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Analytical Chemistry

comprised of an inert gas i.e., helium, argon, or nitrogen. The stationary phase consists of a packed column where the packing or solid support itself acts as stationary phase, or is coated with the liquid stationary phase (=high boiling polymer). Most analytical gas chromatographs use capillary columns, where the stationary phase coats the walls of a small-diameter tube directly (i.e., 0.25 m film in a 0.32 mm tube). The separation of compounds is based on the different strengths of interaction of the...

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Analytical Chemistry

CHM 256: BASIC ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY TUTORIAL 1: INTRODUCTION: ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 1. What is chemical analysis? 2. Differentiate between qualitative and quantitative analysis (Oct 2008, 2009, Dec 2009, Apr 2010) 3. Give 7 steps in performing any chemical analysis (Apr 2010) 4. Briefly explain how to prepare the following solutions: a) 1.0 L 10.50 % (w/v) aqueous CH3CH2CH2OH (answer : 105 g) (Oct 2006, Oct 2007, Oct 2008) b) 500 mL 2.0 M H2SO4 from a commercial reagent, at 90% (w/w) purity...

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Analytical Technique

Analytical techniques Introduction * The analysis technique chosen is gas chromatography, I'm going to talk about it and I am elected chromatography studies to identify and quantify known materials do. * The principles of gas chromatography * The functions of gas chromatography * Theories of instruments and techniques etc. PRINCIPLES Gas chromatography (GC) was first demonstrated for analysis of liquid in the classic paper by james and martin (1952). It was quickly recognised...

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Introductory Chemistry

Semester II Course Code and Title: CHEM1901 - INTRODUCTORY CHEMISTRY A Date: Duration: Time: 2 Hours. Paper No: 1 Materials required: Answer booklet: Calculator: (where applicable) Multiple Choice answer sheets: Programmable □ □ numerical □ Normal Special Not required □ Non Programmable □ 1-20 □ 1-100 □ alphabetical Auxiliary/Other material(s) – Please specify: CHEMISTRY ANSWER BOOKLET Candidates are permitted to bring the following...

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Analysis of Aluminium - Analytical Chemistry

Analysis of Aluminium in Potable waters by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometric Techniques Objectives 1. To introduce the basic principles of Atomic Absorption analysis. 2. To Optimise the furnace temperature programme conditions for the analysis of Aluminium. 3. To determine the optimum conditions for the analysis of Aluminium by flame atomisation and to carry out the analysis using two seperate readouts on flame AAS instrument. Part A: Non-Flame Atomic Absorption – Electrothermal...

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instrumental analysis chemistry Study guide

Beam Chopping corrects for flame emission but not for scattering. Can distinguish the signal of the flame from the atomic line at the same wavelength. The higher the absorbance the higher the transmittance. Intro to IR Near IR- (0.78 to 2.8 micrometers) Mid IR- (2.5- 50 micrometers) Far IR- (50-1000 micrometers) Most common region used is Mid IR btwn 2.5- 15 micrometers Mid IR: based on diffracting gratings but now current instrumentation are of Fourier transform type Far-IR: useful...

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order for a drug identification to be confirmed to SWGDRUG specification, additional tests must includes, Infrared spectroscopy and GC-MS (Howlett and Steiner, 2011). REFERENCES: Fifield, F. W. and Kealey, D. 1995. Principles and Practice of Analytical chemistry. (4th ed) Glasgow, Blackie Academic and professional. Howlett, S. E. and Steiner, R. R. 2011. Validation of Thin Layer Chromatography with AccuTOF-DART™ Detection for Forensic Drug Analysis*. Forensic Sciences [e-journal] 56 (5)...

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determination of moisture

selected food samples using drying oven method 2. To determine the moisture content of selected food samples using moisture analyzer. Introduction: Moisture content is one of the most commonly measured properties of food materials. The choice of an analytical procedure for a particular application depends on the nature of the food being analyzed and the reason the information is needed. In this experiment, cookies sample A(wheat) and sample B (butter) are used as a sample which have low moisture contents...

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Gravimetric Determination of Moisture in Fertilizer Samples

weighings are required as a constant weight is needed, where the difference between two consecutive weighings is ±0.0003 grams. The ±0.0003 constant weight allowance was set because the heat from the slightly hot crucible reacts with the very sensitive analytical balance and would therefore cause some errors. This is also why the crucibles have to be cooled in a desiccator before being weighed. A constant weight is required to minimize the errors from natural factors like air humidity. Shown below is the...

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Environmental Chemistry Determining The Phosphate Level Of Water

 Environmental Chemistry: Determining the Phosphate Level of Water Objective: -To understand the effects of phosphates from fertilizers into water supplies. -How to use a spectrophotometer and understand how it works. -Understand the correlation and usage of Beer’s law with calibration curves. Introduction/Procedure: Environmental protection has been a growing concern for many people in the recent years. With talks of global warming, deforestation, and rising ocean acidity in the news it is...

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