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ENERGY MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES INTRODUCTION In the modern days energy has the significant role in our life. With development where we got comfortable life and much modern facilities where we got some problem with excessive use of energy resources as declining of energy sources, climate change. So it is an big challenge for present and future generations as the cost of energy increase and its supply decrease, older buildings needs to modified and new buildings designed to use less energy. The optimization...

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Page No ENERGY TYPES OF ENERGY ENERGY RESOURCES ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES ENERGY CONSERVATION REFERENCE ENERGY Energy is one of the most fundamental parts of our universe. We use energy to do work. Energy lights our cities. Energy powers our vehicles, trains, planes and rockets. Energy warms our homes, cooks our food, plays our music, gives us pictures on television. Energy powers machinery in factories and tractors on a farm. Energy from the sun gives us...

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Nuclear Energy or Geothermal Energy?

NUCLEAR ENERGY VS GEOTHERMAL ENERGY RESEARCH QUESTION 1) What are the advantages of geothermal energy compared to nuclear energy in order to supply electrical energy to all residents? 2) Between nuclear energy and geothermal energy, which one is the best choice in making as the source of electrical energy? 3) What is the pros and cons of nuclear energy and geothermal energy? FINDING RESOURCES Geothermal Energy Definition: * Geothermal energy is thermal energy generated and...

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Energy Systems

Energy Systems Contents Page Title Page Number Energy from Foods 3 Re-Synthesis 4 Creatine Phosphate Energy System 5 Lactic Acid Energy System 6 Aerobic Energy System 7 Sporting Examples 8 Training Methods 9 Bibliography 11 Energy from Foods We need energy in order to make our muscle fibres contract. Our energy comes from two main sources; Fats and Carbohydrates. Our energy is obtained from the oxidation that takes place in carbohydrate and fat food sources. Oxidation is the combination...

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Radiant Energy

Examples of Radiant Energy The term radiant energy refers to energy that travels by waves or particles, particularly electromagnetic radiation such as heat or x-rays. Radiant energy is created through electromagnetic waves and was discovered in 1885 by Sir William Crookes. Fields in which this terminology is most often used are telecommunications, heating, radiometry, lighting, and in terms of energy created from the sun. Radiant energy is measured in joules. Ads by Google Best Solar Investments...

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Thermal Energy

less dense material to rise, and colder, denser material to sink under the influence of gravity, which causes the transfer of heat Example: Hot air rising, cooling, and falling (currents) -An old-fashioned radiator –A pot boiling water Radiation -Energy as electromagnetic waves Example: -Heat from the sun warming your face -Heat from a light bulb -Heat from a fire -Heat from anything else which is warmer than its surroundings Fahrenheit -It’s a scales based on 32 for the freezing point and 212...

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The solar energy use in Africa These days, solar energy has been the most talkative alternative energy source in the world. Unlike the gas, oil, and coal, solar enrgy is one of the clean and renewable resource, which can not only generate power but also protect the environment. Africa, has second largest population, estimated 1.6 billion, however, around one third of it’s people still live in the condition with no eletricity. (Renewable energy in Africa...

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Flow of Energy

The Flow of Energy Stacey Ann Langston SCI/209 February 3, 2013 Cynthia Collin-Clausen The Flow of Energy The marine ecosystem relies on solar energy converted through photosynthesis by producers. Consumers, fish for example, metabolize, and release as chemical energy to convert into mechanical energy. The ecosystem distributes energy to living organisms through heat energy. Decomposers break down dead organisms and deplete them of their...

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Harnessing Solar Energy

Harnessing of Solar Energy: Photosynthesis versus Semiconductor Based Solar Cell Photosynthesis and semiconductor-based solar cells are both used to harness solar energy from the sun – photosynthesis for plants and semiconductor based solar cells for human beings. Photosynthesis consists of light reactions and dark reactions. It is a process in which carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O) and light energy are utilized to synthesize an energy-rich carbohydrate like glucose (C6H12O6) and to produce...

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Energy Flow MCQ

___24/03___ Topic: Energy Flow, Food Chains & Food Webs Multiple Choice Questions (10 Marks) Write your answers in the boxes below: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 B B C C A A A D B B 1 Which of the following describes the flow of energy in an ecosystem? A heat energy chemical energy light energy B heat energy light energy chemical energy C light energy chemical energy heat energy D light energy heat energy chemical energy 2 The...

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Swot Analysis - Exillion Energy

analysis on Exillion Energy “SWOT analysis is a tool used to determine an overall view of an organizations strategic position. It highlights the need for a strategy to produce a strong fit between the internal capability (strengths and weaknesses) and the external situation (opportunities and threats)” (Paul Baines, Chris Fill, Kelly Page, 2008) Strengths There are many strengths that Exillion Energy have within their organisation. One of the strengths that Exillion Energy has is the drilling...

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Conservation of energy and transformation

Conservation of energy and transformation of energy. By Paige, Stacie, Amelia. Objectives   Learning about Conservation of energy Learning about transformation of energy Conservation – Preserving a substance. Metabolism Metabolism is a process in which you break down foods into calories and these are combined with oxygen to release the energy that your body needs in order to function/live. This is a very complicated bio-chemical process. Metabolism is essential for the energy for these functions:...

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Energy intake and expenditure

Energy is needed by the body to stay alive, grow, keep warm and move around. Energy is provided by food and drink. It comes from the fat, carbohydrate, protein and alcohol the diet contains. Energy requirements vary from one individual to the next, depending on factors such as age, sex, body composition and physical activity level. Energy expenditure is the sum of the basal metabolic rate (the amount of energy expended while at complete rest), the thermic effect of food (TEF, the energy required...

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Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy

2.0 Energy Based on the diagram below, we are able to identify renewable energy and non-renewable energy. It showed to us the types of energy that have been identify by human that able to help us in our daily live . Energy is an important thing in our everyday live. It is known as an ability to do works. Energy came from many resources .They are two group of energy that we ought to know which are renewable energy and non-renewable energy. Through this essay we will learn more about energy in...

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Unit 5 Energy Metabolism

Unit 5 Outcome 2 – Energy Metabolism Booklet The Respiratory System The respiratory system consists of the nose, mouth, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs. These provide a passageway to allow air in and out of the body. Every cell in the body requires oxygen to survive. The primary function of the respiratory system is the exchange of gases. The respiratory system allows oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange, this is necessary to sustain life. During the process of breathing air is...

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energy content in food

 Energy content is an important property of food. The energy your body needs for running, talking, and thinking comes from the food you eat. Energy content is the amount of heat produced by the burning of 1 gram of a substance, and is measured in joules per gram (J/g). Usually, fat-rich foods like peanuts and cashews provide more energy than just carbohydrates like marshmallows. You can determine the energy content by burning a portion of food and capturing the heat released to a known mass...

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Measuring Energy and Food

Experiment 4.5 Measuring the energy content of a “Dorito” and Popcorn. Using the method as described on page 46 of the textbook, measure the energy content of a Dorito and a “Popped” corn kernel. Aim: 1. Compare your results of each food and determine which will give the greatest energy per gram. 2. How much of each food would you need to boil 250mL of water? Hypothesis: (Before you begin, what do you think will be the conclusion.) As the Dorito is heated, it will release much more heat...

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The Energy Bar Industry

The Energy Bar Industry 1. Conduct a thorough analysis of this category’s customer, competitors, market, and environment from the perspective of PowerBar.  What are the key strategic questions?  What additional information would you like to obtain?  How would you obtain it?  What are the threats and opportunities? In particular address the following issues: a. How is the market segmented?  What are the key customer motivations and unmet needs?  What are the similarities and differences among...

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Nuclear Energy Pros and Cons

Nuclear energy Nuclear energy in scientific terms defined as the inhaustible energy derived from the nucleus of an atom by the process of nucleus break up through nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. Nuclear fission is a process where the nucleus of an atom splits and releases radioactive materials such as uranium which are used in many ways. Nuclear fusion is a process s when the two atoms of an element get together and large amount of heat is generated. in this way the nucleus releases tremendous...

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Role of energy in the body

Role of energy in the body There are six main forms of energy- Chemicals Heat Electrical Light Nuclear Sound Energy can be measured or expressed by joules or unites of hear (kilocalorie). 1 kilocalorie= 4.184 kilojoules. Sources of energy- Protein 1g= 4 kcal Carbohydrate 1g= 4 kcal Fats 1g= 9 kcal In our bodies we need energy we need energy for everything we do, move our muscles, talk etc. Without energy we wouldn’t be able to do anything, energy is needed for our bodies...

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Types of energy, and energy resources.

[Energy resources]: The 2 broad types Pros and Cons of each type Ways in which they are harnessed There two main types of energy these are: 1. Potential energy 2. Kinetic energy Potential energy Potential energy is energy stored due to position. The following are some example in which potential energy can be found. 1. Wound-up spring When a spring of a dock work toy car unwinds, the stored energy in the spring drives the wheels and the car moves. The wound-up spring is said to posse potential...

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Solar Energy

SOLAR ENERGY INTRODUCTION SOLAR ENERGY is the radiant energy that we receive from the sun in the form of heat and light. It is an inexhaustible source of energy. Solar Energy is the ultimate source of most of the sources of energy that we use. The wind energy, water energy, energy of fossil fuels and the energy in food are due to solar energy. SOURCE OF SOLAR ENERGY The discovery of radioactivity led some scientists to suggest that the energy released during radioactive decay of radioactive...

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Energy Conservation at Home

What is "energy"? Where does it come from? And how do we pay for it? When you learn the answers to these questions, you can also learn how to live more efficiently in your home. In this article, we'll discuss how to be smart about how you use energy, how to know when to turn electrical power on and off, and how to use natural gas, propane, and fuel oil in the most effective way. Basic Concepts of Energy Efficiency You can make a lot of progress toward improving the energy efficiency in your...

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Chemistry - Energy

“The energy for life comes from the sun.” Outline the role of the photosynthesis process to explain what is meant by this statement. (3 marks) chlorophyll 6CO2(g) + 6H2O(l) + energy C6 H12 O6 (aq) + 6O2(g) 2830 kJ glucose Photosynthesis is the process in which plants use the sun’s light energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates such as glucose, sucrose, starch and cellulose. Carbohydrates are high energy compounds...

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Wind Energy

issues in today’s world is that of energy sources to power an increasing global demand. Traditionally, humans have converted energy from natural resources like coal and natural gas for use. However, these sources of energy are both nonrenewable and cause large amounts of pollution. As we progress through the 21st century, renewable energy sources like solar and wind energy will see increased use to replace traditional sources. One of these sources, wind energy, is seeing a rise in development because...

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Solar Energy

Solar Energy All life on Earth depends on energy from the sun. Solar energy is the source of energy for photosynthesis. It provides the warmth necessary for plants and animals to survive. Scientists have found a way to use God's natural light towards the advantage of our daily lives. The affects of this idea revolutionary, results of solar power could lead to a more modernized society and efficient economy. Solar energy is a term that usually means the direct use of sunlight...

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Energy Alternatives

Renewable energy is energy that originates from natural sources, which is a continuing and nonpolluting energy that is replenished due to its perpetual natural motion. These sources are commonly solar, geothermal, wind and tidal energies. Comparing different countries’ use of renewable energies -- in Portugal this year, close to 45 percent of its electricity will come from renewable energy sources (Rosenthal, 2010). This compared to 10.1 percent in the United States (U.S. Energy Administration...

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Energy transference at hypersonic velocities

punched through reaches 5.3 tonnes. Second, things heat up when they are compressed as given by the perfect gas law (at these energy densities it is close enough for our purposes despite everything bieng solid) so when the projectile gets compressed it heats up, if it heats up to the correct level it melts, vaporizes and turns into plasma, that depends on the energy densities present (FUSION). So when a solid slug hits the armour the first thing which will happen is that the slug punches a...

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Energy Matter

Energy is essential part of this world. Everything in the world runs on energy. It play,s important part in development of a country. it is considered to be life line of any economy and most vital instrument of socioeconomic development of a country. There are many types of energy in this world which are obtained from different sources, But in Pakistan main sources of energy are (fossil fules, petroleum products, natural gas, coal, wind, nuclear, hydro power) Pakistan is...

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Energy and Molar Specific Heat

of a transverse wave(橫波) on a string is 170 m/s when the string tension is 120 N. To 5 what value must the tension be changed to raise the wave speed to 180 m/s ? ○ N 6. A 1.0 W point source emits sound waves isotropically(均向性地). Assuming that the energy of 6 the waves is conserved, find the intensity 1.0 m from the source. ○ W/m2 7. What inductance(電感) must be connected to a 17 pF capacitor in an oscillator capable of(能夠) 7 generating electromagnetic waves of wavelength 550 nm ? ○ H 8. A double-convex...

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Energy Management in Thermal Power Plants

ENERGY MANAGEMENT IN THERMAL POWER PLANT INTRODUCTION Thermal Power Plants are the most important source of power generation. They are based on the Rankine Cycle where high pressure and high temperature steam raised in a boiler is expanded through a steam turbine that drives an electric generator. In a thermal power plant, the chemical energy stored in fossil fuels such as coal, fuel oil, natural gas is converted successively into thermal energy, mechanical energy and finally electrical energy...

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Energy of Nuts - a Calorimetry Experiment

Procedure 1: Energy of a cashew. Recorded Data:   | Trial 1 | Trial 2 | Trial 3 | Trial 4 | Trial 5 | Mass of cashew (in grams) | 1.00 g (± 0.01 g) | 1.00 g (± 0.01 g) | 1.70 g (± 0.01 g) | 1.40 g (± 0.01 g) | 1.50 g (± 0.01 g) | Mass of remaining material (in grams) | 0.60 g (± 0.01 g) | 0.30 g (± 0.01 g) | 0.30 g (± 0.01 g) | 0.50 g (± 0.01 g) | 0.80 g (± 0.01 g) | Mass of cashew that burned...

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Stress: Obesity and Energy Scale Score

See page #82 in your textbook. Familiarize yourself with the Feeling Scale and Energy Scale. BEFORE you engage in your selected activity, write down your score for both scales. a. Before activity feeling scale score: ____3__________ b. Before activity energy scale score: ______4________ 8. Record your scale scores DURING the activity a. During activity feeling scale score: _______4_______ b. During activity energy scale score: ________4______ 9. Record your scale scores AFTER the activity a...

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potential energy

Potential Energy • Definition and Mathematics of Work • Calculating the Amount of Work Done by Forces • Potential Energy Kinetic Energy • Mechanical Energy • Power An object can store energy as the result of its position. For example, the heavy ball of a demolition machine is storing energy when it is held at an elevated position. This stored energy of position is referred to as potential energy. Similarly, a drawn bow is able to store energy as the result of its position. When assuming...

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Specific Energy

Hydraulics Prof. B.S. Thandaveswara 9.3 Application of Specific Force and Specific Energy 1. Determine the energy Loss in a NHJ Solution: Applying Momentum equation γQ ( V2 − V1 ) = P1 − P2 g γ Q 2 ( y1 − y 2 ) gb 2 y1y 2 2 2 2 = y1 − y 2 ( ) Q2 2gb Q2 b 2 = ( y1 + y2 ) y1y2 4 = q2 q 2 ( y1 + y 2 ) y1y 2 = (1) 2g 4 Specific energy equation y1 + V12 V2 = y 2 + 2 + ∆E 2g 2g Q2 2 2gy1 b 2 ∆E = y1 + − y2 − Q2 2 2gy 2 b 2 1 ⎤ q2 ⎡ 1 ∆E = ( y1 − y...

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Mechanical Energy

Types of Energy: Energy is the ability to do work and there are many types of energy. Mechanical Energy is the energy of motion that does the work like the wind turns a windmill. In physics, mechanical energy is the sum of potential energy and kinetic energy present in the components of a mechanical system. It is the energy associated with the motion and position of an object. The law of conservation of energy states that in an isolated system that is only subject to conservative forces, like...

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Wave Energy

WAVE ENERGY Chapter 2: Energy Technology 2.1 Source of Wave Energy Ocean waves are caused by the wind as it blows across the open expanse of water, the gravitational pull from the sun and moon, and changes in atmospheric pressure, earthquakes etc. Waves created by the wind are the most common waves and the waves relevant for most wave energy technology. Wave energy conversion takes advantage of the ocean waves caused primarily by the interaction of winds with the ocean surface. Wave energy is an...

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Potential Energy

would travel away from the earth into the solar system. | | | It would take less time to reach its bound orbit. | | | It would orbit the earth at a faster velocity. | | | | | |    Question 7 | 1.61 points   | Save   |   | When energy is converted from one form to another, a tiny amount is inevitably lost. | | | | | | | True | | False | | | | | |    Question 8 | 1.61 points   | Save   |   | There is no gravity in space. | | | | | | | True | |...

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Energy and Block

is their difference in momentum? What is their difference in kinetic energy? 2. A 12 g bullet is fired horizontally into a 96 g wooden block initially at rest on a horizontal surface. After impact, the block slides 7.5 m before coming to rest. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between block and surface is 0.60, what was the speed of the bullet immediately before impact? You have to use the conservation of the total energy of the system to do this problem:  Initially, you have, in the total...

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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Today, many countries mainly developed nations are dependent on non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels (oil and coal) and nuclear power. People call these sources, non-renewable energy because they cannot be regenerated or replaced once it is used. These sources are sources that exist in a limited amount on earth. University of California College (2009) state that over 85% of the energy used in the world is from non-renewable supplies. Most of countries in this...

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Forms of Energy

Energy Fossil Fuels Good Bad and Ugly Abstract Energy is an important part of our everyday lives. Energy can come in many different types, and forms it can be used for many different purposes. Energy has many different usages and can be converted from one form of usage to another form of usage depending on what the need is. One form of energy conversion is the use of food to supply people's bodies with energy. Another form of energy...

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energy security

WORD COUNT: 6664 ENERGY SECURITY: CHALLENGES AND PROSPECTS IN BOTSWANA INTRODUCTION 1. Security is an important factor in life on a daily basis,people require one form of security in a particular way or the other. There are issues of crime, terrorism, poverty, displacement, health, education and many others which a nation has to ensure that its citizens are satisfied with. Any longer interruption of a steady and plenty flow of energy, particularly modern energy would massively harm a...

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Energy and Efficiency

Calculating Efficiency. Efficiency (%) = Useful Energy Out x 100 Total Energy In Questions 1) A light bulb takes in 30J of energy per second. It transfers 3J as useful light energy and 27J as heat energy. Calculate the efficiency. 2) A kettle takes in 2000J of energy per second. It transfers 1500J as useful heat energy and 500J is wasted as sound energy. Calculate the efficiency of the kettle. Remember: In the exam they may not...

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Geothermal Energy

 GEOTHERMAL ENERGY 4 December 2013 Introduction Geothermal is derived from the Greek word ‘geo’ which means ‘earth’ and ‘thermal’ meaning ‘heat’, therefore geothermal refers to an energy or heat from the earth. In layman’s terms it is referred to power resulting from the thermal activating within the earth’s crust as a result of volcanic activity. Geothermal energy’s resources range from the surfaces just below the earth, to the hot rock, which heats water deep beneath...

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Energy Content of Fuels Investigation Lab Report

the most energy.   Planning We will be using 6 different fuels to heat up 100ml of water, and find out the changes of the temperature. We will measure the temperatures of the water before and after the experiment. We will burn heat the water for exactly 2 minutes, and check the changes in temperature. The change in temperature will allow us to work out the energy given off the fuel by using this formula:   Mass of water x 4.2 (water’s specific heat capacity) x temperature change = energy transferred...

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Application of Energy

Application of Energy ------------------------------------------------- Forms of energy Main article: Forms of energy Energy exists in many forms: Heat, a form of energy, is partly potential energy and partly kinetic energy. In the context of physical sciences, several forms of energy have been defined. These include: * Thermal energy, thermal energy in transit is called heat * Chemical energy * Electric energy * Radiant energy, the energy of electromagnetic radiation *...

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Energy sources

Energy Sources & Energy Transfer Renewable energy is energy which comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal heat, which are renewable (naturally replenished). Sources: Solar Energy Wind Energy Hydropower Biomass Energy Hydrogen Geothermal Energy Ocean Energy A non-renewable resource is a natural resource which cannot be produced, grown, generated, or used on a scale which can sustain its consumption rate, once depleted there is no more available for...

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Solar Energy: the Energy of the Future

Li, 1 2-16-13 Solar Energy: The Energy of the Future Our Earth's resorvoir of resources seem to be limitless, but with the exponential growth of the human population; the need for efficient alternative energy sources is becoming urgent. Therefore, research companies and individuals are focusing on creating new energy systems. Fossil fuels are are depleting and becoming more difficult to obtain. The earth will face an energy crisis in the near future if humans are not careful with their consumption...

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Work and Energy

Holt Physics—Chapter 5: Work and Energy Price I. Section 5.1—Work A. Definition of work 1. Work does not mean the same thing in Physics as it does in the everyday sense of the word. 2. Work is defined as a force causing a displacement. Work = force x displacement W = Fd 3. Work is NOT done on an object unless the displacement is greater than zero 4. The only forces that are considered to do work are those that...

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Work And Energy

Contents[Show] The energy of an object is its ability to do work. Energy is the cause and work is its effect. Therefore both work and energy have the same units, which is joule (J) in the SI system and erg in the CGS system. Energy is also a scalar quantity. Energy exists in many forms. Examples Mechanical energy which is either in the form of potential energy or kinetic energy or a combination of the both, electrical energy, light energy, thermal energy, nuclear energy and sound energy etc. Potential...

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Study of Oxygen Consumption to Measure Energy Metabolism in Mammals

Study of Oxygen Consumption to Measure Energy Metabolism in Mammals Brianne Simonsen Lab Section 8 4 Oct. 2005 Abstract In this experiment the oxygen consumption of a mouse in environments of varying temperatures was studied. The hypothesis behind this experiment was that more oxygen would be consumed at a lower temperature to maintain body heat. To measure the rate of oxygen consumption a mouse was given a specific amount of oxygen. The amount consumed in a specific time was measured...

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Energy Conversion

Running Head: Energy Conversion Energy Conversion Marlon Walker Professor Abdul Kahn SCI 110: Integrated Science October 21, 2011 Abstract Energy conversion has been a topic of debate and research for many years. Scientists conduct experiments in hopes of finding an alternative to relying on burning fossil fuels for electricity. While companies who believe their alternative is the best choice, debate over whose source is the “greenest”. Whether it be biomass, hydroelectricity, solar...

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Xcel Energy Pays for Employees Who Excel

Running head: XCEL ENERGY PAYS FOR EMPLOYEES WHO EXCEL Xcel Energy Pays for Employees Who Excel Tobie Deslo Kaplan University AB203: Human Resources Management Prof. Jennifer Bryant 11-27-2012 Name of Case Introduction In an effort to generate high performance, Xcel Energy implemented a reward program that paid employees who submitted useful suggestions. Unfortunately, no one thought to evaluate and measure the benefits these useful ideas had to the overall...

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Rich Parker Energy Flow Through An Ecosystem SCIE131 Q4WW F14

There are for main components in an ecosystem. The relationship of these four components makes it possible for each component to pass energy and use the food chain to survive and flourish. Elements and compounds are basically a required food source for plants. Plants utilize the sun and photosynthesis to harness energy and are the primary producers of new energy into an ecosystem. Consumers are a source of food that feeds on other organisms. This could be primary consumers feeding off plant material...

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Energy Conservation

Conserving energy is very important because there is a limited amount of nonrenewable energy sources available on earth such as coal, oil, and gas. If people do not conserve the nonrenewable resources we have now, there might not be any left for future generations. In addition, energy conservation is important because when nonrenewable energy sources are consumed this impacts the environment. The combustion of oil, gas, and coal in power stations produces carbon dioxide and contributes to global...

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Solar Energy and Wind Energy

Which is the more viable energy source for Australia’s energy and needs, Wind or Solar? This is a common debatable topic within the Federal Government of Australia. Debating which specific form of energy should be invested heavily in, in hope that carbon emissions and the use of coal will be reduced in the future (Clean Line, 2013). It is believed that the dominance of coal will be challenged by renewable energy e.g. Wind and Solar. Renewable energy is fast, clean, affordable, efficient, reliable...

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energy conversion

Exploration Energy Conversion in a System Vocabulary energy, gravitational potential energy, heat energy, kinetic energy, law of conservation of energy, specific heat capacity Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo.) A battery contains stored energy in the form of chemical energy. What are some examples of devices that are powered by batteries ___________________ _________________________________________________________________________ What different forms of energy are demonstrated...

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Energy source


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Energy Transfer in Living Systems

Extra Credit Assignment Energy Transfer in living systems Energy is the capacity to do work. All living organisms require energy for carrying on their vital metabolic activities. The primary source of energy for living system is solar radiation. The radiant energy of sunlight cannot be utilized directly by all living organisms. This ability rests only with the green plants. All the other organisms have to meet their energy requirement only through the green plants. Energy that flows in the living...

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Wind Energy

discussed in Detail about Wind Energy and the production of electricity from moving vehicles. So first we defined Energy. Till Now we have studied that energy is the ability of a body to do work .it can also be defined as the ability of a body to bring some change is the energy of that body. Energy is very necessary for human beings; every thing in the universe possessed some energy. There are two main kinds of Energy 1. Kinetic Energy 2. potential Energy Kinetic energy is produced by the motion...

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