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    A NEW LOOK AT THE FOUR TRADITIONS OF GEOGRAPHY J. Lewis Robinson In the May 1964 issue of the JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHY‚ William D. Pattison presented a brief and excellent statement concerning the main themes in geography.1 His four traditions article has been quoted widely since then‚ and it has helped to reduce the problem of defining the broad scope of the discipline in one or two sentences which would be acceptable to and understood by the public‚ teachers‚ and professional

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  • Geography

    BRANCHES OF GEOGRAPHY (BASED ON SYSTEMATIC APPROACH) 1. Physical Geography (i) Geomorphology Is devoted to the study of landforms‚ their evolution and related processes. (ii) Climatology Encompasses the study of structure of atmosphere and elements of weather and climates and climatic types and regions. (iii) Hydrology Studies the realm of water over the surface of the earth including oceans‚ lakes‚ rivers and other water bodies and its effect on different life forms including human life

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  • Geography

    Geography Geography is the study of the earth’s landscapes‚ peoples‚ places and environments. It is‚ quite simply‚ about the world in which we live. Geography puts this understanding of social and physical processes within the context of places and regions - recognizing the great differences in cultures‚ political systems‚ economies‚ landscapes and environments places and social groups underlie much of the newer developments in human geography across the world‚ and the links between them. Geography

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  • Introduction to Geography and Economic Geography

    Geography  Origin of the Discipline  Three Fundamental Questions  Concepts  Two Dimensioned Researches  System of Geography  Four Schools of Research Origin of the Discipline  Geography (English)  was first coined by Eratosthenes (270 – 192 B.C)‚ a Greek scientist/geographer‚ chief librarian of the Alexanria Library  Geō = Earth Graphia = Description Concept of Geography The studies of the phenomena‚ processes and patterns of natural environment and the spatial organization

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  • The Importance of Geography

    The Importance of Geography – current statement Geography provokes and answers questions about the natural and human worlds‚ using different scales of enquiry to view them from different perspectives. It develops knowledge of places and environments throughout the world‚ an understanding of maps‚ and a range of investigative and problem solving skills both inside and outside the classroom. As such‚ it prepares pupils for adult life and employment. Geography is a focus within the curriculum for

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  • Geography Ia

    environment disturbed by man‚ soil compacted by actions of man and animals. Site 2 being the environment waterlogged‚ because of the mangrove present. Site 3 being the environment undisturbed by man‚ with vegetation present. Methodology 1. 61’S geography class attended a field trip to Columbus Bay‚ Cedros to carry out investigations on the infiltration rate at the four (4) sites. 2. A piece of PVC with a diameter of 5 inches was cut to a length of 15 inches. This PVC was prepared offsite.

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  • What Is Geography

    What is Geography Week 2 Geographic Thought and History I have always thought that geography was the study of land‚ how it was formed and where it will be in years to come. I have realized that there is more to geography than this. A literal translation of geography would be "to describe or write about the Earth" (“What is Geography: 2012). The first person to use the word "geography" was Eratosthenes‚ who was an ancient Greek.   Geography has been called "the world discipline" and "the bridge

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  • What is Geography? -AP Human Geography

    What is Geography? Geography‚ simply put‚ can be summed up in two words: “where and why” (Rubenstein). However‚ it is difficult to sum geography up simply because‚ in fact‚ there is nothing simple about it. Geography can explain everything about “the earth‚ its peoples‚ and why [the] two interact as they do” (Sherer). Geography is studied by the geographers of the world who use “[maps] and mapping… [To] analyze and portray the world” (Knox) because “people everywhere struggle to understand [it]”

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  • Intro to Geography

    Introduction to Geography Research paper week 7 I learned more than I anticipated while studying the Introduction to Geography. There are Four Geographic Traditions; Earth Science Tradition‚ Culture-Environment Tradition‚ Location Tradition and Area Analysis Tradition. The Earth Science Tradition covers physical geography such as landforms‚ natural resources‚ weather and climate. I found the text on natural resources to be very helpful‚ informative and important for our current economy. The Culture-Environment

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  • Introduction of Geography

    Lecture :1 Geography: Geography is the study of locational and spatial variation in natural and human phenomena on Earth. Vidal de la Blache Geography is the science of places‚ concerned with the qualities of potentialities of countries. The particuler character of a country is expressed by the totally of its feature‚ the social diversities associated with the diversities of places.Geography mainly divided into two parts. • Physical geography • Human geography Physical

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