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POLICE: HISTORY Throughout the history of civilization, societies have sought protection for their members and possessions. In early civilizations, members of one's family provided this protection. Richard Lundman has suggested that the development of formal policing resulted from a process of three developmental stages. The first stage involves informal policing, where all members of a society share equally in the responsibility for providing protection and keeping order. The second stage, transitional...

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Police Agencies There are many different types of policing in the United States, most agencies operates through the government and the state itself these agencies consist of state and local agencies such as local PD, sheriff’s departments, highway patrol, and state troopers. The main purposes of these agencies are too investigate of suspected criminal activity, referral of the results of investigations to the courts, and the temporary detention of "suspected" criminals pending judicial action. Law...

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Police Discretion

Running head: POLICE DISCRETION Police Discretion CJA/342 University Of Phoenix Police Discretion Police discretion is an important tool in police work due to the law sometimes being too vague or ambiguous. Police officers are trained on different scenarios that one may come across while they are at the academy. The problem tends to arise when a police officer comes across a situation that they were not trained for, and since the academy cannot cover every possible scenario that...

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History of Police

History of Police History of Police The role of police officers is very significant to American history. Police work toward protecting citizens’ rights and helping America become the land of the free. The United States of America is built from the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights and police play a major role in making sure American rights are met. Evolution has changed many of American history for the better; policing is part of those changes. As new issues in society arise, police must change...

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Police History

Police History Chris Mayo CJA 214 January 29, 2013 James Taylor Police History Synopsis The concept of policing, based on English policing systems, brought to America by the earliest English colonists. Over time, the law enforcement system had changes, as a result titles, credentials, and responsibilities had major differences within the legal system. Looking into police history, it will determine how the law enforcement comes into place. Identifying and describing the impact of Sir Robert...

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Police Operations

Police Department Organization Paper “What if the structure of police organizations is shaped by factors beyond easy human contrivance, such as the size and age of the force, the degree of stability in the political environment, the complexity of governmental regulation, the geographical dispersion of the population, or the nature of police work itself” (Maguire 2003)? * In this paper I will describe in detail various types of police agencies at the local, state, and federal level and how...

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History of Police

of Police CJA 204 Introduction to Police Theory and Practices The History of Police Police practices have been around for many years. There have been a lot of changes since the early 1600s, when it started, and now. Used to be a requirement with no training or pay for this type of duty. Now in the 21st century you can make a career out of being a part of the police department. Around the 1630s during Colonial America there was no such thing as a criminal investigation for the police. The...

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Police Operations

Police OperationsShantia EzekielCJA214October 22, 2014 Ryan CarabelloPolice OperationsPolice officers have a daunting task of protecting and serving the community. This responsibility comes with many task and aspects. Some of the critical aspects of policing are, capturing suspects which hopefully involves non-lethal tactics more often than not, a very technological side of police actions, protecting people from threats foreign and domestic, and the danger that comes from all of it. Josh Stone...

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Police Academy

 The Hunter Standard is a police academy that’s focus is on having the police officer upon completing the training ready to be prepared to start enforcing the law and serving the community the best way he or she can. The Hunter Standard Police Academy will consist of 360 hours of stressful and non stressful training techniques that will have an officer prepared to handle most situations faced in the real world and in the legal system, from how to handle hostile situations on the street, to filling...

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Police in America

Police in America Amy Quinn CJA 214 February 2013 Professor Kehoe Police in America According to our text, Robert Peel is the “father of modern policing” (Walker & Katz ,2011). Robert Peel was an English political leader whom saw the need to improve and structure law enforcement. (Walker & Katz, 2011) He devoted his time to seeking solutions to his countries ever growing social problems. Peel helped create the first police force, “The London Metropolitan Police in 1829” (Walker...

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police ethics

Reasons ethics and integrity are important for a police chief or county sheriff. In today’s society, it is not an easy job being a county sheriff or a police chief. The society has become over-critical of law enforcement and the person on top of the chain of command has fully responsibility of all actions on him/her since there are responsible for making the important decisions as to what is morally upright (Perez & Moore, 2012). How the police relate to the public since they need to have the confidence...

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police fragmentation

  POLICE FRAGMENTATION   Police Fragmentation   The Nature of Policing in the United States will constantly change based on certain events that happen. The government will always look for ways to adjust, trying to make policing more efficient, fair, and effective. Unlike policing in other countries, the structure of policing in the United States is extremely fragmented. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are currently...

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Miscommunication and the Police

The police force and miscommunication Before we start our presentation we have a few anouncements. At first we want to thank you for coming. Setting time limits: We’ll try to keep it fairly brief, the duration of the presentation will be between 15 and 20 minutes. Invitation to ask questions: We’ll be happy to answer any questions at the end. Giving an outline: We have divided our presentation in six chapters: * We’ll start with an introduction in chapter one; * Chapter two is about...

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Police History

shall have, the same validity as my handwritten signature.   Student's signature (name typed here is equivalent to a signature): Melissa Sinnett Police History Paper Melissa Sinnett Introduction to Police Theories and Practices/CJA 214 12/02/2012 Mr. Clifton Franklin As you sit on the side of the road with the blue lights of the police car parked behind you lighting up the interior of your car you sit and shake your head. The patrol officer walks up and politely asks you that one little...

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police orginization

 Candy Burtle CJA/214 Memo Espinoza Police History Paper 09/30/2013 In 1828 Sir Robert Peel began the establishment, which was later known as the London Metropolitan Police. The Metropolitan police were the first modern police agency. Officers were employees of the state and not just citizens assisting in apprehending criminals. They were required to wear uniforms and...

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Police Operations

Police Department Organization CJA 214 Police Department Organization There are three different types of police departments they individually have their own jurisdictions nonetheless their structure is very similar. For bigger departments the structure is going to be more in depth mainly because of all the...

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Police Underappreciated

Composition 1 19 March 2012 Police Underappreciated It’s widely recognized that law enforcement officers possess a demanding and dangerous job. Day in and day out they deal with criminals and the sometimes stressful public. Many see law enforcement as an annoyance rather than a protector. Law enforcement officers often feel underappreciated from the public that they protect every day. “The general public wants nothing to do with the police until they need us,” says Pocahontas Police Chief Al Henrickson...

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Police Leadership

are not only under them, but those who are around them. Police Leadership is very important now days as it resorts to today’s community policing and how each officer, even if they are a patrol officer, “every officer is a leader”. It is because of different models put in place that have failed or succeeded along with contemporary issues, that the role of Police Leadership and its importance plays a great stake in today’s policing and police administration. Some of the key elements of leadership have...

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Police Functions

these agencies work to accomplish numerous tasks. Although each level of police agency has its own responsibilities and job roles, their functions are very similar. A closer look reveals what the various functions of police agencies at each level are, how the agencies’ functions compare to one another, and the impact policing agencies have in a community. First, it is important to establish what the functions are of police agencies. The functions include: enforcing the laws, arresting the offenders...

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Police in the Community

Police officers play an integral part in keeping our communities safe, and without them, everyone would sleep less soundly at night. But there are other individuals within the department who have a part in keeping it safe as well. A civilian career in law enforcement is a great alternative to serving as a sworn officer. For any number of reasons, serving as a sworn peace officer is not for everyone. These jobs offer opportunities to give back to the community and still work in the law enforcement...

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Police Science

enforcement throughout the country. Medical Reserve Corps, this programs main focus is to strengthen communities by helping medical, public health, and other volunteers offer their expertise on a long term basis for the community when needed. Volunteers in Police Service, this program provides support and resources for state and local law enforcement agencies interested in developing volunteer programs for citizens who wish to give their time to assist law enforcement agencies. Corporation for National and...

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Burma Police Force

 Myanmar Police Force The Union of Myanmar is geographically situated in Southeast Asia between latitudes 09cated between Bangladesh and Thailand, with India and China to the north, Myanmar covers an area of about 675,000 sq km (over 260,000 sq mi). Myanmar is the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia. The capital and largest city is Yangon, an important trade centre is Mandalay located in central Myanmar. My heroes are those who risk their lives every day to...

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The Police And Law Enforcement

The Police and Law Enforcement Anthony Mugavero CJA/204 University of Phoenix Timeline of the historical development of police agencies and their jurisdiction. • 1200-British created an organized posse led by the shire reeve or mounted officer • 1285-Statute of Winchester • 1630-Watch and ward in England. Colonist implemented English style law enforcement • 1700s-The Bow Street Runners. An early English police unit • 1829-Sir Robert Peel created the London Metropolitan Police Force of...

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Ethnicity And The Police Part II

 Ethnicity and the Police Part II Stacey Beeckman CJA/344 Pete Trance 5/4/14 Relationships between the police and minority communities have come a long way, and still continue to evolve as public awareness grows. Although there are still misconceptions about community policing, it is a fact that improvements have been made because of the new and continuously emerging programs, and partnerships that have been created between the police and private citizens. Among these improvements...

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Private and Public Police

Private and Public 1. Relationship between Private and Public Police Lillie Johnson CJS 250 Gregg Herchek April 11, 2010 Private and Public 2. ...

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Police Department Organization

The police department is important to our community. There are several departments and agencies designed to keep the people safe from drugs, homicide, armed robbery, rape, hate crimes, etc. There are various acts of violence that take place in America but the police are practicing safety precautions to keep our streets safe. In this paper, I will be addressing the various types of police agencies at local, state, and federal levels. I also will be addressing the roles and functions of police organizations...

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Police and Negligence and Liability

Police Negligence and Liability 1 Running Head: Police Neglect/Liability Police Negligence and Liability Police Negligence and Liability 2 Abstract The purpose of this paper is to examine factors involved in police negligence and the extent of liability the officers hold. Are police officers held accountable for their misjudgments or reckless behavior when they are at fault? This paper exams relevant cases in which police officers have been...

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Police Roles and Functions

Police Department Roles and Function CJA/214 Police Department Roles and Function In this paper the principal roles and functions of police organizations and their roles as it applies to the law will be identified. Secondly, the description of various types of police agencies at the local, state, federal level, and the roles and functions of each will be discussed. In addition, the role and function of patrol will be explained. The principal roles and function of police organizations The...

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Gender Discrimination in Police Force

HRMT5501 STUDENT ID. NUMBER 20812193 DUE DATE 1ST APRIL, 2013 NAME OF LECTURER JACQUIE HUTCHINSON WORD COUNT 1625 WANG UNIT NAME MANAGING WORKPLACE DIVERSITY LECTURE DAY & TIME (if applicable) TITLE/TOPIC OF ASSIGNMENT Gender Discrimination In Police Force Smarmy And Perfunctory Efforts Academic misconduct as defined in the “Guidelines on Ethical Scholarship, Academic Literacy and Academic Misconduct” is any activity or practice engaged in by a student that breaches explicit guidelines relating...

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Role of Police in Democracy

Role of the Police in Democratic Society (Broader than mere “function”) Police as the guarantor in Protecting Human Rights of Citizens—Civil and Political The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly. The right to life, liberty and security of person Introduction The role of the police all over the world has been traditionally seen within the basic context of: the Prevention and detection of crime, Protection of life and property...

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Local State Federal Police

Local, State, Federal Police Angela Brandon CJA/484 March 25, 2013 Frank Owens Local, State, Federal Police The United States uses police officers on three different levels to deal with citizens that violate the laws. The local, state, and federal agencies operate on different levels. Maintaining order and service functions, purpose of policing is to do investigation of suspected criminal activity and refer criminals to the American court. Police is needed to help maintain peace...

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Police Clearance System

prone to errors and are much slower in processing than jobs performed with the aid of computers. Thus, by adopting the manual system, there is no assurance that the output produced is accurate or of quality. The Clearance Police Non-Commissioned Officer (PNCO) of Santa Maria Police Station uses the manual procedure in giving a record clearance, which unfortunately leads to many occurring errors. This is also one of the main problems of Clearance PNCO besides the time and effort allotted on encoding...

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Historical Development of Police Agencies

Historical Development of Police Agencies CJA/204 August 8, 2011 Abstract Historically, policing in America mimicked that of the English. American ideas expanded on the English way of policing, to start an era of ever evolving police agencies. In the beginning policing was considered the civic duty of members of a community. These “drafted” officers were not paid or trained. Appointed Sheriff’s were motivated by money, and lost focus on enforcing the law. Policing was considered reactive...

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Police Corruption and Ethnicity

Police Corruption and Ethnicity Gretchen Conwell CJA/344 Stephen Humphries On July 16, 2009, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. a Harvard professor was returning home from a trip to the Republic of China. Exiting the rented limousine the University provided from him, he approached the front door to his home. While struggling with the door trying to gain entrance to his home his driver proceeded to help by trying to force the door open. Police that were in the area proceeded to arrest Gates and spurned...

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The Ethical Dilemma of a Police Officer

Dilemma of a Police Officer Professions are guided by codes of ethics to aid them in performance of their duties and to ensure maintenance of high standards of conduct. Police officers are faced with a maze of obligations in the performance of their official duties. The “Law Enforcement Code of Ethics” and “Canons of Police Ethics” were created to make explicit the conduct considered appropriate for police officers and to guide them in the performance of their duties. Although police have these guides...

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Police Hiring Process

List and discuss the different phases of the police hiring process. There are 100 applicants for every police officer position. In larger cities announcements for police officer positions usually generate about 1000 applicants. A civil service type of application is one of the most commonly used application process for police recruits. The application contains basic information; name, address and background information like education and experiences, some applications will even go beyond the...

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Police Roles in the Media

to the roles of a police officer. Police Role Descriptions in the Media Karin Jordan January 18, 2010 CJA/333 Professor Luis Martinez Introduction In society a great deal of citizens have form their own opinion about how they think about police and the entire law enforcement. Some citizens believe that police are crooked and not fair in their position. Some citizens believe that there are more good police than bad and that...

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Purpose and Effectiveness of Police Patrol

The Purpose and Effectiveness of Police Patrols To begin studying this topic I’d like to provide a brief definition of a patrol officer. In law enforcement, patrol officers are uniformed police officers assigned to patrol specified geographic areas. They are the officers most commonly encountered by the public. Their duties include responding to calls for service, making arrests, resolving disputes, taking crime reports, and conducting traffic enforcement, and other crime prevention measures. The...

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Police Power Etc.

Scenario 3 Weatherbell and Farzal are Police Constables on duty when receiving a call from 'All That Glitters ' - jewellers in the shopping centre about a woman who is believed to be a theft.The information they have got about the suspect is : young,tall woman with long blonde hair wearing jeans and black jacket carrying a black rucksack. As the police constables mentioned above drove past Station Square they see young woman meeting the description they have. When officer Weathrbell runs after the...

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Police and Critical Thinking

PPP232 As a police officer it is our role to observe, think about, and solve problems objectively and systematically. Police officers attend a variety of scenarios when working as a general duties officers it is our job to discover the truth; this requires the use of critical thinking and the scientific method of investigation to find the truth. When attending a job and conducting an investigation into a crime or offence police must utilise these skills as critical thinking and the scientific...

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The Life of a Police Officer

Smith was a victim of a few crimes. When the police were handling the crimes, Officer Smith thought that they could have handled things better. It was then that he decided that he might want to become a police officer, so he could be a better officer then the ones that he had to deal with. As Officer Smith got older and started really looking into what he wanted to do with his life he weighed his options and realized all the benefits of becoming a police officer. There is job security, good pay and...

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Police Requirements for Certain Tasks

Explain what would be required of police to do the following: • Search a home suspected of containing marijuana: If the police suspect that a home contains marijuana, they must first obtain a search warrant under the Fourth Amendment, unless there are exigent circumstances such as destruction of evidence, hot pursuit, or some other exception that applies. Although the Fourth Amendment protects a man’s home, neither the home nor all the surrounding objects are beyond the capacity of being...

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Police and National Crime Information

and 1930 in which police had close ties with politicians, and there was an emphasis on making politicians happy. The reform era was from 1930-1970 it began the professional crime fighting, and police focused more on arrests. The community problem-solving era started 1970- to current, it started a partnership between police and communities. 3. Describe August Vollmer's contributions to policing. August Vollmer introduced several innovative achievements in the area of police professionalism such...

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Police Influence On Society

 Police Influence on Society CJA/344 The historical backdrop of policing in assorted neighborhoods has not been a charming piece of our history. Prejudice and partiality was a regular encounter on an everyday beat of a cop. At one time the police drive just comprised of Anglo-Saxon men of a certain stature and weight and did not comprise of different races nor were ladies even permitted to in business settings, since a ladies' "place" meaning...

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Nj State Police

Research paper N.J State Police New Jersey State Police Firemen, policemen, doctors, lawyers, and nurses, when we were children these job titles were primarily the first on our list. When I was growing up I happened to be in a family of police officers that included my dad and a great deal of uncles and cousins. It was like a torch that has been passed down because through the three generations that I know, the candle has been passed to serve as a cop for the community. My father and a couple...

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Effectiveness of Police Patro

Effectiveness of Police Patrol For many years there has been a debate on whether police patrols have been effective in crime prevention. The articles “Bicycle Patrols: an underutilized resource” and “Police Patrol Policies on Motorways with Unequal Patrol lengths” are the two articles I will be analyzing the effectiveness of police patrolling. Chris Menton’s, “Bicycle Patrols: and underutilized resource” focuses on a five city, thirty two shift study on the output of police bicycle patrols...

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Police Department Role And Functions

 Police Department Roles and Functions Shontay Manigault CJA/214 1/11/2015 Kevin Marshall Police Department Roles and Functions There are many various functions of police agencies. Patron, traffic, juvenile services, intelligence and undercover, and special operations are just some of the various functions of police agencies. There are many differences between the functions of the police agencies and the federal, state, and the local levels. There are reasons of why you need to have various...

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Roles and Functions of Police

Police Department Roles and Functions Sharesa Gulley University of Phoenix CJA/214 - Introduction to Police Theory and Practices Evan Cohen January 21, 2013 Police Department Roles and Functions Every policing department or agency has a set of organizational goals and values that provide officers with a sense of direction and purpose. Even though these various departments may have different functions, policing agencies have similar roles. The roles of police include: The prevention...

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Historical Development of Police Agencies

explore the historical development of police agencies and their jurisdiction, while analyzing their roles in contemporary society. It will describe the main types of law enforcement agencies, including local, state, and federal agencies and their components. Historical Development of Police Agencies Historically, policing in America mimicked that of the English. American ideas expanded on the English way of policing, to start an era of ever evolving police agencies. In the beginning policing...

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Police Influence on Society

Police Influence on Society Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice CJA/344 March 25, 2012 on Society The history of policing in diverse neighborhoods has not been...

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Police Department and Organization Ppt

Police roles and Functions Paper Tracy Marzano CJA/214 May 16, 2013 All law enforcement agencies in the United States are connected to one another due to the fact that most agencies have multi levels of government and overlapping jurisdictions. In general all levels and departments of law enforcement work and co-operate together to protect the citizens, and to prevent and solve crimes. Local law enforcement agencies are entrusted with the power to serve and protect the public and maintain peace...

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Public Police and Private Security

The public police industry has never had a close relationship with the private security profession. Public police officers have typically viewed private security as “law enforcement wanna-bes” (p. 247, Clifford, 2004). Private security is viewed this way because the training requirements are different and in many ways less extensive than what is required of public police officers (Australian Institute of Criminology, 1998). This has been a controversial issue in the past but in recent years has been...

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Police Courts and Corrections

Abel Lazo CRJS 291 9-20-12 Police 1. What is the management structure of the police component? * The police management has a component called watchmen style of procedures which inform officers to ignore minor violations, and settle disputes formally by meeting out street justice. * Another component the police management follows is legalistic style which tells the officers to preform matters formally. With legalistic style the administrators reduce discretion to a minimum and emphasize...

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Troutville Police Department Case

people •  The local Police Department has been lead for the last 17 years by J.Stage •  After Stage’s retirement, the city recruited candidates from outside the town, and appointed L.Gaft as the chief of police •  Gaft had previously worked in a large metropolitan police department, where he used a “tight” control style •  Gaft aimed to bring to town the “team policing” philosophy: goals are identified and teams are assigned to them 2   The Police Department •  The Police Department, classified...

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Police and Pearson Prentice Hall

crime. 1.5 Compare victimization and offender rates for racial and ethic minorities to the rates for Whites. 1.6 Examine the role of ethnic youth gangs and the occurrence of hate crimes in the United States. 1.7 Examine the relationship between the police and racial and ethnic minority youth. Readings Read Ch. 1 & 2 of Multiculturalism in the Criminal Justice System. Read Ch. 3, 5 & 14 of Investigating Difference. Read this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. Participation and Discussion Questions...

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Police and Representation

their methods were effective. I think that there were more differences that similarities between them both, and I will be backing my opinion up with quotes and evidence from each source. Firstly, representation one is based on the typical day of a police officer, their day to day work, and how they go about it. Compared to representation two, which is the prevention of crime. One of the similarities is that they both mention the different beats and shifts that the officers have to work, they both...

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Police Department Roles and Functions

Police Department Roles and Functions CJA/214 September 20, 2012 Scott Mann Roles and Functions The Police Department must serve many roles and purposes so they also must take care of any issues that arise, dealing with the law or public safety. For this reason they have different specialized concentrations of officers designed to carry out certain functions. This also varies according to jurisdiction where there are state, local and even federal jurisdictions. This also affects what are...

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THE MILITARIZATION OF LOCAL POLICE Derrick A. Harris Abstract SWAT teams are increasingly being deployed across the country -- and it's happening with almost no supervision. For nearly half a century, America’s police forces have undergone a process of “militarization.” They’ve upped their cache of assault weapons and military defense gear, increasingly deployed SWAT teams to conduct ops-style missions on civilians, and inculcated a warrior attitude within their rank. While major metropolitan areas...

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Police Powers

means that after someone has been charged they are free from police custody until the next stage of the process of the case (trial). The custody officer has the power to either decide if bail is granted or not. If the officer refuses to grant bail they must present the case to magistrate court soon as possible. Bail Bail means that after someone has been charged they are free from police custody until the next stage of the process of the case (trial)...

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Police Department Roles and Functions

Running head: POLICE DEPARTMENT ROLES AND FUNCTIONS Police Department Roles and Functions xxxxxx Axia College of University of Phoenix CJA/214 xxxxx Police Department Roles and Functions Law enforcement agencies range from local counties all the way up to state and federal levels. Communities are dependent of these agencies to conduct and perform many different roles and functions. All policing agencies perform the same basic duties and responsibilities, which are, maintain law and...

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