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  • Gas Exchange

    Gas Exchange To complete this worksheet‚ select: Module: Gas Exchange and pH Balance Activity: Animations Title: Gas Exchange Introduction 1. a. Describe the respiratory system role with oxygen and carbon dioxide. The respiratory system is responsible for the movement of gases involved in cellular metabolism. b. Why is oxygen needed? Oxygen is needed because it is used up during the aerobic breakdown of glucose. c. What generates CO2? Carbon dioxide arises from the aerobic

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  • Gas calculations

    reaction conducted in this lab‚ including appropriate phase symbols.
Mg(s) + 2HCl(aq) --> H2(g) + MgCl2(aq) 2. Determine the partial pressure of the hydrogen gas collected in the gas collection tube. 
The partial pressure of the hydrogen gas is 1.07 atm 3. Calculate the moles of hydrogen gas collected.
pv=mrt ; n= .0013mol of hydrogen gas 4. If magnesium was the limiting reactant in this lab‚ calculate the theoretical yield of the gaseous product. Show all steps of your calculation.
0.03184 g

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  • Gas Absorption

    ORO CITY GAS ABSORPTION COLUMN - MASS TRANSFER EXPERIMENT B ChE 35 Chemical Engineering Laboratory II Acabo‚ Dean Cris Aguirre‚ Ian Carlo Belarmino‚ Arniel Catan‚ Charles John Engr. Marco Theodore E. Escaňo ChE 35 Instructor October 2012 OBJECTIVE: To calculate rate of absorption of carbon dioxide into water from analysis of liquid solutions flowing down the absorption column. THEORETICAL BACKGROUND: Absorption refers to the transfer of a gaseous component from the gas phase to a

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  • Gas Exchanges

    Gas Exchange The process of gas exchange in the body is called respiration. This process has three basic steps that involve pulmonary ventilation‚ external respiration‚ and internal respiration. All three steps are functions that involve gas exchanges between the lungs and the atmosphere. For instance‚ pulmonary ventilation‚ or breathing involves the inhalation and exhalation of air between our lungs and the atmosphere. External respiration is the exchange of gases across the respiratory membrane

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  • Gas and Atoms

    and freezing into ice -fuel being changed into gas for cars -ponds freezing over to have a layer of ice Page 2 : E:\CC_Software\Workbench\CC-MW-CD\part2\phasechange\page2.cml 1. Describe the motion of atoms and molecules in a gas. the atoms and molecules bounce off one another each time they come in contact with eachother. they never bond‚ but reflect off of eachother and spread around. 2. How are the behavior and arrangements of gas molecules similar to and different from soccer players

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  • Gas Stations

    Do Gas Stations cause soil pollution? Soils are extremely important parts of every ecosystem. They are a home to many microbes and provide vital nutrients to the plants that live in them. pH is the measure of acidity or alkalinity of a solution‚ and most organisms have a very small range of pH values in which they can survive. 7 is considered neutral‚ lower than 7 is acidic (lemon juice‚ rain water) and above 7 is basic (bleach‚ soap). Lots of urban areas are dependent on car transportation‚

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  • Pressure and Gas

    1) A sample of gas (24.2 g) initially at 4.00 atm was compressed from 8.00 L to 2.00 L at constant temperature. After the compression‚ the gas pressure was __________ atm. A) 4.00 B) 2.00 C) 1.00 D) 8.00 E) 16.0 2) A sample of a gas (5.0 mol) at 1.0 atm is expanded at constant temperature from 10 L to 15 L. The final pressure is __________ atm. A) 1.5 B) 7.5 C) 0.67 D) 3.3 E) 15 3) A balloon originally had a volume of 4.39 L at 44 °C and a pressure of 729 torr. The

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  • Gas Laws Lab

    Unit 1 Gas Laws Lab Guide PhET Gas Properties lab - http://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/gas-properties Your lab write-up for this lab will be a minimum of a 15 slide presentation created with Power point or Libre Office. Contact your instructor if you have questions about your lab assignment. Some information has been provided for you‚ but still needs to be included on your slides. The areas that are bolded are areas of information that need to be completed by you. Submit your lab write-up

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  • Respiratory Gas Exchange

    The Respiratory System: Gas Exchange 1. The atmosphere is a mixture of gases. Write down the percentages for: a. O2 _____21%______ b. CO2 ____0.04%_______ c. N2 _____78%______ d. H2O _____0.46%______ 2. Calculate the partial pressures of the following gases at both atmospheric pressures: 760 mmHg 747 mmHg a. O2 __159.6mmHg_________ ____156.9mmHg_______ b. CO2 ___.3mmHg________ _____.3mmHg______ c. N2 ____597mmHg_______ ______587mmHg_____

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  • Gas Chromatography

    Gas Chromatography Purpose: The purpose of the gas chromatography lab is to find out how different substances interact with the surface of a solid. Chromatography is a separation technique that depends on the relative distribution of the components of a mixture between a mobile phase and a solid stationary phase. Chromatography measures the tendency of a substance to interact with the surface of a solid or to remain in a mobile phase. When doing a chromatography lab the mobile phase has to

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