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The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Film Analysis Kevin Franklin The Dark Knight is a 2008 action hero film co-written, produced, and directed by Christopher Nolan. It is Nolan’s second film based around the DC Comics character Batman, and the film is the sequel to the 2005 film, Batman Begins. Christian Bale returns to play the role of Bruce Wayne, the billionaire who defends Gotham City as Batman. Other returning cast members include Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, and Gary...

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The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight (Costume) Christopher Nolan’s distinctive use of Joker’s costume is greatly significant to the narrative of “The Dark Knight”; it provides insight to the iconic super villain of “The Joker” and highlights how this portrayal is modernised in comparison to past ones, showing how the super villain role has changed in superhero films. As with Jokers in all media types Health Ledger keeps with classic green, orange and purple attire. This strong, bright colour use is used to contrast...

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The Dark Knight

to write about is the ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in this story you will see how Bruce Wayne (batman) will come from being known as a villain in Gotham city to be coming the city’s biggest hero they ever had. In the last move of the Dark knight Bruce Wayne defeated the joker but lost what he though was most important to him his love Rachel, Bruane Wayne (Batman) took the fall for Harvey Dent murder so that the city would have an icon and could live up to. In the Dark Knight Rises Bruce Wayne is after...

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Analysis: The Dark Knight Trailer

McFadden 2/3/2013 English 1020 The Dark Knight Trailer Analysis The Dark Knight was made in 2008 and had a stellar cast including Heath Ledger, Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman. The Dark Knight was portrayed in many different ways, by an animated series, movies in the 90's, but the best take on the comic book favorite is the dark and twisted version directed by Christopher Nolan. The shots of explosions as well as Batman jumping off buildings, really puts The Dark Knight into the action genre. Nolan...

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Avengers vs The dark knight

should be the theme song of The Avengers…. for the $220 million budget was a complete waste when the result are cheap Halloween like costumes, The Dark Knight on the other hand used it $250 million budget wisely. It’s hard to compare these two movies, for it’s a shame to compare such a great movie to such a waste of time (The Avengers). The Dark Knight follows Harvey Dent; Gotham’s new district attorney as he tries to take on the mob who is led by the Joker, Gotham has a hero whom the Joker is trying...

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The Dark Knight Rises

killing the Oscars as something to be excited about…Which brings me to The Dark Knight Rises. The Dark Knight Rises is a brilliant movie and, unless The Life of Pi does the complete opposite of what I expect it to do, it will be my favourite movie of 2012. The Dark Knight Rises, predecessor leaves us at Harvey Dents Death as two face, and 2 awards, unfortunately not the one for the best movie, let’s see if the Dark Knight Rises breaks the boundaries and lives up to, and hopefully go past, the expectations...

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The Dark Knight Rises: a Review

also developed self-seriousness and doubt, adding a welcome layer to the comic-book enterprise. The Dark Knight of four years ago had a villain, the Joker (Heath Ledger), whose evilness had no affiliations and whose incendiary insanity burnt everything in its way. That included Batman (Bale), Police Commissioner Gordon (Oldman) and a District Attorney, Harvey Dent, who was almost the 'White Knight' everyone wanted till the burden proved too much. It hinted at the pointlessness of terror and the dilemmas...

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Existentialism in the Dark Knight

Existentialism in The Dark Knight By: Cassidy Bannan Teacher: Mrs.Conlon Course Code: ENG4U Due Date: March 8, 2012 “When you take charge of your life, there is no longer need to ask permission of other people or society at large. When you ask permission, you give someone veto power over your life”. The 2008 film, The Dark Knight, directed by Christopher Nolan, demonstrates the actions and choices being made while still being true to one self. The film represents one’s interior motives and...

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The Dark Knight of a Postmodern World

“The Dark Knight of a Postmodern World” “The Dark Knight” is a film based on DC comic book character Batman and his fight to protect his home, Gotham City, from the antagonist, the Joker. Director Chris Nolan provides the viewer with not only an action film, but also a thought-provoking masterpiece. The film focuses on the thin line between sanity (Batman) and madness (Joker) and how anyone can easily turn from good to evil, the example being Harvey Dent becoming Two-Face in such a short...

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The Dark Knight Film Analysis

Gotham can feel a little safer, a little more optimistic. Look at this face, this is the face of Gotham’s bright future.” (Bruce Wayne) Harvey Dent, white knight, saviour and “hero” of the infamous Gotham. Batman on the other hand, is the Dark Knight and the troubled hero who chose his identity over the people. Many believe that the movie the Dark Knight, communicates to viewers the superficial perspective of Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey. However, Batman transcends that perspective of true heroism...

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