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Film Noir

Cisneros Film Noir Assignment 1--How is the mood of Sunset Boulevard representative of the Film Noir style? The mood of the film is immediately established as decadent and decaying by the posthumous narrator - a dead man floating face-down in a swimming pool in Beverly Hills. As we fade backward into the story, we quickly come to understand that this film is about "behind the scenes" Hollywood, self-deceit, spiritual and spatial emptiness, and the price of fame, greed, narcissism, and ambition...

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Film Noir and Graphic Novels

Noir Stylistics in Noir Inspired Graphic novels : Sin City and V for Vendetta The Stylistics of Film Noir transcends medium : in Sin City and V for Vendetta - both Noir influenced graphic novels that were adapted for the screen - an attempt to identify the Stylistics at play that are common to both mediums will be made. Sin City is Film Noir in both the film version and in the art and writing in the graphic novel from which the film directed by Robert Rodriguez was made. V for Vendetta was written...

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film noir of society

Media genres are a reflection of society. Film noir is a movie that conveys a mood of pessimism, fatalism, menace and cynical characters. French critics used it to describe American thriller or detective films in the 1940s. The term literally means ‘Black Film’ and features extremely negative themes. Fedora hats, trench coats and nighttime make up some of the distinguishing features of film noir. Film Noir of this era is associated with low-key black and white visual styles that have roots in...

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Black and White Film Noir

Black and white film noir evolved in the 1940’s during World War II. This time period of film replicated the post war tensions and anxieties that plagued American society during and after the war. The repetitive trend of these films was dark and almost always based on crimes that involved love and betrayal. 1941- Citizen Kane Director- Orson Wells This film was one of the earliest film noir’s produced and was budgeted at $800,000. Wells was the director, star and producer. Wells also collaborated...

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Film Noir Analysis

Film Noir is most often seen as a man’s world- the hard boiled detective is the ultimate masculine hero, and the he fits right into the dirty world around him. However, with a shift in perspective, we see that just maybe the opposite gender are the ones who are the heroes of the genre. The women are certainly memorable. Through analyzation of the typical hero’s journey and comparison to the stories of the women in film noir, we see that they are the true heroes of the genre. This again begs the...

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Femme Fatale - Film Noir

Film Noir is a reflection of, and reaction to, the world within which it was created. With the majority of the films shot from mid-40s through to late 50s, Film Noir is a lens into the fears and values of that time and society. With the world coming to terms with the horror of what human did to human in World War II, the genre also had to deal with how the world at home had changed. We can see in the basic conventions of the genre these fears and realisations. Corrupt society, flawed men riddled...

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Leave Her To Heaven Film Noir

The 1945 film Leave Her to Heaven directed by John M. Stahl is a perfect example of a classic noir film. There are an exceptional amount of reasons why Leave Her to Heaven is categorized as a noir film. In noir, we see shadows, neon lights, mirrors, white clothing, femme fatales, murder, seduction, lies, guilt, dark locations, suspicion, crime, sometimes the exception of technicolor, and many more elements that without a doubt create a phenomenal noir film. Leave Her to Heaven is one of the few noir...

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Chinatown: Above the Film Noir Genre

has all the elements of a film noir: the presence of a beautiful but dangerous woman, otherwise known as the femme fatale, a gritty urban setting, compositional tension (highly contrasting light and dark colors or oblique camera angles), and themes of moral ambiguity and alienation. Chinatown, however, is different. Polanski shot Chinatown with color film, and though his colors do appear especially vivid, color film precludes the contrast intensity that black and white film offers. In addition, Evelyn...

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Kiss Me Deadly and Film Noir

During the 1940s, a new style of film emerged, which was later referred to as "film noir." These films were set apart from others due to their gritty nature and overall dark quality. They were inspired by the culture of the 1950s. There is a common belief that the 1950s was a time of complete bliss for everyone involved. In fact, it was a time of global distress due to communism and nuclear weapons and misogynist gender roles. Film noir movies were excellent at portraying the culture of fear of the...

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Film Noir to Neo Noir

Howell Film 2700 12 November 2012 Word Count: 1411 Film Noir to Neo-Noir: A Shift in Cultural Tides Film noir of the 1940s captivated audiences through its distinct form of storytelling. Strongly influenced by German Expressionism, these films have a definitive look and style that still resonates with modern audiences today. Like other classical Hollywood genres, film noir sought to bring to light tensions felt within society, namely those that affected men following World War II. Neo-noir films...

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