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The Value of Higher Education for Police Officers

The debate on the value of higher education for police officers continues to be one of the most persistent and pervasive issues in policing. Although there are several different interpretations of what constitutes a professional police officer there appears to be a consensus about the need for professionalism in policing. Researchers have attempted to measure performance through such variables as officer attitude, discretion, ethics, cynicism, decision-making, and use of deadly force. Despite the...

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Mod B

idea of violence being heavily influenced by the availability of technology. 2. Good and Evil – Weir uses Johns character as a police officer to juxtapose the ideas of Good and Evil, as police officers in Western society are deemed as Good people, however use violence prevent evil. However, violence is deemed an evil act, thus contradicting the idea that police are good. This idea can be reinforced in ‘this is my way scene’, when John tries to defend the Amish culture through using violence...

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Cta - Close Textual Analysis

for peer-group acceptance like Spencer and the need not to accept somebody who tries too hard such as penny and friends. Character Movement The Spillway has two main characters Spencer and Paul and other minor characters such as Penny and the police which are a part of the action. Spencer is the one who drives the story as he narrated it in first person and also is a part of the action plot. Themes and ideas The shown in the short story are peer-group pressure and consequence of lying and...

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Why I Want to Be a Police Officer

There are many duties and responsibilities of a police officer. Their main duty and responsibility is to enforce the law and make sure that we live in a safe environment. There is lots of variety in this job. No two days will be the same for a police officer. One day they might be doing traffic tickets anther day they might have to break up a bar fight or be involved in a high speed chase. Police Officers are always working with different people in different situations. This is why there is so much...

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shooting an elephant

Judgement Topic 1 Kristen Sigda-Holyoak Dr. Susan Bauman English 100 September 27th, 2013 Orwell was a police officer in Burma during the time of Imperialism, which was a very difficult task. The Burmese did not agree with the British coming in and gaining power by taking over and this made Orwell’s job very hard to do. The Burmese did not like police officers and Orwell was often taunted and teased by the people he was tripped in soccer games and people made him the center of all...

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police officers are born not made

Police officers are born, not made.  Discuss  There are several different types of police officers, such as the new PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers) were introduced by English and Welsh Police Forces in 2002.  PCSOs are civilians who are allowed to exercise limited police powers.  Their introduction was quite controversial and met with opposition by the Police Federation, the organisation which represents police officers. As well as the more traditional Police roles. The policing of the...

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Edgar Allan Poe and Old Man

attempts he succeeds doing his terrible job. He hides the body under the floor of the old man's chamber. The police officers come after have been called by one of the neighbors who heard the old man screaming. The young man was confident and he even invites the policemen to the old man's room. The young man hear a frequently voice of old man's heartbeats. He thinks that the police officer mocks him and they know the truth so, he confesses about his crime. The story is full of suspense scenes...

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The Man Who Lived Underground.

As the story begins, a unnamed man is hiding from the police. He is tired of running and has decided that he must either find a hiding place or surrender. At that moment he sees a manhole cover in the street. He lifts the cover; the water below is deep and fast. His fear of the police is stronger than his fear of the water and the darkness, so he enters and is nearly swept away and killed by the water before he finds his footing. As he explores the tunnels, he knows that he is in danger, but an “irrational...

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Male Domination Is a Feature of All Societies

that men have traditionally done. They have forced society to modify job titles (formally known to be only men jobs) to acknowledge the women who have gone into these fields: from fireman to firefighter; mailman to mail deliverer; policeman to police officer; and etc. Due to these new opportunities that have been made possible to women, more and more of them are joining the workforce each year. According to America today, about 55% of the people who enter the workforce each year are female. At this...

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Sandy Hook Shooting

brothers, Ryan Lanza, which claimed he hadn’t seen him in years. Witness’s claimed that they saw Ryan Lanza being handcuffed on scene. Many families said they saw a man being held by police officers and brought out of the school and as he saw families crying he screamed, “I swear I’m not the one who did it”. Police were chasing three other suspects in the woods behind the school shown on video. Also, others claim they say two other men fleeing the scene in a van. “Initial media reports did say...

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