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 MORALITY THALINE JACQUET March 16, 2014 PHIL. 201 PROF. CHRITINA FUSCH AIU ONLINE Morality is an important concept that has always generated interest when dealing with business organizations. Some of the business organizations argue that morality in business is important as it ensures that the needs of the customers are fully satisfied. However, with the increased focus on profitability, morality the concepts of morality is no longer considered in most organizations....

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Business Ethics Lesson 2: Morality and Moral Standards In the first lecture I have tried to explain you the concept of Business Ethics, its importance in the organization, and arguments against its implementation. Along with that we did a small activity so as to make everything clear. In this lecture I shall talk about morality and moral standards. Points to be covered in this lecture: Meaning and characteristics of morality Meaning and origin of moral standards MORALITY What do you actually...

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Vis a vis morality, for us to lay the foundation of the understanding of the term, I deemed it necessary to search for its meaning and I found in Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary: Third Edition that morality is a personal or social set of standards for good or bad behavior and character or the quality of being right, honest, or acceptable. Taking from the definition itself, we can draw out a conclusion that morality is more of a personal encounter of what is morally good or right. It might...

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Religion and Morality

RELIGION AND MORALITY (i)Examine the views of scholars concerning the idea that religion and morality are linked. In this essay I am going to be looking at all the different view points on why some people may think religion and morality are linked. I will talk about a few things that link them such as conscience, divine command ethics, Kant's view and Aquinas' view. Many people believe that morality is based upon religion and the rules written in the Bible and other holy books, although some...

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Morality and Power

period where morality is dependent on the exercise of power and those who possess it. The main theme running through the course of these two debates is that those with the power to act as they wish inherently have the power to dictate morality. The arguments that decide the fate of the Mytilene are made not strictly on the basis of morality but on how their power allows them to exercise the moral course they choose. The Melian dialogue reveals how those in power can dictate morality in terms of self-interest...

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Morality and Relagion

2014 Morality and Religion Are Not Related Morality refers to a set of principles that guide an individual on how one evaluates right and wrong. People believing in religion consider morality is shaped by religion because they believe that morality can be understood only in the context of religion; therefore, those religious people insist if there were no religion, people would be out of control. However, religious beliefs give people a wrong definition of moral value, indeed, morality is shaped...

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Morality and Religion

Stella Natalia English 1A Prof. Jeffries October 18, 2013 Ethic and Morality There is a close relationship between morality and ethics but they do not mean the same thing. On the other hand, anti-morality and anti-nature are aspects, which negate vital instincts. Friedrich Nietzsche is a renowned philosopher who criticized social laws, religion, and honorable in a radical manner. Nietzsche argues that, “anti-nature refers to the idea of allowing human beings to coerce others into adopting their...

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Research on Morality

Eng-112 Morality There is an inherent question on the basis of morality and whether or not it is a man-made, almost religious invention or if it is intrinsic to our beings as humans. I think that the rope that is the argument between is too complicated and tightly knotted to have a short conversation about, but by fraying the ends of the rope we can inevitably decide that morality is innate and that religion may have a part in building upon it, but not in creating it. The curiosity behind the...

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Morality and Happiness

Morality has been a term of debate for several years by intellectuals who have not come to the final conclusion of its definition. According to Damon (5), morality is an existing, multifaceted construct that may not be pinned down by any single definitional criteria which is flexible. The moral character has long been associated with happiness which is that state of having achieved one's desires although there are some disconnections. Several theories have been forwarded in connection to morality...

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Concept Of Morality

Grade 9 Christian Living A. CONCEPT OF MORALITY Understanding Morality Adjectives that describe the morality of a person: 1. Moral correctly judges between right or wrong. Examples a. Moral - protect the weak, stand up for the downtrodden, love everyone as much as you can and more every day, jump on any and all opportunities to save an innocent life, do your best to live up to your potential for the betterment of the world. Doing what is right because it is right, feeding a starving...

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Is Morality a Talent?

Is Morality A Talent? One typically wouldn't think of morality when it comes to the nature versus nurture debate about the origin of personality, but after being faced with this issue I have realized that the origin of morality can be debated about all the same. With the classic nature versus nurture debate I myself have come to a conclusion that we are composed of a little bit of both nature and nurture, and I am still finding myself coming to that same conclusion with morality. I believe that...

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What Is Morality

Definition essay: What is Morality? I'll tell you that morality is probably one of the biggest, most confusing things to look at when you need to write a paper about it. After some deliberation, I have concluded a few things about morality and what it is. Morality is one of those words that you don't hear very often, and use even less frequently. It is perfectly described by Webster's Dictionary as a set of guidelines that govern a person's actions. Without such a code...

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The Evolution of Morality

Anthropology 205 5 April 2012 The Evolution of Morality De Waal, author of Good Natured, is one of the most foremost proponents of debate over the evolution of morality. He is a famous primatologist and ethologist who bases his opinions partially on Darwinism and partially on his own personal viewing of primates. According to De Waal, morality comes from two separate sources. De Waal’s theory of morality rests upon the observations of primate behaviors of empathy and sympathy, the selection...

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Human Morality

Human Morality A common question throughout history has always been about human morality. Because of our higher thinking capacity, we are hardwired to adapt and refine our basic instincts to survive; therefore, it is obvious this question would be disputed throughout time. Are humans innately good, bad, or plainly neutral? The position that any one person takes may be derived from any number of ideas, be them philosophical thoughts or scientific inquiries. This essay asserts that morality is innate...

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Law and Morality

Law and Morality It is not an everyday occurrence that someone must decide the fate of another's life. The dilemma of making a decision that someone must die in order for the others to survive, can obviously be troubling. The process in which the termination of one's life may be easy to make, but to justify that decision is the most difficult one. This paper is given a situation in which a decision of taking one's life is essential. The situation is that a nuclear war has occurred, which has destroyed...

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Religion and Morality

In this paper I will discuss the relationship between religion and morality. I will first address the question asked by those with religion, how are atheists moral? Then I will examine morality and its relativity to culture. Next I will explore whether those without a religion are actually more moral than those with a religion. And finally, I will discuss any possible objections to my claims. This argument is in no way saying that those that believe in God are unmoral but that those who don’t...

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Law and Morality


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Morality in Islam

Morality in Islamic perspective Morals are the standards set by society for an ethical human behavior. It can also be called the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. Morality is the adherence to the moral values present in the society, especially the following of good moral conduct. Islam is a comprehensive way of life, and morality is one of the cornerstones Islam.  Morality is one of the fundamental sources of a nation’s strength, just as immorality is one of the main causes of a...

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Morality Essay

class we have been talking about Morality in Kant’s point of view which is the Categorical Imperative and also about the Morality point of view based on Consequentialism. I believe that it was not morally permissible for Kevin Carter to leave the child because of Kant’s point of view on Morality, and that he should have not won the Pulitzer Prize for Photography based on this photo and I will explain why in this essay. According to Kant we should base morality on the Universal Law which means...

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Machiavelli and Morality

When reading Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince, one can't help but grasp Machiavelli's argument that morality and politics can not exist in the same forum. However, when examining Machiavelli's various concepts in depth, one can conclude that perhaps his suggested violence and evil is fueled by a moral end of sorts. First and foremost, one must have the understanding that this book is aimed solely at the Prince or Emperor with the express purpose of aiding him in maintaining power. Therefore, it...

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Ethics and Morality

similarities and the differences between virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological.[Actually the ideal of goodness derives from various aspects of these theories – not their differences and similarities] Sometimes ethics is used interchangeably with morality to define or describe good character.[Don’t forget your preview statement to tell your reader what you plan to discuss and in what order. See the Writing Framework posted on the Course Materials OLS forum for guidance] [Don’t forget subheadings...

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Law and Morality

Law and Morality Sir John Salmond described the law as ‘the body of principles recognised and applied by the state in the administration of justice’. They are a set of rules and boundaries that are established by authorities which must be obeyed, otherwise, a sanction may be given. Morals are beliefs, values and principles that are set by society or part of a society, determining what is right and wrong. Phil Harris stated that they are “standards of behaviour”. Unlike legal rules, compliance with...

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Morality & Ethics

organisation is said to be the most beneficial one and after availing the development how to sustain the same is of much significance. Two important principles that could help one sustain the same are Morality & Ethics. In broader sense the terms morality & ethics are defined as under : Morality : It is differentiation of intentions, decisions and actions between those that are “good” and those that are “bad”. Ethics : It is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and...

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Public Morality

Public morality is often referred to as moral and ethical standards that are enforced in a society, by the law, the police, or social pressure, and applied to public life, to the content of the media and to conduct in public places. Public morality usually involves the regulation of sexual matters, which include prostitution and homosexuality, but it also addresses the issues of nudity, pornography, the acceptability of cohabitation before marriage, and the protection of children (Wikpedia, 2006)...

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Morality and God

Name PHI 103 Informal Logic Instructor Date of Submission Morality only exists if we believe in God; therefore if God doesn’t exist there is no morality. There have been so many evil acts committed in the name of God that it is difficult to maintain that a belief in God equates to morality. There are situations that happen every day where decisions are made based off of human rights that contradict the word of God. Morality comes from within, it is an understanding of right versus wrong...

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Ethics and Morality

 Ethics and Morality Essay ETH/316 Professor Tom Collins Ethics and Morality Essay The similarities and differences between ethical theories are based on the explanation of ethical principles from the views of an individual. There are three major ethical theories: virtue ethics, deontology, and utilitarianism ethics. Ethics is the beliefs of right and wrong in human action (Boylan, 2009). There are many theories that exist on how people come to believe what is the right and wrong...

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Money and Morality

MONEY AND MORALITY: Gifts of eternal truth in moments of the mundane By Cheryl Leis, PhD, Management Consultant/Practical Philosopher As inhabitants of this 21st century Western world, we all have to deal with money. We participate in the world of commerce as a means to obtain those things considered necessities of life. Money plays the role of the most commonly accepted means in this giving and getting from others. And the more money one has, the greater one’s power to regulate the particulars...

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Morality Play

conjuring- the performance of magical tricks cavil- (v.) to find fault in a petty way, carp; a trivial objection or criticism cupidity- (n.) an eager desire for something; greed scruple- a feeling of doubt or hesitation with regard to the morality or propriety of a course of action folly- lack of good sense; foolish action or undertaking patron- (politics) granting favors or giving contracts or making appointments to office in return for political support animosity- (n.) strong...

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Profitability & Morality

Can profitability and morality coexist? Explain the statement in detail The largest companies in the nation have evolved over the years to find more ways to streamline operations, reduce waste, increase the productivity of their employees, preached corporate ethics to their employees, try to be involved with local communities by giving to the local youth clubs or donations to a regional cancer research center. But is this to be a good citizen of the community, or is it a show? There's a view...

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Morality as a freedom

Morality is a matter of freedom. The statement is accurate because everyone has a freedom of choice in their moral decision. Although there has always been an assumption that inclinations and desires affect the moral values of people, this does not indicated their freedom to choose and weigh if the desires and inclinations are wrong. That is the reason that some people find it hard to make decisions freely due to the factors that inclining them to do things that are not out of their own will...

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Morality Essay

Surpassing Limits-A Question of Morality Surpassing Limits-A Question of Morality There are times when humans are faced with a situation in which the morality of the decision they make is difficult to judge. What is right morally for one individual may be thought of as unethical for another. In this particular scenario, an intellectual man who goes by the name Bill Jackson comes from a very poor family and does not have the money required to be able to go to medical school. Desperately in need...

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Relativism and Morality

Relativism and Morality Na’Quisha Powell SOC 120 Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility Instructor: Erin Schouten March 25, 2013 There are moral choices made on a daily basis, no matter the culture or race, people make these types of choices. The moral choices we make based on our cultures can be viewed on a scale of right and wrong by other cultures. In the writing of “Some Moral Minima”, Lenn E. Goodman views several aspects of morality and relativism, and argues that certain...

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The Morality of Abortion

The Morality of Abortion On the question of abortion being moral, the answer is clearly that terminating a fetus' life under certain circumstances is not only moral, but it is also our responsibility to terminate it if the quality of life is in question for the fetus. A second major reason is that to declare abortion immoral would mean that we would have to consider the factor of how the conception came about. This cannot and should not be done. Quality is a major factor in the question...

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Copying Morality?

acceptable within the community. Because of this, it is looked down upon when a driver breaks the speed limit, becoming so unacceptable that legal action can take place. Speed limits are not suggestions, they are laws. These laws are in no violation of morality and therefore they must be followed. Gert also believes that it is not acceptable to break a law in the event that one thinks that some other law would be better. If society allows violation of the current law due to the fact the society is in...

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Morality of Abortion

Mallory Causey Morality of Abortion I. Introduction In this paper, I will argue that abortion is morally acceptable in certain situations. In defending this argument I will include the reason behind my decision, and I will provide an alternate example using the same general principle. After explaining my principle I will give clarity to two arguments that may be presented by others. Finally, I will conclude by describing any changes that I have made to my general principle. II. Argument...

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Ethics and morality

that you make, it is an automatic response which urges you to not think but to act because you are aware of the responsibility to the other. This relates to ethics because you feel in your gut that helping someone in need is right, and it relates to morality because it is the action that is done to either help or not help. If you are lying on a beach and hear someone cry out for help, even if you know them or do not know them you will automatically go and try to rescue them. When you hear that one scream...

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Morality and Euthanasia

Morality and Euthanasia Two hundred years ago, to question the absolute worth of human life was an unforgivable offense. Individuals, who attempted to suicide, were often punished in courts, and even sent to work camps. Those who were successful were often buried with stakes in their hearts, and the state confiscated their property rather than dispersing it to their relatives. If taking one’s own life were so serious, asking a doctor to help one commit suicide would have been unthinkable. Although...

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Ethics And Morality

Morality and Ethics in Corporate World In the business world, both ethics and morals are a requirement in the corporate world. Employees are face with moral and ethical issues each day people behave differently because they have their own special set of morals. This essay will discuss the differences between ethical and moral issues, the differences between personal and business ethics as well as provide examples of common ethical problems in business for each of the abovementioned ethics.  An...

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Personal Morality

all of the people said they would have told The Home Depot of the error. The consensus I gathered from both scenarios is that the tractor’s value was almost $1700.00 where as the price of two glasses of wine was about $15.00. For many it seems morality has a price limit. I recently took my stepdaughter shopping; she wanted to pick up a gift for a friend who had driven her to the airport. Samantha picked out a necklace for her friend and also found a couple of pairs of earrings for herself. Samantha...

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Morality in war

Morality in War Is war ever moral? I feel that War is a necessary part of life. Sometimes force is the only way to defend yourself or others. We are all equals, and It is immoral to take the life of anyone, but it is also immoral to let the life of anyone be taken. We have a responsibility to help each other because cooperation is the only way the human race can survive; we also have a right to defend ourselves. This means that if someone else is threatening you or anothers life, and you are capable...

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Political Theory: Morality

Morality is the principles concerning the difference between right and wrong. Ones behavior is affected by these principles. Morality is the belief that certain behaviors are good or bad. Morality gives human beings “laws” to live their lives by. Now morality can be seen in different ways. The laws that morality apparently gives us to live our live by, are given by “God”. Now not everyone feels that way, the religious people believe that God gave them a set of morals to follow, and they believe that...

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Religion and Morality (Does Morality Depend on Religion?)

Pages 1-18. Religion and Morality (Does Morality Depend on Religion?) * Readings are taken from mainstream Western religions, namely Judaism and Christianity. * But also from Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism. * A tradition in American thought that encourages leaders to look to religion and morality as pillars of a well ordered society. * In his 1976 address, Washington advised his fellow citizens to regard religion and morality as “indispensable supports” for “political prosperity...

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morality in international law

DOES MORALITY BELONG IN THE FORMATION OF INTERNATION LAW? The discussion of whether or not morality belongs in international law has its' roots in both the definition of morality as a concept, and the ability of an international body to legitimize the adjudication process based on premises of morality. The term 'moral' has its' roots in middle english according to the oxford dictionary: “from Latin moralis, from mos, mor- 'custom', (plural) mores 'morals'. As a noun the word was first used to...

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Religion, Morality, and the Good Life

Religion, Morality, and the Good Life Does morality depend on religion? Many believe the fundamental aspects of morality and religion join to form the basis on how one chooses to live their life. Some would define morality as a system we humans use to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Morality could derive from a number of different factors including, religion, culture, and upbringing. Those that believe that morality derives from religion or God’s commands trust in the Divine...

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Explain the meaning of law and morality

law and morality. Discuss whether the law does and should seek to uphold moral principles. (30 marks + 5 marks for AO3). Laws and morals are quite similar in some ways but they also have their differences. Law is best described as rules made by authority. John Austin defined law as a command from a sovereign power, law needs to be obeyed and is enforced through sanctions. Morality on the other hand is values and principles as opposed to rules. Phil Harris defines a society's 'code of morality' as a...

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It Is Obvious That Morality Is Relative

is obvious that morality is relative" . Critically asses this claim Religious Education 23/04/2012 Views on Morality are varied and changed throughout different cultures and societies. Morality in the definition of the word, is the natural sense of right and wrong. This sense is usually gained from the surroundings on a person as a young child or from influences in a person's life. The statement that Morality is relative can be looked at in many different ways. Morality to be seen in a...

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Morality and Relgion - Irish Murdoch

Iris Murdoch-“Morality and Religion”: Notes pg. 733, para 1: Murdoch’s purpose is to question the relationship of morality to religion, and look at their differences as well as the definition of religion. -She claims this essay is moral philosophy and feels she must clarify whether her philosophy is religious or not. -She discusses how some believe religion really must be “breathed in” during childhood (taught to children by their parents); otherwise, adults may feel they are just faking it—but...

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understanding christian morality

1 UNDERSTANDING CHRISTIAN MORALITY I. Discuss and illustrate what makes a person moral, immoral and amoral A Moral person When we say a person is moral it means that he correctly judges between right and wrong and consequently act on what is virtuous. A moral person does what is right and despises what is wrong. He does the things that are pleasing to God with decency and integrity and because of that he does the will of God. The only foundation for morality is being Christ like. Normally...

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Ethics and Morality Wendy Merrill

Running Head: Famine, Affluence and Morality 1 Famine, Affluence and Morality Wendy Merrill PHI208 Alexandrea Ravenelle ...

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Morality Without God Summary

Summary of Morality Without God by John Arthur Nirvair Chahal Dr. Ronald de Sousa PHLA11 S T.A. Chad Horne 996811650 January 24, 2012 John Arthur argues that morality exists without the influence of religion in his passage Morality Without God. Arthur claims that morality is independent of religion both logically and psychologically. He first distinguishes what he is referring to when he speaks of morality and religion. Arthur explains that morality is having the tendency to evaluate...

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Law vs. morality

Law vs. Morality Law is a system of rules which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by imposing penalties, where as morality is the principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. The question circles around just what rules the community/country recognizes and how is a principle viewed as right or wrong. Different countries may have their own definition of morality and their...

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Morality Dialogue--Eng109(Spring2013)

English 109 23 May 2013 Assignment 3: Morality Dialogue Introducing Theologist and college professor, Preston Jones; Naturalist, Bad Religion front man and professor of evolutionary biology, Greg Graffin; Jesuit Priest, Dan Berrigan; Buddhist monk and Zen master, Thich Nhat Hanh; and finally, myself, curious student and linguistic anthropology major, Edlynn Andrus as moderator. Andrus: Today we bring you an amazing set of individuals to discuss morality. Where does it come from? Is it possible...

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The Objective Basis of Morality Challenged

The Objective Basis of Morality Challenged The origins of morality and what is defined as "good" or "bad", "unethical" or "moral" can easily boggle the mind. It is a topic that can be debated almost endlessly. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration to provide valid philosophies; yet there will still always be debatable elements. Two concepts of morality that are in direct opposition of each other are moral objectivism and moral relativism. Moral relativism can be subjective...

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Morality is a culturally conditioned response

 Morality is a Culturally Conditioned Response ‘Morality is a Culturally Conditioned Response’ is an article printed in the magazine ‘Philosophy Now’ and is written by Jesse Prinz who is a distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the City University of New York. This is an argumentative article where the writer, Jesse Prinz, has argued in favor of moral relativism and supported the theory that moral judgments are based on emotions hence they vary from person to person. The writer has written was...

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Morality and the Human Genome Project

Morality and the Human Genome Project Does the Human Genome Project affect the moral standards of society? Can the information produced by it become a beneficial asset or a moral evil? For example, in a genetic race or class distinction the use of the X chromosome markers can be used for the identification of a persons ethnicity or class (Murphy,34). A seemingly harmless collection of information from the advancement of the Human Genome Project. But, lets assume this information is used to explore...

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Hume: Morality Is Based on Sentiment

Hume: Morality is Based on Sentiment This paper will attempt to give a detailed breakdown of David Hume's take on morality, and how some of the other philosophers would critique his stance. I will first speak about why Hume believes reason and passion don't contradict each other. Then I will give Aristotle’s and Aquinas' view on this conclusion of his. Next, I will speak on how Hume argues that moral judgments aren't grounded in reason. Afterwards, I will discuss what he considers that moral...

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Law and Morality in English Law

Discuss the relationship between law and morals and whether law should uphold moral values? Phil Harris in an introduction to law defines a society’s ‘code of morality’ as a set of beliefs, values, principles and a standard of behaviour. A compliance with these rules is not compulsory and not required by the state. People are influenced by their family, friend’s religion. However, they could consider from themselves what they believe to be moral or immoral in their view, because a society is pluralistic...

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Morality in Ethan Frome

Morality in Ethan Frome In The Morality of Inertia, Lionel Trilling argues that Ethan Frome’s inability to make his own ethical decisions ultimately makes his ‘smash-up’ a tragic event caused by the inactivity of morality. The nonexistence of this moral inertia is the explanation, for Trilling, for the outcome of Frome; the lack of moral responsibility in any of the main characters from the beginning of their lives paralyzes their decision making process-- they simply exist and do what is their...

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How Common is Morality in Humans

! Are people inherently moral?! ! Bernard Gert (2012) defines the term „morality“ descriptively and normatively. Descriptively, morality refers to some codes of conduct which has put forwarded by a society, by a religion or accepted by an individual for her own behavior. Normatively, morality is a code of conduct, which would be put forward by all rational people in some specific conditions. Therefore morality is a knowledge. To assume that people are inherently moral, it should also be...

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Morality in Tom Jones

Tom Jones and Morality The two hundredth anniversary of Henry Fielding is very justly celebrated, even if, as far as can be discovered, it is only celebrated by the newspapers. It would be too much to expect that any such merely chronological incident should induce the people who write about Fielding to read him; this kind of neglect is only another name for glory. A great classic means a man whom one can praise without having read. This is not in itself wholly unjust; it merely implies a certain...

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