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  • Cell wall

    Cell wall is a fairly rigid‚ protective and supportive layer surrounding the cell external to plasma membrane of plants‚ bacteria‚ archaea‚ fungi and algae. It is absent in animals and most protists. It was first observed by Robert Hooke in 1665. It is not an entirely rigid structure as the cell wall expands due to the growth of the cell. It varies in thickness from o.1mm to I0mm.in most of the cellscell wall is present from the very beginning to the last‚ but in slime molds (myxomycetes)

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  • Animal Cells Do Not Have a Cell Wall

    Animal cells do not have a cell wall. Instead of a cell wall‚ the plasma membrane (usually called cell membrane when discussing animal cells) is the outer boundary of animal cells. Animal tissues therefore require either external or internal support from some kind of skeleton.  Frameworks of rigid cellulose fibrils thicken and strengthen the cell walls of higher plants.  Plasmodesmata that connect the protoplasts of higher plant cells do not have a counterpart in the animal cell model.  During telophase

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  • Osmosis: Cell Wall and Water

    Aim: The aim of this experiment is to investigate the movement of water into and out of plant cells by osmosis. The cells chosen for study will be taken from potato tubes as they provide a ready supply of homogeneous material. I did the investigation in two parts‚ the first part of my investigation was my preliminary investigation and then I did my official investigation. In both of my investigations there are several similarities‚ such as fair testing‚ variables‚ key variables‚ reliability

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  • Cell Wall and Magnification Factor

    Cell Magnification Fig. 1.2.1 below shows an animal cell [pic] _________ 5(m Fig. 1.2.1 Diagram showing the general structure Of an animal cell as seen under the electron microscope 1. Calculate the magnification factor 2. Calculate the length of structure G 3. Calculate the diameter of the nucleolus 4. Calculate the diameter of the nucleus 5. Calculate the diameter of

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  • Conclusion: Cell Wall and Salt Concentration

    the movement of water from in a cell to outside it or from outside the cell to inside it. The 0% salt concentration and the 5% salt concentration showed a mass increase because there was a higher water concentration outside of the potato cells than inside them. To solve this the potato cells experience osmosis to balance the concentration of water in the cell and outside it. Since there is a higher water concentration outside the cell the water must move into the cell to balance the water concentration

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  • Osmosis: Cell Wall and Cover Slip

    phenomenon or things happen. They just accept it without knowing the cause of it. And there is no meaning in it if we just accept things without reasons. That’s why this experiment is conducted so that we may know how things happen in the level of cells. Objectives: 1. To demonstrate the principle of Osmosis and to apply it with actual life situations. Materials and Methods: • Materials:  Compound microscope  Glass Slide  Cover Slip  Tissue Paper  Blade  Rhoeo discolor Leaves

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  • Manufacturing Cell

    develop a manufacturing cell? Support your answer with examples. Cellular manufacturing is a manufacturing process that produces families of parts within a single line or cell of machines operated by machinists who work only within the line or cell. A cell is a small scale‚ clearly-stated production unit within a larger factory. This unit has full responsibility for producing a family of like parts or a product. All necessary machines and manpower are enclosed within this cell‚ thus giving it a level

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  • Bacteria Cell Sturcture

    non-membranous organelle ⁃ cell wall: peptidoglycan ⁃ binary fission ⁃ bacteria simple‚ dynamic‚ well adapted for survival and new environment ⁃ archaea pseudopeptidoglycan‚ extreme environment ⁃ eukaryotic ⁃ nucleus ⁃ multiple chromosomes ⁃ membranous and non-membranous organelle ⁃ no peptidoglycan ⁃ mitosis ⁃ algae photosynthetic‚ pigment‚ cellulose ⁃ fungi natural decomposer‚ chitin cell wall‚ absorbs organic material ⁃ protozoa no rigid cell wall‚ free entities or parasites

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  • Osmosis of Potato Cells

    Osmosis of a Potato cell. Hypothesis is that the potato in saltwater is going to show that it will break down the cells of the potato. Osmosis is the diffusion of a solvent through a semi-permeable membrane‚ from a solution of low solute concentration to a solution with high solute concentration‚ up a solute concentration gradient. Net movement of solvent is from the less-concentrated to the more-concentreated.‚ which tends to redure the difference in concentrations. This effect can be countered

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  • Cells

    correct. High Power should show only a couple of cells that take up most of the viewing field. The micoscope is designed to view the slide at different spots‚ so not all drawings will look like this one. Images were snipped from the virtual microscope’s flash animation. Scanning (4) | Low (10) | High (40) | 3. Go to google and type "cheek cells" into the search box. Click on "images" to see all the images google has found on the web showing cheek cells (there should be hundreds). What do all of

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