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2) B) 4 liters C) 6 x 1023 atoms D) 2 moles Which sample of O2 contains a total of 3.01 x 1023 molecules at STP? A) 16.0 grams B) 32.0 grams B) 6.02 x 1023 C) 2.00 moles D) 1.00 mole D) 1.20 x 1024 What is the total number of atoms contained in 2.00 moles of nickel? A) 118 C) 58.9 C) 1 liter of neon D) 1 gram of neon 3) 4) What quantity is represented by the symbol Ne? A) 1 mole of neon B) 1 atomic mass unit of neon 5) How many moles of hydrogen atoms are present in one mole of...

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The Structure of Atoms

Structure of the Atom A) Matter 1. Matter 2 3 Element Compound 4. Atom 5. Molecule 6. Ion 7. Diffusion Is anything that occupies space and has mass. Is made up of tiny and discrete particles. There are spaces between these particles. These particles may be atoms, molecules or ions. Matter exists in three states  solid, liquid and gas Is a substance that consists of only one type of atom Is a substance that contains two or more elements that are chemically bonded together Molecule, Ion An atom is the smallest...

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Autobiography of an Atom

pADVENTURES of an Atom By: Nicole Zemaitis Atom-Smallest particle of an element that retains the properties of the element. Scientific discovery is how the present day Atomic Theory was made up. The current atomic theory was formed by different scientists over many years, each scientist building on or proving theories wrong. Democritus 460-370 B.C. Narrative: Hello! My name is Anna the Atom. I’m writing to you to describe...

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Atom and Benzene

In the past benzene was obtained from the distillation of coal in the absence of air. Today most benzene is made syntheticallyfrom petroleum products. The benzene is a closed ring of six atoms connected by bonds that resonatebetween single and double bonds; each carbon is also bound to a single atom. Benzene isinsoluble in water but mixes in all proportions with organic . Benzene is itself an excellentsolvent for certain and for most simple organic chemicals. It is one of the most commonly ...

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Bonding Atoms

M-F (12-1) Bonding Atoms to Form Molecules 1) Observe a) Atoms bond together to form molecules b) Some molecules are inorganic (non-living). c) Some molecules are organic (are/were living), containing all or part of Mr. Cohn. d) Atoms can bond ionically, whereby an atom gives up valence electrons and becomes a + ion, and another atom receives those electrons and becomes a – ion. The overall charge on the molecule then becomes zero. e) Atoms can bond covalently...

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Gas and Atoms

change. -snow melting and freezing into ice -fuel being changed into gas for cars -ponds freezing over to have a layer of ice Page 2 : E:\CC_Software\Workbench\CC-MW-CD\part2\phasechange\page2.cml 1. Describe the motion of atoms and molecules in a gas. the atoms and molecules bounce off one another each time they come in contact with eachother. they never bond, but reflect off of eachother and spread around. 2. How are the behavior and arrangements of gas molecules similar to and different...

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The History of the Atom

The History of the Atom The History of the Atom Democritus first proposed an atomic model. He said that all matter could be divided into smaller and smaller pieces until a single indivisible particle was reached. He called this particle an atom after the Greek word ‘atomos’ meaning not cuttable. He believed that different atoms are of different sizes, have regular geometric shapes and are always in motion. He also said that there is empty space between atoms. Aristotle severely criticized Democritus’...

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Atom History

Atom History Essay An Atom is a basic unit of matter that consists of a dense, central nucleus surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons. The Atom was theorized by a man named Democritus of Abdera, Thrace in between c.a 460 BC - ca. 370 B.C. Atom is derived from the Greek word “atomos” , which means to be uncuttable. He had a theory that everything is composed of “atoms”, which he believed that these minuscule objects are indivisible, indestructible and have and always been in motion...

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Anatomy: The atoms

What are the parts of an atom? Where are the subatomic particles found? The atoms are the smallest units of matter with their own chemical characteristics. The atoms are divided into 2 parts. The first part is the central nucleus and the electron cloud. The central nucleus contains very heavy particles and the electron cloud contains very light moving particles. The subatomic particles are the protons, neutrons, and the electrons. They are located within the atom and the electrons spin rapidly...

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Molecules: Atom and Ans

best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. Ions are a. electrically neutral fragments of a molecule that has been split apart. b. polar molecules c. radioactive isotopes that give off alpha, beta, or gamma d. charged atoms or molecules that have gained or lost electrons. ____ 2. Sodium has eleven protons. How many electrons does it have in its outermost shell? a. one b. two c. four d. six ____ 3. Chlorine, with an atomic number of 17, would be expected...

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