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Police Officer

become a police officer in my future life. In the drill class in my school, I was very serious, and always tried to follow and learn the rules of parade as perfectly as possible because I wanted to become a member of the police force. A police officer, as far as I know, has to be disciplined, honest and maintain the law and order in the society. He is also expected to possess an attitude of help and rescue towards the deserving cases with a selfless mind. When I grow and become a police officer, my...

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Homosexual Police Officers

Many straight male police officers are against anything feminine. Being a competent female officer challenges assumptions that policing is a masculine occupation suited only for masculine men, so too does being a competent gay male officer. Homophobic attitudes in society at large and within law enforcement in particular create many problems for the gay or lesbian officer. On the job and interoffice up brings conflict between officers. Therefore, the gay or lesbian officer who is being mistreated...

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Alcoholism in Police Officers

problems. One that interests me and I feel is of major concern happens to be alcohol abuse in police officers. Alcoholism itself is a major social problem, but when mixed with policing it may be more dangerous than we think. It all starts with the feeling of being stressed out on the job. Police feel that they have too much to deal with on the job, which I feel is true. In the field of law enforcement, officers tend to get involved in some intense situations and see some horrific tragedies. After work...

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police officer

and find out what a teachers job was about, but then I looked it up and realize that I was just joking to myself. Going on into middle and high school I was still confused on what I wanted to be, until I went down to a police academy and seen what was being done. These police officers were very serious about their job and their motives were to keep the crime out and put the good in people that were willing to change or comprehend on things. They weren’t here to just be here and look cute with a uniform...

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Career as a Police Officer

with Sgt. Jeffery I interviewed Sergeant Craig Jeffery who is a police officer for the Saint Louis County. He is assigned to the Division of Patrol as a watch supervisor in the North County Precinct. He is responsible for supervising police patrol officers who carry out day to day routine crime suppression and investigates complaints. Jeffrey started his career as a patrol officer with the St. Louis Police County Department in 1991, in which He was assigned as a patrolman in the...

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Steps to Becoming a Police Officer

Police officers play a very important part in society today. They patrol the streets of your town to make the people of that town as safe as possible. Without them there would be a lot of crime going on. They make everything safer because that is their job and that is what there trained to do. To become a police officer today you need to have to complete a certain amount of tasks. First, you have to be a United States citizen. Next, he or she must have to have graduated high school...

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Becoming a Police Officer

Becoming a Police Officer \Protect and serve. These two words may be simple to any regular citizen. However, they are everything to any police officer. The honorable career of law enforcement is not always an easy one to enter. There are requirements in order to be recruited and employed by any policing agency. In addition to the highly competitive and rigorous application process to become selected as an officer of the law, there are training programs, continued education programs, and other...

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Problems Among Police Officers

Problems among Police Officers Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse Domestic violence and substance abuse among law enforcement is double that of the general population, these issues affect officers work performance. This report examines the factors plaguing officers and the treatment options available. 2012 Tweet HP 2/25/2012 Domestic Violence Hundreds of women are beaten each year by unlikely batterer-police officers. There are only a few departments in the United States that have...

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Requirements for a Police Officer

Requirements for a Police Officer: First of all you should find out how to be a police officer and what the requirements are from the police force in the area you wish to join. Most law enforcement agencies require applicants to have an Associate’s or a Bachelor’s degree. Business, math, accounting, IT, science and behavioral science courses are important for those who plan on pursuing a career in the police force. It is also an advantage to be fluent in at least one foreign language. Many colleges...

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Stress on Police Officers

THE EFFECTS OF STRESS ON POLICE OFFICERS Not much good news here. The following is the text of a speech give by Dan Goldfarb to a group of union delegates on the impact stress can have on their men. There has been a lot of research on the negative effects of stress on people in general. I am sure you know that police work is one of the top rated professions for job stress next to air traffic controllers and dentists. A good way to start this presentation, I think, is to give a good working...

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