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Notes on A Constable Calls by Seamas Heaney Analysis Seamus Heaney tells us about a memory from his childhood. A policeman visits his family farm to take a record of the crops that Heaney’s father is growing. The description of the bicycle is our first indication that the policeman is not welcomed and that he is seen -by Heaney at least –as an intimidating, unpleasant figure. Everything in the description of the bike hints at this. The ‘fat black handlegrips’ sound ugly and unpleasant...

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Volunteering assignment 1

One of the many volunteer opportunities in the police service includes the Special Constables. The Special Constables have the same duties as Police Constable but they do not get paid for the work they do, whilst being a Special Constable, they will also have a part time job. The service stands to gain a various range of experience and skills when having volunteers in the service. For example; some Special Constables may have experience within the Police force whereas other Specials may have little...

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deep smart

than ten years of experience. Once he and his partner were patrolling in city, they saw a man who was a Pakistani. The Pakistani man was tall and walking normally on the street, at least in the eyes of Tom. However, Tom’s partner, who is a senior constable, immediately went towards the man and asked him for his ID card. The Pakistani man refused and began to run away. At last, he was arrested and discovered to be an Illegal Immigrant (II). How to identify thedeep smart inside? There are nine dimensions...

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Current Criminal Justice System

to about A.D.900. Therefore, we begin with a brief history of the evolution of four primary criminal justice officers—sheriff, constable, coroner, and justice of the peace—from early England to the twentieth century in America (Ken, 2006). English and Colonial Officers the Law: All four of the primary criminal justice officials of early English-the sheriff, constable, coroner, and justice of the peace there was a lack of established practice in the United State. Accordingly, it is important to...

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Diplomatic Immunity

geographical proximity between the person and the victim. To exemplify, two important cases have been referred to: White v CC of S. Yorkshire Police and Alcock v Chief Constable of South Yorkshire. Both cases are about the disaster occurred at the Hillsborough Stadium, and also, in both of the cases, the defendant is the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police. What makes also a resemblance between the two cases is that, in the both of them, the claimant does not win the case. Further reasons for...

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Police Power Etc.

Scenario 3 Weatherbell and Farzal are Police Constables on duty when receiving a call from 'All That Glitters ' - jewellers in the shopping centre about a woman who is believed to be a theft.The information they have got about the suspect is : young,tall woman with long blonde hair wearing jeans and black jacket carrying a black rucksack. As the police constables mentioned above drove past Station Square they see young woman meeting the description they have. When officer Weathrbell runs after the...

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essential part of the public services it helps them reduces their costs and save time on training. If you apply to be a special in the Police you will undergo short cost effective training unlike the training for a regular officer. Joining as a special constable helps the police put the money they save into things that are more important like resources, etc. volunteering can help you a lot and help you gain many skills. It can help you discover things you didn’t know about yourself, it could possibly help...

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Mental Health Act 2005 Analysis

Acts of Law regarding mental health that Constables should abide by; Mental Health Act 1983 and Mental Capacity Act 2005. The Mental Health Act will be broken down and summarised made to be comprehendible. Followed by a close examination of the Mental Capacity Act, before comparing the two in order to weigh out the positives and negatives of both Acts of Law. This will be done using real life cases. Section 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983 gives a Constable a preserved power of arrest under the Police...

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A New Kind Of Dreaming Essay

because he murders the boy Constable Mc Pherson McPherson was on the boat with Butcher. He feels responsible for the old refugee man who is killed by Butcher. He doesn’t think it was self protection. He thinks Butcher committed murder. He feels weak and frightened that he could go to jail if Butcher lies about what happened. He feels he is being trapped and forced to stay in Port Barren. So he turns to alcohol to wash away the pain. Constable Robb Constable Robb is reluctant but forced...

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HK Auxiliary Police

passing the Selection Interview, Integrity Checks will be conducted and applicants will be required to attend a Medical Examination. If the application to join HKAPF is successful, the candidate will be enrolled as Police Constable and invited to attend the 'Recruit Constables (Auxiliary) Basic Training Course'. The basic training course comprises 320 hours and spreads over some 28-36 weeks depending on the size of the recruit Intake. Each recruit is required to attend 2 to 3 evening sessions...

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