North Korea Propaganda

Topics: World War II, Russia, People's Republic of China Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: April 19, 2014
Propaganda Film Response
1. What are your feelings after watching this candid documentary? A: I had a mixture of feelings. First, as an American, I thought that the entire piece was trash and clearly had an agenda. Second, as a follow-up response, I thought that North Korean leaders must really be crazy if they truly believe in everything they say in the film. If the population believes in Propaganda, then it is no surprise that the Kim regime has such an iron grip over the people. I had an interesting feeling at the end of my initial defensive response. I thought that the entire “documentary” viewed America from the perspective of an outsider from an alien culture. It actually made sense that an outsider sees us as all-consuming, materialistic, and hedonistic creatures. We clearly have a lot of things wrong with society, and Propaganda is almost calling us out from a naïve perspective. 2. What kind of media techniques/effects did the filmmakers utilize to captivate/persuade the audience? A: They used more images and fewer words. Imagery and symbolism are very effective tools of propaganda because they invoke emotions and feelings that simple words cannot. For example, if we read that Hitler has killed 4 million Jews, we are reminded of the atrocities that he has committed. However, if we see the Nazi symbol, we immediately think of evil, World War II, even Japan and Pearl Harbor; the enemy / other that must be destroyed is what we think of. 3. How does North Korea view the outside "Western" world?

A: North Korean leaders probably wish they were in as fortunate a position as developed Western countries. Alas, I believe that North Korea’s view of the outside Western world, as in what they are brainwashing themselves to believe, is that the chaotic, barbaric, materialistic, destructive, pollutive, immoral, sinful, backwards, wicked, and is the root of all evil. 4. What features of the film are accurate to OUR understanding, and what features aren't? Explain....
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