Christopher Nolan

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November 6th, 2012
Christopher Nolan
A director’s job is to properly execute a movie that provokes emotions and thought in the viewer’s eyes; this is exactly what Christopher Nolan does. Some of his most famous movies: The Dark Knight Rises, Memento, and Inception draw the viewer in and are great examples of Nolan’s unique style. Everything in his movies including lighting, sound, plot, character usage, storytelling and more can be identified as his own when one watches a Nolan directed movie. He is one of the world’s greatest directors, although he is primarily famous in the United States of America as well as his homeland in the UK.

He shot his first movie in the UK. Like most directors’ first movies, it was a low budget independent film. However, this didn’t stop any of his marvelous talents from shining through to amaze the audience. Because of his great success with the low budget independent films, he soon went on to direct mainstream films in which grew his fan base to a new peak. They quickly became addicted to his style of filmography and craved more.

His style is what lead to his great success. Nolan has impeccable ways of telling a non-linear story with twisting plots. For example, his movie Memento approaches a story line in a rather scrambled way. Memento is about a man with amnesia who occasionally has flashbacks to explain what is happening in the present. As the character has these flashbacks, the viewer watches the movie from the character’s perspective. The movie would often leave viewers perplexed as to how the character arrived at a certain place, then as more flashback occur, the story becomes clearer and clearer. This provokes thought and the tangled storyline acts as a catalyst for the growing plot.

Another example of his non-linear story telling includes his most famous movie Inception. The story is told through dreams within a dream. While the element of time was adjusted for Memento in a lateral dimension, Inception’s sense of...
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