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Black People

Tricia McCullers End of chapter question Chapter 12-20 1 . What issues most concerned black political leaders during Reconstruction? Reconstruction brought important social changes to former slaves. Families that had been separated before and during the Civil War were reunited, and slave marriages were formalized through legally recognized ceremonies. Families also took advantage of the schools established by the Freedmen's Bureau and the expansion of public education, albeit segregated...

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Fences: Black People and Wilson

about life, and an extended metaphor Wilson uses to show the crumbling relationships between Troy and Cory and Troy and Rose. Troy Maxson represents the dreams of black America in a majorly white world, a world where these dreams were not possible because of the racism and attitudes that prevailed. Troy Maxson is representative of many blacks and their "attitudes and behavior...within the social flux of the late fifties, in their individual and collective struggles to hew a niche for themselves in the...

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Black People and Affirmative Action

topic, which affects all citizens of South Africa, in particular, seems dated. In some instances it is a policy viewed with hostility as it is said to discriminate against sections of the population, yet in others it is seen as beneficial to women, black people and the disabled. Studies show that in many instances this form of historical redress has proven a hindrance to performance and makes the beneficiaries doubt their abilities when viewed by their superiors. This has a negative effect on an organization...

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Describe the position of black people in the USA in 1945.

Blacks in the USA in 1945 were not considered as equal; the treatment of people was based on their skin colour, a practice that had been going on for many years before, even after the Reconstruction of society after the Civil War in which the blacks were "liberated" from slavery. In theory, blacks were free to work and live where they wanted, but the figures at the time told a different story: by 1960, around 17% of the workforce of "white-collar" workers, i.e. professional, technical, administration...

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The Rise of the Black on Black

completion more and more young people are being murdered in the streets of London. Many victims die at the hands of members of their own community. Iti Awosika joins the heated debate about how we can protect our children. There has been an alarming rate of deaths amongst teenage black boys. For the past decade Britain has had the largest rate of teenage deaths amongst teenagers both black and white, however this number has been much higher of amongst teens of Black decent, may have questioned the...

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Black on Black Crime

Black on black violence is an enormous problem in the African-American community. Living in a neighborhood that is mostly minority, many may have witnessed a lot of black on black violence. The black on black violence has continued to arise in many communities and continues to be a problem around the world. Black on black violence is ignorant, and many black Americans should be coming together instead of killing one another. African-Americans people should be helping each other achieve in the world...

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Black Politics

will address the position of black politician when it comes to race consciousness and deracialization, through the past, present and future. My position is to focus on how racial consciences used by politicians throughout the years have made it possible for politicians today to even having the option of running a deradicalized campaign and will still be a key ideology for the future. Going back to the Reconstruction Era until the mid 1980’s the identity of the black politician was very distinct...

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Black Boy

Day Leap 007, March 16, 2011 Short Paper Option 2 When we think of hunger we all think of food, we never think of hunger as something else. In today’s world, many people suffer from hunger in the form of food, but food is not the only problem involving hunger. In Richard Wrights book “Black Boy” Richard, who is a young black boy, is faced with many different types of hunger, not only for food but also for things such as love, knowledge, education, or even engagement in social and political issues...

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Black Hirstory Month

Black History Month celebrates contributions made by African Americans and people of African descent around the world. It was started by an African American man named Dr. Carter G. Woodson in 1926. Back then, it was called Negro History Week and was celebrated the second week of February. Now it is celebrated for the whole month of February in the United States and Canada, and the month of October in the United Kingdom. How do people feel about Black History Month? Some people feel it's unfair...

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Black Slang

or write could be fined and/or put in jail. This left them to fend for themselves and create their own form of communication. As time has progressed, the Black slag, known as Ebonics, is recognized by many as a less sophisticated form of English. From a linguistics stand point, the use of this slang leads to a negative reflection on the people within the African American culture. And it should be noted, this can be said for any culture within a society’s norms for language. The use of Ebonics...

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Black Masculinity

by violence and sex, particularly in the black community. Hip-hop goes wherever the dominant culture seems to hail. Hip-hop is merely an imitation of an imaginary life that almost all males in the black community want to have, thus making hip-hop the defining factor of black masculinity.(Drisana 2011) These representations of black men in general are only helping de-mythicized the stereotypical images of African Americans; meaning that the way that black masculinity is seen only makes African Americans...

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A Black Poet

A Black Poet Langston Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri in 1902 (Arnold Rampersad 11). When Hughes was a child his mother and father separated. Most of his young childhood was spent with his grandmother. She raised him to know his self-worth and the importance of know where he came from. He had a lonely childhood. His grandmother encouraged him to read all sorts of literature. At the age of 13 he wrote his first poem in honor of graduation in Lincoln, Illinois where he attended...

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Black Families

effective and helping as the extended family has been, its starting to be appreciated less throughout the Black family. This is starting to happen mainly because Blacks are moving from areas that they were raised for practically their whole lives. They move to places where there aren't any friends or relatives in the immediate neighborhoods of communities. Another reason is that the attitudes of the Black youth toward the elders have changed (Staples, 1994). Younger adults are not as responsive to the wisdom...

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Black Boy

Midterm Paper The Many Hungers in Black Boy We often find ourselves thinking “Man I am so hungry!” after going without eating for just a few hours. If you really think about it we only go without eating for small periods of time. Have we ever really experienced hunger? Real hunger for that matter, hunger like Richard faces in Black Boy. The kind of hunger he experiences are not evident in a society in which we live. Hunger for us is skipping a meal or not finding anything that will please...

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Ebonics and Black Identity

May 11, 2011 Ebonics and the Black Identity You sound like a White person. Why do you talk like that? You are Black… talk and act like it. These are some of the things I heard growing up throughout the years. Because I grew up in a predominantly Black neighborhood and went to predominantly Black schools, my Black identity was always questioned by my peers based on the way I spoke. How did the way I speak change my identity to not be considered “Black enough”? Language and identity go hand...

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Souls of Blacks

Reflection Paper – The Souls of Black Folk By: W. E. B. Du Bois Thesis: W. E. B. Du Bois' The Souls of Black Folk is an influential work of art for African American literature. Within this book Du Bois proposes that "the problem of the Twentieth Century is connected with the color of people’s skin color." He also represents his concepts of life behind the hard times of race calling it the “double-consciousness theory”, this is the sense of always looking at their selves through the eyes...

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Black History Month

 Black History Month Celebration Thesis Statement: In order to proudly celebrate the creator of Black History Month and others who fought for many generations to have the right to even acknowledged on national and international scale , blacks should research more on innovative people of African descent, promote entrepreneurship amongst blacks, and incorporate traditional African ( Freedom school) in public and private educational institutions. Outline Subject: Black History Month ...

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Racism and People

RACISM ESSAY Racism is one of the world's major issues today. Many people are not aware of how much racism still exists in our schools workforces, and anywhere else where social lives are occurring. It is obvious that racism is bad as it was many decades ago but it sure has not gone away. Racism very much exists and it is about time that people need to start thinking about the instigations and solutions to this matter. Many people believe that it depends on if a person was brought into the world as...

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Destruction of the Black Community

Causes the Destruction of Black Communities? Faced with the numerous obstacles that black communities have encountered, it is extremely difficult to make progress toward a better tomorrow. The absence of positive role models/ leaders leave black communities stagnant in politics and efficient social gathering, their lack of knowledge destroys a chance for cultural innovation and change, while systematic failure of the government also contributes to the destruction of the black community and the future...

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Why Do Black Lives Matter

Kyla Higgins  Feb. 4,2015  English­ 6th    “Why Do Black Lives Matter”  Analysis Of Quote       Step 1: According to Anthony Bradley,”In the current crisis, we are left to reduce some of our  neighbors to depersonalized nouns: “suspect,” “thug,” “criminal,” “felon,” or “cop.” This type of  depersonalization is the gateway to dehumanization because it gives us permission to suspend  the requirement to treat people with dignity, even if they have broken the law”(1).    Step 2: In this quote, what ...

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The black union Army

 Name Tutor Institution Course Date Benefits of the Black Union Army Introduction The black union army is a term commonly used to refer to the black men of African American origin who were mostly recruited into the American army as a consequence of the civil war between the northern and southern states. This war came to an end with the surrender of the non federal forces in the 1865 after a fierce battle that had started three years with the firing on Fort Sumter. As a result racial...

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Black Women and the Abolition of Slavery

“Rachel Weeping for Her Children”: Black Women and the Abolition of Slavery by Margaret Washington Photograph of Sojourner Truth, 1864. (Gilder Lehrman Collection) During the period leading up to the Civil War, black women all over the North comprised a stalwart but now largely forgotten abolitionist army. In myriad ways, these race-conscious women worked to bring immediate emancipation to the South. Anti-slavery Northern black women felt the sting of oppression personally. Like the slaves, they...

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How accurate is it to say that the status of black people in the USA changed very little in the years 1945-1955?

How accurate is it to say that the status of black people in the USA changed very little in the years 1945-1955? I would agree with this statement and say that the status of black people did not change much between the years of 1945 to 1955, I believe that there is a lot of evidence to back me up in my decision, for example, the federal intervention caused by the actions of Harry Truman, direct action from civil rights groups and the role of African Americans within society in this time period...

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Anti-Black Violence

Anti-Black Violence Anti-black violence is a horrific part of American history. I think it is important to address this issue because violence against African American population is still happening nowadays. I am raising the topic of anti-black violence because in my opinion, this chapter of the history was not finished with the end of slavery as many of us believe, and I have witnessed it myself. Based on my experience and after having read The Autobiography of Malcolm X, I...

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Black Nationalism and the Revolution in Music

The black population has fought hard to get where they are in today's society in terms of their courage, beliefs and faith to accomplish what they have done in the fields of politics and music. They have been affective in the field of politics by having leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther king Jr., Malcolm x and Nelson Mandela lead them to a civil right society where everyone was treated equally. And they have also been part of the revolution of music in terms of how many categories they have invented...

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Black History Paper

2014 Black History Assignment A. US Black History 1. To you, what is the importance of celebrating Black history (5 sentences) February represents much more than any other month of the year. As this month begins so does a celebration within the black community, with February being Black History Month it allows black Americans to reflect on how far their ancestors have come and how the black community has worked so hard to shape the nation. I feel that it is important to remember and honor the...

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The New Negro: Rebirth of the Black Man

rebirth of the black man. This black man was proud of his identity, he was now very aware of what was going on around him. The New Negro was a man that was one who knew his rights and was willing to fight for it – education, the right to vote, to earn a decent wage, to own business and show the brilliance and power of the black man. This period established beginning of a period that would not only set the tone for other generation but show case the talent, grace and splendor of the black man. The New...

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Black Sexual Politics

Black Sexual Politics The book Black Sexual Politics by Patricia Hill Collins is a work of critical theory that discusses the way that race, class and gender intersect to affect the lives of African American men and women in many different ways, but with similar results. The book explores the way that new forms of racism can work to oppress black people, while filling them with messages of liberation. The book also examines the way sexual politics are based on American ideas and the ideals of masculinity...

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The Great Black Migration North

the U.S. Census of 1900, ninety percent of Blacks lived in the South. Three-quarters of black households were located in rural places; only one-fifth owned their own homes and most worked as farmers or laborers. If not on farms, the vast majority of Black men and women who worked at all did so in unskilled labor and service jobs. It was also noted in the census that most Black children did not attend school. The massive migration of Southern Blacks to the North started as far back as the 1920’s...

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Black Stereotypes in the Harlem Rennaissance

In the last several sessions, we discussed a variety of black stereotypes portrayed in the media during the Harlem Renaissance. During the 1920s, there were specific stereotypes associated with Classic Blues vocal performers-especially black female artists. These stereotypes were based on the “Mammy” figure, which dates back to slavery. Female classic blues artists were portrayed as buxom and “hyper sexualized.” The idea of sexually independent women was considered immoral, so it is of no surprise...

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The Souls of Black Folk

of The Souls of Black Folk embodies Du Bois' experience of duality as well as his "people's." In Du Bois' "Forethought" to his essay collection, The Souls of Black Folk, he entreats the reader to receive his book in an attempt to understand the world of African Americans—in effect the "souls of black folk." Implicit in this appeal is the assumption that the author is capable of representing an entire "people." This presumption comes out of Du Bois' own dual nature as a black man who has lived...

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Rhetorical Analysis of "Im Not Black"

| The Rhetorical Analysis of “He’s Not Black” by Marie Arana | Likita M.Taylor | ITT Tech | ENG: 1320: Composition I | 10/30/2012 | | Rhetorical Analysis of “He’s Not Black” by Marie Arana I selected “He’s Not Black” by Marie Arana. Arana discusses a topic that affects all of us today; especially “minorities” in America; how do we define ourselves racially. Like most of us, the author has many different heritages in her ancestry. I like how she described...

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Civil Rights Movement and Black Nationalism

English 1302.044 March 3, 2000 Militant and Violent Acts of the Civil Rights Movement and Black Nationalism The rights of African-Americans have been violated since they were brought over to America as slaves in the late 1600's to the land of the free. Great political gains for African-Americans were made in the 1960's such as the right to vote without paying. Still, many African Americans were dissatisfied with their economic situation, so they reacted with violence in the form of riots. Other...

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Black Codes of Louisiana

Black Codes The Reconstruction period was not as successful as most people think it was with regards to African Americans. Though some factors may be seen as more successful then others, but overall the Reconstruction period (with respect to African Americans) was very unsuccessful. In 1865 legislators ratified the 13th Amendment. White Southern Americans released their most precious piece of property, their slaves. Though former slaves were liberated, a tough road was built before them...

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African Cultural Concepts in Black America

African Cultural Concepts in Black America African Cultural Concepts Have African Americans’ perception about what it truly means to be of African decent altered, or have they managed to stay connected to their African customs and traditions? In the essay “ Some African Cultural Concepts,” Steve Biko discussed five major aspects of African culture that, from his perspective, differ from the European culture, specifically the Anglo-Boers. According to Biko, Africans encourages a “Man-centered”...

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Women in Black Literature

The role of the black woman in black literature has changed throughout time in several ways. In the past several women in, black literature was perceived as dark, submissive characters, as time progressed, the black female began to evolve into a stronger being. Black woman in Black Literature were many a times against the elements of society. “A Raisin in the Sun” depicts few issues black woman in literature faced throughout time; they faced issues such as skin color within their race of gender (light...

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The Black Disadvantage in the United States

The Black Disadvantage in the United States Racial profiling, higher risks of incarceration, poverty, unemployment, more student debt; these are just some of the issues that African Americans face in the United States today. The statistical facts show that African Americans Face an uphill battle compared to White Americans. A good portion of the financial inequality that exists is due to the trickle down of white financial ancestral inheritance which was able to amass overtime unlike the...

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African American and Black Women

 A Rhetorical Analysis of “Hip-Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women” Divan Ealy September 25, 2013 ENGL 1123 9-9:50am The article “Hip-Hop Betrayal of Black Women” was written by Jennifer McLune and appeared in Z magazine Online in the July 2006 issue. McLune argues that sexism in hip-hop’s culture is a big part and has helped make the industry what it is today. This article can be divided into 5 different sections. In the first section, she talks about Kevin Powell...

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alarming unemploymet amongst blacks

Ejindu 1 Prof Sam Crowley Eng 1010-11 2 Nov. 2011 Unacceptable Unemployment Rate Among Black Americans Numerous factors have been linked to the high unemployment rate among black Americans. Some are real arguments, and some are mere fallacies. The three important factors militating against black population in this regard are unfair crime policy, lack of positive mentors, and lack common sense and planning. Though some these factors are thought...

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Advice to a Black Schoolgirl

INTRODUCTION: The Progressive age lasted from 1890s all the way to the 1920’s. The progressive age is a time of great depression and great hardship. During this time there was a lot of discrimination towards people of different races and low rights for women. There were promises made for the African Americans by the president, those promises were broke. With the writing during the progressive age is very enlightening due to the fact of the matter it is all about the wanting and needing of rights...

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Strivings of the Negro People

The Strivings of The Negro People The essay that I am presenting today is “Strivings of the Negro People” by W.E.B Dubois. This essay was written in as an article in the Atlantic Monthly in 1987, but before I get to essay, I would like to give some background information about Mr. Dubois. Both scholar and activist, W.E.B. Du Bois was born on February 23, 1868, in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. He studied at Harvard University and, in 1895, became the first African American to earn a doctorate...

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Slavery And Its Impact On Both Blacks And Whites

Slavery and Its Impact on Both Blacks and Whites Slavery and Its Impact on Both Blacks and Whites The institution of slavery was something that encompassed people of all ages, classes, and races during the 1800's. Slavery was an institution that empowered whites and humiliated and weakened blacks in their struggle for freedom. In the book, the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, slave Frederick Douglass gives his account of what it was like being a slave and how he was affected. Additionally...

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How free were Blacks in North

How Free Were Free Blacks In North? “I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one, I would have the other.” Stated by a freed Northern slave in his journal. The civil war affected the course of America and changed the World we know today. With the effect of slavery thousands of African Americans were outlawed into slaves across United States. With civil war storm clouds building, blacks did anything to be free by running to the free lands of so called “equality.” Many took a route called the...

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Were Blacks Free During Reconstruction?

Drew Beyersdorf 6th U.S. History 12/7/12 Were Blacks Free During Reconstruction? Reconstruction was the South's transformation following the Civil War. Reconstruction attempted to solve political, social, and economic problems between the South and the North. This time period was important to study because it showed America's struggle to become reunited. To fully understand the question of whether Blacks were free during Reconstruction, “free” must be defined. To be free, within this historical...

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Message to the Black Man In America

family by working as a sharecropper until he left home at age 16 to work in factories. On March 17, 1917 he married Clara evans and like many blacks at the time migrated for the jim crow south to Hamtramack Michigan for better job opportunities. While living in Michigan Poole and his wife had 8 children. In 1931 Poole attended his first speech on Islam and black empowerment by Wallace D Fard. Afterwards Poole became a follower of Fard and adopted the Muslim name Muhammad. After Fard was arrested on...

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The Importance and Struggles of the Black Studies Movement

Mi Truong Professor Shuler AFA 2000 20 January 2013 The Importance and Struggles of the Black Studies Movement The development of African American Studies or Black Studies provides an interesting and significant aspect to the history of the struggles of black men and women. As a multidisciplinary academic concentration, it serves to analyze the history, politics, and culture of African-based societies and communities. This relatively new study has encountered an assortment of challenges within...

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I'M Black and I'M Proud

Black History speech: I'm Black and I'm Proud As we come to the close of another black History Month, we have been reflecting upon our heritage. Upon such people as Chrispus Atticks, Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglas, George Washington Culver, Dr. Charles Drew, Thurgood Marshal, Malcolm X, and of course Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and many, many more. And as we remember and review these names we realize that in any other society this would be a great list of historical figures. But being in...

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Hip Hop and Black Women

internalized and embedded into the psyches of American people of color over time. A part of the learned mainstream American culture is sexism and misogyny. Hip-hop culture is frequently condemned for its misogynistic exploitation of women, but this misogyny has its roots in the culture in which we live. Hip-hop but can be explored and used as a valuable tool in examining gender relations. It brings to surface the issues that face many young people, such as discrimination, peer relations, and self-worth...

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Black Men and Public Space

feelings onto paper, as long as there have been people interested in them. Common themes have risen through the ages, such as the contrast between light and dark. Darkness is known for its negative undertone. In earlier times, we saw darkness as an interpretation of evil; likewise, light represented God and all good. From literature we, as a society, have built what later became social rules, giving rise to things such as prejudice. In Brent Staples essay “Black Men and Public Space” this is clearly shown...

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 3 October 2013 A Confident Black Man Dudley Felker Randall born in Washington, D.C., January 14, 1914. The Randall’s moved to Detroit when Dudley was nine years old. Randall’s earliest recollection of composing a poem was when his mother took him to a band concert. Randall's poetry is illustrated by simplicity and realism. Randall’s date of birth was January 14, 1914 in Washington D.C. He was the son of Arthur George Clyde a (Congressional Minister), and Ada Viola a teacher Randall. Randall’s...

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Black Athletes and the Effects of Their Sexuality

because of the socially constructed characteristics of gender. If a man participates in a woman’s sport or visa versa, controversy is created. In addition, the question of an athlete’s sexuality comes into play. Randy Boyd, a black gay columnist at Outsports.com stated, "You’re black, you’re an athlete, you’re a Man with a capital M, and this is what you do, follow the script that has been given to you.” Many individuals also assume that all female athletes are lesbian. In today’s society an athlete playing...

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Black Men in Public Spaces

situations. My father's story, I felt displayed courage on his part. He didn't have to act a certain way, change himself, or adapt to his environment to fit in. He did what he needed to do and did not think twice about it. He walked into a diner full of people who stared at him as if he were from another planet. Yet he still went about his business and ordered his food while feeling the piercing stares burn through his flesh. Although he felt uncomfortable being the only Asian man in sight, he ignored the...

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Reconstruction Era of the United States and Blacks Economy

rebuilding and healing to the nation after the Civil War. For blacks, however, it was a time of radical change politically, socially and economically. These changes, both good and bad, would affect the black race for generations to come. Some of these political, economical and social changes were negative, but most helped the blacks become better off. Reconstruction affected the blacks in many different ways. The main aspects that affected the blacks were their role politics, their social lifestyles, and...

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Black Soldiers in World War II

permeated across the United States and was the prominent view of most white citizens during this period. Segregation was seen—from a white point-of-view—as a way for both races to live within the society without racial conflict and tension. Separation of blacks and whites stretched across all societal institutions, including the United States Military. African Americans did not receive the same rights and freedoms that their white counterparts did. Moreover, they were discriminated against, physically abused...

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People Who Change the World

College of Fort Hare, the only residential center of higher learning for blacks in South Africa at the time. Fort Hare was considered Africa's equivalent of Oxford or Harvard, drawing scholars from all parts of sub-Sahara Africa. In his first year at the university, Mandela took the required courses, but focused on Roman Dutch law to prepare for a career in civil service as an interpreter or clerk—regarded as the best profession a black man could obtain at the time. In his second year at Fort Hare,...

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I Am A Black Woman Analysis

evident that there has been much struggle for Black people, especially woman. The poem, “I am A Black Woman,” by Mari Evans, portrays a relationship between Black women of our history and today’s society. By the usage of vivid and inspiring words, Evans is able to capture the reader’s attention. It is clear that the speaker is a very strong black woman. She portrays this in a way that she describes moments where she has struggled and when other black women of history have struggled as well. She implies...

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Novel and Black Africans

Write a critical analysis of Aphra Behn' novella Oroonoko, paying special attention to the representation of black Africans. What makes Oroonoko a positive character? Is he superior or inferior to the whites in the novella? Oroonoko a Royal slave or a monstrous Negro “ I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character...

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Response to "People Like Us"

Response to “People Like Us” In the essay “People Like Us”, Brooks states that maybe we are indeed a diverse nation when considered as a whole, but when you look at us on the community level, we are homogenous. Brooks describes numerous ways in which Americans separate themselves from one another. Overall, I agree with the points made by Brooks and can draw many similarities to my own life. For example, when Brooks describes how our towns or cities can become racially homogenized. “People Like Us”...

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Did Slavery Destroy the Black Family?

destroyed the Black family. A family is a social unit living together and people descended from a common ancestor. The debate focuses on Wilma A. Dunaway who posits that slavery did destroy the Black family, and her opponent, Eugene D. Genovese, who says that slavery did not destroy the Black family. By analyzing Dunway, Genovese, and a host of other writers I have gather my own ideas for one side to agree with. As above stated, it is Dunaway's contention that slavery destroyed the Black family. She...

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The Harlem Renaissance- a Black Cultural Revolution

The Harlem Renaissance- A Black Cultural Revolution James Weldon Johnson once said that "Harlem is indeed the great Mecca for the sight-seer; the pleasure seeker, the curious, the adventurous, the enterprising, the ambitious and the talented of the whole Negro world."("Harlem Renaissance") When one thinks of the Harlem Renaissance, one thinks of the great explosion of creativity bursting from the talented minds of African-Americans in the 1920s. Although principally thought of as an African-American...

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