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  • Chemistry Lab Liquid-Liquid Extraction

    of solvent extraction‚ also known as liquid-liquid extraction‚ a method of separating two materials with different physical and/or chemical properties. Two methods of evaporation will be used to finally determine the concentration of impurity- one using an explosion-proof hot-plate‚ and one using a rotovap. III. Theory Fig. 1a+1b. Figure 1a shows how water and oil separate in the separatory funnel‚ while figure 1b shows the actual apparatus. Liquid-Liquid extraction is a versatile and dependable

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  • The Viscosity of Liquids

    39. The Viscosity of Liquids After studying the present lecture‚ you will be able to Define viscosity and viscosity coefficient Outline the method to measure viscosity using Ostwald viscometer Determine the average molecular weight of a polymer Determine the surface concentration of 1-butanol in aqueous solution Measure the distribution coefficient of a solute betweenn two solvents 39.1 Introduction Viscosity‚ one of the transport properties‚ arises because of intermolecular attractive and

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  • Liquid and Evaporation

    Rate of Evaporation of Different Liquids Objective of the Project This project is of the rate of evaporation of different liquid‚ in which we also discuss the factors which affect the rate of liquid. Introduction When liquid is placed in an open vessel. It slowly escapes into gaseous phase ventually leaving the vessel empty. This phenomenon is known as vaporization or evaporation. Evaporation of liquids can be explained in the terms of kinetic molecular model although there

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  • liquids and solids

    Purpose The purpose of this lab is to find the boiling point of the liquid and find the melting point of the solid. Procedure Boiling point: To find the boiling point of Isopropyl Alcohol I put about 1 mL of it in the test tube. Then I attached the thermometer to the test tube with a rubber band(make sure the thermometer bulb is lined up with the end of the test tube). After that I made a water bath with a beaker and put in the test tube with the thermometer. I then used a burner and a burner stand

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  • Liquid and Solid

    Name:Shin Park|Date:06/14/2013| Exp 5: Liquids and Solids|Lab Section: | Data Table: Boiling Point Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Temperature when the last bubble has emerged ___83_˚C __82__˚C __82__˚C Average temperature from all three trials ___82.33_˚C % error ___.0849_% Melting Point Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Temperature when the acetamide melts __82__˚C _81___˚C __82__˚C Average temperature from all three trials ___81.66_˚C % error

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  • Liquids and Solids

    Date of Experiment October 7‚ 2012 Report Submitted: October 7‚ 2012 Title: Liquids and Solids Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to determine the boiling point of liquids and the melting point of solids. Procedure: I got all of my materials together and set up. I poured rubbing alcohol in a beaker and rubber banded it with the thermometer. I logged the last bubble that came out of the capillary tubes. After that I crushed the acetamide and carefully put it in the capillary tube

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  • Viscosities of Liquids

    certain fluid. In this experiment two solutions are used. According to the definition of viscosity mobile liquids have a relatively low viscosity. Fluidity is the reciprocal of viscosity‚ given as equation 1: F=1/ η. Fluidity is advantageous because solutions of mixed solutions of nonassociating liquids are roughly additive. In this experiment binary solutions are used‚ so if each pure liquid has fluidities Fa and Fb‚ the fluidity of a mixture is given by: Equation1 (Halpern‚ 17-3).

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  • Liquids and Solids

    Liquids & Solids Pre Lab Questions: 3pts 1. What are the learning goals of this lab? The learning goal of this experiment is to view and experience the melting point and boiling point of different substances. 2. Why is acetamide not allowed in contact with your skin? What precautions does one have to take to work with this chemical? Acetamide is a carcinogen‚ which can cause cancer. Therefore‚ it should not be allowed to come in contact with a person’s skin. Any person working with this chemical

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  • Liquids And Solids

    Ocean County College Department of Chemistry Liquids and Solids Date Submitted: June 21‚ 2015 Date Performed: June 19‚ 2015 Lab Section: Chem-181DL1 Course Instructor: Prof. Amal Bassa Purpose The purpose of this experiment was to determine the boiling point of isopropyl alcohol and determine the melting point of acetamide. Procedure To begin I tied the test tube and thermometer together and inserted an inverted closed-end capillary tube into the test tube. I then

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  • Liquid Sublimation

    ------------------------------------------------- Liquidliquid extraction From Wikipedia‚ the free encyclopedia Liquidliquid extraction also known as solvent extraction and partitioning‚ is a method to separate compounds based on their relative solubilities in two different immiscible liquids‚ usually water and an organic solvent. It is an extraction of a substance from one liquid into another liquid phase. Liquidliquid extraction is a basic technique in chemical laboratories‚ where it is performed

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