Topics: Birth control, Sex education, Morality Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Vis a vis morality, for us to lay the foundation of the understanding of the term, I deemed it necessary to search for its meaning and I found in Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary: Third Edition that morality is a personal or social set of standards for good or bad behavior and character or the quality of being right, honest, or acceptable. Taking from the definition itself, we can draw out a conclusion that morality is more of a personal encounter of what is morally good or right. It might slightly capture the concept of moral relativism in which according to Steven Luker, is the belief that deals of right and wrong and good and bad are contextually dete3rmined by one’s local culture, as opposed to a theory of morality that holds that good and bad exist as absolute, metaphysical values existing cross naturally, values intrinsic to one’s humanness. But I also deemed it necessary to deal not with any philosopher for it might just create confusion of what my focus is on. I, as ,a concerned citize3n of the Philippines would just like to impart one of the hottest issue in the Philippines specifically the unending debate on the Reproductive Health Bill or commonly known as “RH Bill” as it affects the practical view of the other countries and much worse of the Filipinos themselves.

Before Former Chief Justice Renato Corona was put into the hot seat of the House of the Senate, one striking issue that really shook the judiciary branch of the Philippines was the passing of the Reproductive Health Bill

Prior to the passed bill are 5 same bill with same goals are passed. Only, the RH Bill passed by the Congressman Edcel Legman is found prominent with that of the 5 Bill which aims to guarantee universal access to methods of contraception, abortion, fertility control, sexual education, and maternal care. Sounds nice! Even a survey done by the ABS-CBN TV Patrol greatly shows that the great number of those who agree are much higher than that of who do not. Basically,...
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