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Organic Farming

Organic Farming or Factory Farming? In the documentary, Food Inc., director Robert Kenner reveals the truth of factory farming and organic farming. In the film, he interviews an organic farmer, Joel Salatin, who owns Poly Face Farm, in Swoope, Virginia. Salatin believes that animals should be fed with grass instead of corn. Corn is a natural resource that both the factory farm and organic farm uses. Factory farming use corn because it is cheap, easy to grow, and makes the animals fat very fast...

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Intensive and Organic Farming

Intensive Farming better than Organic Farming? Name: Molly Sexton School: City of London Academy Centre Number: 10877 Candidate Number: 8145 Contents Page Page 1- Title Page Page 3- Introduction Page 4 – Is Organic better than Intensive? Page 5- Is Intensive better than Organic? Introduction In this case study I will be looking at weather “Intensive Farming” is better that “Organic Farming” i will...

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Green Revolution vs. Organic Farming

Pamela Haley AP Human Geography 5 April 2013 The Green Revolution refers to the application of modern, western-type farming techniques to less economically developed countries. Organic farming is a type of agriculture that uses natural forms of growing crops. In this essay I will address the comparative similarities and differences between The Green Revolution and organic farming. The Green Revolution occurred between the 1940’s and 1970’s. It consisted of using genetically modified seeds, pesticides...

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Organic Farming

Mrs. Mercer Hon. English 1 13 February 2012 Organic Farming “Pesticide residues have been ranked among the top three environmental cancer risks by the American government” (Cleeton). This startling statistic fuels some of the arguments between organic farming and conventional farming. Although organic products cost more, they have many benefits to humans and rural societies. Organic farming is better than conventional farming because of the benefits to the natural environment, the methods...

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Scientific Farming

Scientific farming vs organic farming - Document Transcript 1. Scientific Farming Vs Organic Farming Class: 2A Group 3 Group leader: Wong Kin Kon, Tony (40) Group member: Chow Cheuk Yin, Tommy (8) Fung Sheung Chi, Simon (10) Hui Ying Kit, Steven (12) Man Wing Ho, Victor (21) 2. Content Introduction P.1 Scientific Farming P.2 Organic Farming P.2 Advantages and Disadvantages of - Scientific farming method P.3 - Organic farming method P.4 Comparison between organic farming and scientific farming P.5...

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Rice Farming Utilizing Powergrow Organic Foliar Fertilizer

PROJECT PROPOSAL ON PROFITABLE RICE FARMING A. 1. Project Title : Profitable Rice Organic Farming Innovative Technology for Agrarian Beneficiaries Livelihood Enhancement (PROFITABLE RICE FARMING) 2. Proponent Organization : Iraan Farmers Association Sitio Communal MPC Triple Ventures MPC Rizal Farmers MPC Aborlan Water Service Cooperative 3. Project Location : DAR-ADB ARCP Sites 1. Iraan Isaub ARC: Bgys. Iraan, Isaub, Plaridel,Aborlan; 2. Plaridel Jose Rizal ARC: Bgys...

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Intensive Farming

 1) Intensive farming practices include growing high-yield crops, using fertilisers and pesticides and keeping animals indoors. Food production is increased but there are unwelcome side effects. 2) Prevents energy being transferred from the crop to consumers. Reduces biodiversity. May poison helpful organisms. 3) Chemical insecticides (which kill insect pests). Herbicides which kill plants or weeds. 4) Ground water contamination: Chemicals can reach underground aquifers if there is...

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London Farming

Farming in London’s Green Belt Mark Holmes www.adas.co.uk Farming in London’s Green Belt Background to farming in London’s Green Belt Farmers future confidence and challenges Opportunities / barriers and solutions 1 Farming in London’s Green Belt Study 2005 Examined current farming activity in London and future activity, completed in May 2005 Investigated London farmers connection to local supply chains Investigated farmers future intention Farmers’ Voice Farmers’ Voice is an annual...

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Agriculture Science - Soils and Farming

Unconventional Farming An unconventional farming method that is easy on the environment and which avoids pollution is organic farming. It is the process where synthetic chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers etc are not used and instead organic wastes and biological materials are utilized to help growing crops. This method of organic farming has a positive bearing on both the environment as well as mankind. Our ancestors were more dependent on environment for growing crops. Their farming was based...

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Benefits of Organic Farming

The Benefits of Organic Farming Breanna Doan Communications Abstract In the recent years there has been a growing concern over the health of the people in the world. Some have been starting to wonder if there is a reason for the growing number of people with cancer and other diseases. Others have been more concerned with the environment and if there is a way to make it a cleaner and better place to live. This study explores how many people have found that the way farmers are growing food could...

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