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  • American Television Actors and Charles Ashley Jimenez

    Something said between love and regret Cast: Charles Ashley Jimenez as Nicholas Gomez Mary Catherine Zoleta as Eddielaine Mae Gomez Alessandra Camilo as Meredith Rivera Denise Dee De Jesus as Veronica De Leon Sigfreed Angeles as Darren Salvador Jay Lemuel Buenviaje as Officer Gordon Ramirez Samantha Bernal as Dra. Fiona Agura Patricia Abiog as Inday Badiday Tasks: Patricia Abiog as the scriptwriter/director/playwright/ Clothing and Wardrobe Alessandra Camilo and Mary Catherine Zoleta

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  • American Film Actors and Kevin

    Kevin J. Anderson (born 1962)‚ American science fiction author Kevin T. Anderson‚ American musician Kevin Anderson (actor) (born 1960)‚ American actor Kevin Anderson (tennis) (born 1986)‚ South African tennis player Kevin Anderson (scientist)‚ climate scientist Kevin Appier‚ American baseball pitcher Kevin Archer (born 1958)‚ English musician and member of Dexy’s Midnight Runners Kevin Ayers (born 1944)‚ English songwriter Kevin Bacon (born 1958)‚ American actor Kevin Bermeister‚ Australian

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  • English Television Actors and Trifles Literary Response

    Name: ______________________________ Date: ________________________ Period: ______ “Trifles” Literary Response and Analysis Questions Directions: Read the questions carefully. Respond to each thoroughly‚ insightfully and correctly in complete sentences. Answers are worth two points each. 1. What attitudes toward women do the Sheriff and the County Attorney express? How do Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters react to these statements? 2. Why does the County Attorney care so much

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  • Best Actor and Actress

    Panepinto Film 8 March 2013 Favorite Actor/Actress My favorite actor is will smith because he is such a good actor; he can change his acting styles in whatever character he plays. He won over 40 academy awards to prove it. You will probably never get bored with his movies; a lot of them are good. The guy is also so humble with his fans. There are so many things that make him my favorite actor‚ but I can’s list them all‚ basically will smith the actor is my favorite. You could easily distinguish

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  • Huckleberry Finn Actors

    Especially when attempting to keep the actors current. But I believe that I have compiled a list of the highest quality‚ most likely actors to the best of my ability. Chandler Canterbury‚ Bob Sapp‚ Zachary Gordon‚ Christian Bale‚ Liam Neeson‚ Susan Sarandon‚ and Chloe Grace Moretz as Huck Finn‚ Jim‚ Buck‚ Huck’s dad‚ Colonel Grangerford‚ the widow Douglas‚ and Emmeline Grangerford respectively. Chandler Canterbury as Huckleberry Finn. Canterbury is a fourteen year old actor from Houston Texas who has played

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  • Academy Award for Best Actor and Legal Issues

    law‚ so not really helpful for the general population). (up to 50 points) PRINT YOUR NAME: _________________________ NAME OF MOVIE: _________________________ YEAR OF RELEASE: _________________________ DIRECTOR: _________________________ MAIN ACTORS/ACTRESSES: _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ A. Describe in a page the FACTS of the case the movie is about. ___________________________________________________________ ____

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  • television broadcasting

    Television news[edit] Main article: News program Television news refers to disseminating current events via the medium of television. A "news bulletin" or a "newscast" are television programs lasting from seconds to hours that provide updates on world‚ national‚ regional or local news events. Television news is very image-based‚ showing video of many of the events that are reported. Television channels may provide news bulletins as part of a regularly scheduled news program. Less often‚ television

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  • Hunger Games Movie Review

    Games are an annual event in which one boy and one girl aged 12 to 18 from each of the 12 districts surrounding the Capitol are selected by lottery to compete in a televised battle in which only one person can survive. The Hunger Games is a 2012 American dystopian science fiction action-drama film directed by Gary Ross and based on the novel of the same name by Suzanne Collins. It stars Jennifer Lawrence‚ Josh Hutcherson‚ Liam Hemsworth‚ Woody Harrelson and Elizabeth Banks. In the Hunger Games

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  • American Sniper Speech

    dealing with the movie American Sniper. Thesis Statement: The film American Sniper has sparked national debate over America’s role in Iraq and impact of a sniper whom some say is a killer and a liar. Introduction: A. Clint Eastwood’s box office breaking film American Sniper is about the life of the most legal sniper in US history‚ Chris Kyle. B. As Americans‚ we are proud of what Chris Kyle did for this country‚ but a few critics didn’t think so. C. I enjoyed watching the film American Sniper and reading

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  • Study Mode Movie Critic

    has over one hundred and sixty confirmed kills throughout his service to the USA. Kyle enlisted in the Navy after the devastation of 9/11 swept the country‚ and continued on to complete four tours of Iraq before finally coming home. The editing of American Sniper was dead on. There were gorgeous shots and amazing sound effects‚ which when put together created the perfect picture. The close up shots of Chris preparing to take a shot‚ while being able to hear his deep and calm breathing generated the

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