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Marcela Rodriguez Ricardo Sarabia January 16, 2013 Mariana Mendoza Alvaro Puccini Maria Quin Solubility Lab Purpose: The main purpose of doing this lab is to learn how to interpret solubility graphs and how the temperature does affects the solubility of different substances. There are other objectives of the lab which are learning what are concentrated, diluted, supersaturated, and saturated substances and how can they be identified. The hypothesis...

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Solubility Lab

354-355 Experiment 2 SOLUBILITY 1. Part A. Solubility of Solid Compounds. Use your observations to complete the following table, rating each system as soluble, insoluble, or partially soluble. Organic Compound Benzophenone Water Methyl Alcohol Hexane Malonic acid Biphenyl 2. Considering the polarities of the compound and the solvent and the potential for hydrogen bonding, answer the following: a) There should be a difference in your results between the solubilities of biphenyl and benzophenone...

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Solubility And Recrystallization

non-polar while water is polar which is the reason why it did not dissolve in water. Benzoic acid dissolves in alcohol and sodium hydroxide mainly because carboxylic acids when reacted with bases like NaOH, they produce salt and water. Due to its high solubility and polar nature, phthalic acid dissolves in water. Resorcinol dissolves in water, alcohol and ether since it is acidic and the two OH groups make the system sufficiently polar, therefore it is soluble in polar solvent. Sodium naphthionate, on the...

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Solubility Postlab Report

 Week-2-Solubility Name: ___________________________________________________ Section: ______________ For Instructor Use Only POST-LAB REPORT FOR THE SOLUBILITY EXPERIMENT I) Conclusion: Write the conclusions regarding your observations and results obtained from each part 2A,...

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Recrystallization: Solvent and Solubility

RECRYSTALLIZATION OF ACETANILIDE ABSTRACT Recrystallization is the primary method for purifying solid organic compounds through the differences in solubility at different temperatures. In this experiment, a suitable solvent was first determined. Acetanilide was produced by acetylation of aniline with acetic anhydride. The crude acetanilide was dissolved in a solvent in a heating water bath. The hot solution was filtered and the filtrate, cooled slowly in an ice bath as crystals started forming...

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Chemistry 12 Solubility Review

12 Review of Solubility Equilibrium 1. Identify each of the following as ionic or molecular substance: a. NaCl(aq) ________________________________ b. CH3COOH(aq) ___________________________ c. CCl4(l) _________________________________ d. HNO3(aq) ______________________________ e. C2H6(l) ________________________________ 2. A good way to test a liquid to see if it contains ions is to : 3. Define a saturated solution. 4. Define an unsaturated solution. 5. What is meant by solubility? 6. On the...

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Effect of Temperature on Solubility Lab

Effect of Temperature on Solubility Lab Purpose: What is the solubility of minerals in water? What is the relationship between temperature and solubility? Hypothesis: If salt and sugar are each tested in water of varying temperatures, then salt and sugar's solubility will increase as the temperature also increases. Materials: Two 250 mL beakers Tap water 100 mL graduated cylinder Hot plate Two petri dishes Glass stirring rod Salt Sugar Thermometer ...

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Solubility of Ammonium Chloride

laboratory is to calculate the solubility of a substance under a variety of temperatures and construct a solubility curve based on experimental data to see the effect of temperature on solubility. Data collection and quantitative observation VOLUME H2O/ml/±0.05 TEMPERATURE/°C/±0.1 5.00 71.3 6.00 59.3 7.00 52.4 8.00 47.2 9.00 41.8 Mass of NaCl: 3.0±0.05 g Data Processing To calculate the solubility, we need to use the formula: Solving for x, the solubility of salt, we get the formula:...

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Solubility of Organic Compounds

Experiment 1: Solubility of Organic Compounds (Answers to Questions) Q1. State what types of inetmolecular forces are present in solutions formed due to intermolecular attractions between the solute and the solvent. A1. For Water-Soluble Compounds: Acetone – Water: Hydrogen bonding and van der Waals forces Acetone – Diethyl Ether: Dipole – (induced) dipole and van der Waals forces Sucrose – Water: Hydrogen bonding and van der Waals forces Ethyl alcohol – Water: Hydrogen bonding...

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The solubility of Potassium Nitrate lab report.

The Solubility of Potassium Nitrate Aim: The aim of this experiment is to find out by how much the solubility of potassium nitrate into distilled water increases when the solution is heated, and if yes, by how much. Hypothesis: According to data on the internet, 3.75 × 10­¹ moles of potassium nitrate dissolve in 100g of water. I believe this information may be correct. I also believe that as the solute is absorbing outside heat, the energy is increased causing it to dissolve both faster, with...

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