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On the periodic table, oxygen is the 8th element. It is located in period 2 and group 16. Oxygen is classified into many things. For example, on the periodic table, oxygen is classified as a nonmetal gas with an atomic number of 8 and atomic weight of 15.9994. In addition, it has 6 valence electrons. The symbol of oxygen is O and oxygen has 8 protons, 8 neutrons, and 8 electrons. The electron configuration of oxygen is 1s2, 2s2, 2p4. Oxygen had been produced by several chemists prior to its discovery...

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 Oxygen – Carbon dioxide Cycle The Carbon Dioxide- Oxygen Cycle relates to the relationship between Carbon Dioxide [CO2] breathing plants and Oxygen [O2] breathing life forms. All oxygen-breathing life forms take in Oxygen and exhale CO2. Plants take in the CO2 and use it in their photosynthesis process and in turn give off oxygen. The Carbon Dioxide-Oxygen Cycle is a continuously occurring process whereby animals inhale Oxygen and then exhale carbon dioxide, and plants use the CO2 and "exhale"...

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Oxygen Use

Why Oxygen is Important Oxygen plays a vital role in the treatment of patients. Oxygen is the molecule that helps the cells in our body produce ATP through a process known as cellular respiration. Also it is the number one drug of choice for the American heart association. Finally it is a priority according to the universal care protocols in the protocol book given to flight medics in USAAAD at Fort Polk. In short Oxygen is important for the medics to use. To start off with oxygen helps sustain...

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oxygen cycle

Oxygen Cycle Required for Life  All living things use oxygen or depend on organisms that use oxygen in some way. All Animals and Other Consumers Use Oxygen  We use oxygen to break down simple sugar and release energy.  This can be done through respiration or fermentation.  Animals mainly use respiration. Respiration  The process that breaks apart simple food molecules to release energy.  It occurs inside cells.  What YOU do with the oxygen...

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Oxygen and Oxidation

REDUCTION Oxygen makes up only about 20% of the air, yet is the essential component for so many reactions. Without it fuels would not burn, iron would not rust and we would be unable to obtain energy from our food molecules through respiration. Indeed animal life on the planet did not evolve until a certain concentration of oxygen had built up in the atmosphere over 600 million years ago. The term oxidation has been in use for a long time to describe these and other reactions where oxygen is added...

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Oxygen and Ibuprofen

slightly positive end and a slightly negative end. This allows the drug to have a permanent dipole moment. The diagram below explains how the oxygen in this molecule is also the most electronegative atoms. The molecule also contains a double bond. These properties are made evident on the density surface and with the dipole moment. The reddest area is at the oxygen molecules and the double bond. The dipole moment arrow also points in the direction of these atoms. Ibuprofen dipole moment is 4.69 Debye...

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Oxygen Exchange and Transport

Oxygen Exchange and Transport Oxygen exchange or respiration takes place at a respiratory surface; a boundary between the external environment and the interior of the body. Gas exchange is the process by which oxygen and carbon dioxide (the respiratory gases) move in opposite directions across an organism's respiratory membranes, between the air or water of the external environment and the body fluids of the internal environment. Oxygen is needed by cells to extract energy from organic molecules...

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Work Rate and Oxygen Uptake

The Relationship Between Work Rate And Oxygen Uptake During Incremental Submaximal Exercise Introduction Oxygen uptake () describes the rate at which oxygen is utilized by tissues (Burton et al, 2004). is determined by heart rate (heart beats each minute), stroke volume (the volume of blood pumped from one ventricle each beat) and arteriovenous oxygen difference (difference in blood-oxygen content between arterial and venous blood). Oxygen is needed for respiration, the chemical process that...

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Cyanobacteria: Oxygen and Aerobic Respiration

use it to produce nutrients for the cell. During this process, water molecules are broken down into oxygen and hydrogen atoms which are then released in the air. In the very early days of life, Earth was populated only by anaerobic bacteria that didn’t need oxygen to survive. When cyanobacteria first made their appearance and started engaging in their photosynthetic reactions, large amounts of oxygen were suddenly released in the atmosphere. This lead to what is known as the Great Oxygenation Event...

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Oxygen Lab Report

report on is oxygen. The name oxygen comes from the Greek word “oxygens,” which means “acid producer”. Dictionary.com defines oxygen as “a colorless, odorless, gaseous element constituting about one-fifth of the volume of the atmosphere and present in a combined state in nature.” Oxygen has many uses today. First, oxygen is used by people, plants, and animals in the respiration process. Tanks of oxygen are used in the healthcare field to treat those who suffer from breathing problems. Oxygen is used as...

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