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Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock It is said that a director’s main objective is to create films that capture their audience’s attention and one director who has defiantly demonstrated this in all his film is Alfred Hitchcock, using various film techniques and his very own cinematic style. Hitchcock fashioned himself a distinctive and recognisable style. The audience is encouraged to identify with the camera which moves in a way that is supposed to mimic a person's gaze, forcing viewers to engage in a form of...

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Alfred Hitchcock Comparison Paper

paper, I have decided to compare two Hitchcock films. Ever since I can remember, I have seen Alfred Hitchcock films; Psycho, The Birds, North by Northwest, I enjoy his work because I like the suspense, and visual effects that he was able to accomplish. Out of all of his films, I believe that my favorite Hitchcock films would have to be Rear Window (1954) and Vertigo (1958), because I think that the two incorporate everything that is “Alfred Hitchcock”. Hitchcock films are known for being mysterious...

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Alfred Hitchcock Movie Review

Alfred Hitchcock movie review Alfred Hitchcock was a brilliant technician who blended sex, suspense and humor. Hitchcock directed more than fifty feature films in a career spanning six decades. He remains one of the most popular and most recognized filmmakers, and his works are still popular today. Hitchcock was able to master not only the art of the film making but also the art of the psychological thriller. Hitchcock trademark techniques that made his film classics today include “Emotion”, “The...

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Achievements of Alfred Hitchcock

Achievements of Alfred Hitchcock Alfred Hitchcock, born in 1899 in England, remains a prominent figure in the world of cinema. Hitchcock’s passion for film began in his childhood with his first job as writer of the title cards for silent films and, later on, becoming a director. Influenced by his Catholic upbringing, Hitchcock developed a sense of guilt and sin throughout his life with which he portrays in his work (Kehoe N.P.). As the leading director in the 1930’s, Hitchcock set the standard...

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Was Alfred Hitchcock a Misogynist?

Of course Alfred Hitchcock was a misogynist, or at least had a neurotic compulsion to mistreat women in his films: everyone knows that. Or do they? If so, one must assume also that most of his heroines were masochistic, in that nearly all his leading actresses seem to have adored him. And if there was mistreatment, it mostly seems to have been meted out, and perceived by its apparent victims, as all in the spirit of innocent merriment. Ivor Montagu, longtime friend and script collaborator of Hitch...

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Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock and Dualism in Psycho The characters in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960) each have a dual nature that is masterfully portrayed through character development and use of mirrors throughout the film. The very first shot in Psycho is zooming in from an open view of the city where it is a bright and sunny day. As the shot zooms in further and further it comes into a dark and shaded room that shows Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) and Sam Loomis (John Gavin) having an affair in a undisclosed hotel...

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The Similarities of Alfred Hitchcock and Edward Hopper

The Similarities of Alfred Hitchcock and Edward Hopper Alfred Hitchcock, also known as, “The Master of Suspense”, was a director to a variety of award winning films. Many Hitchcock movies will be noticeably inspired by numerous paintings, including the work of iconic artist Edward Hopper. Hopper, born in New York, was well known for his realist paintings. Comparing the paintings and films, one will see the similarities displayed between the two. Alfred Hitchcock and Edward Hopper are linked by creating...

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The Many Mothers of Alfred Hitchcock

When looking at the works of Alfred Hitchcock there are many recurring themes. Wrong man, classic Hitchcock villains, and the use of staircases are just three of the many attributes you see when watching a Hitchcock film. My favorite, however, would have to be Hitchcock's portrayal of the mother. Whether she is there for comic relief as we see in Shadow of a Doubt, or as the root of all evil as you see in Strangers on a Train and Notorious, the mothers he creates are far from ordinary. Either...

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Steven Spielberg and Alfred Hitchcock - influences

Steven Spielberg and Alfred Hitchcock are two directors who have been influenced by their time. Hitchcock was influenced from early 19th century. Spielberg was influenced from the middle of 19th century. Spielberg has been influenced by technology and historical events. Hitchcock has mainly been influenced by current events and art movements. Different influences revolutionize and create change in the directors' films. Hitchcock was a member of the London Film Society which showed French, German...

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Alfred Joseph Hitchcock: The Master of Suspense

Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, or ‘The Master of Suspense’, was born in August 13, 1899, in Leytonstone, London, England. He was a British filmmaker and producer who, in his 50 year career, greatly contributed to filmmaking’s growth as an art. His brilliance was sometimes too bright: He was hated as well as loved, oversimplified as well as overanalyzed. Hitchcock was eccentric, challenging, creative, and impassioned. Hitchcock started working as a title card designer for the London branch of what would...

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