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Acids, Bases, and Buffers Introduction: The pH scale is used to determine how acidic or basic a solution is, ranging from 1-14. The most acidic of all acids are at a pH level of 1 and the most basic of all bases are at 14. The neutral pH level is 7, which is what drinking water is. The pH level is determined by the amount of H+ ions present in a solution, and the more H+ ions there are the more acidic it is, and the lack of these ions results in more basic solutions. One distinguishing feature...

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Measuring Ph

MEASURING pH Date of Lab: 02/09/13 Date Report submitted: 02/26/13 Purpose of the experiment By doing this experiment, we were trying to learn how to measure a pH with a pH meter to determine whether a solution is weakly, moderately or strongly acidic or basic; but also to compare the different data founded to see how the addition of certain liquid to a solution may affect the pH of the initial solution. Materials We used: * Tap water, distilled water, Soda and milk as the main...

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Ph Lab

Effects of Temperature and pH on Enzyme Function Chelsie Mesa Section 0479 Robin Cotter Introduction The purpose of this experiment is to identify three unknown enzymes. This is done by using different temperature and pH to affect the function of the enzyme, which ultimately, will affect how much maltose is produced. Enzymes are proteins that help catalyze chemical reactions. In enzymatic reactions, the molecules at the beginning of the process are called substrates, and the enzyme...

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PH Level

Cesar Bizarroque Wesam Daker Bio 1107k-11 10/25/14 How pH levels impact tyrosinase activity Abstract: The purpose of our research utilizing the different pH levels was to test how a specific pH level would impact tyrosinase activity. First we added 4.0 mL of pH in each corresponding test tube and then added 0.5 mL of substrate (catechol) into each test tube. In the instructions it says to apply your 0.5 mL of tyrosinase (potato extract) as well but you have to blank the spectrophotometer...

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pH Levels

1 Lab Report Title: Measuring pH Levels Instructions: Enter the Virtual Lab, and conduct the experiments provided before going out into the virtual field for additional research. Please type your answers on this form. When your lab report is complete, submit it to the Submitted Assignments area of the Virtual Classroom. Part I: Answer the following questions while in the Phase 1 lab environment. Section 1: You will be testing 4 known solutions for pH levels using a standard wide-range...

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Ph and Osmosis

The Effect of pH on the Rate of Osmosis Using a Glucose Solution Melissa Werderitch Biology 157 11/6/06 Introduction In a journal article written by Florian Lang, osmosis is essentially explained as the flow of water from one area to another that are separated by a selectively permeable membrane to equalize concentrations of particles in the two locations (Lang, 1997). Osmosis is able to maintain osmotic pressure and regulate a cell's volume. In a hypotonic () or hypertonic () environment...

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PH at the UN Alfredo Vidal Ceballos 7/10/2014 Group Support Part 1: Solution Group Name and M. cons. Chem formula Type Experimental pH 1 Deidre Acetic Acid 0.1M HC2H3O2 Weak Acid 3.03 3.03 2 Acetic Acid 1M HC2H3O2 Weak Acid 2.59 2.54 3 Hydrochloric Acid 0.5M HClStrong Base 0.85 0.90 4 Jonah Nitric Acid 0.1M HNO3 Strong Acid 2.14 2.14 5 Sodium Acetate 1M NaC2H3O2 Weak Base 9.42 9.42 6 Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate 0.1M KH2PO4 Weak Acid 5.47 5.47 7 Andy Potassium Hydrogen Phosphate...

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Ph and Buffer Solution

Title: pH and buffer solutions Aim This experiment was carried out to determine the role of buffer solution and the factor which affect the buffer capacity. Besides, this experiment was carried out to investigate the solubility of protein casein over a range of pH concentration. This experiment also was carried out to determine the isoelectric point of the casein and the effect of the isoelectric point toward the casein solution. Methods Verification of the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation ...

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Effects of pH on Amylase Activity

Determination of the Effect of pH on Amylase Activity Grace Chung Abstract: Amylase is an important enzyme in the human body as it allows for the consumption of starch by breaking the polysaccharide down into maltose units. All enzymes, including amylase, function best at a certain optimal pH. Therefore, in this experiment, the effect of different pHs on the reaction rate of amylase is studied. It was hypothesized that the amylase-starch reaction would proceed fastest at a pH closest to that of the...

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The Effect of Ph on the Activity of Catalase

Title : THE EFFECT OF PH ON THE ACTIVITY OF CATALASE Aim : To study the effect of pH on the activity of catalase. Introduction : Catalase, an enzyme found in many different tissues, catalyses the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. 2 H202 → 2H20 + O2 Hydrogen peroxide is a toxic substance that can be formed during aerobic respiration and catalase removes this product. The activity of catalase can be measured by finding the rate of oxygen release from hydrogen peroxide...

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