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  • London

    London Advantages To live in London is to experience one of the great cities of the world. Students at UCL benefit from our location in the centre of the capital‚ the hub of culture‚ arts‚ politics‚ government‚ the media‚ the law and the great financial institutions of the City of London. The capital also offers a scene and status unrivalled by any other city. UCL‚ England’s third oldest university‚ is at the heart of what has been described as ‘the knowledge capital of the world.’ London

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  • London

    The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel situated on the banks of the River Thames inLondon‚ England. The entire structure is 135 metres (443 ft) tall and the wheel has a diameter of 120 metres (394 ft). It is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe‚ and the most popular paid tourist attraction in the United Kingdom‚ visited by over 3.5 million people annually.[4] When erected in 1999 it was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world‚ until surpassed first by the 160 m (520 ft) Star of Nanchang in 2006 and

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  • London Cosmopolitan

    London is one of the most glamorous cities in the world leading in architecture and finance. It has become a vibrant cosmopolitan metropolis. A city that is a financial hub for business and a global tourist attraction holds urban spectacles that are “multi-dimensional” (Gotham 226). Cities of this sort also evoke characteristics that connect with the concept of ‘movement and vision’. With the entire activity taking place within London‚ it has to be a city of rhythm‚ harmony‚ and melody. All three

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  • London

    all cramped on small‚ claustrophobic and overcrowded carriage. After a long‚ exhausting and uncomfortable journey we fianally arrived at are destination. Which is my favourite place the LONDON EYE!!! The downside was we had to wait in a queue by the length of the queue would take up most of our time in London. While standing in the queue I was shaking nervously as I watched ahead and seen the security guards searching people... when it came to my whole stomach turned even though I had nothing to

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  • London Calling

    ------------------------------------------------- London Calling The article from the “Newsweek” magazine is written by William Underhill who was in London with Marie Valla. The article is informative‚ describing London’s best attributes and development on financial‚ cultural and intellectual areas. The growing prosperity and popularity is presented as a result of one thing in particular: immigration. This means the main focus in the article is how immigration has contributed to London’s culture

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  • Living in London

    What I like and dislike about living in London London is the capital city of England. It is located on the banks of the River Thames and it has been a major settlement for two millennia. London is the best city in Europe and it is a leading global city in the world with big‚ tall buildings‚ shops‚ historic landmarks like the Palace of Westminster‚ Natural History Museum‚ Kew Gardens‚ Westminster Abbey‚ Tower Bridge‚ National Galleries‚ libraries‚ Theatres. It also has one of the oldest network

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  • London Farming

    Belt Background to farming in London’s Green Belt Farmers future confidence and challenges Opportunities / barriers and solutions 1 Farming in London’s Green Belt Study 2005 Examined current farming activity in London and future activity‚ completed in May 2005 Investigated London farmers connection to local supply chains Investigated farmers future intention Farmers’ Voice Farmers’ Voice is an annual ADAS survey of attitudes & opinions among farmers in England & Wales January 2008 2‚310 replies

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  • London in the 1500s

    What London Was Like in the 1500s In the 1500s London constructed around 50‚ 000 buildings throughout the 1500s. These buildings shaped and built London into what it is today. Before the 1500s the people of London went on many conquests in which they appointed Westminster as their center for control for government. London was one of the U. K.’s largest cities. Many events transpired in London in the 1500s including the Black Death diminishing their population by a great deal. London did rebuild

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  • Trip to London

    different expectations‚ questions‚ and concerns about my trip to London. I have only traveled outside of the United States twice in my life. Both times that I stepped out of my comfort zone I was accompanied by my father so I never really felt that I was away from home. I hope that this trip helps me grow as both a student and a traveler‚ but most of all‚ as a person. While I am very excited to see the different history and attractions London has to offer‚ my greatest concern is my English 300 course

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  • london docklands

    London Docklands Case Study: London 1981: After World War II the population was in decline die to people moving out fro a quieter life. Unemployment was at 60% amongst adult males. After the docks closed 10‚000 people were put out of work Before London’s docklands had been UK’s largest manufacturing area of 1970s. Lost 16% of population due to counter urbanisation. Causes of the decline 1. COUNTER URBANISATON: 1. London experienced net out migration and this is known as

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