Topics: David Fincher, Fight Club, Brad Pitt Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: May 7, 2012
In the scene I chose, Brad Pitt plays Tyler Durden a soap maker and Edward Norton as Jack a business man who is tired of his old boring life in Fight club. The movie was directed by David Fincher, The cinematographer –Jeff Cronenweth, Film editor James Haygood, Production Design-Alex McDowell, Art Direction- Chris Gorak and Costume Design by Michael Kaplan. The Set director by Jay Hart, all of these people where responsible in making this successful movie. He or she is responsible for the images that the camera sees, and by extension the images that the audience will see in the finished film, this is the main job of the cinematographer. (4.2 What is a Cinematographer, 2011,. Film: From Watching to Seeing) What is a Mise en scene do? The mise en scène is interpreted and intensified by the cinematographer, and one key element—the lighting—is designed by the cinematographer. (4.3 How does Mis en scene Relate to Cinematographer? . (2011. Film: From Watching to Seeing)

The lighting in this particular scene in Fight Club where Jack (Edward Norton) meets Tyler (Brad Pitt) on an air plane is bright but not too bright just like a real airplane. The lighting is dark around their faces close up. The movie almost gives the characters a secretive and mysterious look. The mood the light evokes is relatively calm, the people in the back ground are quite to make the viewers aware of their conversation.

The film maker in this case, I believe, tells the viewers that the men are curious about what each other do. Leaving a mysterious impression about Tyler and what he does for a living. The two men meet and discuss their interesting views of life and what they do. The setting is in an airplane, around night time because it is the windows in the airplane are dark making the impression that it is night time. The movie takes place in the modern word in the United States. Both of the characters are on a business trip.

As far as their costuming, Tyler (brad Pitt) is in a...
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