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Runninghead: IP 1 Individual Project Unit 3 BUS305-0804A-07 Concentration Ratio Economists use concentration ratio to measure the degree of concentration in a market, computed as the percentage of the market output produced by the largest firms (O’Sullivan, Sheffrin, & Perez. 2008). One of predominantly concentration ratio used is the Four Firm Concentration Ratio. Four Firm Concentration Ratio isthe percentage of total output in a market produced by the four largest firms. In...

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Determining Concentration of a solution Lab

Determining the Concentration of a Solution: Beer’s Law Purpose: The purpose of the experiment is to determine the concentration and formula of an unknown cobalt nitrate solution by measuring absorbance. Introduction: A Colorimeter will be used to determine the concentration and formula of an unknown cobalt nitrate solution. The colorimeter sends blue light from the LED light source to pass through the solution and hit a photocell. A solution with a higher concentration will absorb more...

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Concentration and Exposure Ans

Explain on how to prepare 30ml of 0.95% ( w/v ) NaCl Ans : Given that units of “%(w/v)” which is the percent weight/volume gives the weight of substance relative to the volume of solution, where 1%(w/v) / 1 g/100 ml. Thus, given a final concentration of a chemical assuming it is started with a pure, dry substance and the required final volume, gram of the chemical is such that the final volume (ml) x fractional weight. Hence to prepare a 30 ml of 0.95% NaCl: 30 x 0.0095 = 0.285g of NaCl is...

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Spectrophotometer: Concentration and Standard Curve

protein concentration of an unknown sample of BSA, and by using the standard curve. Abstract A spectrophotometer’s purpose is to use colors of the light spectrum to determine the concentration of light absorbing molecules in a solution. (p.59) In this particular lab, our mission was to determine the protein concentration and the standard curve of the unknown sample of BSA. This, by preparing five dilutions of the unknown solution of BSA together with other known concentrations, and then...

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The Effects of Concentration on Osmosis

Introduction: This experiment was used to examine the hypothesis that: Osmosis is dependent on the concentrations of the substances involved. Diffusion is the passage of solute molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration (Campbell & Reece, 2005). An example is ammonia diffusing throughout a room. A solute is one of two components in a chemical solution. The solute is the substance dissolved in the solution. The solvent, the other component, is any liquid...

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Solute Concentration of Potatoes

Solute Concentration of Potatoes Block 2-2 Purpose: To determine the concentration of solute in the potato’s cytoplasm by measuring the change in mass after the process of osmosis. Materials and Equipment: Refer to Biology 12 Lab Manual – Investigation 13 Procedure: Refer to Biology 12 Lab Manual – Investigation 13 Data and Observations: The Potatoes change in mass after the process of Osmosis Test Tube # | Concentration of Sucrose...

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Colorimeter -Concentration of a Solution

Concentration of a Solution: Beer’s Law The objective of this experiment is to determine the concentration of an unknown copper sulfate solution. You will be using the Colorimeter. In this device, red light from the LED light source will pass through the solution and strike a photocell. A higher concentration of the coloured solution absorbs more light (and transmits less) than a solution of lower concentration. The Colorimeter monitors the light received by the photocell as either an absorbance...

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Direction and Concentration Gradients

Direction and concentration gradients Bradley Benton ABSTRACT In this experiment, we will investigate the effect of solute concentration on osmosis. A semi‐permeable membrane (dialysis tubing) and sucrose will create an osmotic environment similar to that of a cell. Using different concentrations of sucrose (which is unable to cross the membrane) will allow us to examine the net movement of water across the membrane. INTRODUCTION A major determinant of diffusion in a biological system is membrane...

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Determining the glucose concentration in Sprite

Name: Raj Bose Date: 23/1/2015 Partners: Sunniva & Bayu Determining the concentration of glucose of 7UP Glucose solutions prepared as follows:- In each case 250.0 cm3 volumetric flasks used Concentration (%) Mass/g 4.00 10.00 8.00 20.00 12.0 30.00 16.0 40.00 20.0 50.00 Table: 1- Recording of concentration, volume, and qualitative observations of various solute/solvent/solution used during the experiment. Name Concentration (%) Volume (ml) Qualitative Observations Glucose (C6H12O6) 5 different types:...

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Osmosis: Concentration and Potato Tissue

membranes with little difficulty. This process is known as osmosis. The direction of motion is regulated by the relative concentrations of water and dissolved substances inside and outside the cell. Water will move from an area of high concentration of water molecules (low concentration of dissolved particles) to an area of low concentration of water molecules (high concentration of dissolved particles). It is difficult to observe osmosis at the cellular level since cells are very tiny and can only...

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