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  • Police Officer and Ambition

    become a police officer in my future life. In the drill class in my school‚ I was very serious‚ and always tried to follow and learn the rules of parade as perfectly as possible because I wanted to become a member of the police force. A police officer‚ as far as I know‚ has to be disciplined‚ honest and maintain the law and order in the society. He is also expected to possess an attitude of help and rescue towards the deserving cases with a selfless mind. When I grow and become a police officer‚ my

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  • police officer

    and find out what a teachers job was about‚ but then I looked it up and realize that I was just joking to myself. Going on into middle and high school I was still confused on what I wanted to be‚ until I went down to a police academy and seen what was being done. These police officers were very serious about their job and their motives were to keep the crime out and put the good in people that were willing to change or comprehend on things. They weren’t here to just be here and look cute with a uniform

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  • Police Officers

    A police officer’s duty is to maintain public order‚ preventing‚ and detecting crime. The concept of police officers‚ also known as cops‚ and law enforcement has been around ever since the ancient Romans had a theory that an organization of "peacekeepers" would reduce the crime and violence being committed. This theory stuck with society and is still around today. People of law enforcement have a mission when they step into their police car‚ that mission is to enforce the rules of conduct or law

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  • Homosexual Police Officers

    Many straight male police officers are against anything feminine. Being a competent female officer challenges assumptions that policing is a masculine occupation suited only for masculine men‚ so too does being a competent gay male officer. Homophobic attitudes in society at large and within law enforcement in particular create many problems for the gay or lesbian officer. On the job and interoffice up brings conflict between officers. Therefore‚ the gay or lesbian officer who is being mistreated

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  • The struggles of a Police Officer

    Term Paper CRIM 129 CH1 Job Related Struggles of a Police Officer John MacDonald Professor Alex Peters November 19‚ 2013 The job of a police officer is much more demanding than what is commonly displayed DELETE on television. It is often PORTRAYED/DEPICTED as fighting crime‚ but in reality it is A MULTI-FACETED PROFESSION. As a police officer‚ the safety of the general public is a key responsibility. THEREFORE‚ POLICE face danger ON A DAILY BASIS‚ yet they must handle all situations

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  • Career as a Police Officer

    with Sgt. Jeffery I interviewed Sergeant Craig Jeffery who is a police officer for the Saint Louis County. He is assigned to the Division of Patrol as a watch supervisor in the North County Precinct. He is responsible for supervising police patrol officers who carry out day to day routine crime suppression and investigates complaints. Jeffrey started his career as a patrol officer with the St. Louis Police County Department in 1991‚ in which He was assigned as a patrolman in the

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  • How To Be A Police Officer

    Jillian David Ms. Eyer English 4 AP October 31 2014 How to be a Police Officer in Ripon Being a police officer should not be taken lightly- especially in the slums of Ripon. Crime is on every corner of this villainous city; you never know what might happen on any given day on the job. As a police officer of fifteen years‚ I have outlined a list of tips and priorities you should have as a policeman in Ripon. First‚ jaywalking is the ultimate offence. Approach every jaywalker with caution‚ you never

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  • Police Officer

    Long Island Business Institute in Flushing‚ NY. After I finish the school my plan is to become a Police Officer with a specialty in counter terrorism. My path is already in progress. As soon as I am granted Associate’s Degree‚ I will enroll at John Jay College in the Bachelor’s Degree Program within in Homeland Security Department in the school. I will also take the examination for Police Officer. Ultimately I will pursue a Master’s Degree

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  • Police Officer As A Sociologist: The Role Of Police Officer As Sociologist

    Table 27 Police Officer as Sociologist # Title Role of Police Officer 1 Cultural translator Police officer attempts to lessen misperceptions between parties and to build trust between them. 2 Peace publicist Police officer attempts to redirect resources to improve social life in a more efficient manner. 3 Assessor of novel ideas Police officer points out the pleasures gained by misconduct so that a better understanding of why people engage in conflict may be realized. 4 Defender of the language Police

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  • Police Officers Job

    manager taking advantage of his power in the work place or a police man or woman doing unnecessary and over the top things to you. Abuse of power seems to be a common thing in some police officers every day life and this is not okay. It is very apparent what a police officers job is and that is to protect and serve the community and make sure that real criminals are being served justice‚ however; some may come across police officers that use the fact that they have badges and weapons to their advantage

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