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High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Column and Thin layer Chromatography of Red Siling Labuyo Marian Angelu Ramos, Rose Ann Refuela, Leomarie Duanne Sanchez, Paula Lynne Santos, Geraline Sarmiento, Jon Carlo Semana Group number Seven, 2E- Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Santo Tomas ABSTRACT Chromatography is the separation of mixtures into their constituents. It relies on the differential solubilities or absorptivities of the components to be separated with respect to two phases, one of which is stationary and the...

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Chromatography (Greek for ‘colour writing’) is used to describe various methods applied to separate mixtures (referred to as the sample of the experiment) with great accuracy to analyze them. By using chromatography we can manipulate these to move at different speeds through the system, thus separating them. Chromatography is necessary in chemical industries, as well as bio processing companies. Chromatography can be: 1. analytical: used to measure ratios of analytes(substance in simpler forms)...

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Liquid Chromatography Lab

Liquid Chromatography – Laboratory #18 Introduction: We are using liquid chromatography to separate the colored substances in grape-flavored drinks. We separate the component dyes, and then we separate the flavorings and citric acids. Background: Chromatography is a process that is used to separate a substance into its component parts. The separation occurs between the stationary and moving phase of the lab. The moving phase consists of a fluid and the stationary phase consists of a solid...

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Thin Layer Chromatography of the Unknown Analgesic

Thin Layer Chromatography of the Unknown Analgesic Jessica Bajao*, Phoebe Abalos, Kevin Antiga, Carmelus Aseneta 3-Biology 2 College of Science, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines Abstract The group used five different analgesics in this experiment: aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, caffeine, and mefenamic acid. Six analgesics were spotted on the TLC plate including the unknown. After the development of the TLC plate, it was placed under ultraviolet light for the spots resulted...

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Lab 04 - Chromatography and Ionic vs Covalent Bonds

Student ID: 4593119 Date: 7 Dec 2014 Course and Section Number: SCIN131 A004 Fall 14 Lesson 4 Lab: Chromatography and Ionic versus Covalent Bonds PART 1 Begin by viewing the following Thinkwell video 15.1.3  CIA Demonstration: Chromatography After you watch the above video, answer the questions below in sufficient detail: (a) (3 pts.) This video discusses 3 different types of chromatography. List each one mentioned, and describe their differences in as much detail as possible (your points...

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Chromatography – Analyzing Analgesics by TLC and Isolation of β-Carotene by Column Chromatography Introduction/Background: Flavonoids are an important group of additives that can be defined as pure substances either natural, extracted from raw materials or synthetic. Chromatography is the separation of two or more compounds or ions caused by their molecular interactions with two phases – one moving and one stationary (Weldegirma 2012). Three types of chromatography are...

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Chromatography for Protein Purification

Experiment B2 Chromatography for Protein Purification Name Matric No. Group : : : Date of Expt. : GRADE : A. Learning objectives 1. 2. 3. 4. Establish chromatographic assay to determine protein concentrations in a mixture. Appreciate the importance of resolution in protein chromatography. Understand the tension between purity and yield in protein chromatography. Understand the importance of mass balance closure in protein purification. B. Introduction I. Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography...

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provided for. Good luck!!! CHROMATOGRAPHY (By: Mayflor Markusic) KALIKASAN: Everyday Science in Action Volume 4 No. 1; pages 22-24 a) What is chromatography? 1 2 3 4 ____________________________________________________________ ________________ b) Give examples of mixtures which can be separated through chromatography. 4 5 6 7 ________________________________________ ______________________________________ c) How is chromatography done? 4 5 6 7 ________...

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Paper Chromatography

EXPERIMENT 5: CHROMATOGRAPHY Abstract Paper Chromatography uses a chromatogram paper as its stationary phase and the solvent as the mobile phase. Retention factor is the ratio of the distance travelled by the sample to the distance travelled by the solvent. This experiment aims to separate organic compounds, to compute Rf values and to identify unknown compounds using Rf values. The ten samples underwent paper chromatography to determine the components of the unknown sample. The mobile phase allowed...

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Waters Chromatography

Marketing II – Group Assignment Waters Chromatography Division: US field Sales Submitted by: Group 5,Section D ArkayanBagchi (2010PGP063) Harveer Singh (2010PGP449) Kaushlendra Singh (2010PGP150) Krishna Kishore Burugula (2010PGP163) Loveneesh Solanki (2010PGP170) RohanWagh (2010PGP311) Sameer Morey (2010PGP325) Protagonist The cases does not give any specific issues to be solved by any...

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