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 HISTORY OF INDIAN AGRICULTURE Early history Barley and wheat cultivation—along with the domestication of cattle, primarily sheep and goat—was visible in Mehrgarh by 9000 BCE. Vedic period – Post Maha Janapadas period (1500 BCE – 200 CE) The Mauryan Empire (322–185 BCE) categorised soils and made meteorological observations for agricultural use. Early Common Era – High Middle Ages (200–1200 CE) Water storage systems were designed during this period. Kallanai, a dam...

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Agriculture, also called farming or husbandry, is the cultivation of animals, plants, fungi, and other life forms for food, fiber, biofuel,drugs and other products used to sustain and enhance human life.[1] Agriculture was the key development in the rise of sedentary human civilization, whereby farming of domesticated species created food surpluses that nurtured the development of civilization. The study of agriculture is known as agricultural science. The history of agriculture dates back thousands...

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is consumed by the farmers and their families. Where facilities like irrigation and electricity are available, farming has improved. Important cash crops like sugarcane, oilseeds, cotton and jute are grown. The subsistence agriculture has given way to commercial agriculture to some extent. Dry land farming is practised in areas where the rainfall is low and irrigation facilities are inadequate. Here, emphasis is laid on conservation of moisture, and on crops like jowar, bajra and pulses, which need...

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Project on Agriculture

Agriculture in the Bhutanese economy The economy of Bhutan, one of the world’s smallest and least developed countries, is based on agriculture and forestry, which provide the main livelihood for more than 60% of the population.  Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for the majority of the people in Bhutan. Approximately 80% of the populations in Bhutan are involved in the agriculture sector and over 95% of the earning women in the country work in the agricultural sector. Agriculture...

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The Origins of Agriculture

Archaeology 103 12/10/12 The Origins of Agriculture As the last Ice Age came to an end, the environment presented its self in a new manner. The temperature was becoming warmer, promoting more plant life, resulting in a better quality of life. Many scholars argue why farming was invented. Palaeopathological studies, or studies of diseases in ancient man and fossil animals, have shown that in populations where cereal farming was practiced the health had diminished. Also because of intensive cereal...

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Agriculture Essay

Cultural Anthropology 12 March 2014 Mrs. Booth Did human life improve because of agriculture? Many discussions have been sparked on the topic of whether or not agriculture was beneficial or detrimental to human life. Hypothetically, agriculture, if cultivated correctly, will never allow any part of a group to go hungry. There is no stress about moving because every resource you need is in your back yard. Realistically, agriculture does cause a lot of issues. Problems such as increased population, non cooperative...

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Transition to Agriculture

Transition to Agriculture: Human Improvement or Not? History 103 World Civilizations I Instructor: Paul Toro February 13, 2012 The transition that humans made from hunting and gathering to foraging was quite a transformation around 13,000 years ago. Man had man a big change when deciding to domesticate animals and plants. Man had discovered that the wild animals that they once hunted could be tamed and could be domesticated livestock for reproduction. With plants, they found the ones that...

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role of agriculture

played by agriculture to economic development Agriculture is the dominant activity of poor countries such as Zimbabwe, which enhance our understanding of the dualistic. In the amplification of agriculture in economic development, a leading question is how agriculture contributes to economic growth and there seems to be a paradox in the role of agriculture in economic development. A well- known economist Simon Kuznets played an imperative role in coming up with the roles of agriculture to economic...

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Agriculture in the Bahamas

after year there are ringing calls for the Bahamas to invest more and do more to develop agriculture. In 2001, former Central Bank researcher Gabriella Fraser observed that Bahamian agriculture had "hardly evolved" over time, and asked whether enough effort was being made to achieve food security. Environmental advocate Sam Duncombe argued in a recent online exchange that If we don't invest in agriculture and manufacturing, Bahamians will be condemned to "a life of servitude and dependence." Dr...

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aztec agriculture

Aztec Agriculture - Rich and Varied In the days of the empire, Aztec agriculture was a lot more complex that growing a few stalks of maize.  The remarkable farming practices of the peoples in central Mexico has been studied and admired ever since. Prior to the Spanish conquest of Mexico, Aztec society ruled the central Mexico, built on the foundations of Mesoamerica.  Aztec society was highly structured and complex, and the political emphasis was working as a larger unit with smaller parts...

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Agriculture Transfer

continent devastated by hunger, diseases and civil wars, like the war in Sudan, whose tribes that lived in this place lost completly their plantation area and cattle because of militia's sabotage. Brazil is known for it's skills in research in agriculture, agribusiness and food technology, today concentrated basically in the Embrapa (The Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation). These researches aim alternatives for the planting of food, changing it to became more resistant to climate conditions...

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Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture (Cattle) Cattle dominate our food market today and our agriculture is becoming less sustainable. Agriculture is “the science, art, or practice of cultivating the soil, producing crops, and raising livestock and in varying degrees the preparation and marketing of the resulting products” (Merriam Webster). With technological advancements, farming techniques have changed and mass production is dominating our agriculture. According to the Center for Agroecology Sustainable...

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Subsistence Agriculture

Question #1 How is intensive subsistence agriculture distinguished from extensive subsistence cropping? Why, in your opinion, have such different land use forms developed in separate areas of the warm, moist tropics? Intensive agriculture is the primary subsistence pattern of large-scale, populous societies. It results in much more food being produced per acre compared to other subsistence patterns. Beginning about 5,000 years ago, the development of intensive farming methods became necessary...

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Agriculture in Bangladesh

primarily agrarian economy. Agriculture is the single largest producing sector of the economy since it comprises about 18.6% (data released on November, 2010) of the country's GDP and employs around 45% of the total labor force.[1] The performance of this sector has an overwhelming impact on major macroeconomic objectives like employment generation, poverty alleviation, human resources development and food security. A plurality of Bangladeshis earn their living from agriculture. Although rice and jute...

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Science and Agriculture

help agriculture in another way by fighting down the insects and bacterial pests that destroy considerable quantities of grains and crops. Plants are liable to be attacked by these pests at all times. Faulty methods of storing food also are responsible for much avoidable loss. If we want to increase our food supply, not only should production be improved but wastage also must be eliminated by improved methods of farming and preserving surplus food grains. Science can supplement agriculture by creating...

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The Dangers of Agriculture

Dangers of Agriculture H445 Occupational Health Agriculture ranks among the most hazardous industries. Farmers are at very high risk for fatal and nonfatal injuries, and farming is one of the few industries in which family members are also at risk for fatal and nonfatal injuries. In 1990, Congress directed NIOSH to develop an agricultural safety and health program to address the high risks of injuries and illnesses experienced by workers and families in agriculture. NIOSH supports...

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Effects of Agriculture

Olajide Shokeye September 18, 2012 T. Barrales A.P World History Effects of Agriculture The evolution of man through agriculture was expressed thoroughly by Jared Diamond in his article. The transition from a Neolithic way of living to a Paleolithic way of life had many negative effects. Having people settling down to build organized cities and companies...

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China Agriculture

farming. Since then, many have been encouraged to leave the fields and pursue other activities, such as light manufacturing, commerce, and transportation; and by the mid-1980s farming accounted for less than half of the value of rural output. Today, agriculture contributes only 13% of China's GDP. Animal husbandry constitutes the second most important component of agricultural production. China is the world's leading producer of pigs, chickens, and eggs, and it also has sizable herds of sheep and cattle...

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Industrial Agriculture

falling under the control of giant multinational corporations with policies that are not environmentally sustainable. Sustainable agriculture preserves biodiversity, maintains soil fertility and water purity, conserves and improves the chemical, physical and biological qualities of the soil, recycles natural resources and conserves energy. Furthermore, sustainable agriculture produces diverse forms of high quality foods, fibers and medicines. Likewise, this system respects the ecological principles of...

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Agriculture Income

grounded 60% 40% 8 Tea 60% 40% Partial integration of Agricultural Income for Tax Purpose The Finance Act, 1973 introduced for the first time a scheme of partially integrated taxation of non-agricultural income with incomes derived from agriculture for the purposes of determining the rate of income-tax that will apply to certain non-corporate assessees. The scheme is since continued by the Annual Finance Acts. The provisions applicable for the assessment year 2008-09 are contained Part IV...

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Agriculture of Pakistan - Essay

DECLINE IN THE RATE OF AGRICULTURE GROWTH IS LARGELY DUE TO GOVERNMENT’S NEGLECT AND POLICIES TOWARDS AGRICULTURE The economy of every country is mainly dependent on three major sectors, which are agriculture, industries and commerce respectively. All these sectors are somehow or the other interlinked with each other. This means, that progress or underdevelopment of one sector may have some significant effects on the other sectors indirectly. The state of Pakistan, due to its geographical location...

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Swot Analysis of Indian Agriculture

SWOT Analysis of Indian Agriculture Prof. DR. Sanjay B. Kadu, Vidya Bharti Mahavidyalaya, Camp, Amravati. prof.dr.sanjay.b.kadu@gmail.com mr.skadu@rediffmail.com Mobile : 9420189295 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ India is an agricultural country; one third population depends on agriculture sector directly or indirectly. Agriculture continues to be the mainstays...

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Agriculture Finance in India

Agricultural loans offered by nationalised banks | 23 | | 3.4 | Schemes of co-operative agriculture banks | 31 | | 3.5 | Innovations in rural and agricultural finance | 47 | | 3.6 | Microfinance and agriculture finance | 49 | | 3.7 | Recent progress in rural finance | 50 | | 3.8 | Taking agricultural finance to small farmers | 54 | | | | | 4 | | Case study: State bank of India – the pioneer in agriculture lending | 58 | | | | | 5 | | Conclusion & bibliography | 69 | |...

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role of agriculture in nigeria

this site are extracts from literature review of research projects, Get the full Project THEORETICAL LITERATURES The term “Agriculture” has been subjected to different definitions by various experts. As a result Ighodo (1984: 20) defined agriculture as the art and science of the cultivation of crops and rearing of animals for man’s use. He also emphasized that agriculture is also the production of fibres for industries, processing of farm produce, packaging and marketing of farm products. This...

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Essay on Agriculture in India

------------------------------------------------- Agriculture Agriculture, also called farming or husbandry, is the cultivation of animals, plants, fungi, and other life forms for food, fiber, biofuel and other products used to sustain human life. Agriculture in India has a significant history. Today, India ranks second worldwide in farm output. Agriculture and allied sectors like forestry andfisheries accounted for 16.6% of the GDP in 2009, about 50% of the total workforce.[1] The economic contribution of agriculture to India's GDP...

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Effect of Agriculture on Our Environment

Effects of Agriculture on the Environment Introduction: Agriculture has changed dramatically, especially since the end of World War II. Food and fibre productivity rose due to new technologies, mechanization, increased chemical use, specialization and government policies that favoured maximizing production. These changes allowed fewer farmers with reduced labour demands to produce the majority of the food and fibre. Humans, like all other species, exploit their surroundings for the resources...

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Agriculture Resources of Pakistan

Agriculture RESOURCES OF Pakistan INTRODUCTION Pakistan's principal natural resources are arable land and water. About 25% of Pakistan's total land area is under cultivation and is watered by one of the largest irrigation systems in the world. Pakistan irrigates three times more acres than Russia. Agriculture accounts for about 21.2% of GDP and employs about 43% of the labor force. In Pakistan, the most agricultural province is Punjab where wheat and cotton are the most grown. Some people also...

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The Role of Agriculture in Development

ABSTRACT The development of agriculture since 1960 and its contribution to the growth of the economy has been discussed in the course of this study. It is however obvious from the analysis that though agriculture has contributed positively to economic growth, there are fundamental problems attributable largely to the characteristics of Nigerian agriculture. It is also evident that unfavourable environments as well as poor implementation of economic policies were detrimental to output increase in...

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American Agriculture DBQ

1865-1900 was the period when the United States was changing from the Reconstruction period to the new Industrial age. The new change of the United States also changed the American agriculture for the citizens. The American agriculture changed because new technology was advancing, government policy was treating some people unfair, and economic conditions were rough for many. As the United States grows larger in population and larger in land, technology was becoming newer and better as well...

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Agriculture in the Amazon Rainforest

Agriculture in the Amazon Rainforest Throughout a hundred centuries people have worked hard to sustain productive agriculture and dense human populations. Certain forms of agriculture are possible, and should be considered sustainable, for the economic development of tropical rainforests. For thousands of years humans have created a disturbance in the rainforests by creating areas of concentrated diversity of species within the landscape. The Indigenous people of the Amazon fostered palm forests...

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Science ram_m profile image by ram_m 134 Followers TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS IN INDIAN AGRICULTURE FASAL FASAL ACCELERATED IRRIGATION BENEFIT PROGRAMS ACCELERATED IRRIGATION BENEFIT PROGRAMS animal drawn seed cum fertilizer drill animal drawn seed cum fertilizer drill KARAN SWISS KARAN SWISS One of the major challenges that independent India faced was how a traditional sector like agriculture could be modernized particularly amongst a group of people who were illiterate or semi-literate...

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Agriculture and Development

AGRICULTURE & DEVELOPMENT Agriculture is in many parts of the world is the main source of food and income of households. The role that agriculture plays in development has been debated during the last decades and the views about it are very diverse. Today, many authors consider agriculture as an essential factor for development and an important instrument for poverty alleviation. In my opinion access to land and water is an indispensable condition to ensure the livelihood of the poor. The current...

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Reason for Low Agriculture Productivity

Why the Productivity Trends in Agriculture in very low? . Shiya Economics ..In spite of the significance of agriculture in the Indian economy, per capital productivity in agriculture is less in comparison to the productivity in other sectors of the economy and agricultural productivity of other countries of the world. Agricultural productivity has two aspects. Land productivity and labour productivity. The former implies the productivity of land per hectare or acre and the latter refers to the...

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American Agriculture - Essay

agricultural changes due to the growth of industrialization. Farmers were the most influenced because they found themselves not making any profit from their crops. The new technologies, government policies, and economic conditions all impacted America’s agriculture. In response to these changes, farmers were being treated poorly and found themselves at a loss when it came to working with large corporate companies such as the railroads. During this time period, the shift from American farmers was beginning...

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Impact of Globalization on Agriculture in Uganda

Impact of Globalization on Agriculture in Uganda Definition: Globalization: is a process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a global network of communication, transportation, and trade. Globalization according to Webster’s Dictionary, means: “to make worldwide in scope or application”. Globalization can be viewed as the integration of inputs and outputs into global markets, sharing of information and knowledge, and promulgation of rules governing...

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Government Business -Shortage in Agriculture

Works Cited 7 The Australian Farm Institute The Australian Farm Institute was set up in 2003, to conduct research into public policy and into strategic issues facing Australian agriculture. It also promotes policies and solutions that allow farmers to have the highest level of economic and social wellbeing (Australian Farm Institute, 2013). This research is conducted by leading academics and consultants both nationally and internationally;...

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Agriculture in India

AGRICULTURE IN INDIA The importance of agriculture to our economy can hardly be over-emphasized. It is the most important source of raw materials to feed our industries It provides employment to about 70 percent of our total labour force. It contributes more than 40 percent to our total national income. And it is one of the major foreign exchange earners for our economy. But unfortunately, it does not .appear to be as sound as it should have been. The basic industry of India is agriculture. India...

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IMPORTANCE OF AGRICULTURE TO ECONOMY OF MIANWALI Mianwali is the district situated in the north of Punjab. It is located at the border of province KPK AND PUNJAB. This district was formed in the year 1906 .it has three tehsil’s Mianwali Easa khel Piplan The majority of peoples of mianwali belong to the field of agriculture .Mianwali consists of wonder full irrigation system. It consists of canals, river, and tube well, INDUS RIVER is one important source which provides water to many areas...

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“Climate-Smart” Agriculture and Moringa

“Climate-Smart” Agriculture and Moringa Newton K Amaglo, PhD Student, Hunan Agriculture University, Faculty of Food Science and Technology, Changsha, Hunan. China 410128. Email; amaglonewton@yahoo.com Nov 2012 Introduction There has been a time in history when humans used tens of thousands of vegetables, cereals, etc but today we rely on just a few cereals. After roughly 10,000 years of progressive agricultural civilization, seventy percent of the world’s food supply comes from just...

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Mutual Relationship Between Agriculture and Industrialization

encourage or enforce industrialisation. Agriculture Agriculture also called farming or husbandry is the cultivation of animals, plants, fungi, and other life forms for food, fiber, biofuel and other products used to sustain life. Agriculture was the key development in the rise of sedentary human civilization, whereby farming of domesticated species created food surpluses that nurtured the development of civilization. The history of agriculture dates back thousands of years, and its development...

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India Achievement in Agriculture

production. Yields per unit area of all crops have grown since 1950. The 1970s saw a huge increase in India's wheat production. This is known as the Green Revolution in the country. Reasons for the growth are the special emphasis placed on agriculture and steady improvements in irrigation, technology, application of modern agricultural practices and provision of agricultural credit and subsidies. Operation Flood was the name of a rural development programme started by the National Dairy Development...

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Technology for Sustainable Agriculture

Technology for Sustainable Agriculture Sustainable Agriculture is a way of farming that can be carried out for generations to come. This long-term approach to agriculture combines efficient production with the wise stewardship of the earth's resources. It is hoped that, over time, sustainable agriculture will do the following: • Meet human needs with a safe, high-quality, and affordable supply of food and fiber. • Protect the natural resource base and prevent the degradation of air, soil and...

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Soil: Agriculture and Food Chain

tractors causes the soil to become impacted which in effect makes the soil become impacted which makes the soil more susceptible to erosion. Overcultivation erosion can be corrected by no-till agriculture . This is a technique that permits continuous cropping , yet it minimizes soil erosion. No – till agriculture is when the field is sprayed with herbicide to kill weeds and then planting apparatus is pulled behind a tractor to accomplish several operations at once . This method prevents the soil from...

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The Role of Agriculture in Indonesia Economic Development

The Role of Agriculture in Indonesia Economic Development Indonesia can be categorized as an agrarian nation, where the role of agriculture in Indonesia economy really significant. Agriculture sector in Indonesia has a role in: (a) providing job opportunity for the majority of labor force, (b) producing foods for the nation, (c) raw material producer for industrial sector, and (d) strengthening food security and rural development. The role of agriculture becomes more important when Indonesia...

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Relation Among Agriculture, Trade and Industry

Relation among Agriculture, Trade and Industry: Many industries running in Nepal are based on agriculture. Such industries are dependent on the raw materials that come from agriculture sector. The examples are sugar industry from sugarcane, jute industry from jute, cotton factory from cotton, leather industry from animal skin, tea factory from tea leaves, etc. To run these industries, raw materials are made available from the agriculture sector. Agriculture tools like spade, plough, etc are...

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Agriculture: the turning point

hierarchies of class, provided the foundation for language and literature, and allowed for the invention of new technologies. The Agriculture Revolution was a very important time because of the rapid growth of population due to the farming and herding revolution. During this time, the population in the world grew to enormous sizes because of the rapid growth of agriculture. “Growing populations in turn required an even greater need for the intensive exploitation of the environment” (Strayer 51). The...

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Sustainable Agriculture

ES34 – Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture TAKE HOME FINAL EXAMINATION Querubin, Emmanuel S. BS Environmental Science-III 1. What are the ecological and socio-economic requirements for sustainable agriculture? Explain. According to the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) Standards, the ecological and socio-economic requirements for sustainable agriculture include social and environmental management system, wherein it should incorporate a set of policies and procedures managed...

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Ancient Egyptian Agriculture.

Ancient Egyptian Agriculture There are many valid points to be made in Ancient Egyptian agriculture. Irrigation, ploughing and planting, harvesting, and of course, crops. These will be some of the subtopics I will be touching upon in this essay of ancient Egyptian agriculture. Irrigation When the Nile is overflowing, it floods the Delta and the lands called Libyan and Arabian, for a distance of a journey of two days from both banks in places, and sometimes, sometimes less. I could not learn...

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Impact of the Agreement on Agriculture on the Indian Economy

IMPACT OF THE AGREEMENT ON AGRICULTURE ON THE INDIAN ECONOMY INDIAN AGRICULTURAL SCENARIO Indian agriculture is characterised by a preponderant majority of small and marginal farmers holding less than two hectares of land, less than 35.7% of the land, is under any assured irrigation system and for the large majority of farmers, the gains from the application of the science & technology in agriculture are yet to be realised. Farmers, therefore, require support in terms of development of infrastructure...

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Automation In Agriculture using Robots

tiruchengode. [pic] Automation In Agriculture using Robots submitted by s.keerthana g.indhuja ece-iii year email.id keerthi12slm@gmail.com Abstract— This paper contains a description of the mechanical design route that was adopted in building a small Agriculture Robot. At the outset, we decided to follow a set of...

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Food and Agriculture in Mauritius

consists 6 different tastes and each ingredient represent (sadness, happiness, anger, fear, disgust and surprise). The different tastes, symbolises the fact that life is a mixture of different experiences. Cavadee lemon juice is prepared. Agriculture in mauritius: The production of rum is common throughout the island.[citation needed] Sugar cane was first introduced on the island when the Dutch colonised it in 1638. Even then, the propensity of making rum out of sugar cane was strongly recognised...

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Climate Change and Its Impact on Agriculture

Climate Change and its Impact on Agriculture Climate change is an emerging issue of agricultural production and geographical location of India makes it vulnerable to climate change. For most people, the expression “climate change” means the alteration of the world’s climate that we humans are causing, through fossil fuel burning, clearing forests and other practices that increase the concentration of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere. However, scientists often use the term for any change...

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Genetic Diversity in Agriculture

Genetic Diversity In Agriculture Genetic variation is the raw material for the plant breeder, who must often select from primitive and wild plants, including wild species, in search of new genes. The appearance of new diseases, new pests, or new virulent forms of disease causing organisms makes it imperative that the plant be preserved, because it offers a potential for the presence of disease resistant genes not present in cultivated varieties. Also, there are demands for new characters-- for...

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_________________________________________________________________  Page 1 of 12    LOW EXPENDITURE AND LOW PRESSURE DRIP IRRIGATION TECHNIQUES IN IRRIGATED AGRICULTURE REGION  PROJECT  PROPOSAL  PROJECT PROPOSAL LOW EXPENDITURE AND LOW PRESSURE DRIP IRRIGATION TECHNIQUES IN IRRIGATED AGRICULTURE REGION INTRODUCTION Agricultural water administration can help to tumbling starvation and scarcity in the emergent world. It reimburses both rural and urban poor. But most developing...

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Role of Agriculture in Economic Development of Bangladesh

The Role of Agriculture in the Economic Development of Bangladesh Muhammed Nazmul Islam Economic Portrait of Bangladesh After December 1971 Bangladesh was expected to be a prosperous economy by eradication of poverty & utilization of political freedom to avail economic liberation. With great ambitions in eyes & high responsibilities on the shoulder, Bangladesh reached to the 20th century with some achievements & lots of disappointments. In past 20 years (1990 to 2009) the Gross Domestic Product...

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Agriculture and Rural During the 80's

Agriculture and Rural life For urban America, the 1920s was a decade of prosperity. The urban population continued its rapid growth, surpassing rural population for the first time in 1920. For rural America, however, the 1920s was a decade of stagnation, with only a slight population increase for the decade. Moreover, many farm-oriented industries, such as implement and fertilizer manufacturers and rural business depending on farm trade, failed. In constant dollars, farm income did not return...

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The Role of Agriculture in the Middle Ages

The Role of Agriculture in the Middle Ages In the middle ages the peasants of the manor labored in the fields and produced the crops. They had a system that worked for them, but it was not sufficient enough and they needed to find a way to produce more crops more efficiently. They used a system call the open field system which allowed a number of households to work on a single field. They did not fence in the property which allowed each family to take turns working the field. Around 1000A.D...

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Agriculture Insurance in India , Problems and Prospectus

Agricultural Insurance in India Problems and Prospects Agriculture production and farm incomes in India are frequently affected by natural disasters such as droughts, floods, cyclones, storms, landslides and earthquakes. Susceptibility of agriculture to these disasters is compounded by the outbreak of epidemics and man-made disasters such as fire, sale of spurious seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, price crashes etc. All these events severely affect farmers through loss in production and farm...

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Subsistence Agriculture

The term subsistence agriculture refers to a self contained and self sufficient unit where most of the agricultural production is consumed and some may be sold in local market is sold.  Characteristics of subsistence agriculture The main characteristics of traditional or subsistence agriculture in brief are as follows: (1) Land use . Traditional farms are very small usually only 1 to 3 hectares. The goods produced on these small farming units is used mainly for consumption...

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Agriculture in India

IMPORTANCE OF AGRICULTURE Since long ago, agriculture has been associated with the production of basic food crops. At present agriculture, besides farming includes forestry, fruit cultivation, dairy, poultry, mushroom, bee keeping, arbitrary, etc. Today, marketing, processing, distribution of agricultural products etc. are all accepted as a part of modern agriculture. Agriculture plays a crucial role in the life of an economy. It is the backbone of our economic system. The following facts clearly...

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