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English Language

Language is a constant. It is a component that will be forever intertwined into the fabrication of our global society. This multi-sensory means of communication, consists of not only the verbal and writing, but also touch, smell, sound, body, and gestural elements. As human beings are social animals, people have the instinct to communicate with others, to share our feelings and thoughts, and as a result, language development in each individual becomes an instinct (Pinker, 1994). Since language is...

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Importance Of English Language

It is unquestionable that English today enjoy a significant status as the most worldwide spoken language. It becomes part of daily life of many people for many reasons: enjoyment, academic, economic, and other purposes. It is spoken throughout the world either as a first or second language, not only with English speakers, but with people of different first languages. Crystal (1994) describes its status as ‘global language’ where it started to have ‘a special role that is recognized in every country...

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Importance of the English Language

Introduction: It has been almost two centuries that English education was introduced in India and since then it has been playing an important role in our national life, not to mention our educational system. Most people believe that the then British rulers needed some cheap native clerks who could work in their offices much like what Lord Macaulay called “a class of people, Indian in blood and color, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals and in intellect”. But I personally don’t hold this...

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English as a global language

 English as a Global Language English was first spoken in Medieval England, what we now know as England, by the Angles and the Saxons. At the end of the 16th century there was about 5-7 million people who talked English in England. English is now the language that is most widely used in the whole wide world. Except the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, there are a lot of Caribbean nations who use English as a first language too. I will show how and...

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English Language Importance

INTRODUCTION The English language is very important to know and to use in communication. It does give us the chance to communicate well with others. Knowing how to communicate using the English language will make our life easier and abundant. It is assured that English language give us the opportunity to connect and share different ideas and conversation with all the people. We are aware today that we are in a high technology generation, where we used computers and high technology gadgets and...

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English Official Language Speech

immigrants could travel to in order to find new opportunities, acceptance, and a better life. However, the English Unity Act of 2017-if it becomes a law-will make it much harder for for non-English speakers, especially immigrants, to have a part in American society, including voting, finding jobs, and gaining an education. This act will make English the official language of the U.S.A. Language is a part of everyday life and is much more than a means of communicating with other people; it is part of...

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School and English Language Teachers

Education Ministry targets to train 10,000 English language teachers this year to raise their competency in teaching the subject. Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the move was in line with the implementation of the "Upholding the Malay Language and Strengthening Command of English" (MBMMBI) policy for Year One primary school pupils starting from next year. "Although the 'Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics in English' (PPSMI) has been abolished, the government...

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Education and English Language Learners

AED/204 6/05/13 Educators are trying to find different and new ways to help English Language Learners succeed in their education. However they have come across many different legal and ethical conflicts that make it harder for educators to do their job in helping these learners succeed. Educators try to find ways that they can still help English Language Learners succeed without breaking the laws. As a teacher it is your job to make sure that all of the students...

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Politics and the English Language Response

Politics and The English Language Response Clarity and simplicity, the only two factors that keep it real; at least the only two factors that help the readers understand the truth. Politics is always a tough thing to talk about, to follow, to express and even to educate yourself about. In the essay written by George Orwell “ Politics and the English Language” he deliberately expresses that writing of today isn’t the same writing of yesterday. In other words, George Orwell expresses his thoughts;...

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English from being a national language to a global language

English from a nation language to a global language During the course of a few centuries, English has developed from being a nation language spoken only by people in the British Isles to being an international language spoken by nearly 2 billion people. In this article I’m going to write about the factors that played a role in making English a global language. The English language is today known as one of the most powerful languages in the world. The fact that English today is one of the most...

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