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  • Speech: Maharashtra

    culture or language but the information found here can assist with assessment and treatment planning for speakers of Marathi. There are statements in this manual that refer to Indian culture in general and may or may not apply to those living in Maharashtra. The hyperlinks in this manual will link to websites where more information about those subjects may be obtained. The information in this manual is not exclusively the work of the authors and is not intended for commercial use. Some statements in

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  • Maharashtra Clothing

    Maharashtra changing clothing styles Vast diversity can be observed throughout Maharashtra in respect of ethnic attire and dressing styles. Traditional maharashtrian dresses are generally considered synonymous with the dresses worn by the people on the eastern side of western ghats. Traditional maharashtrian sari is nauvari sari‚ a nine-yards sari.Traditional maharashtrian male dress consists of a shirt‚ lungi or pyjama‚ and a topi. However‚ nowadays with the advent of modern and cosmopolitan

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  • Political Maharashtra

    Politics of Maharashtra After India’s independence‚ most of Maharashtra’s political history was dominated by the Indian National Congress party. Maharashtra became a bastion of the Congress party producing stalwarts such as Yashwantrao Chavan‚ Vasantdada Patil‚ Shankarrao Chavan‚ Vasantrao Naik‚ Vilasrao Deshmukh and Sharad Pawar. The party enjoyed near unchallenged dominance of the political landscape until 1995 when the Shiv Sena and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) secured an overwhelming

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  • maharashtra drought

    MAHARASHTRA DROUGHT- A MANMADE TRAGEDY BY DILIP KUMAR ROY Maharashtra experienced severe and successive years of drought in 1970-74 and 2000 – 04. One-third of Maharashtra has now been affected by drought‚ which officials and activists fear could be worse than the one in 1972‚ the worst Maharashtra has ever known. Successive dry spells in the past two years have induced severe drought in parts of Maharasthra such as Vidarbha and Marathwada‚ where availability of drinking water

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  • Maharashtra and People

    INTRODUCTION Chawls are a quintessentially Mumbai phenomenon‚ whose rise is inseparably linked to the rise of the textile mills. The textile mills were the next big industrial step that Mumbai took after the spurt in cotton trading and the shifting of the ports. The mills flourished in the mid-19th century and the people who worked there were labourers mainly from the Konkan coast and ghats. Often one of the workers is sent back to the villages to recruit more people. These workers are

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  • South India and Maharashtra

    is a state in the western region of India. It is the second most populous state after Uttar Pradesh and third largest state by area in India. Maharashtra is the wealthiest state in India‚ contributing 15% of the country’s industrial output and 13.3% of its GDP. Maharashtra is bordered by the Arabian Sea to the west‚ Gujarat and the Union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli to the northwest‚ Madhya Pradesh to the north and northeast‚ Chhattisgarh to the east‚ Karnataka to the south‚ Andhra Pradesh to

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  • Maharashtra - Dadoba Pandurang

    religion. Dadoba went one step ahead and wanted a rethinking on this very sensitive and vital subject of common interest. Dadoba’s rationalism makes a special contribution to the thought of the western educated gentry in Bombay and the cities in Maharashtra. His campaigns against sorcerers and enchanters suggested that he considered it a duty of the educated people to clear the cobwebs of superstitions from the minds of the mass of people. The foundation of the ‘Paramhansa Sabha’ showed the way for

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  • Cdp of Aurangabad City Maharashtra

    References: 1. Development Plan Report 1995-2015 / Section 3‚9‚11‚13&14 / Government Of Maharashtra. 2. JNNURM Guidelines for City Development / Government of India. 3. Recent Environmental position report 2009-2010 / Pg.27 / Aurangabad Municipal Corporation. 4. “Shahar Vikas: Ek Aavhan” / Section 6 / Pg no 14-16 / Aurangabad Municipal Corporation

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  • Maharashtra and Capacitor Discharge Ignition

    RESUME ADARSH INAMDAR C/o. B. G. Dalvi 63/463‚ Sant Tukaram Nagar‚ E-mail Id : adarsh.inamdar@gmail.com Vallabhanagar‚ Pimpri‚ Pune – 18. Mob.: 9421924608‚ 9890997040 ____________________________________________________________________ OBJECTIVE : Seeking a responsibly position as a professional to utilize my skill and abilities in a industry that offers a growth oriented and challenging environment QUALIFICATION : Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering with 51.5% in May 2002. (Board

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  • Starvation in Maharashtra

    Beed (Maharashtra): India’s national bird‚ the peacock‚ is under severe threat from nature’s vagaries at one of the largest peacock national parks in the country at Naigaon here. The threat is not from its natural predators or humans‚ but from the extreme heat wave conditions in the Marathwada region‚ around 400 km east of Mumbai‚ that virtually suffocate and even kill the magnificent bird. | | According to local conservationists‚ nearly 13 adult peafowl have reportedly perished this summer

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