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certain fluid. In this experiment two solutions are used. According to the definition of viscosity mobile liquids have a relatively low viscosity. Fluidity is the reciprocal of viscosity, given as equation 1: F=1/ η. Fluidity is advantageous because solutions of mixed solutions of nonassociating liquids are roughly additive. In this experiment binary solutions are used, so if each pure liquid has fluidities Fa and Fb, the fluidity of a mixture is given by: Equation1 (Halpern, 17-3). ...

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Liquids and Solids

Liquids & Solids Pre Lab Questions: 3pts 1. What are the learning goals of this lab? The learning goal of this experiment is to view and experience the melting point and boiling point of different substances. 2. Why is acetamide not allowed in contact with your skin? What precautions does one have to take to work with this chemical? Acetamide is a carcinogen, which can cause cancer. Therefore, it should not be allowed to come in contact with a person’s skin. Any person working with this chemical...

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Chemistry Lab Liquid-Liquid Extraction

of solvent extraction, also known as liquid-liquid extraction, a method of separating two materials with different physical and/or chemical properties. Two methods of evaporation will be used to finally determine the concentration of impurity- one using an explosion-proof hot-plate, and one using a rotovap. III. Theory Fig. 1a+1b. Figure 1a shows how water and oil separate in the separatory funnel, while figure 1b shows the actual apparatus. Liquid-Liquid extraction is a versatile and dependable...

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Viscosities of Liquids

Lab report: Viscosity of Liquids Introduction This experiment focuses on measurements of different trials of various concentrations. The collected data is used to compare and contrast to the ideal binary solutions and their components. The Ostwald viscometer is a useful laboratory equipment to measure the viscosities of many binary solutions. Background Molecules have the ability to slide around each other, result in a flow. Such a flow has a resistance called viscosity. Microscopically...

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Liquid and Evaporation

Rate of Evaporation of Different Liquids Objective of the Project This project is of the rate of evaporation of different liquid, in which we also discuss the factors which affect the rate of liquid. Introduction When liquid is placed in an open vessel. It slowly escapes into gaseous phase ventually leaving the vessel empty. This phenomenon is known as vaporization or evaporation. Evaporation of liquids can be explained in the terms of kinetic molecular model although there...

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Determination of the identity of an unknown liquid

Lab Report Purpose The purpose of this lab is to determine the identity of an unknown liquid by measuring its density and its boiling point and try to match it with those solutions given in Table 2 of experiment 2. Procedure Part A In Part A, The main purpose was to find the determination of the density of the unknown (j41) and by doing that we had to determine volumes of the unknown liquid (j41) using three different volumetric devices which are graduated cylinder, pipette and burette...

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Chemistry Project on Evaporation of Liquid

Chemistry Project on Evaporation of Liquid Acknowledgement I would like to show my gratitude to my Chemistry Teachers Ms Seema More without whose support and encouragement this project could never have have taken the present shape . I would also like to thank my lab incharge Mr. Kakde For helping Me out During The Practical Part Of This Project. Aim Acknowledgment I am are greatly thankful for the cooperation and help from the Community Science Center (CSC) authorities and the Chemistry lab...

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Surface Tension Property of Liquids

Surface Tension Properties of Liquids Introduction The purpose of this experiment is to measure and record the surface tension of water and other aqueous solutions using capillary rise method techniques and practicing lab safety. In this laboratory the surface tension of water depends on the concentration of the following solutes; NaCl, acetone, and sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS). Intermolecular interactions as well as other phases (solid, or air) make a liquid exist. The data collected will show...

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Density of Liquids and Solids

DENSITY OF LIQUIDS AND SOLIDS by Lab instructor: Due date: Results and discussion: The purpose of the experiment was to determine the densities of the unknown liquid and solid as precisely and accurately as possible in order to identify them. It was carried out first on distilled water in order to rule out systematic errors. A 10 mL beaker was placed on a top pan balance and “tared”. The beaker was then removed and 10 mL of distilled water was pipetted into it before it was placed...

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Atmosphere and Volatile Liquids

Filtration (b) Evaporation (c) Distillation (d) None of these 31. Sublimation can be used to separate: [1] (a) Volatile liquids from non - volatile liquids solids (b) Volatile solids from non – volatile (c) Volatile liquids from non-volatile solid (d) All of these 32. Melting temperature is the temperature at which the solid changes into liquid at: [1] (a) Double the atmospheric pressure (b) Half the atmosphere pressure (c) Atmosphere pressure (d) No Particular pressure ...

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