs of £757m. A fixed price contract protects the client from any expiring costs, for example if the construction of the stadium was to have any over runs or delays. The main contractor building Wembley...

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Music Contract

This contract, entered into on the ____ of _________, 2012, is for the professional recording of ‘Projects’ represented by Samantha (client) for the recording session described below. The undersigned employer (S.N.E.) and the undersigned client agree on the contract as follows: Client agrees to be personally and individually liable for the terms of this contract. S.N.E hereby engages and employs musicians for exclusive personal services, providing them with a wide range...

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Termination of the Contract

of the contract Termination of the contract Under common law, a contract of employment may be terminated by: (a) Agreement with notice; (b) Death of the employer or employee; (c) Frustration; (d) Insolvency; or (e) Breach. Termination by agreement with notice The ending of a contract of employment is most often achieved without any breach of its terms. A contract can be terminated at common law by either party giving the notice required by the terms of the contract, or by...

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Law of Contract

Court Court of Common Pleas Citation(s) (1862) 11 Cb (NS) 869; [1862] EWHC CP J35; 142 ER 1037 Transcript(s) Full text of judgment Judge(s) sitting Willes J, Byles J and Keating J Felthouse v Bindley (1862) EWHC CP J 35, is the leading English contract law case on the rule that one cannot impose an obligation on another to reject one's offer. This is sometimes misleadingly expressed as a rule that "silence cannot amount to acceptance". Later the case has been rethought, because it appeared that...

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Breach of contract

that a seller/ retailer must abide by once they have entered into a contract. The goods must be as described (section 13), of satisfactory quality (section 14 [2]) and fit for purpose (section 14 [3]). Both section 13 and 14 have strict liability attached to them. The court will not investigate into the mind of the seller at the time or observe how much they tried but all they will look for is if there is a breach in the contract and if there is, the seller is liable. Section 13 states that the...

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Contract Law

own argument. Question 5: The defendant argued there was no binding and enforceable agreement, what were the components of this argument? The defendant argued that there was no contract made between him and the plaintiff, and only a contract between himself and eBay and the plaintiff and eBay. He claimed that the contracts were not between the buyer and seller, but between the individuals and the website. The defendant argues that when he placed the advertisement on eBay that it was comparable...

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Sales Contract

the following goods on or before May 31, 2012 (the “Goods”) a. 10,000 widgets Purchase Price 2. The Purchaser will accept the Goods and pay for the Goods with the sum of fifty thousand ($50,000) USD, paid as follows: a. Down payment of $5,000 upon contract execution b. the remainder of the purchase price within 10 day of receipt of delivery of the Goods. 3. Payment of the Goods will be made to the Seller when the Purchaser has confirmed receipt of the Goods. Delivery of Goods 4. The Goods will...

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Pre Registration Contracts

The common law view of pre-registration contracts was that the company did not exist for legal purposes until it had been formally incorporated (registered). This common law view resulted in company's being unable to enter a binding contract until they had been registered. However "given the delays which can be encountered in the registration process, the promoter of a company may wish to enter into contracts `for' the company prior to its incorporation" . An example of this may be a promoter...

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Contract Administration Best Practices

Contract Administration Best Practices Diana Thomas University of Phoenix Law/531- Business Law August 23, 2012 Trina Eaddy Introduction This essay will examine how to best prepare a contract administration plan. The contract administration plan will examine different methods used in preparing a plan. This essay will explain how important it is to have technical and other support of personnel, the importance of surveillance, and to determine...

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essential requisites of a contract

> ESSENTIAL REQUISITES OF CONTRACTS GENERAL PROVISIONS Art. 1318. There is no contract unless the following requisites concur: (1) Consent of the contracting parties; (2) Object certain which is the subject matter of the contract; (3) Cause of the obligation which is established. (1261) SECTION 1. – Consent Art. 1319. Consent is manifested by the meeting of the offer and the acceptance upon the thing and the cause which are to constitute the contract. The offer must be certain...

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Drew Brees Contract Analysis

Drew Brees Contract and Its Elements Contract and Its Elements A contract is an agreement between and offeror, and an offeree, that can be enforceable by a court of law or equity (Cheeseman, 2010). A contract consists of the following elements; agreement, consideration, contractual capacity, and lawful object. Understanding each of these elements is of the utmost importance to ensure that each party involved has a good understanding of what is expected from one another. Furthermore,...

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Client Contract Database Definition

Week 3 Individual Assignment Explanation: This sample database is for a company that performs contract work for other companies. The contract work is software development. The contracting company is hired by another organization to perform specific software development. The contracting company does not consider the software developers as employees; rather they are contractors working on contracts. The contractors do receive a check for their work from the contracting company; however, because...

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Supply Chain Coordination by Contracts

revenue sharing contracts), resource sharing, knowledge sharing, joint working, joint design and development of product, joint promotions, implementing information systems, designing risk sharing contracts, saving sharing (Chen and Chen, 2005) SC contracts are quite popular and widely adopted in coordinating supply chain. Raut et al. asses the profit impact of various SC contracts. According to T. Coltman, issues that continue to exist are the feasibility of cooperation in contract design process...

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Tort Liability and Contract Liability.

Tort Liability and Contract Liability A tort is a legal term for "a wrong." The "tort law" is composed of state statutes and court decisions that gives one the right to sue someone who causes harm to them, whether it's a drunk driver, a corporation that manufactures a defective product, a credit card company that overcharges you, or a government bureaucrat that breaks the law or a school official such as a teacher or principal. The law of the state in which the school is located determines a school's...

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Contract and Legally Binding Agreement

Hartly & The Auto Dealer What do you think about this situation? Should parties to a sales contract be able to rescind a contract because of mutual mistake of fact? Why or why not? Did either party act unethically in this case? Why or why not? What application does the UCC have here? Finally, in the overall context of contract law, are there any winners or losers when a contract is rescinded based on mutual mistake of fact? Why or why not?  In my studies of the case, I read about...

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Contract Sperm Whales

Contract This agreement is drawn up and signed in Dubai, UAE on the 25 th of April 2012, by and between 1. Jetta Pharmaceuticals Ltd., producer of special medicaments for improving the immune system, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, represented in this matter by its sales director Mr. L. Dziel, hereinafter referred as „seller” and 2. Vegan Perfumes, sole producer of SKY® perfumes, based in 19 Royce Avenue, Nottingham, United Kingdom, represented in this matter by its sales manager Ms. Sara Zydorczak...

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Pre-contract Stage

4.2 Pre-contract Stage Contractor’s Tendering Procedure • Agreement to tender • Decision to tender • Examination of tender documents • Estimating process timetable • Enquires of quotations • Method statement and tender programme • Site visit • Outstanding information resolved with consultants • Pricing process • Adjudication • Submission of tender *In pricing process: • All-in-rates for trade items or BQ • Domestic sub-contractors and suppliers • Nominated sub-contractors and...

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Introduction to Contract Management

1.0 INTRODUCTION TO CONTRACT MANAGEMENT A contract is an agreement having a lawful object entered into voluntarily by two or more parties, each of whom intends to create one or more legal obligations between or among them. The elements of a contract are "offer" and "acceptance" by "competent persons" having legal capacity who exchanges "consideration" to create "mutuality of obligation. i.e. 1. Offer and Acceptance 2. Competent Persons 3. Consideration 4. Mutual Obligation 5. Lawful...

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Elements of a Valid Contract

of a valid contract, explain what the objective theory of contracts is and define and explain how the objective theory of contracts applies to the Unit 3 IP. This paper will also explain why I think the court held that there was not a valid contract in the scenario of the unit 3 IP as well as explain why advertisements are generally considered not to be valid offers. The four elements of a valid contract are: * There must be an agreement in all vital conditions of the contract. * There...

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The Psychological Contract and Its Application

The Psychological Contract and its application The psychological contract and its application After the first descriptions and definitions of psychological contract 1960s, a great number of experts show their opinions on this topic and discuss with each other. The widely acknowledged definition of psychological contract may be in Michaei Armstrong’s book, the human resource management practice(10th Ed.,2006,cited in business ball):`…the employment relationship consist of a unique combination...

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Contract: Pledge and Debt

Supporting Contract. Among the supporting contract that used by Islamic financial institutions are: 1. Contract of Rahn (Pledge) 2. Contract of Kafalah or Dhaman (Guarantee) 3. Contract of Wakalah (Agency) 4. Contract of Wadiah (Safe Custody) 5. Contract of Ibraa (Rebate) Contract Of Rahn (Pledge) The conditions to each essential elements of Rahn are as follows: a. Pledgor (customer) b. Pledgee (eg: Islamic Bank) 3 necessary conditions of ‘Pledgor and Pledgee’ as follows: ...

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Business Contracts and Legal Risks

including structuring effective business contracts, avoiding lawsuits on business torts, minimizing product liability risks, avoiding employee lawsuits and avoiding risk in domestic and international sales transactions. Business Contracts Contracts contain a common element which is a promise. A contract is a legal relationship that consists of the rights and duties of the agreeing parties growing out of promises. (Meiners, 2011). Contracts are important especially when an arrangement...

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contract torts and product liability

 Contracts, Torts and Product Liability Name Institution Chapters 6 and 7 of John McAdams book are on contracts, business torts, and product liability respectively. In order to understand these chapters fully, I will provide an appropriate case and the court’s ruling due to the influence of factors discussed in these two chapters. Before I discuss this case, an introduction on the keywords in these chapters in relation to business law is necessary. A contract is a binding...

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Bank Deposit contract

Bank Deposit Contract Reference No: C89364520358 Deposit contract concluded on 20th of January, 2013, in Skopje between: Stopanska Banka AD – Skopje, Head Office, Represented by Ana Nikolovska, Manager of the Legal Division Address: 11 Oktomvri 7, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia Unique Tax Number: 07495305 Unique Identification Number: 92593630 And Name:...

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The Four Elements of a Valid Contract

insight into the four elements of a valid contract as well as the objective theory of contracts. It will also explain how the objective theory of a contract applies to this case. I will try to explain why the court held that there was not a valid agreement between the company and the Seattle man. The four elements of a valid contract Contracts are used in today’s world as a major part of interaction between individuals or companies and consumers. Contracts are often used within our professional...

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Psychological Contract and Leadership Style

Managerial Leadership “Effect of Leadership style on Psychological Contract” Second Monthly Exam Submitted to: Sajid Iqbal Dawezai Irum Azmat MS-HRM 1st Semester Date: 24th september, 2012 Introduction: The topic that I have selected for my review is “effect of leadership style on psychological contract”. In this review, first I would like to introduce the concepts of leadership and psychological contracts. After that, I would be talking about what researchers have found out...

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Form and Reformation of Contracts

FORM OF CONTRACT (Arts 1356-1358) 1. What is the form of a contract in order that it will of obligatory force? (Art. 1356, CC) GENERAL RULE: Whatever may be the form in which a contract may have been entered into, the general rule to 1356 of the Civil Code, is that it shall be obligatory provided all of the essential requisites for its validity are present. EXCEPTIONS: 1) When the law requires that the contract must be in a certain form in order to be valid; and 2) When the law requires that...

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Contract Law Research Outline

Joshua Whale- 17202259 I. Contracts- Research Outline The concept of separate rules, laws and outlines being implemented and acting simultaneously to form the legal frame work around a particular area of law seems certain to create questionability rather than certainty. [1] However doesn’t the Electronic Transactions Act 2000 (NSW) simply aim to fulfill the requirements for traditional contracts; their validity will still be rely on their adherence to the principals of common law. Electronic...

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Recognizing Contract Risk and Opportunities

 Recognizing Contract Risk and Opportunities Ebel M. Aquino LAW/531 Sunday, June 21, 2015 Prof. Israel Camacho-Alicea Risks and Opportunities To do business you always have to measure the risks and opportunities to avoid bad losses resulting from bad operational business practices and poor contract execution. And in this case, Puerto Rico is no exception. The Civil Code of Puerto Rico establishes in Article 1213 Contract requirements (31 LPRA § 3391.) But no contract is effective unless the...

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Contract and Professor Knox Group

SOPHIA HENRY WEEK TWO ASSIGNMENT ETHICS: PROFESSOR KNOX GROUP A A newspaper columnist signs a contract with a newspaper chain. Several months later she is offered a position with another newspaper chain at a higher salary. Because she would prefer making more money she notifies the first chain that she is breaking her contract. The court will decide the legality of her action. But what is the morality? Did she the columnist behave ethically? An airline pilot goes for his regular medical checkup...

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Proprietary Versus Contract Security

Proprietary versus Contract Security Timothy W. Hall SEC/320 18 February 2013 Jeff Horn As an organization grows so must the security, and it has to be on the top of the list. When considering what type of security to choose, either proprietary or contact, they need to look at the value of the organization? This value within the organization will need some sort of protection to deter theft, vandalism, and destruction. The boardroom conversation could to from, “We have nice stuff” to...

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Frozen Krill Contract

CONTRACT No. FRKL145 Between the undersigned: Bradiaga Krills Ltd, a company whose head office is located at 5 Profsouznaya st., Murmansk, Russian Federetion, represented by General Manager Mr. Ivan Ivanov hereinafter referred to as the “Seller” on the one hand and Bizzard Ltd, a company whose head office is located at 34 King st., Aberdeen, United Kingdom, represented by General Manager Mr. Elton John hereinafter referred to as the Buyer on the other hand WHEREAS the Seller...

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contract law2

: Issue 1. Whether Nur Aini consent to an agreement caused by undue influence? Undue influence define under Section 16(1) of the Contract Acts where a contract is induced by undue influence if one of the parties is in a position to dominate the will of the other and uses that position to obtain an unfair advantage over the other. Section 16(1) of the Contract Acts 1950 lay down the principal in general terms and gives the element necessary to establish undue influence where the elements are...

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Costs and Contract Terms

and therefore contract terms. The team also weighed the cost of new machines against capital for inventory and interest rates, evaluating the return on investment and the impact a new machine had on lead times. Using this consideration set, team Honeybadgers purchased one tuning machine, one stuffing machine, and changed the contract terms on ten occasions. Ultimately, the team placed 5th. ------------------------------------------------- Actions & Analysis Changing Contract Terms: A 7 day...

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Procurement & contracts sgpl

Option B a) Late Interim Payments by Employer The various contractual provisions in relation to the late interim payments by the Employer will be addressed with the use of the JCT Standard Building Contract With Quantities 2005 Edition (JCT SBC05) Revision 2 2009. According to Clause 4.13.1 of the (JCT SBC05) Rev 2 2009, the Employer is obliged to pay the amount due as stated in the Interim Certificate within 14 days from the date of issue. According to Clause 4.13.3 & 4.13.4 of the (JCT SBC05)...

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Example of a Recording Contract

Zachary Johnson Professor Kwon Final Project Due 12/10/2012 Music Recording Contract This contract (the “agreement”) effective in the date of “0/00/0000” BETWEEN: True Records And Artist 1 ______________ Artist 2 ______________ Artist 3 ______________ Artist 4 ______________ Artist 5 ______________ Background: A. The Artist is a professional entertainer and recording artist known as “ Group” B. The Company is in the business of producing Master Recordings, or causing such...

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Types of contract

What is a contract? A business contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties to do or not to do certain things. For example, a business contract could be for the sale of goods or supply of services at a certain price. There are many different types of contracts including: the sale and purchase of a business agreement; partnership agreements; leases of business premises; leases of plant and equipment; and employment agreements. The process for creating a contract generally...

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Week 3 Team Contract

 Contract Assignment – Week 3 Team D LAW/531 June17, 2013 Professor Grace Lee Employment Contract This contract dated this 17th day of June 2013 BETWEEN: Horace Grump (“Employer”) -AND- Nettie Samaritan (“Employee”) BACKGROUND: A. The Employer is of the opinion that the Employee has the ability to assist and benefit the Employer in business and welfare. B. The Employer requests to employ the Employee with the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement. IN CONSIDERATION...

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Freedom of Contract

“Freedom of contract is the bedrock of English private law” Freedom of contract is defined as the: “Right of an adult to make a legally binding mutual agreement with one or more other persons, without governmental interference as to what type of obligations he or she can take upon himself or herself.”[1] English law has for a while now been known as believing in freedom of contract. This means that the state has not, normally, enforced legislation which has got in the way when it comes to the...

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E-Contracts and E-Signatures

E-Contracts and E-Signatures     I.             Forming Contracts Online Disputes arising from contracts entered into online concern the terms and assent to those terms.   A.    Online Offers         Terms should be conspicuous and clearly spelled out. On a Web site, this can be done with a link to a separate page that contains the details. The text lists subjects that might be covered, including remedies, dispute settlement, payment, taxes, refund and return policies, disclaimers, and privacy...

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Commercial Law - Agency Contract

Question 1. Outline and describe the ways in which an Agency Contract may be established. Agency According to Nicole Busby, an agency is a contractual relationships that entitles one party to act on behalf, or in favour of, the other party in contractual arrangements with a third party. In this regardthese circumstances, the former is known as an “agent” and the entity on whose behalf the agent performs is called a “principal”. Generally, the agency relationships arises in commercial transactions...

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Contract of Employment

Harrison asked Sadia Warsame to write reports on the Contract of Employments. This report will be used to help the readers to gain more Knowledge and Information. 2.0 Procedure Information was obtained by 2.1 Visiting www.acas.org.uk . 2.2 Reading a book called Glossary of Employment Terms by Peter Chandler. 2.3 At work from colleuages. 3.0 Findings 3.1 Contract of Employment. Contract of Employment is a contract between an employer and employee, established after...

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Team Contract Example

Management Consults Melanie Lee Art Marohl Kelly Scott Mckee Summer Hickey Rhonda Jensen Busn 460 Senior Project DeVry University Professor Mozinski 07/15/12 BUSN460 Team Contract Our team name is Strategic Management Consultants. Our goal is to work well together, complete each task as stated in this contract. If one of our team members fails to stick to this agreement our team will step up and meet or exceed each goal necessary to complete this task. Section I: Team Member Skill Inventory...

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Rds Independent Contract Agreement

hours in advance. Failure to do so can impact this contract leading up to cancelation of said contract. You will provide your own vehicle keeping it in good maintenance, gas, cell phone and internet access for the purpose of doing said work. Term of this contract is valid from the date signed for a period of 1 year. Contract may be cancelled from signee if given in writing a 15 day notice of intent to quit. The company may terminate this contract immediately with good reason written and delivered...

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Law on Obligation and Contracts

The law of obligations is one of the component private law elements of the civil system of law. It includes contract law, delict law,quasi-contract law, and quasi-delict law. The law of obligations seeks to organize and regulate the voluntary and semi-voluntary legal relations available between moral and natural persons with respect to obligations under contracts, both innominate and nominate (for example: sales, gift, lease, carriage, mandate, association,deposit, loan, employment, insurance, gambling and arbitration) ...

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Contract Performance

Contract Performance Joseph Dorow Strayer University BUS 501 Government Acquisition Instructor: Dr. Vic Villarreal December 2012 Contract Performance Summarize the report, with particular attention to the issue of contract performance. I chose the report with a Lancer Clothing Corporation protest alleging “Workroom for designers does not have a commitment for the lining material supplier who is reputable, and that it lacks sufficient production capacity. Lancer also alleges that the principal...

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Contracts: How They Effect Everyday Life

Contracts: How They Effect Everyday Life BUS 311 – Business Law I Prof. Katheryne Rogers January 6, 2012 Most people in society think that contracts are pointless and unnecessary. Contractual law is not high on society’s list of things to study. What society does not realize is that contracts bind a majority of the decisions that they make on a systematic basis. In this paper I will make evident the effectiveness of contracts and how they are such an immense aspect in society’s everyday life...

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Freedom of contract in English Contract law

Administrative Law Essay Topic: Freedom of contract in English Contract law Written by 10 Ю-3 group student Buzhak A.S. Under supervision of Popova T. P. PhD, docent Nizhniy Novgorod, 2013 Contract law is designed to protect not only the contractor, but also the consumer.   Freedom to contract is the freedom of individuals and corporations to form contracts without government restrictions.   Without the freedom to contract, the government can regulate and bring restrictions...

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Contract Law

the American one, United Kingdom’s (UK) and Hong Kong’s (HK) do not recognize the approach of general principle of good faith in contract law, as illustrated in Walford v Miles1. Yet, good faith should be promoted in UK and HK because one should value fairness in the whole course of dealing, from the point of pre-contractual negotiations till the discharge of he contracts. This essay aims at showing the merits of a good faith doctrine and possible implications on the UK and HK legal system so as to...

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