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  • Modeling Molecules

    Modeling Molecules Introduction: You can represent a molecule two-dimensionally‚ as a structural formula or electron dot structure. Although such models are useful in certain contexts‚ they do not accurately represent bond angles between atoms or shapes of molecules. In this activity‚ you will construct three-dimensional models of several molecules. You will use electron dot structures and structural formulas to inform how you construct the three-dimensional models. Materials: jelly beans

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  • Water Molecules

    BCR: Which Towel? A student asks a testable question: “Which brand of paper towel absorbs the greatest volume of water?” Design an investigation to provide an answer for the student. Be sure to include • the materials needed. • a numbered procedure. • the independent and dependent variables. • important data that will answer the question. • ways to help ensure the accuracy of the results. Materials: Several paper towels‚ a flat dish‚ bottled water‚ a thermometer‚ a tong

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  • Molecule of Water

    molecule of water A chemist’s view of the world is not as narrow as one might think! Yes‚ we start with the atom‚ and then go on to the rules governing the kinds of structural units that can be made from them. We are taught early on to predict the properties of bulk matter from these geometric arrangements. And then we come to H2O‚ and are shocked to find that many of these predictions are way off‚ and that water (and by implication‚ life itself) should not even exist on our planet! But we soon

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  • Organic molecules rubric

    Designing molecules In order to understand the complexity and shape of an organic molecule you and your partner will be constructing a 3-D version of a selected organic compound. The project will have four parts: A blueprint of the molecule you will construct The molecule A legend explaining the structure of the molecule A paragraph explaining the importance of the molecule This project will count as one lab grade. A sample grade sheet is on the back. Some possible molecules: Caffeine

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  • Atoms, Molecules, and Elements

    Atoms‚ Molecules and Elements Atoms‚ molecules and elements are the building blocks of everything we can see‚ hear‚ and touch. Though not visible to the naked eye‚ it is the combination of millions of these tiny substances that make us who and what we are today. Many elements make up the world around us‚ and each element reacts differently to its surroundings. The definition of reactivity as pertained to chemistry states‚ “The relative capacity of an atom‚ molecule‚ or radical to undergo a chemical

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  • Atoms Molecules Elements

    Atoms‚ Molecules‚ and Elements CHM/110 William De Vorick June 30‚ 2014 Atoms‚ Molecules‚ and Elements Demetri Mendeleev was trying to organize the elements into a table by weight when he noticed that as the weights increase occasionally the properties of one element would resemble those of an element he already listed so he placed these elements in a column under the ones they resembled chemically ( Capri‚ PhD‚ 2003). Each chemical in the vertical rows on the periodic table are considered

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  • Science: Atom & Molecules

    |Atoms and Molecules | |Everyday Science | | An atom is the smallest "piece" of an element that still has the properties of that element. A molecule is a combination of two or more | |atoms bonded together.

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  • Quiz: Moles Mass and Molecules

    Quiz--Moles‚ Mass‚ and Molecules Multiple Choice (Choose the best answer.) 1. What is the mass of one mole of AuCl3? A. 96 g B. 130 g C. 232.5 g D. 303.5 g E. 626.5 g 2. What is the mass of one mole of (NH4)2CO3? A. 144 g B. 138 g C. 96 g D. 78 g E. 43 g 3. A container of negligible mass is filled first with argon and then with helium. Which statement below would be true about the masses of the two gases (after adjustment for the buoyant effect of air)? A. The mass of the helium would be 1/9th

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  • Determining the Number of Water Molecules in a Hydrate

    Determining the Number of Water Molecules in a Hydrate Results Mass of empty beaker 55.11 g Mass of beaker with hydrated copper (II) sulfate 58.13 g Mass of hydrated copper (II) sulfate 3.02 g Mass of beaker with dehydrated copper (II) sulfate (last weighing) 57.22 g Mass of dehydrated copper (II) sulfate 2.18 g Mass of dehydrated copper (II) sulfate (2nd weighing) 2.11 g Questions 1. Calculate the value of “n”. Show your work. Include an example of ALL calculations involving

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  • Electrophoreses: Using Electricity to Separate Molecules

    Lab Report #6 Electrophoresis: Using Electricity to Separate Molecules Answer the following questions about the results of the virtual lab activity. Record your answers in the boxes. Activity 1 – Calibration Record your data from Activity 1 in the boxes below. Enter the data (number of bands‚ description of the band patterns) you collected for the protein ladder in the appropriate columns for the gel concentrations (8%‚ 10%‚ 12%) Gel 8% 10% 12% Number of Bands 4 5 6 Description of Band

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