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Christopher Nolan is a great director who uses most of the same actors in his films, he has different ways to shoots his films as any director but I like his films the best as they have this sense of difference to them. Christopher Nolan has typical trademarks such as: using the same actors, dark storylines, and he leaves people guessing about his films. Here I’m going to talk about three of his films and explain about the structure. The Prestige

The narrative structure of The Prestige is non-linear meaning that the storyline is mixed up and also very hard for the audience to try and figure out the twists. The prestige has that many twists that you confuse yourself, such as when Angier’s transported man is finally finished and he starts using it, does he kill himself in the process? Yes, he does he kills himself first while his duplicate finishes the magic on stage. The discussion we had about The Prestige we talked about different points of the film such as: * Who is the villain of the film? It is defiantly Angier as he lies about his life and other things. * What are the three stages? Friends, Enemies, Angier dies * How is misdirection used?

* Does Telsa’s Machine work? Yes, but the twist was it duplicated the person/thing in it. * There are enough clues within the film? I thought it was very fast the way Borden Came out of his ‘Transported Man’ so I thought he might have had a double but you don’t really notice until the end when Borden goes to the prison and you only notice when he bends down to catch the ball and look at his eyes. Also there is other clues like the chopped off fingers ‘they should have stopped bleeding by now’ even though they had just freshly been cut off. * What device is used for the narrative structure? Non – Linear * Who did worse things? They both did but I simply thing Angier did the worst, just by the way he was in the film, his character, and how he presents himself. * Is Angier killing himself every show? Well he had to kill himself to start off the duplicates anyway but every night he kills himself as a duplicate and remakes himself on stage. * How does Angier change throughout the film? He was a nice and happy man until his wife died then everything was a contest in his life he had to be the best, he turned selfish and horrible. * Does the film cheat us? A little bit at the end as some people will think that its cheated us because it’s like a drama all the way through and there should be a simple explanation to both the ‘Transported Man’ but were it turns out that Borden’s is the a simple one as there are two twins but Angier is killing himself every time which makes it a sci-fi. * What are the twists within the film? Not knowing what’s going to happen next, or how it will end. The diary narrative plot device structures the film because it misleads both Angier and Borden into traps meaning that we’re not the only ones being misled. The Narrative serves to misdirect the audience by confusing you by what’s happening, like we don’t know how Borden’s ‘transported Man’ works, we don’t know why Borden doesn’t know what knot he tied, and we don’t know who is Lord Caldlow. So when the audience actually finds out these it’s like the penny drops and you’re like oh yeah. How are the characters in The Prestige similar to characters from other Nolan films? Angier Will

Borden Bruce Wayne
Cutter Alfred
As I said further up all of Nolan’s films have dark storylines, he normally reuses actors, and he produces confusing films. Insomnia
Christopher Nolan structured this film like memento because he wanted everyone to keep guessing, he did this by not introducing what was happening in full detail, Will Dormer (the ‘hero’ cop) has this sleep condition that has only arrived since his partner died, as he cannot ‘cope’ with the death he seems to make everyone believe he didn’t do it. After a late night...
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