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Testing for Ions Analysis Chemical Changes of Test Solutions Test Solution Silver Nitrate Barium Chloride Potassium Thiocyanate Sodium Sulfate - Stayed white in color - Turned cloudy in color - Precipitation formed in solution - Stayed white in color Potassium Chloride - Turned cloudy in color - Precipitation formed in solution - Stayed white in color - Stayed white in color Iron (III) Nitrate - Stayed orange in color - Stayed orange in color - Changed color from orange...

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Halide Ions

Reactivity of Halide Ions Michelle Faktor and Kelly Freas Date of Experiment: October 28, 2012 Period 2 Honors Chem Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to observe the reactions of halide ions with different reagents by mixing them together. Analyze data to determine characteristic reactions of each halide ion. Infer the identity of unknown solutions. Materials: * 0.1 M AgNo3 * 0.1 M NaCl * 0.1 M NaF * 0.2 M KBr * 0.2M Kl * 0.2 M Na2S2)3 * 0.5 M Ca(NO3)2 ...

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ixolate ion

Acknowledgement Introduction & Objective Theory Requirements Procedure Observation & Calculation Result Acknowledgement I __________ of class _______ thereby declare that this investigatory project of chemistry on “Study of presence of Oxalate Ion content in Guava fruit at different stages of ripening” is made by my own hard work and efforts under the supervision of our Chemistry Teacher__________________ Signature:___________________ Introduction & Objective Guava is a...

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Important Ions in the Body

Important Ions in the Body and the Roles They Play Everyday Functions of the Human Body The human body uses many forms of energy to conduct daily activities. These activities can be ones that we are doing physically or they can be as basic as the breakdown of enzymes within our body or the digestion of food. Chemical energy, electrical energy, mechanical energy, and electromagnetic energy are a few but important forms of the type of energy utilized by the human body. Ions play an important...

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Common Ion Effect

concentration of ions of a sparingly soluble salt in water OTHER than at equilibrium is called the IONIC PRODUCT Example 1. AgCl [pic] Ag+ + Cl- Ksp = [Ag+][Cl-] Example 2 Cu(OH)2 [pic] Cu2+ + 2OH- Ksp = [Cu2+][OH-]2 Checkpoint A Write the Ksp expressions for the sparingly soluble salts below a. AgF b. HgCl2 c. Cu(OH)2 Common ion effect The solubility of one salt is reduced by the presence of another salt having a common ion. For example...

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Solubility and Spectator Ions

exchange of positive and negative ions between reacting solutions of two ionic compounds. Thus, in this example the precipitate must be either silver chloride, AgCl or sodium nitrate, NaNO3. Sodium nitrate dissolves readily in water and is therefore soluble. Thus we can conclude that silver chloride is the insoluble precipitate. We can represent the formation of this precipitate by a net ionic equation: Ag+ +NO3 ̄ +Na++Cl ̄→AgCl+NO3 ̄+Na+ Net: Ag+ (aq)+Cl ̄ (aq)→AgCl(s) Ions present in the solution but...

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Solubility Equilibrium-Common ion effect

4 Solubility Equilibrium- Common Ion Effect INTRODUCTION: The common ion effect is another example of Le Châtelier's Principle in action.The common ion effect tells us that the solubility of an ionic compound is decreased by the addition to the solution of another ionic compound that contains one of the ions involved in the solution It is also responsible for the reduction in solubility of an ionic precipitate when a soluble compound combining one of the ions of the precipitate is added to the...

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Chem Lab, do ions combine in definite ratios.

LAB 3.Ø.Ø: do ions combine in definite ratios PURPOSE The purpose of this investigation is to determine whether ions combine in definite ratios or not. To observe, and create a table of the different ions. QUESTION If copper (II) sulfate when mixed with sodium carbonate at different quantities combine to form ions in definite ratios. HYPOTHESIS / PREDICTION I believe that the ions will combine in definite ratios due to the fact that the valance electrons will not be changing throughout any...

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lab report qualitative analysis for identification of metal ions

salts when reacted with (NH4)2CO3. The principle of periodicity applied to the results of this series of experiments. It helps, in trying to see the periodic pattern, to know the pattern that results when we do a separation and analysis of all metal ions. PROCEDURE Procedure A 1. 2 drops of 6 M HCl was added to 1 ml of the mixture of the metal cations. 2. The suspension was centrifuged for 1 minute as ppt. of chloride was formed. 3. 1 additional drop of 6 M HCl was added to the clear...

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Determination of Calcium Ions in Milk Using Titration

Determination of Calcium ions in milk using titration. Background Calcium is a mineral which is essential to the human body. In fact 1.5% of the human body is made up of calcium, and not just the obvious uses such as bone and teeth formation but it is also a vital factor in many enzyme reactions, for example blood clotting. It also partakes in the regulation of the hearts rhythm. Lack of the crucial mineral can result in the build up of cadmium and lead, both of which are toxic. along...

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