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Docklands Light Railway

London Docklands Case Study: London 1981: After World War II the population was in decline die to people moving out fro a quieter life. Unemployment was at 60% amongst adult males. After the docks closed 10,000 people were put out of work Before London’s docklands had been UK’s largest manufacturing area of 1970s. Lost 16% of population due to counter urbanisation. Causes of the decline 1. COUNTER URBANISATON: 1. London experienced net out migration and this is known as...

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Cross Rail Project - London

contribution of State highways to the environmental and social wellbeing by improving energy efficiency and public health and to enable improved and more reliable access and mobility for people and freight. Crossrail is a project to build major new railway connections under central London. The project's name refers to the first of two routes proposed by Cross London Rail Links Ltd, based around an east-west tunnel from Paddington to Liverpool Street station. The second route is the Chelsea-Hackney line...

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With reference to examples, evaluate the success or otherwise of urban regeneration schemes in combating the causes and consequences of urban decline. (40 marks)

way to regenerate an area is by property-led regeneration. Property-led regeneration schemes involve building or improving property in the area to change its image and improve the local environment. This was particularly successful in the London Docklands. During the 19th century, London’s port was one of the busiest in the world and warehouses, industries and high density and poor quality housing etc. surrounded the docks. By the end of the 1950s, there was a significant decline with many of the...

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World Cities casestudy

London. 6.7% unemployed compared to the national average of 4.1%. 44.5% of school children claim English as their first language. During 2010 Parliamentary elections Hackney voting turnout was only 61% URBAN DECLINE and REGENERATION MEDC London Docklands(London) Began to decline in prosperity began to decline from the 1960s onwards while large vessels were unable to access upper docks such as St Katherine’s. Intense competition from new deep water facilities at Felixstowe and Dover. Increasing mechanisation...

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Transportation in London

London Taxi There are around 21.000 black cabs in London. A taxicab-driver must know the  'points of interest'  along the routes including streets, squares, clubs,  hospitals,  hotels,  theatres, embassies, government and public buildings,  railway stations, police stations, courts, diplomatic buildings, important places of worship, cemeteries, crematoria, parks and open spaces, sports and leisure centers, places of learning, restaurants and historic buildings. Leaning these things is called...

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and a half years old, and instantly I felt a connection to the country, specifically that wonderful city. There was something about London that just drew me to it. It was Christmas time when I first saw the city, so I have always thought the bright lights had something to do with it. Nearly three years later, when I moved to Frankfurt, Germany, the connection I had with London began to weaken. Whenever I thought about the city, I still felt a sense of peace come over me, but it was not the same. As...

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Review of Related Literature: Automated Fare Collection System

Automated fare Collection System (AFCS). Such systems are currently being used in developed countries. EZ-Link (Singapore) The EZ-Link is a contactless smart card in Singapore used for paying transportation fees for the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), Light Rail Transit (LRT) and public bus services. Aside from its primary use of transportation payment, the card has been developed as a viable substitute for carrying cash within the Metropolis. Among its secondary uses are: a) it can be used as a secondary...

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London Docklands Research Paper

London docklands- research project Section 1. Urban decline: When an urban area starts losing business and places close; people lose their jobs; people move away from the area; the local economy shrinks along with the population, buildings and public places become rundown and badly maintained; which means the desirability of the area falls... it's a vicious circle Urban regeneration: Rehabilitation of impoverished urban neighbourhoods by large-scale renovation or reconstruction of housing and...

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Pestel Model of the London Transport Market

PESTEL model of the London Transport Market: Political: Transport for London (TFL) is an executive agency of GLA the top-tier administrative body and controls the majority of public transport in London (the Underground, buses, tramlink, the Docklands Light Railway, and rail services. TfL also controls most major roads in London. Economic: The government provides financial assistance to support environmental and sustainable projects. They are also lot of investments for ameliorate the transports because...

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Feasibility Report London Olympics Transportation

transportation system was a major issue during their bidding process. In this respect, London is embarking on a project to improve the light railway ("LR") system or tramways between the new venues and the existing transport infrastructure. The 2012 Olympic Games will be held mainly in East London and the existing light railway system which serves the area is the Docklands Light Railway ("DLR"). The DLR now includes routes extending for a total of 31 km. There are five branches: to Lewisham in the south, Stratford...

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