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Also, noting that all major companies have their headquarters in Mumbai like the Aditya Birla Group, Tata Group, Reliance Industries Limited and so on. Also, the Reserve Bank of India and all major nationalized and private banks have their headquarters situated in Mumbai. This gives high impetus to investors who come and invest heavily in the stock markets. And Mumbai has two of India’s oldest stock markets in the country. These investors find it convenient to come and find everything at one place...

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Mumbai is the Financial Capital of India Mumbai is the Bollywood city of India Mumbai is the city of local trains Mumbai is the city of dabbawallas Mumbai is the City of Ambanis Mumbai is what the Indians affectionately call – the “City of Dreams”. This fabulous city is not only the financial capital of India that serves as the center of all trade and investments, but also a cultural center. Mumbai is where you can possess the most distinguished designer labels and products from various fashion...

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Bollywood, beaches, bazaars, bargains, the Brits and Bombay (now back to Mumbai, the city’s original name) are all part of the many stories of the city’s past and present. Mumbai, located in the state of Maharashtra is known as the “New York of India,” and not just because the exploding population is forecast to be 28 million in another decade. The city is so cosmopolitan that world travelers can instantly feel at ease, while still experiencing authentic Indian culture. It is an eclectic mix of...

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Bollywood and Mumbai

In what ways is mumbai important as a metropolitan city? Mumbai serves as an important economic hub of the country, contributing 10% of all factory employment, 40% of all income tax collections, 60% of all customs duty collections, 20% of all central excise tax collections, 40% of India's foreign trade and Rupees 40 billion (US$ 9 billion) in corporate taxes. Mumbai's per-capita income is Rs.48,954 which is almost three times the national average. Many of India's numerous conglomerates (including State...

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Mumbai - Pune

The Mumbai-Pune industrial belt is the most important industrial region of the country. The region owes its origin to the British rule in India. The British got the Mumbai Island as a marriage gift of Catherine of Braganza's dowry in 1661. The seizure of Cassette in 1774, the collapse of Maratha power in 1818, the opening of the Bhorghat to Pune in 1830, the opening of steamer service through Suez Canal in 1843 and the opening of the first railway track of 32 km in 1853 between Mumbai and Thane...

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Mumbai Dabbawalah

------------------------------------------------- Dabbawala From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Mumbai Dabbahwalas A dabbawala (Marathi: डबेवाला); also spelled as dabbawalla or dabbawallah; literally meaning ("box person"), is a person in India, most commonly found in the city of Mumbai, who is employed in a unique service industry whose primary business is collecting freshly cooked food in lunch boxes from the residences of the office workers (mostly in the suburbs), delivering it to their...

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How Safe Is Mumbai for Women

How Safe is Mumbai for Women? Synopsis Our market research topic is to find out whether Mumbai is actually safe for women. Mumbai was always touted as a safe city for women but with growing cases of eve teasing and groping we can see that it is losing its tag. In recent times we have observed many cases in which assault of a women , molestation or even rape has taken place. Research objective :- To find out how safe is the city of Mumbai for women. We are working for Swabhiman an initiative...

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City of Mumbai (Bombay)

paper will shed light on Mumbai, one the world's most important and fastest growing city. Mumbai is the most populated city in the all of India and the home of world renowned Bollywood, yet there are still many that have never even heard of the city. This is mostly due in fact to its recent name change; the majority of people around the world still refer this city as Bombay but in 1995 the major city went under a name change and now goes by the name of Mumbai. Present-day Mumbai was originally a group...

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Mumbai Suburban Railway

from your children. List of the Al-Haadi Lawazam receieved from Mumbai Subscriber in shahrullaah 1434 till Year 1435 NAMES 1.Abbas.S.Petiwala . 51-A,Ayeshabai Bldg,1st Floor,R.No-14 Mastan tank Cross Lane,Nagpada Mumbai-400008 2. Abbasali.Ayyubali.Poonawala. Room. No.27, 3rd Floor...

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Nariman Point In Mumbai

Mumbai, earlier called Bombay, is the commercial and entertainment capital of our country. It houses a very large population of around 10 million. You can find people from all religions and cultures here. Mumbai has been growing for almost five hundred years now. Originally, Mumbai was nothing but seven swampy islands in the Arabian Sea. But when the Portuguese came to India in 1534, they saw potential in these islands and captured them. Soon, this place became was established as trading centre...

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