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the right on block 1 with a normal force of 16 N. On a sheet of paper, draw the free body diagram for block 1 using the two-subscript notation from class. After completing the free body diagram, enter below each force and its x & y-components. Remember that the x-component is the "i" component and the y-component is the "j" component. FORCES on BLOCK 1 Weight force on block 1 by Earth W1E = 0 i + -40 j N  Normal force on block 1 by Surface  N1S = 0 i + 40 j N  Normal force on block 1 by Hand N1H = 16 i...

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Definition of Force

Definition of Force   A force is a push or pull upon an object resulting from the object's interaction with another object. Whenever there is an interaction between two objects, there is a force upon each of the objects. When the interaction ceases, the two objects no longer experience the force. Forces onlyexist as a result of an interaction.   Velocity, Acceleration, Momentum, and Impulse   Velocity, in physics, is a vector quantity (it has both magnitude and direction), and is the time rate of...

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Force and Acceleration

questions: force and motion I problem 1 The figure below is an overhead view of a 12 kg tire that is to be pulled by three ropes. One force (Fl, with magnitude 50 N) is indicated. Orient the other two forces F2 and F3 so that the magnitude of the resulting acceleration of the tire is least, and find that magnitude if (a) F2 = 30N, F3= 20 N; (b) F2= 30 N, F3 = 10 N; and (c) F2 = F3 = 30 N. problem 2 A weight-conscious penguin with a mass of 15.0 kg rests on a bathroom scale (see figure below)....

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Competing forces

How competitive forces shape strategy Pflicht 4. (5Forces) " 1 von 3 While one some- times hears executives complaining to the contrary, intense competition in an industry is neither coincidence nor bad luck. Moreover, in the fight for market share, competition is not manifested only in the other players. Rather, competition in an industry is rooted in its underlying economics, and competitive forces exist that go well beyond the established combatants in a particular industry. Customers...

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Shear Force

TITLE : Shear Force Variation with an Increasing Point Load. INTRODUCTION: SHEAR FORCE The shearing force (SF) at any section of a beam represents the tendency for the portion of the beam on one side of the section to slide or shear laterally relative to the other portion. The diagram shows a beam carrying loads . It is simply supported at two points where the reactions are  Assume that the beam is divided into two parts by a section XX The resultant of the loads and reaction acting on...

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Shear Force

CEMB 121 MECHANICS OF MATERIALS LABORATORY EXPERIMENT (NO.2 (a)) SHEAR FORCE I SUMMARY Shear Forces occurs when two parallel forces act out of alignment with each other. For example, in a large boiler made from the sections of sheet metal plate riveted together, there is an equal and opposite force exerted on the rivets, owing to the expansion and contraction of the plates. The shearing force (SF) at any section of a beam represents the tendency for the portion of the beam on one side of...

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Impulsive Force

[pic] The product of average force and the time it is exerted is called the impulse of force. From Newton's second law [pic] the impulse of force can be extracted and found to be equal to the change in momentum of an object provided the mass is constant: |[pic] |Calculation | The main utility of the concept is in the study of the average impact force during collisions. For collisions, the mass and change in velocity are often...

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Hydrostatic Force

HYDROSTATIC FORCE (EXPERIMENT 1) INTRODUCTION The determination of force which are exerted by liquid which are at rest on surface immersed in liquids. From the study by hydrostatic, the following principles have been established : a) There are no shear stress present when the fluid is not in motion. b) The pressure exerted by a fluid under hydrostatic conditions. This pressure acts perpendicular to an immersed surface. c) Hydrostatic pressure various linearly, increasing with an...

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Force vs Area

Force vs. Area Connor Blackmon Chemistry I H, 1st Period Mrs. Kris Clements October 18, 2012 Problem Will a balloon pop if it is places on a bed of nails and pressure is applied? Hypothesis If a balloon is placed on a bed of nails and a force is applied, then the balloon will burst. Variables Independent variable- Force applied to the balloon and number of nails Dependent variable- Does the balloon burst? Materials 14 inch by 14 in by .75 in plywood board x2 196...

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Physics Notes (Forces)

Physics notes Force is an agent which produces or tends to produce motion in an object, stops or tends to stop , motion of an object Newton's 1st law of motion: If an object is at rest, will remain at rest until or unless an external force act on it. If an object is in motion , it continues its motion until or unless an external force act on it Newton's 1st law of motion is also called first law of inertia. Inertia: The tendency of an object to resist any change in its state of motion...

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CENTRIPETAL FORCE ON A PENDULUM OBJECTIVE To measure centripetal force exerted on a pendulum using the force sensor bob and in so doing compare this value determined by force calculations based on the height of the pendulum. THEORY Newton’s laws of motion are the basis for this experiment. Newton’s first law of motion states that a body in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an external force. Newton’s second law of motion states that the rate of momentum of a body is dependent on...

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Shear Force Acting on Beams

qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqw ertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwert yuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyu iopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuio Shear Force Experiment pasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopa Submitted to : Sir Raees Fida Swati sdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdf ghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghj klzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklz xcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxc vbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvb nmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbn mqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqw ertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwert yuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyu By:...

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G Force in Physics

http://www.physicsclassroom.com/mmedia/circmot/rcd.cfm What is ‘g force’ in physics? G, in physics, a symbol relating to gravity. A capital G indicates the gravitational constant, as explained in the article GRAVITATION. A lower-case g stands for the acceleration imparted by gravity at the earth's surface. An acceleration of 1 g is 32. 1 feet per second per second (9.8 m/s2). Fliers and astronauts may experience accelerations many times larger than 1 g. These accelerations are usually expressed...

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Force and Portion Ac

| | |A 90-N force is applied to the control rod AB as shown. Knowing that the length of the rod is | | |225 mm, determine the moment of the force about point B by resolving the force into components | | |along AB and in a direction perpendicular to AB. ...

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Four Forces of Flight

there is a constant relationship between these forces. Lift is the upward force created by the effect of airflow as it passes over and under the wing. The airplane is supported in flight by lift. Weight, which opposes lift, is caused by the downward pull of gravity. Thrust is the forward force which propels the airplane through the air, which varies with the amount of engine power being used. Opposing thrust is drag, which is a backward, or retarding, force which limits the speed of the airplane. I’m...

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Porter's five forces

Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis = Suppliers, Customers, New Entrants, Substitute Products, Competitors What is Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis? Porter’s 5 forces analysis represents the competitive environment of the firm. It is a strategic foresight to avoid putting the competitive edge at risk and ensure the profitability of products on a long term. For the company this vision is quite important because the firm is able to direct its innovations in terms of choice of strategies and investments. The...

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Force and Free Body Diagram

2. Inertia is ________. A. A property of matter B. A type of force C. The speed of an object D. Any of the above 3. P and Q are two objects with masses 100 kg and 75 kg respectively, then ________. A. Both will have the same inertia B. Q will have more inertia C. P will have more inertia D. Both will have less inertia 4. Newton's second law of motion states that an unbalanced force that acts upon an object causes it to: A. Accelerate B. Not accelerate...

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Equilibrium: Force Table

experimented for the equilibrant force, conditions and center of gravity. Our results showed consideration as to disregarding other forces than weight and tension. 1. Introduction Equilibrium is a state of balance in which it is a condition where there is no change in the state of motion of a body. Equilibrium may be observed on objects which are at rest and also to objects which are moving at a constant velocity. Two conditions for equilibrium are that the net force acting on the object is zero...

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Force and Kinetic Energy

Zak pushes her with a force of 125 \rm N over a distance of 1.00 \rm m. If her mass is 20.0 \rm kg, what distance d_2 does she slide after Zak's push ends? Remember that the frictional force acts on Greta during Zak's push and while she is sliding after the push. F= Fp-Fr E= F*Lp= (Fp-Fr)*Lp= Fr*Lr Lr= Lp*((Fp/Fr)-1) Lr= 1*((125/(20*9.8*0.25))-1)= 1.6 m Mark pushes his broken car 150 m down the block to his friend’s house. He has to exert a 110 N horizontal force to push the car at a constant...

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Force and Perfectly Elastic Question

one of the following relationships between T and P must be true? Ans) P= T+25N UNIT IS Newton(N) Question no 22) If you swing a bucket of water fast enough in a vertical circle, at the highest point the water does not spill out because an outward force balances the pull of gravity on the water. Ans) False Question no 23)Suppose a highway curve is properly banked to eliminate friction for a speed of 45 mph. If your tires were bald and you wanted to avoid sliding on the road, you would have to drive...

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Effect of Force and Mass on Acceleration

The Effects of Force and Mass on an Object’s Acceleration Abstract: In this lab there were two principals investigated. The first was the relationship between applied force and acceleration. The second was the relationship between mass and acceleration. To study these two relationships, my partners and I used a dynamic cart with added mass on it. This cart was then attached to a pulley system on a “frictionless track” where it was pulled by a string bearing mass over the edge...

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Force Vector and Equilibrium

Vectors, Forces, and Equilibrium 1.1 Purpose The purpose of this experiment is to give you a qualitative and quantitative feel for vectors and forces in equilibrium. 1.2 Introduction An object that is not accelerating falls into one of three categories: • The object is static and is subjected to a number of different forces which cancel each other out. • The object is static and is not being subjected to any forces. (This is unlikely since all objects are subject to the force of gravity...

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Composition of Concurrent Forces

Composition of Concurrent Forces Abstract— The experiment aims to show the relationship of different forces acting at the same time by using different variables namely, the equilibrant force, the resultant, and the given forces Fa and Fb. The equilibrant force is the force that establishes equilibrium while the resultant is the addition of the given forces and is also the opposite of the equilibrant. The objective of the experiment is to determine the resultant of two forces experimentally, to be...

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Force and Kg Astronaut Stands

​​ Label the forces shown in the free-body diagram above. 5800N friction, 775N applied force, 14700 N gravity, 13690 N normal force ​4.​A late traveler rushes to catch a plane, pulling a suitcase with a force directed 30.0º above the horizontal. If the horizontal component of the force on the suitcase is 60.6 N, what is the force exerted on the handle? 121.2 m ​5.​A wagon with a weight of 300.0 N is accelerated across a level surface at 0.50 m/s2. What net force acts on the wagon...

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Fundamental Forces Of Nature

Science Notes: Fundamental Forces of Nature All forces in nature may be classified into four types. The gravitational force holds together the universe at large, plus the atmosphere, water, and us to the planet Earth. The electromagnetic force governs atomic level phenomena, binding electrons to atoms, and atoms to one another to form molecules and compounds. The strong nuclear force holds the nucleus together. The fourth force, the weak nuclear force, is responsible for certain types of nuclear...

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Porters 5 Market Forces

Five Forces This model focuses on the study of the competitive influences or ‘forces’ on a business. When we discuss competitive factors on a firm, we usually consider other firms within the same industry selling similar products. [1] and although it is true that other firms in the same industry present competition, Porter challenged this over simplified view by considering other forces that will also affect the firms competitive ability . The diagram below highlights the 5 main forces. ...

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Science Essay on Force

LAB: Force Lab Research Question: How does the change in mass of an object affect the force and time while the object is moving down a height of 31cm? Hypothesis: My prediction is that the greater the mass of the toy car the larger the force of gravity, as the product of the masses of two objects increases, the force of gravity that attracts them toward each other increases. According to Newton’s law of universal gravitation, “gravity and mass are directly proportional” hence, creating a greater...

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Centripetal Force Lab Activity

Centripetal Force Lab Activity Analysis: 1. A) Average Percent Difference: 50g: (values expressed in newtons) Step 1: Calculate the average value of the two variables Average Value= Value 1+ Value 2 /2 = 0.49+ 0.61/2 = 1.1/2 = 0.55 Step 2: Calculate the difference between the two variables Difference= Value 2- Value 1 = Fc- Fg = 0.61- 0.49 = 0.12 Step 3: Calculate % difference % difference= difference...

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Force and Lb B.

1. Which of the following sets of horizontal forces could leave an object in equilibrium? a. 25, 50 and 100 N b. 5, 10, 20 and 50 N c. 8, 16, and 32 N d. 20, 20 and 20 N 2. Which of the following sets of horizontal forces could not leave an object in equilibrium? a. 6, 8 and 10 lb b. 10, 10 , and 10 lb c. 10, 20 and 30 lb d. 20, 40 and 80 lb 3. If an object is free to move in a plane, the number of scalar equations that must be satisfied for it to be in...

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Volleyball: Force and Momentum

biomechanics behind a volleyball overhand serve and why we need force, acceleration, gravity, levers and power to produce the most optimum serve. The biomechanics principles are force and motion, momentum, leverage and fluid mechanics. (http://codysbiomechanisvolleyballblog.blogspot.com.au/) Force and motion. This principal is found mostly in the sprinting and jumping portions of the serve! When the player sprints, they exert a force against the ground in an angle. The momentum from the sprint is...

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Porter 6 Forces

Six Forces Porter's forces analysis is a framework for industry analysis and business strategy development that draws upon industrial organization economics to determine the competitive intensity and overall industry profitability. These forces are 1) potential entry of new competitors, 2) bargaining power of suppliers, 3) bargaining power of buyers, 4) substitute products, 5) rivalry among competing sellers in an industry, and 6) power of stakeholders. A change in any of the forces normally...

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Hydrostatic Force on a Plane Surface

September 26, 2003 CVEN-3313 Theoretical Fluid Mechanics Module#1: 1 1. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this module is to investigate hydrostatic forces on a plane surface under partial and full submersion. 2 2. DESCRIPTION The apparatus shown in Figure 1 will be used. It consists of a quarter circle block attached to a cantilevered arm with a rectangular surface on the other end. The pivot point on the arm corresponds to the center of radius of the block. With no water...

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Physics Lab force

yields two integrations: x = x0+v0t+1/2at2 v = v9+at These two expressions show the relationship between position, velocity, and acceleration at a given time. Newton’s 2nd law states that the acceleration of an object depends on the net force acting upon the object and the mass of the object. If there were no friction in this experiment, then the acceleration of the glider would be equal to acceleration of gravity multiplied by the angle between the air track and the horizontal table (g...

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Moving Forces; Human Puppets

2014 Moving Forces; Human Puppets Humans are malleable. We are but reflections of our experiences and surroundings. We are all but powerless in the grand scheme of things. In two pieces: William Faulkner’s A Rose for Emily and John Updike’s Outage, you see this idea in full affect. Though in principle they are seemingly two very different stories, upon further inspection you see that both have a strikingly similar underlying theme. The will of humans is so easily swayed by outside forces, and these...

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Conclusion for Shear Force and Bending Momnet

CONCLUSION After calculating and observing the values and action of shear force it is concluded that: The bending moment is at maximum when the shear force is zero or changes sign. For every member the internal forces are described by shear force and bending moment. 7. SOURCES OF ERROR Following were the possible errors which produced a mark difference from the actualvalues: 1. Making the beam less stable. 2. Unstable positioning of loads i.e., not placing the loads on the exact middle...

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Triangle of Forces

............................... 7 AIM To show that three forces acting upon a body, in equilibrium, may be represented by a triangle of forces. (Vector addition) INTRODUCTION With this experiment we will show that a body in a state of equilibrium, with three forces acting in a singular plane. The following conditions must be met: * Moment of all three forces must pass through the same point. * Magnitudes of the forces can be represented by the sides of a triangle, each as a vector...

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New Tools Porter 5 Forces

matter which industry your business is in, you can assess the forces that influence your business, including its strengths and weaknesses, using this set of five Market Forces, in order to leapfrog over your competition by better understanding the industry you and your rivals operate in. Created by Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter to analyze the attractiveness and likelihood of profitability of an industry, Porter’s Five Forces are a simple but powerful tool for understanding where power...

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Centripetal Force

Uniform circular motion and centripetal force Results Mass(kg) | Radius(m) | Velocity(m/s) | CentripetalForce[Calculation](kg. m/s2) | CentripetalForce[Measure](kg. m/s2) | StandardDerivation(%) | 0.02406 | 0.0900 | 2.023 | 1.094 | 0.7349 | 32.8 | 0.02406 | 0.0900 | 2.584 | 1.785 | 1.446 | 19.0 | 0.02406 | 0.0900 | 3.153 | 2.658 | 2.351 | 11.4 | 0.02406 | 0.0900 | 3.702 | 3.662 | 3.374 | 7.86 | 0.02406 | 0.0900 | 4.238 | 4.801 | 4.525 | 5.75 | Force versus Mass Mass(kg) | Radius(m)...

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Centripetal Force

Title: Centripetal Force Tools and Equipments: nylon cord, different weighing hanging masses, stopwatch, meter stick. Purpose: To be able to determine the relationship between centripetal force, mass, velocity, and the radius of orbit for a body that is undergoing centripetal acceleration. To investigate the dynamics of uniform circular motion. Specifically the relationships among the centripetal force, the accelerated mass and the radius of rotation. Procedure: THEORY: ...

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Forces Friction

Forces Have you ever wondered how forces link to our life? Everything we’ve learned in science has got me thinking about it. Forces are an essential part of our daily lives. Forces act on all objects. And we need force for everything we do, whether it’s a push, pull or twist. Force gives an object the energy to move, stop moving or change direction. Newton’s first law states that an objects velocity cannot change unless it is acted upon by a force. Here are examples of force in everyday life. ...

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Personality according to the four psychological forces

Numerous personality theories exist, and most of the major ones fall into the four psychological forces. Each of these forces describes the theorists associated with each force and the core ideas that influence personality in each perspective. This paper will discuss my perspective on personality and change across the four forces by analyzing each force and concluding with my overall viewpoint. THE FIRST FORCE- PSYCHODYNAMIC The psychoanalytic perspective of personality focuses on the “unconscious inner...

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Physic Lab Report Parallel Force

Physics Lab Report: Parallel Force Aim: To test the principle of moments. Apparatus: Metre rule with holes drilled at the 25cm, 50cm and 75cm mark, 50g masses 50mm long bolt with a diameter of approximately 5mm, retort stand, boss head and clamp, 0-10 N spring balance, electronic pan balance ,wire or string for suspending masses from the metre rule, two bulldog clips. Part A: Balancing a constant moment. Procedure: 1. The experiment is set up by first placing the bolt through the rule, then...

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P&G Five-Forces Model

In every industry, there is a model that can be used to identify the strategy, profitability, and power of particular companies. This model is called the five forces model. This gives an analysis of companies for competing and personal uses. The five forces model consists of two major parts. The first part of the model consists of rivalry among existing firms, threat of new entrants, and threat of substitute products. This part measures how much actual and potential competition there is. The second...

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The Five Forces

The Five Forces Framework and Competitive Strategy In this framework due to Michael Porter there are two high-level stages in the creation of competitive strategy, each stage corresponding to a high-level determinant of profitability mentioned in the previous section. The first stage is the assessment of the attractiveness of the industry in which a given company is embedded based on a structural analysis of the industry. In this stage, called the five forces framework, five forces that influence...

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science ABN 54 406 994 557 (02) 6583 4333 PO Box 2575 PORT MACQUARIE NSW 2444 FAX (02) 6583 9467 www.keepitsimplescience.com.au mail@keepitsimplescience.com.au keep it simple science Photocopy Master Sheets Years 7-8 FORCES Disk filename = “02.Forces” Copying is permitted according to the Site Licence Conditions only 1 Site Licence Conditions Our product is supplied on CD • You may copy the CD for back-up only. • You may store the CD contents in data retrieval systems...

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My Theory on the Irresistable Force Meeting the Immovable Object Paradox

What happens when the irresistible force meets the immovable object? One of the more convincing solutions has been proposed by Gary V. Smith of Aston University. He explained it as so: “The initial step to answering the superficially paradoxical question of “What would happen if an unstoppable force met an immovable object?” is establishing what is meant by 'immovable'. In order for something to move, its position must be measured relative to something else that is not moving. The universe...

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Five Forces

agreement to get the players back on the court playing the game they love. As Porter’s “Five Forces” model describes how certain areas of the industry could be affected or affecting the entire game, and people throughout the basketball world. The way that I look at this situation and in regards to the N.B.A. and the players, because of a strong competitive force in the industry, and according to Porter, these forces can be a threat on the entire involvement in basketball. The lockout brings forward a...

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Centripetal Force Lab Report

Purpose To be able to understand and verify the relationship centripetal force, mass, velocity, and the radius of orbit for a body that is undergoing centripetal acceleration. Background Information An object moving in the same direction is not necessarily undergoing acceleration. If the object changes speed while moving in the same direction there is acceleration (or deceleration). On the other hand, if the object moves at a constant speed in the same direction, there is no acceleration...

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Studying Force of Friction

A1 Studying force of friction Objective To investigate the effect on friction of the following factors: 1. normal force that presses the two surfaces together 2. materials that the two surfaces are made of 3. area in contact of the two surfaces Apparatus Rectangular wooden block Wooden plank Glass plate Plastic plate String Scissors Jack Spring balance Electronic balance Half-meter rule Retort stand and clamp G-clamp Trolley[pic]2 Standard weights (100g)[pic]5 Theory ...

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The truest evil in I’m Not Scared is poverty and what it forces people to do

evil in I’m Not Scared is poverty and what it forces people to do The novel “I’m Not Scared” illustrates the harsh, brutal and dangerous lives of people living in Acqua Traverse. Author Niccolo Ammaniti reveals how people in Acqua Traverse overcome their strongest adversary, poverty. Individuals who are poverty-stricken are motivated to act against their moral code to achieve a higher standard of living. Some will overcome this malicious force by acting against their moral conscience. In many...

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Newton's Second Law - Practical Report: To determine the relationship between force, mass and acceleration

to changes in force and measure force, mass and acceleration, and examine their influence on motion. b: To investigate the relationship between the variables; mass, force and acceleration and determine an inertial mass through the use of a trolley, ticker-timer and set of slotted masses. Introduction: Newton's second law states "The acceleration of an object as produced by a net force is directly proportional to the magnitude of the net force, in the same direction as the net force, and inversely...

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Cetripetal Force Experiment

Title : Centripetal force Objective To measure the centripetal force for whirling a mass round a horizontal circle and compare the result with the theoretical value given by F = m(2r . Apparatus 12 slotted weights with hanger (0.02kg each) 1 rubber bung with nylon string about 1.5m 1 glass tube about 20cm long 1 triple beam balance 1 meter rule 1 stop watch Several small paper markers Theory When a mass m attached to a string is whirled round a horizontal circle of radius r, the...

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Forces on a Pulley System

Kristen Sierman Lab Report: Experiment #7 Group #4 October 16th, 2012 Forces on a Pulley System A. Statement of the Problem The purpose of this lab was to address the following questions: how does the acceleration of a pulley system depend on the mass of the driving objects? And how does the acceleration of a pulley system depend on the mass of the driven object? To achieve this, a dynamic track was set up with a string attached to a cart. The string was part of a pulley system (the pulley...

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Forces Context Rich Problems

SPH4U: Forces – Context Rich Problems I do not have answers to these problems, and I haven’t thought about how to solve them. They are all fairly challenging and fair game for a test question. Work with friends on them, explain your solutions and convince yourselves that you understand the problems. I can’t tell you if you are right - I just don’t know! 1. Tension, Weight, Friction: You are taking advantage of an early snow to go sledding. After a long afternoon of going up and down hills with...

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Use of force

officers have is their power to decide when to use force or when to use lethal force. Manning (1997) argues that it is generally accepted that police should be allowed to use force. He also explains that there are an uncertain amount people who agree on as to what constitutes excessive force. The line between what is necessary and what is extreme is very thin and hard to see. Use of force is no doubt one of the most important aspects in policing and force should also be used with great discretion. The...

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Intermolecular Forces

Intermolecular forces exist between independent particles, such as atoms, ions, or molecules. They can be forces of either attraction or repulsion. The amount of charge, how it is distributed, and the length of time that a charge distribution exists can affect the strength of intermolecular forces. And despite having variable force strengths, all intermolecular forces are considered weak compared to chemical bonds, or intramolecular forces. Chemical bonds are not only stronger; they are also more...

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Force and Class Date

____________ Mechanical Equilibrium Exercises 2.1 Force (pages 13–14) pull push 1. A force is a or a . motion of an 2. A force is needed to change the state of object. 3. Is the following sentence true or false? If an object is sliding on ice, it will true continue sliding until a force slows it down. 4. Define net force. the combination of all forces acting on an object Applied Forces d 5. 6. 7. 8. a b c Net Force 5 N to the right and 5 N to the left 4 N to...

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The Use of Force

The Use of Force The Wichita Police Department's policy and procedures on the use of force for its employees takes every measure of precautionary to ensure that the best method of force is used in making a lawful arrest. These policies and procedures go into great detail to inform officers when the use of force is necessary and how much force is needed. An officer of the WPD is justified in using force as long as they believe it to be necessary to effect the arrest and to defend one's self or another...

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Math: Three Dimensional Force System

DIMENSIONAL FORCE SYSTEM The first step in solving three-dimensional equilibrium problems, as in the case of two dimensions, is to draw a free-body diagram of the body (or group of bodies considered as a system).. The reactive forces and couple moments acting at various types of supports and connections, when the members are viewed in three dimensions, are listed in Table 5–2. It is important to recognize the symbols used to represent each of these supports and to understand clearly how the forces and...

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Experiment 4 Addition of Forces and Vectors

APPARATUS: Cenco force table with pulleys. Metal ring, strings, weight hangers and weights. Rulers and protractors. The force table provides a means for applying known forces at one or more points and in various directions in the horizontal place. The forces are the tensions in strings which pass over pulleys attaches to the rim of the circular table and from which weights are hung. PRINCIPLES AND EQUATIONS: If several forces act on a body, the...

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