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 Color has so much meaning in our world today. Different countries and their cultures see different meaning in color. Religion is a major part of color distinction and meaning. The color red means something different to Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, and Islamic religions. Traditions and beliefs change the meaning of colors in religions around the world. Christianity is a monotheistic religion and teaches the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Christians believe in Jesus Christ ad follow him as the Son...

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Light & Color

Essay 1: Light and Color The fascinating properties of light are not all detectable to humans, because our reference is mostly limited to what we can see. In order to determine the atomic/molecular composition of a fluid or gas, one must consult an emission and absorption spectrum. The properties of this spectrum include also waves, which can be any length, and define the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Ranging from gamma rays to radio waves, an electromagnetic spectrum includes each...

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pink color

woman’s cheeks. It’s not surprising that when giving or receiving flowers, pink blossoms are a favorite. Pink is the color of happiness and is sometimes seen as lighthearted. For women who are often overworked and overburdened, an attraction to pink may speak of a desire for the more carefree days of childhood. HOW THE COLOR PINK AFFECTS US PHYSICALLY Bright pinks, like the color red, stimulate energy and can increase the blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, and pulse rate. They also encourage...

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The Color of Water

answers by experiencing different stages in life until we find our true self? Not knowing why you and your mother look so different can affect one’s sense of identity like it happened to James McBride. This is why throughout his autobiography The Color of Water, he concludes that in order to find his true identity he needs to learn about his mother’s past. James McBride was born to a white mom and a black dad. He grew up with his mom, Ruth, living in a neighborhood where she was seen as the strange...

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Color and Juno

it seems like it is impossible to have too many lamps, ornamental dogs or photo frames. The color scale goes in earthy brown tones. Meanwhile, the Loring house does not seem to ever be perfect enough. As Vanessa and Mark are introduced to the story, Vanessa is putting the photo frames in order and arranging the flowers until they are perfect. The dominant colors in the Loring house are clean bright colors as beige and white. The houses become symbols for how different the two families are. The easygoing...

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The Colors of Gatsby

John Brown Mr. Quintis Honors English III 21 September 2011 The Colors of Gatsby In the novel The Great Gatsby there are many forms of symbolism that are well used. Symbolism can be interpreted in many different ways. Authors use symbols to try and get the reader to connect and think more about what they are reading. Symbolism is a very good technique when writing because it helps make a book more interesting and adds depth. In the novel The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald uses symbolism...

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Color and Gatsby

begin with? Or, in some way, does Daisy's decision to remain with Tom allow her to keep her innocence? We'll keep thinking about that one. Blue: This One's Up For Grabs Then there's the color blue, which we think represents Gatsby's illusions -- his deeply romantic dreams of unreality. We did notice that the color blue is present around Gatsby more than any other character. His gardens are blue, his chauffeur wears blue, the water separating him from Daisy is his "blue lawn" (9.150), mingled with...

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Colors in Fireworks

Firework How are the colors in fireworks produced? When I first thought about where the colors from fireworks came from, I thought that they came from food coloring that was mixed with gun powder. Also, from previous knowledge that I had about how neon lights were formed, I imagined that the electrons got excited when they got some sort of voltage or energy, and I also knew that when they got relaxed they emitted energy known as photons or light. However, this does not explain the colors in a firework....

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Usability and Color Considerations

Usability and Color Considerations The purpose of every website design is to motivate a response from your visitor. Color in Web page design is a crucial element in creating a sense of order and balance. Color can make the difference between a website design that is dull and lifeless to a website that is stimulating and positive. Overuse and misuse of color can also create a Web page design that is over stimulating and chaotic, which leads to confusion. Color, as an essential piece of website...

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The Symbolism of Color in “Tulips”

The Symbolism of Color in “Tulips” Sylvia Plath’s “Tulips” which was written on March 18th, 1961 and originally published in “Ariel”, is a poem written about a bouquet of tulips a woman received while recovering in the hospital from a procedure. While anyone recovering in a hospital would love to receive a loving “get well” gift from loved ones, the woman in this poem is quite bothered by them, preferring to be left alone in the still whiteness in her room. Plath uses two colors, white and red...

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