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  • Classification of Chemical Substances

    Classification of Chemical Substances Prepared for: Dr. Robert O’Reilly By: Kudaibergenov Baizak 20.11.2013 Nazarbayev University Introduction While many thousands of substances are known‚ they can be classified into a few simple categories based on type of bonding that exists among the atoms in the substance. Bonds are chemical forces that hold atoms together to form molecules or compounds. These categories are ionic‚ molecular and metallic substances. In ionic compounds

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  • Chemical Substance and Local Chemical Recycling

    really worried today than 20 years before. Today I will share with all of you about pollution. We could say that pollution is the harm that results because of the presence of a substance or substances where they would not normally be found or because they are present in larger than normal quantities. Polluting substances may occur as a solid‚ liquid or gas. The pollution could be water‚ air‚ sound any many more. So today I will tell about water pollution. In my speech I will divide the session to

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  • Chemical Accidents

    he terms “chemical accident” or “chemical incident” refer to an event resulting in the release of a substance or substances hazardous to human health and/or the environment in the short or long term. Such events include fires‚ explosions‚ leakages or releases of toxic or hazardous materials that can cause people illness‚ injury‚ disability or death. While chemical accidents may occur whenever toxic materials are stored‚ transported or used‚ the most severe accidents are industrial accidents‚ involving

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  • Classification of Chemical Substance

    Report Classification of Chemical Substances Student: Saule Sadykova Lab Partner #1: Temirlan Atambaev Lab Partner #2: Almas Ospanbekov Instructor: Eugene Douglass Nazarbayev University Purpose The aim of this experiment is to investigate the properties of several substances with the purpose of determining whether they are molecular‚ ionic‚ macromolecular or metallic. Introduction Chemical substances could be named ionic‚ molecular or metallic substance‚ based on the kind of bond present

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  • Pure Substances and Mixtures

    constantly moving‚ the higher it’s temperature‚ the faster they move. All the particles are attracted to each other. The particles move faster and move further apart when heated‚ and the reverse when cooled. Each substance has unique particles that are different from the particles of other substances. Particle theory helps to explain the behaviour of materials by showing a model which allows us to All matter are made up picture what is happening inside those materials. Particles in each of the 3 states

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  • Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency

    According to UAB’s health website‚ "Substance abuse is used to describe a pattern of substance (drug) use leading to significant problems or distress such as failure to attend work/school‚ substance use in dangerous situations (driving a car)‚ substance-related legal problems‚ or continued substance use that interferes with friendships and or family relationships. Substance abuse‚ as a disorder‚ refers to the abuse of illegal substances or the abusive use of legal substances. Alcohol is the most common legal

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  • Physical and chemical change

    2014 Lab report #1 on chemical and physical properties/ changes Introduction Summary: The purpose of this experiment is to allow students to understand how to differentiate physical and chemical properties and reactions of matter by observing changes of matters under circumstances. Physical properties are properties of matter that can be observed without changing the composition of the matter‚ including the volume‚ mass‚ color‚ density‚ and shape of it. Chemical properties include the matter’s

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  • Resolution of Matter into Pure Substances: Paper Chromatography

    Resolution of Matter into Pure Substances – Paper Chromatography Abstract The purpose of this laboratory was to determine how different substances have different solubilities in a given solvent. This was accomplished using the method of chromatography. The solubility of each substance was first determined by dropping a drop or two of each on a line drawn 2 inches above the bottom of a piece of paper. Then the paper was lightly bent in order to tape both sides of the paper leaving about a 4 centimeter

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  • Physical and Chemical Changes

    Shelby Brown 8/28/10 Physical and chemical changes lab essay Changes in matter occur every day. There are two types of ways matter can be altered; physically and chemically. Physical changes do not change the composition of the matter while chemical changes occur when one or more substances turn into a completely new substance. Physical changes can be seen through an altering of the substances physical property. A substances physical property is observed and measured without changing

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  • Physical and Chemical Properties

    Physical and Chemical Properties Purpose: The Physical and Chemical Properties lab provides the opportunity to investigate the physical and chemical properties of pure chemical substances and analyze the experiment results. Procedure: In the beginning of the experiment‚ I filled two 24-well plates half way with the given chemicals and sucked up these chemicals into their labeled pipets for later use. Following this‚ I performed a number of steps on each of the four test tubes and recorded observations

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