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Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre “All the world’s a stage" The globe theatre is a place with a very rich history. A place that has been graced by some of the most highly regarded playwrights and actors in the world. Including William Shakespeare, who in fact was not only one of the theatres most pronoun inspirations but also a founder as well. The globe theatre was in fact the venue that many of Shakespeare’s plays were first produced, including his four great tragedies. The theatre itself was built in...

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The Globe Theatre, Life in London and William Shakespeare

THE GLOBE THEATRE, LIFE IN LONDON AND WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE THE GLOBE THEATRE The Globe Theatre was a theatre in London associated with William Shakespeare. It was built in 1599 by Shakespeare's playing company; the Lord Chamberlain’s Men and was destroyed by the Great fire of London on 29 June 1613. A second Globe Theatre was built on the same site by June 1614 and closed in 1642. The precise location of the building remained unknown until a small part of the foundations, including one original...

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Globe THeatre

 The Globe Theatre “Totus mundus agit historenem” (The world is a playhouse). That is the motto of the Globe Theatre, the best playhouse of all. William Shakespeare wrote and performed his greatest plays here with much delight. The Globe Theatre has a great history, intriguing stories, and a beautiful replica. The Globe Theatre was erected in the year in 1599 after much dispute. The Lord Chamberlain’s Men acting group, led by William Shakespeare and the Burbage brothers, needed a place to...

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The Globe Theatre

Katie Warpinski Mrs. Villiesse ALA 9 22 April 2014 The Globe Theatre Theatres became very popular at the start of the Elizabethan era. The most well known theatre is the Old Globe Theatre. The Globe came to be a successful and enjoyable business, not only for the owners, but for the viewers; it was a thriving company until its end in 1642. The Globe Theater is an important part of history because it is associated with well known playwright William Shakespeare. The theater was built by the Lord...

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The Globe Theatre of Shakespeare

Globe Theatre From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the Globe Theatre of Shakespeare. For the modern reconstruction in London, see Shakespeare's Globe. For other uses, see Globe Theatre (disambiguation). The Globe Theatre The second Globe, preliminary sketch (c. 1638) for Hollar's 1647 Long View of London.[1] Address Maiden Lane (now Park Street) Southwark[2][3] City London Country England Coordinates 51.506770°N 0.094677°WCoordinates: 51.506770°N 0.094677°W Designation...

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The Globe Theatre Research Paper

the high demand of entertainment in that time period, The Globe Theater became an enormous success. People in Shakespeare's time desperately wanted some sort of entertainment to take their mind of their hardships and The Globe provided that break. Moreover, many of William Shakespeare's plays performed at this theater, helping make The Globe famous not only back then but also today. In London, people still flock to a replica of The Globe to watch Shakespeare's plays. This theater has a fascinating...

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The Renaissance, Elizabeth I, and Shakespeare’s Theatre

Her motto was, “I listen but do not speak.” No one could charge her of being with the protestant up rise group but everyone had their suspicions. She was also a huge fan of the one and only William Shakespeare. Queen Elizabeth loved to go to the Globe Theatre and watch the plays being performed. She never married but was courted numerous times. The queen was in love with her childhood friend Robert Dudley in the spring of 1559; his wife was sick with breast cancer and Elizabeth would have liked to marry...

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Shakespeare Gender Roles

show and the characters, but would it be the same without Shakespeare’s influence? Shakespeare's theatre changed the costumes, set, and makeup of theatre into what is recognized today. During the Renaissance, acting was a career for men only. Men played all acting roles. . . including the female ones. Women were not allowed to act. It was not considered an appropriate profession for a lady (“Globe Theatre Female Roles”). Women had very clear roles in society at the time. They were to do their jobs...

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Richard Burbage's Acting Career

Queen’s company, which tended to have to more beloved and well known actors. The other company was the King's Men, or Shakespeare's company. It was created in 1609 and was the best and most famous of the time. The King's Men had two theaters: The Globe Theatre and Blackfriars. The King's Men was the longest lasting company out of all the other companies of the time, they lasted for 10 years, and battled many things such as fires in their theaters and the Black Plague. Companies would compete for theaters...

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London in the 1500s

that the Globe Theatre was, which is the theatre that Shakespeare’s troop of actors, or his company, erected in 1598. This theatre is the leading theatre of Shakespeare studies and performances. London in the 1500s was full of structures and geographical features that shaped London and transfigured it into what it is today. Structures that were famous in London in the 1500s include Westminster Abbey that started its building in 1245, The Globe Theatre, and much more. The Globe theatre is the main...

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