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  • Christopher Nolan Study

    Howell ENG 267 September 27‚ 2011 Writer/Director Study Some filmmakers know exactly the right formula to create intriguing themes and subtle subliminal progression in their audience’s mind. Christopher Nolan just happens to be one of those filmmakers. His style is not merely traditional cinema; rather Nolan draws his viewers in by producing what feels like a renaissance of tried and true cinematic conventions. Described as ‘meta-noir’ by many film critics and showing the film world a glimpse into

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  • Christopher Nolan

    November 6th‚ 2012 Christopher Nolan A director’s job is to properly execute a movie that provokes emotions and thought in the viewer’s eyes; this is exactly what Christopher Nolan does. Some of his most famous movies: The Dark Knight Rises‚ Memento‚ and Inception draw the viewer in and are great examples of Nolan’s unique style. Everything in his movies including lighting‚ sound‚ plot‚ character usage‚ storytelling and more can be identified as his own when one watches a Nolan directed movie. He

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  • Christopher Nolan

    career as Christopher Jonathan James Nolan. His films have earned $3.3 billion at the global box office‚ and the total is still growing. This British/American screenwriter‚ director and producer’s most popular films include The Dark Knight (2008)‚ Inception (2010) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Remarkably‚ many critics have lined up as well‚ embracing both Nolan’s more offbeat productions‚ like Memento (2000) and The Prestige (2006)‚ and his blockbusters (Price and Dawson‚ 2009). Nolan is now routinely

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  • Christopher Nolan: Film Director

    Stephanie Oropeza Comm 2366 Christopher Nolan Christopher Nolan is an award-winning filmmaker who has been recognized for his work as a director‚ writer‚ and producer. Born in London 1970‚ Nolan began making movies at an early age with his father’s Super-8mm camera. Nolan is known for his films which are rooted in philosophical and sociological concepts and ideas‚ exploring human morality‚ the construction of time‚ and the malleable nature of memory and personal identity. He is known for his

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  • Inception a Film by Christopher Nolan

    Inception a film by Christopher Nolan Nolan elaborates‚ “At the heart of the movie is the notion that an idea is indeed the most resilient and powerful parasite. A trace of it will always be there in your mind…somewhere. The thought that someone could master the ability to invade your dream space‚ in a very physical sense‚ and steal an idea—no matter how private—is compelling.” (2010) Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a skilled thief‚ the best in the dangerous art of extraction: stealing valuable

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  • Christopher Nolan Studies

    Christopher Nolan is a great director who uses most of the same actors in his films‚ he has different ways to shoots his films as any director but I like his films the best as they have this sense of difference to them. Christopher Nolan has typical trademarks such as: using the same actors‚ dark storylines‚ and he leaves people guessing about his films. Here I’m going to talk about three of his films and explain about the structure. The Prestige The narrative structure of The Prestige is non-linear

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  • Chris Nolan Auteur

    Film theory assignment. Auteur theory could be applied to Christopher Nolan as his films feature recurring elements‚ the theory its self‚ derives from an “influential group of French film critics and film makers during the 1950’s” (Nykki Montano film 110). Auteur theory examines the individual creative vision and personal perspective of the director‚ an auteur will feature recurring themes in their films‚ from using the same actors as the protagonist for their films to even using the same cinematographer

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  • Christopher Nolan: Just a Director or Something More?

    18 December 2008 Christopher Nolan: Director or Something More Director Christopher Nolan has made a total of six feature films‚ including the ever popular Memento (2000) and The Dark Knight (2008). People who are merely fans say that he is an auteur. Film majors‚ however‚ disagree and believe that he doesn’t have enough movies out and that he is just good in relation to box office results and should not be considered an auteur. I have to disagree with the people who say Nolan is not an auteur

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  • Cinematography Techniques in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight

    When order is taken away chaos takes over. In Christopher Nolan’s‚ The Dark Knight (2008) there are many cinematic techniques which are used to highlight the mayhem that the Joker creates throughout the film. The Joker is a character in the film that does not care about the reward or the financial gain that most criminals want after they commit a crime‚ he just wants to kill and destroy everything for no apparent reason. In The Dark Knight there are many cinematography techniques used however there

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  • Tragic Hero In Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight

    a demented individual to his ultimate physical and ethical demise‚ culminating in a homicidal rampage and eventual death. As Dent himself articulates‚ “[y]ou either die a hero‚ or live long enough to see yourself become the villain” (Nolan). Harvey Dent in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight is a modern tragic hero‚ in that his undoing

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